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what's up guys I'm so incredibly excited to begin to show y'all for the very first time in human history with the mordekaiser er who's gonna be looking like thanks a lot for riot for letting me test out the rework and make this video for y'all and remember all the content of the Mark IV work is not completely finalized and might be changed before he comes out throughout the rest of this video we're gonna taking a look at more kaisers new kit abilities play style and his new insane ultimate which personally I think is one of the most cool ridiculous awesome things that Raya has ever put into League of Legends and I hope you guys are excited as I am and with that let's jump right into it one Geysers new passive is gonna be called darkness rise after he lands three basic attacks or abilities against the champion or epic monster mordekaiser is gonna be dealing max health a wee magic damage per second around his body in a giant circle kind of like a sunfire cape passive and he also gains movement speed for the full duration also his auto attacks are gonna be doing a little bit of bonus magic damage on hit which scales off of AP so basic a mini naturist tooth and he can refresh his AOE magic damage passive by landing more autos or abilities on champions so technically you can have this passive running the whole teamfight and doing thousands of damage to everyone that you get to touch with the AoE circle of doom so mordekaiser's new Q is called obliterate he smashes the ground in front of him dealing magic damage to all enemies hit in the area which is increased by 30% if he hits just one single target this is definitely gonna be your bread-and-butter ability for mordekaiser it deals AoE magic damage it's got good wave clear potential good harass and Lane good team fighting good scrapping and it even helps you out in those 1v1 duels which as you'll see when we get to his ultimate is gonna very much come in handy we're kaisers neww is as indestructible as he is more kaiser source 25% of all damage he deals and takes as a potential shield up to a certain cap per level when his W is cast indestructible will grant him the shield or you can cast a second time to heal for 40% of the remaining value so essentially you're gonna charge this shield up while fighting as normal and you can either double tap it to get healed for 40% of the charge which in laning phase when you're just chillin you're you know CS saying stuff like that it can be very handy but when you're in teamfights or you're in a scrap you want to pop that shield use it for as much value as you can get and you can reactivate it for that heal to kind of harvest the remaining benefit where kaisers new EA is called death's grass when cast more kaisers gonna pull all targets in a chosen area towards some a fixed distance this can be really handy for catching our enemies out of position or bringing people closer so that you can land your autos your Q and your passive damage all to put them into the Shadow Realm this ability also gives more kaiser % magic penetration per level which actually makes it very reminiscent to Darius's pull in both thematic and design Darius's pull however is instant whereas mordekaiser G has a little bit of a cast delay so we're definitely gonna have to get used to landing this ability and making the most of it but I think once mastered there's gonna be one of the mordekaiser's biggest strengths in controlling the pace of a teamfight and bringing those juicy targets straight into his mace for the smacking definitely the most innovative and exciting aspect the more kaisers nuke it has got to be his ultimate though realm of death essentially you choose any target you want the enemy team can be the support could be the millionaire could be the ad carry and you banish them to the Shadow Realm with you where you get to duel them for seven seconds until one of y'all dies or the duration expires more Kaiser banish the target to this route to the death throw them for seven seconds send 10% of their course asks for the duration and if Morgan geyser kills the target then he consumes our soul keeping the stats you stole until the target respawns so basically you pick any one you want that you want to isolate they want to take off the map with you and just fight to the death and if you kill them you steal their stats and you get to go ham on the rest of their team it's a very cool very unique insane ability that I think a lot of people are gonna have a lot of fun with and a lot of players are gonna be very unhappy about being banished to the Shadow Realm in these next few clips we're gonna see me testing on mordekaiser against the Riot Games play test team and my boy Manute who is also here at testing out the mortar II work for the first time so here I pull in Manute with my e you see me land that again a little bit low and I walk up with the conquer ready and just land all my damage and the Q and I get the passive moosie bonus get out of there and here I go for an ambitious pull on ally with my deaths grasp I land my e my auto and my cue proc my passive and then I know it's go time so I pull him into the realm of death where's just a 1v1 no creeps no nothing where I can finish off allow a with style this bot Lane play I'm going in to be one I'm a little bit strong at this point I'll land the pawn – I proc the passive and I bring him to shout around because I was trying to dodge a potential sona all I'm not sure if I did dodge one but then I go in for summit – cuz I'm blood-hungry and I'm trying to kill everyone and he didn't hold me there so I think I actually might have dodged it when I went to the Shadow Realm with Ashe here you can see me going for young mouths are here I already got my rylatech which I actually think is really good on more Kaiser now I mean it always was but it couldn't be even better now that his new rila is a passive interaction you basically get AoE magic damage and / missiles around you 24/7 and as you can see bada bing bada boom put those guys in the dumpster as well and here I run behind them to probe O'Reilly slow AoE magic damage I'm trying to Prague my past that I get it off here and I'm now I'm now fastest Frick boy running after Sona and I can bring mouths are to the shadow realm with me pull him in there and boom just another easy kill I go down the end but I went down swinging baby and then here we see me going for the pull on the Newt I grabbed him and Proctor passive doing tons of AV magic dammit I got that conker stacked up I'm not done yet though I pull in the Jarvan he can't go anywhere he's trying to he's trying to EQ out but he's stuck in the shadow room with me and he meets his untimely doom very soon right afterward I actually pulled malzahar they're canceling his suppression cancel is all that pull is a hard CC so you can cancel channel abilities like that and as you can see my build kind of went for a ride you know proto belt combination cap and I on my CDR I actually think realize is an incredibly strong item on the new mordekaiser because it gives you some much-needed sticking potential and CC and the synergy with with Frye lies and his passive is actually the same because you can basically permanently have a realized passive going on in teamfights on everyone and not only as you're perhaps of speed you up but now it's gonna slow everyone else down so you're gonna have no trouble staying on people and getting those big Q damage numbers in terms of more Kaiser setup I'd say ruins I could see potentially being strong on him our stuff like conquer flee footwork phase rush Grassley and dying or aftershock obviously you can run more than these but I'd say for most play styles I foresee one of these gonna be your best bet and currently conquer felt pretty good in my plate tests for summoners either you're gonna want to run flash TP or flash ghost I think playing mordekaiser similar to Darius just going hard in the paint trying to stay on your targets with that flash ghost energy can be very rewarding and I would recommend that for people looking and go ham with them on their first try in terms of item builds he definitely has a lot of AP scaling he doesn't have that good of base damages although you definitely can try a sort of tanky build for Kaiser but I'd say going for an AP you know bread and butter realized proto belt you know defensive you know deathcap items synergy combination is probably gonna be your best bet here are some extra miked up clips with my live reactions when I was beaten up rioters during the play test hey love go I mean more definitely does pretty good damage if you can see our target that's the big thing Bob use eye slits let's go this solo kill alright let's leave unless we know section four even you got the row he didn't assault up there but I knew that off the other fight he flashes his flash now oh let's go take it to the shadow around baby stepped up a little too far the proto belts I got him there it is thermos love hey where you going baby hey Edmund Wilson oh let's go this is the comeback this is how we do it baby while the passive permanently frocks on bare hands that's pretty sick personally I can Harbor sync-kill as various and he's also pretty fed so I think I want to isolate him with my ulti again my team's gonna tell me guys millennia no give me my ash back oh I think they're right here Oh ash one nice Oh waste them all right I wasn't sure cuz you can't tell what's happening in the shadow room I didn't know if I'm gonna die or if more wasn't a killer so I was trying to track their movement so I could come out as the hero I'm not do actually I'm gonna do something kind of balls in here it's going to keep going because I can just drag someone to the shadow island plan like this and this everything goes I'm out baby they can't kill me watch this I'm too good The Prodigy debate gotcha boy Sonia let's go I killed him while I was in sannyas with the pastor that's good to know I can talk like that wait we just turned them I mean hey whoa we just heard the gamer Allison of a the power of friendship and we can end and I can isolate brand so I can't hurt my teammates in two seconds watch this the project Oh Sherman ting wait my team is ending goat brain can't stop them the IQ no ash oh my god I actually died a but we but at what cost let's go baby the more tech coming through thanks so much for checking out our mordekaiser preview video hope you all enjoy it and I don't know about you guys but I am super excited to take this master metal out on the rift and you know vanish some people to the shadow realm you know how we do it anyway guys hope you enjoyed thank you so much riot for having me out and give them the opportunity to be the first one to show you guys the new mordekaiser rework if you guys enjoyed the video don't forget that like button baby appreciate it subscribe to the channel and drop your genius gang in the comments for your daily 5 IQ points guys thank you so much for watching have a great one