hey guys the postbox Pat welcome back to a brand new video it's only gonna be a short one but it's just something I really wanted to discuss in today's video regarding the brand new item shop which does relate to the event for those wondering you guys can come and join me in the livestream tomorrow which is going to be streaming the brand new a fortnight bus rail event for season 9 I'm so excited for it hope you guys are too and I hope to see that let me know in the comments if you're gonna be that I can't wait for you guys to be in this room me chillin havin some fun time during the event so what have we got here we've got the brand new met team leader skin now this one is an absolute awesome skin and has to be probably one of my favourite ones I will 100% be purchasing that right now we have got the Mac a team leader skin and now it has tea comes with a kind of vaulted type in there Cantrell purchase is available for a little while okay yeah I know that so yeah it's pretty cool I've not actually cancel any pitch so I really do like the Mac a team leader skin it really awesome skin if you guys are buying any of your skins make sure you enter in encode push books patents down shortly support me out for there is something I just really want to see but tell you guys know about this stuff let's have a look at the amount first how do we activate the method to me the remote you just also do it I finished also does it when you're in game maybe I forget at the main menu yeah are we having that turbocharged it looks like it's a brand new ammo which you can use with the skin which is insane and the sound from his cool as well but also something I really want to discuss is this the team monster if you can hear that and also the team Mac now this actually does lead on to talk a little bit about the storyline quickly I'll just go over what I'm thinking I actually believe that you're gonna be able to select your team in game which is really exciting news and I do think if we can select either team monster or team Matt I think some stopping but it will be really major and will go down in the game because potentially there could be two outcomes and we may have to decide the outcome depending on how and if you will pick team monster or team map now it's quite obvious that the majority of people will probably pick team Matt but deep down inside I do want the Monster to do some damage to the map so then we do get map changes for the World Cup make it difficult for the pro players not just that but also I think it'll be cool to actually get some map change from this event rather than not having any map changes at all so that's why I want the Monster to win or maybe just I don't know I just really want the map to take a big impact like you did last time it was really cool and the way they did that was very interesting I just have them it's like feeling that nothing's gonna happen regarding two actual things taking place between the monster and the map so as in like map changes or any damage or anything I feel like the fight may be in the air or in the sea yeah these two are definitely worth buying these are gonna be like exclusive emotes I guess these will probably never reappear in the item shop so I'm gonna purchase these because they're probably never gonna come back so we'll get team monster because personally I do prefer the team I'd love the monster to beat the map also the map is crafted by the government from what we know or the government Slayer maybe not by the government and you know the government themselves had kept a lot of stuff sneaky on for tonight and they've been doing things all over the map and personally I don't know which team I really support I haven't really decided everywhere in the comments down below are you team monster are you team Mac I don't really know but like I was saying I do have a little feeling that there will be a 50/50 outcome during the event and it is very exciting news also I know I haven't really covered these on my channel but yes these kind of skins allow you to put your logo or your banner on them which is really cool and you can also use save-the-world banners on them so if you play save the world I don't know if many of you guys know this there are exclusive banners for save the world which you can't get anymore these ones are from season 6 or 7 I think they're from season 7 some of them from season 6 this is my favorite final one I usually use it's a really cool one and I can actually equip that to my skin so have I gone to my pick ups you can see it they're really nice and you can equip all these sort of things to them and it will confuse people cause a lot about our players I've never seen these banners before so if you have saved word and you've got some of them banners feel free to buy these skins because they are a very new addition to the game you can flex your banner as it says right there and depending on what money you've got you can even flex the season 1-1 like I was doing before if you wanted to be played in season 1 if you don't have season 1 you can flex a bunch of stuff as well whatever you want so many ballast used but yes the special ones from save the world are definitely worth using because they're interesting like that one's cool it just looks different that one's cool don't school I don't have the wall there are so many inside the world which I could have got but I just got the ones I liked the most which was the burner but also I think that was one of the smashers from save the world they're really cool Zambian prone my favorite so that's why I always use that planet but I said we put today's video don't forget to leave a comment down below what team you are and what you think it's gonna take place during the event you think it's gonna happen like I've just said so he a small prediction that she was going to a minor and also I just wanted to plug the air and shops because telling for my best and jobs and also for my code it'd be absolutely awesome if you guys have going support with code by spots Pat we've just got over two thousand supporters now so if the absolutely awesome who can get to three thousand thank everyone so much you've been supporting me over there also you guys can find out how to get out since to d4 night at YouTube sprays and I think it's a banner or a wrap you to wrap your is a rough so you guys can get access to that you can see it on screen right now he's in my community tab as well more instructions on they're definitely going to out when you guys we've got some free time hey we're gonna do it and once again this is post box part signing out