nerf Teamfight Tactics pls

what [Applause] teamfight tactics welcome to team fight tactics team fight tactics is a free for drafting tactics game in which you recruit powerful champions deploy them and battle to become the last player standing another battle royale here's a quick guide recruit deploy and battle okay here we go I'm pretty much going into this one fresh and innocent I watched one beginner guide on youtube I think from SCARA and I don't know what he was talking about so let's see what happens why do I have to be a balloon good job graves we won the first stage hmm look looks like they want me to pick vein I've got to try and get you know groups of these things is this it are we gonna finally fight a human being we've teleported to somewhere else and this guy's got a Garen and a Zed surely we win this for B to my two graves put it in the work we're just gonna take down Zed Gigi this guy should probably just quit now oh damn I'm supposed to be fighting okay how do you buy items if there is oh we can definitely give this to vain come on Vayne are we gonna get destroyed oh no worried about done my team starting to look better my team is starting to work together they finally stopped playing a solo q players and now actually playing as a team and we're making a comeback smurfy McGee huh he's coming sick and we need a winless or Kassadin you suck you're demoted from care captain Kassadin I think we win I think we win Garen oh my god there Wow Blatter hehe carried us all the way through that and we took down the guy who was coming second and he's now dropped all the way down to fifth and now we are fourth trying to get some sorcerers but here we go again who's this guy now this guy just got slapped okay he should quit tactics right now okay this is the guy that's coming first his team does look pretty stacked he's got a level three Warwick Garen whoa what was that the not ultimate oh okay okay okay whoa okay okay you there we go I guess that's why it's coming first I know my team is falling apart they're not working together what are you guys doing you got to play as a team this is gonna be a tight one bollocks of things what Kassadin got deleted what this guy's this guy was coming lost and we just got smashed and now we've got five health it's all up to re couch sixth place that means we came third lost this is our last shots we're on seven health this is my final team who were gonna be up against please not the guy that's coming first Wow it's the guy that's coming first to be gonna have to win this his team doesn't look that great the look he looked my vigor instantly at least gotten old he's still alive I go somehow what was that that aatrox just one shot my whole team come on not like this fourth spot but at least we're improving I then lost my next four games oh you guys are all fired sixth place Wow I ran out of time we come third no I actually suck okay I need to at least get one win I'm starting to get the hang of things I'm starting to work out now you know team comps and how the items work so this win shouldn't be too far away what a fantastic start I'm already in second last place we've got a buffed up Darius now look at that Darius is putting in work he's the captain of the team at the moment and he is gonna lead his team to victory vane the last one how much is she feigns doing pretty well Vayne what is going on this vane is a machine she has taken she has been promoted to captain we've got the Draven I'm gonna get rid of kindred we're gonna put in Draven are you kidding me to Draven's to Draven's in one role and he's level two already we're up against the guys coming in first place let's see how we do he's got that fed Garen or Draven is putting in the work we're actually gonna win this one easy that's all we need the level 2 trait we smashed em team is looking very spicy now look at all the buffs we've got we've got ninja Imperial Knight blade master and Noble oh no they hooked in vein straightaway where it was was draven draven he's putting in the work he's now the new captain he's be promoted sorry Vayne you've been demoted we've got a new leader in town and we have completely smoked that guy no one's attacking Draven all that 830 crit or here we go up against the 1v1 against they leveled free Tristana with three items are you kidding me Draven wins that as well I see why they say Draven is one of the best I'm sorry buddy but this is the end of the road for you you fall out in fifth spot but it was a nice effort I haven't lost a match in a while but I don't think I've ever played this guy so this this could be interesting but Draven he's putting in the work is he who's he hitting oh look at those crits he's just too good it's just too good you've got to get this castle and he's got to warm up I don't know if that's good and that's another victory okay this is the ultimate test we're up against the guy that's first this is it he's got so many level 3 characters but Ravens only level 2 and he's putting in a lot of work okay they just can't stop this dyrus is still alive they can't stop this Draven he had so many level 3 characters but it does not even matter whom oh no this is this is some trouble this is some trouble Kael just uses our ultimate if Draven wins this he is completely broken we've got Draven and vain level 3 vane oh my days oh it's game over another Draven a level 3 Draven yet at under present game over I do not see these guys beating me now it's the final 1v1 could this be our first win let's see who he's got we've got a level 3 Dre or he's got the Blitzcrank he's trying to hook my heart I go through yeah so we've got Yasuo as well because he just said one passive but he instantly died look at Draven look how much damage he's doing how much is he doing 1600 crits 1800 crits this man is on 9 health I think we're about to win our first game no one else to get well this could potentially be the final battle that he huh looks like you've got some extra players and I don't think he's gonna win this that's a heel but it doesn't kneel anyone know no ways does he win this we've got a buffed up Darius a buffed up Garen a level 3 vein and a level 3 treatment ladies and gentlemen we've done it we've picked up our first ever victory