what’s up MNBeast was is crazy
week 14 picks was though some crazy week 14 NFL picks that’s right
Wow some crazy on NFL football games but I bet you and me and others want to know
a little bit more what we were gonna see with that Baltimore Ravens San Francisco 49ers game
right now we really don’t know who was a better team it was only three points
three points it wasn’t like 42 seven it wasn’t like a woo Kansas City Chiefs
Oakland Raiders game was it Heck no all right week NFL 14 picks riches riches
and picks woo and yes what I got itchy nuts this week that’s right
so Thursday night Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears itchy nuts will go with Chicago Bears
that’s right the Bears with the itchy nuts now should I put Ben on there
and be all hot and bothered woo Bengal I don’t think so
maybe maybe a little baby powder Carolina Panthers vs Atlanta Falcons I just don’t know I
just don’t know I’ll answer now after I saw Carolina lose Baltimore at
Buffalo Bills you know what I was going to tell you take the Buffalo Bills that’s
right those Buffalo Bills but I like the Baltimore Ravens but I do like the
Buffalo Bills which be easier tape which B do you take do you take the B for
Beast Cincinnati Bengals vs Cleveland Browns what the hell do we got the ABCs going on the
Baltimore and Buffalo now we got the since they at Cleveland your you know
take Cleveland Browns take the bolts where our image if you like the
Baltimore Ravens take the Buffalo Bills if you like the Buffalo Bills who does
the beasts take take them both watch that Green bay Packers I
don’t care shut off watch that Green Bay Green Bay but you know what Washington Redskins
just won Detroit Lions vs. at Minnesota Vikings you know what
Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings whip some ass San Francisco at the New
Orleans Saints New Orleans Saints have nothing to lose they ain’t clinched
their division right why not give it to the San Francisco 49ers Miami Dolphins at the
New York Jets Miami at the Jets Miami at the Jets a two-game I don’t give a shit
go wipe your ass Indianapolis Colts at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
you know why I’m taking the Indianapolis Colts Denver Broncos I’d Houston Houston Texans
the LA Chargers at the Jacksonville Jaguars
I just don’t know Tennessee Titans at Oakland Raiders you know what did you hear John talked
about his Raiders our team no no what we’re doing no more our team known
Tennessee Titans they got their asses whipped by Kansas City Chiefs Oakland Raiders
while they’re under 500 gonna be they’re gonna be and I want on the Raiders to do
a lot better this year can’t see yet New England you know why I’m going with the
Kansas City Chiefs they’re on fire not New England Patriots Pittsburgh Steelers at the
Arizona Cardinals I got Glee kunal over this paper is that
a bad side or am I gonna be winning all kinds of picks or do I need to clean
these picks up and give you different ones Pittsburgh at Arizona that’s right
take the Pittsburgh Steelers Seattle Seahawks at the Los Angeles Rams the Rams
the Rams did you say that playoffs you know Seattle Seahawks Monday night the
big Giants against those flying birds the Eagles Philadelphia eagles win you take the Eagles oh and I didn’t give
you a few picks do you want the other ones do you really want to know about
the stupid games all right I will tell you Miami
the Jets the Jets the Baltimore Ravens at the Buffalo Bills like I said I don’t
know I don’t know those are my crazy week 14 NFL picks Sunday crazy
pics oh I see by its you nuts woo I’m taking a deuce to us in my lace
take a bath you know we have like a double hallway you wanna see you I see
you want to see who I see maybe she watched tired by no