New Bill Will Allow NCAA Athletes To Be Paid

And finally tonight, some good news. On Monday, California Governor Gavin Newsom
signed a bill that’s going to allow college athletes in the state to receive endorsement
deals and to earn the proceeds from the use of their likeness and their names. For years, the NCAA has been fighting efforts
to prevent college athletes from being paid for their talents. Even though the organization has pulled in
more than a billion dollars from college athletes only in 2017 alone. These young athletes had been exploited by
both the NCAA and the colleges that they attend to pack stadiums, sell jerseys, and even as
recruiting tools to attract new students. Meanwhile, these athletes have been barred
from ever taking a single dime while the corporate executives rake in billions. These athletes have been putting their bodies
on the line during every competition risking injuries that could ruin any earning potential
they might have as professionals, and now at least in California, these student athletes
will finally be allowed to share in some of the financial success that the NCAA has been
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