Nerf War : Payback Time Squad Reveals the Game Master

Daddy: Morning. It is morning. What a dream. That was weird. That was really weird. Anyway. Where did she, oh yeah, morning run. Always have morning run. Anyway. What’s this? What? What? What is, what is this? Ah. Game Master: Hello, Mr. Carmichael. Daddy: Hey, good morning, GM. Nice to see you again. Did you sleep well? Game Master: Yes, I did. But that’s not why I’m here. Daddy: Well, then are you looking for any
donuts? Because I know a great place, Dunkin’ Donuts. They have awesome chocolate icing jimmy donuts,
they are so good. Gotta get ’em. Game Master: No. I’m not looking for donuts. Daddy: Okay, so then why are you here? Game Master: I want to play a game. Daddy: This again? What are you going to do this time? Better not delete any more videos. Game Master: No. This time I’m going after the thing you love
even more than videos. Daddy: Hold on, time out. No, seriously. You leave my family out of this. Plus, you should know what Eli and Liam are
going to do to you if anything happens to me. Game Master: No, I’m not talking about your
family. Daddy: Okay, smart guy. Then what is more important than videos that
is not as important as my family? Game Master: Riddle me that. Daddy: Wait, what? Game Master: I’m sorry. I just always wanted to say that. Anyway. I’m talking about your subscribers. Daddy: The Twin Toy army? No, no, time out. You leave them out of this. Game Master: You see, the longer you wait,
the more subscribers you will lose. Daddy: Dude. That’s messed up. How do you get this thing off? Seriously. I want to get this thing off. Game Master: As you can tell, the device you
are wearing will create a laughable sensation that is impossible to resist. I call it, the Tickler. Game Master: In front of you you will see
your very own top trump deck featuring the one and only Eli and Liam. You have 60 seconds to put them in order from
highest to lowest value, based on Eli’s favorite blaster. But beware, the closer you get to the cards,
the more intense the tickle will be. If you fail to complete this task, I will
delete the remaining members of the Twin Toy army. Let the games begin. Daddy: Ah. Ah. Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. Okay, that’s it. It’s done. Free. Get out of here, Tickler. Jeez. You’re nuts. Game Master: Congratulations. You’ve completed the first task. But I’m afraid the games have just begun. Daddy: Wait a minute, are these, these are
Twin Toys top trump cards. I was trying to get this situated earlier,
but you just did the favor for me. Is that the twins? That’s the twins, they go to see these. Oh, yeah, calvary’s here. You’re done now, GM. Wait till I tell the twins what you just did. Game Master: Ooh. I’m shaking in my cyber boots. Your next task is to take the letter you see
in the top drawer and place it in your mailbox. Good luck. Daddy: Next task? What? Daddy: Oh, please. That’s it? That’s simple. What’s the challenge in that? Daddy: Hey, guys, how’s it going. Game Master’s at it again, I’m telling you. Eli: Yeah, we’re looking right at him. Daddy: What are you talking about? I’m not the Game Master. Liam: That’s not what we found out. Game Master: Let’s get him. Daddy: What in the world, guys? I told you, I’m not the Game Master. What’s wrong with you two? Liam: We know that you’re the Game Master. Eli: So give us back our real dad. Daddy: What are you talking about? Eli: We figured it out after we found the
last clue. Liam: No way. Eli: That means the Game Master is- Liam: Dad? Eli: I can’t believe Dad is the Game Master. Liam: Yeah, Daddy the Game Master, he stole
our videos. Eli: But why would Daddy do that? Liam: I don’t know. Eli: Next time I see him, he’s going to get
it. Liam: Yeah, baby. He’s going down. Daddy: Don’t you guys get it? He’s tricking us. He’s making us turn against each other. Eli: Prove it. Daddy: No. Okay, how about this? Why don’t you guys ask me a question that
only I, I mean your dad, would know? Liam: Okay. What’s the defect in my eye? Daddy: Okay, yeah, that is only something
that I would know. And your mother too, but it’s called myocular
elevation deficiency. And to prove it even more, smarty pants, you
were born with it. Liam: Whoa. That’s right. Eli: [inaudible 00:06:47] do that trick, c’mon.
[inaudible 00:06:49] it’s really funny. Liam: Here it goes, in three, two one. Eli: Whoa. That’s so creepy. Like Halloween. Daddy: Okay, good. Now that that’s over, we got a new problem. Guys, check this out. Eli: What’s happening to the Twin Toy army? Daddy: Yeah, that’s the new problem. And guess who? Game Master. You see this letter? I got to put this in the mail as … Wait,
why am I talking to you? Okay. I gotta go. Eli: Okay, then hurry up. Do you want to go play some Legos? Liam: Yeah, let’s play some Legos. Yeah. Daddy: Oh my goodness. Where did this storm come from? Daddy: Okay. I’ve got to check to see if subcount stopped
going down. Daddy: Oh, finally. It’s going back up. Thank goodness. Daddy: Hello? Game Master: Congratulations. You have completed the second task. Daddy: No, what do you mean, second task? That was my final task. I cannot believe that you have that much skill
and power to manipulate anything you want. It’s good that my Twin Toy army’s growing
again. Well, anyway, thanks for calling me back,
and I enjoyed playing your game, so I’ll see you … Actually, I don’t want to see you
later at all. I don’t want to, you can never call my phone
again. So to be honest, this is the last time we’re
talking, and I’m hanging up now. So goodbye. Daddy: So glad that’s over with. You know what, I’m going to block this guy’s
number. Okay. That’s it. There’s no way he’s calling us back now. No more Game Master. Whoo. Mommy: Oh man, where’d this weather come from? I better go check the mail. Mommy: Question marks? And who’s GM? I wonder if Daddy knows anything about this? Mommy: Oh, fun. A Halloween party from one of the neighbors. Definitely RSVPing to this. Game Master: Mirror, mirror on the wall. Mommy: Who is the fairest of them all? You forgot to say that. That’s weird. Hey hon. Daddy: Yeah. Mommy: We got invited to a Halloween party
tonight. Daddy: Oh, sweet. I know what I’m wearing. Mommy: Yeah, me too, but I called this number
and all he said was, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall.” What does that mean? Daddy: I don’t know. They didn’t finish it by saying, “Who’s the
fairest of them all?” Mommy: No. Daddy: No? 901- Mommy: Isn’t that weird? Daddy: 555-2424. Well, 555-2424 is across the street. Wait a minute. Where’d you get this? Mommy: I got it from the mailbox. Daddy: No, no, no. Don’t you know who GM is? Mommy: No. Daddy: Game Master? Daddy: Hello? Game Master: Welcome to round three. Daddy: Okay. Now this is crazy. You’re freaking me out. I just blocked you. How in the world did you call in here? Eli: Mom, Dad. You better get up here. Daddy: Guys. What’s the problem? Is everything okay? Daddy: Hey, Twin Toy army! Eli: Hi Twin Toy army. Liam: Hi Twin Toy army. Daddy: How’s it going guys? Check it out. Look it is here, Eli and Liam top trump decks. Liam: Yes. Daddy: Isn’t this great? But the situation, seriously, we got this
letter in the mail, in our mailbox. It’s from the Game Master. It says all Twin Toys top trump decks are
mine. He’s threatening to take them all. But here’s the thing. I checked out on the website, they’re still
there. You can still get them. But he claims, he’s just going to take them
all for himself. So you guys got to hurry. If you want to get your copy before the Game
Master does, link in the description below. I can’t believe this is happening. This is not even cool. Liam: Yeah. Daddy: This is not even cool. Because this game’s so much fun. We’ve played this game for hours and hours
and hours and it’s so much fun. Okay. Just to let you guys know, with this note,
came this. Listen. We don’t even know how to open it or whatever,
but we’re going to take our time and try to figure this out, but this is what’s happening
in the next video. This is just absolutely insane. So if you want to see how what, how we were
able to solve this thing, get ready for next week’s episode, it’s going to be absolutely
insane. Daddy: Okay, let’s get in the comments real
quick. Comment of the day comes from Veronica Dizen,
or Dyzen, sorry for the mispronunciation, but she wants to know who was the person as
GM? Liam: GM? Daddy: We’re going to find that out in the
next couple of weeks, because we want to know too. We want to know who the heck is behind this
whole Game Master concept. Liam: We don’t know. Daddy: I know, we don’t know. And it’s really driving us nuts. He’s not playing nice at all. Daddy: The comment of the day comes from Tine
Duke or Tyne Duke. He says, “Oh no, you have problems with the
Game Master now? Oh, no, but I thought Vi Quaint and Chadwell
Clay”, that’s what it says. So I guess what he’s saying is we are having
problems just like Vi and Chadwell Clay? Yeah, I know. The Game Master, Project Zorgo, goes after
all of the huge, massive YouTubers. If you saw on one of the videos though, Project
Zorgo actually is, is a hacking group with 23 members. Daddy: And in next episode, if we see him
again, I’m going to try to talk to him and try to figure out, okay, if there’s 23 of
you, which one are you? You know? Liam: Yeah. Daddy: Because we know the first one is that
one guy that has his own channel, and there’s 23 of them, so they’re hacking us, they’re
hacking, they hacked Ninja Kids as well. So now they’re coming after the kid space. This is not good at all. But anyway, guys, hope you enjoyed this video
and we’ll see you next time friends. Daddy: Bye. Liam: Bye. Eli: Bye.