NCAA Outdoor Championships MVP Selection

what's up everyone Lincoln strike here joined by Olivia ik pony Kevin Sully the 2019 instantly championships as they say are in the books we're about the only people left besides some I don't know some staff here but what we wanted to do with this one is just go through and pick MVPs on the men's and the women's side just fresh with the meat fresh in our minds Kevin you want to go first sure it's done with the men grant Holloway 1298 yeah and the 110 hurdles a lot of pressure and he said this one meant the most to him of his six hurdle titles and it's cuz he had to do the most in order to get it got the victory over Daniel Roberts the biggest competitor he's had throughout his career at Florida broke a 40-year old 40 year old how many guys watching her 40 years old stop lying not that many of you are to do it and he was just a sensational performance you throw in the collegiate record in the 4 by 1 and the 4375 split and the 4 by 4 well he just streaked down that last stretch in the last 100 meters of his collegiate career was sensational watch for the man of North Korea holy that's a good pick it was a cool anecdote to hear that grants and Daniel Roberts were on texting terms like before the meet saying that they you know whatever happens it stays on the track we're good friends so it will be a rivalry going forward it probably will not be Lyle's Coleman s more friendly going forward but that level of rivalry coming forward is exciting alright you wanna take gear women's pick know everybody never one's men's baby I take it alright I'm going with diviner to do Roode this man has been on fire since indoor season as we moved into the NCAA Outdoor Championship he ran the second leg of the 4×1 which placed third kind of helped get the Mojo going for the meet he also did the double the hundred in the 200 he ran a legal time of nine point eight six came back ran the two hundred nineteen point seven three one of the greatest doubles we've seen to help the Texas Raiders bring home back to Lubbock the first NCAA Outdoor Championship titles so diviner Dhiru is my MVP for them yeah that two hundred I tells you how good he's going right now that we were kind of all surprised that he didn't break the collegian record but only for one hundredths off and yeah that hundred was and was incredible and he won up that April double that everyone was like what's going on yeah my question with him has always been can you back it up you know under ten a game and now it's getting under twenty again not only can he get over twenty yeah yeah he's dropping times way below it you mentioned Texas Tech's team title first men's championship and Texas the history in any sport is that correct Lincoln that that's what West Kitley said and you know their men just made it into basketball finals in March but this or an April I should say but gently west Italy gets it done gets some redemption after indoors basically hit the fan they were terrible in Norse but then they they were really really excellent with divine leading the way and you know they had a bunch of people in fire they have people everywhere essentially that's it one with numbers but also start our with divine so I'll go to my men's MVP didn't have the necessarily the finishing time that's gonna we're gonna remember forever but what a career for Morgan McDonald and he does it with a fifty to ninety one I believe closer just that world class it's gone from the best college kicker now to Morgan McDonald is suddenly is close-ish to maybe one of the better kickers in the entire world at least four five K – you know MIT that range I will you know we'll wait to see him on that upper upper level but gets another victory over Grant Fisher that's for now since dating back to last November the guy in his career with just an unbeatable rain over the distance it wasn't a long long winded one in the form of Edward Cesare but it was certainly spectacular wild lasted he is he's looking good going in under the rest of his career there's been a lot of talk on the internet about how this meets base a diamond with me right no when the new I double-a a full ranking so how many points do getting there's this whole idea of the title it doesn't respect the n-c-double-a meat and usually that applies to distance right because are looking at these marks that are top in the world and Sprint's but someone like Morgan McDonald with a 1315 5000 meter personal vest and the ability to close in 52 now I know he didn't do that in a 1315 rings even though much low race but he's a guy who you know could plug right in there and I think hey you know with a little bit of seasoning he's gonna be among the best in the world not just not just the sprints where we have just like top top talent at this meeting so I could pick by you the rep for the distances there I did I mean I feel compelled I've been riding on the distances less a couple nights while the Sprint's have certainly probably stolen the show let's be honest here with some of the crazy times with that segue let's go to the women side Kevin who was your women's MVP yeah I will go there was somebody to choose from I'll go Janique Brown Arkansas she led the way just like Devine oh dude who did for the men to the team title for Texas Tech Janique Brown was the divine at a Duru of Arkansas women let's go with that that works that sounds good 12:40 and the one hurdle is 12:40 number two history world lead right now she also came back and on a sensational – she was on the floor by one did a little bit of everything but the Chanelle per set of USC PR by 0.18 this is the 60 meter indoor hurdle champ PR in the 110 100 hurdles by point one eight it's the lost yeah I a considerable large and deep brown one of the best hitters in the world I think we will see her and Doha in a very long time because the world championships are so far away but I think we're gonna see Jennie Brown on that he's got Jamaican wine yeah she's got Jamaican trials coming up soon dad at that I asked her what she thought about her time and she said what do you think about that time and what did she said I just blew me back off the track relationship with athletes this weekend's hostile and sudden summit census comical and others awkward throughout the whole really span the game it was interviewed by Japanese television yeah great good little a told him to eat his words maybe he told somebody yeah including a general direction we can also ask we did you blow it to a couple people in the hay well yeah I you know we'll see how I come out when the winners or losers up the mixtone does appear on some publication but Olivia you've got a I would say the water may be the MVP to me yes so I went with Shekhar Richardson of LSU this freshman we've been talking about her throughout the course of our show but she honestly just my mouth was dropped after I sold a ten point seven five up on the big jumbo screen I was like is it legal crossing our fingers we've been talking about like the Texas weather we never know if we're gonna have legal wins it's legal ran out which is great one point six ten point seven five my mouth was just dropped I was speechless after and she came back ran the two hundred as well Rena 22:17 got second behind an jian Ellis from USC very close race she was catching up toward the end and just wasn't enough for her to crunch that tile but she helped the LSU Tigers to a third place finish overall team titles so great job Korra Shekhar Richardson as far as context where those ranked historically 1075 collegiate record breaks Don soles collegian records from eons ago I think that was nice in the before before I was before before you were born Kevin was in fact born just to keep let's keep score there along how long did a long time ago nonetheless that is a u-20 world record the tenth seventy five so is a lot let's pause there let's just do this one hundred he's more joking she skipped the tenants entire yeah yeah she's get most of the ten nine yes she just ejected herself into the stratosphere of track-and-field grates yeah instantaneously number nine all-time yeah all-time only eight other women in history have run faster and she's a freshman yeah continue with the 200 I think we dress oh yeah and go back to the hundred I mean you pointed something out that I kind of thought I won't I mean I'll embarrass you a little bit by saying you call it bolt esque which is a tough tough know embarrassing to make but she celebrated across the line who knows what the how fast that could have been it could've been a little bit quicker there I mean it was just dominate was like the blowouts you used to see out of bolt in the hundred it was phenomenal and that's gonna be my lasting image from the meat but the 200 yes she almost got it done but again another mark up way up on the collegian all-time list and who's you try to use 20 review twenty record miss you break and – well Allyson Felix yes yeah good call I mean this is you don't want to blow it out of the water with one performance again hyperbolic but train 1075 what's the world lead in the 100 right now oh it was 1089 I think coming in ders yeah I think was I mean this isn't about her a collegiate star being born oh this is a world star yeah who was born today I mean that was an sensational performance that puts her in the equation for gold medal favorite this summer not next summer no known this summer that's a long way away don't want to get ahead yourself she said she doesn't know what she's gonna do if she's gonna run USA's whatnot but 1070 the people ahead of her on that list are names like mojo okay who's liya Carmelita Jenner it's insane what she did in one evening I'm just again like you said mouth drop speechless that was me 200 kind of sad news though two people ran faster than 22 23 which bumped a certain race to watch out yeah that 200 nice to be historically great to measure some getting beat but still running a World Junior record and Alice and Justin sensation yeah this crazy absolutely crazy my prediction for Richardson is she gets that back because the money the zeros are going to be long that's when Lincoln stop what how was he's fast fast there you go the anecdote coming out of the mix on though Chanel burr set just had finished second in the 100 hurdles don't burn toast yes I'm gonna burn it I was right now wow he she had a she had a pac-12 network microphone in her hand for some reason and she watched the race she wanted to want to wait for her interview after talk to the race she turned around with the microphone in hand for some just appropriately and said oh she's going pro so we have no idea what happened good coach Dennis Haysbert said he has no idea yet you know this is obviously changed things but I don't we have no don't mean to speculate but it's gonna be awfully tough ya know is it I just act 100 final yeah it was halo white PRS get this blown out of the water get a second she was happy with the race just like shakaar name is Jude Shikari things can't stop it yeah third place JG Terry gets a PR as well I mean when I say it reminded me of bolt it's like everybody around their best race against ball yeah yeah I think they couldn't anything about it yeah I didn't mean to call you embarrassing it was it was bull test and yeah Kayla white in the press conference on Tuesday literally said you know it's gonna take a world lead 10 7 10 a and I think a lot of is like okay when I asked her that she no blinking and someone gets dunked off not me how do you know view sakaki's freshman season relatives what we saw from Sydney last year it's they both brought collegiate records well I don't Sydney's 4/10 from the world record I guess because she carded it into events all oceans no no you know nothing against Sydney but she didn't run fast mean fast she was eel rain that's what I'm saying I know but this was just so special though this today was just one of those moments where her quit you know watching that not knowing what the clock was you knew something that's a just gone down here's the difference Sydney gave hints at it Shekinah Richardson just dropped a major bomb all of a sudden yeah yes Texas relays she ran that fast time we made it right it was just be one with a +4 yeah okay but still is it 1091 that but that wasn't like what Sydney was in where she was chipping away chipping away away I guess if there was a World Championships last year we all would have said Sydney was the favorite for foreign hurdles right we could do 75 out and with Shikari this year we would say favorite at this point no hundred yeah oh yeah I would say so I mean that Lane Thompson looked better but that's a good that's a good pose oh that's crazy well that's a fantastic Travis's best questions after I feel like my net my ex athlete gets the the harm of heaven if it's like following Chris Rock and I had a Def Jam competition or something it's at awkward but see the mock word simcha you like that transition Sinclair Johnson second fastest in collegiate history and the 1500 beets Jessica Hall it was like 100 degrees out here in she ran 405 got a standard it kind of said they might change their plans a little bit see if she's gonna go to USA's I think obviously she she should do that now and she is a quickly ascending the talent kind of knew that she could run fast she had run the collegiate lead coming in but beating Jessica was a different thing entirely and Wow she's gonna be one to watch come forward I think just based on how how fast she's run already and how green she is still the national level it was a surprise I thought Paul was gonna get it credit to them they went for it it wasn't like commenced with your hundred meter races and championships were they wait wait wait they wanted a quick time just Cole said she'd have any regrets us how she want to run she was just happy that she's third well yeah I mean I did not if you told me that the women's 1500 was going to Bruce the second third fastest times in history I mean think about all the fast food runners that have been running at Stanford Peter Breck Ryan clay thank you for the championship record is 99 $7.99 you know it was the worst possible conditions yeah one thing for this was Stanford like a bizarro Stanford I actually like you to tell me how fast Sinclair Johnson is oh she's also fast fast every I think everyone here got the he or she is fast fast any any anybody who breaks any records you get that fast fast I'm still thinking about that Sidney Bechet are a good question that's a good question Travis play your mind yeah the top 10 all-time I'm about to bump you out of the mix on Lincoln oh no I had too many golden moments away to me you know no Texas Tech moment again for me today but there were some there were some doozies what's your like big question for next year other than does Blanc come back yeah yeah yeah I mean it's always like how do we top this right I mean if it's not who doesn't come back it's like oh you know last year we said well you know we're not getting another somebody on the level Michael nor we're not getting somebody on the Sydney Sydney's level well we got just got somebody on the Sydney's level and women's hundred and it didn't happen in the 400 this year but is that gonna continue to happen it's just as the new era of just you know it's there's gonna be distances that are all time not just collegiate every year but will you know world times all time so that's kind of a vague answer there but just put me on the spot I would say will it continue to rise will there be another person that gets on to that super super elite level in this realm yeah there seems to be like with North Carolina A&T coming up but there seems to be more just like the diversity of Sprint programs yeah up there which is which is good I think it's a interesting I'm interested also Danny Jones indoor and outdoor she said she has left I think she could take a sledgehammer to the all-time Oh in whichever event she chooses so right now that's kind of a tough my mind Oh still on you okay there we go now it's on Lincoln oh I want to see who's gonna make it on the all-time list and worse you're not the 200 though I think would be great just because we've seen so much talent come out of this meet that I wasn't really expecting I was like oh yeah she heard her Richardson she's gonna write ten nine all of a sudden she drops ten seven on language well so much for that prediction but I really am curious to see who's gonna step up next year cuz there's just a lot of question marks going around which athletes are saying I guess who's coming to the NC double-a next year for the women's hundred they'll think about this Shikari goes she's you know just out of the mix yeah Tiana Daniels cattle I thought yeah it's like putting cherry would be the right there Antonella state mature offices yeah she'd be a favorite so there is still a void there to be filled but yeah let me go to daru yeah it's tough you know I would say he was American it would be probably a no-brainer I don't know that being Nigerian changes that but you know just that he's stateside and you have to make decisions about where he wants to Train and the other plate that so I could see him definitely coming back despite running so fast but yeah so but somebody will step up man somebody always does you weren't a believer in that and that's all I'm still not I mean last year was me I don't mean to throw cold water the last year's me was no better top to bottom I'm still better me yeah I'm pretty fast but no it was still good I'm still good am I saying it wasn't but just the overall top to bottom last year was Norman Benjamin still at Holloway last year you had Holloway Brent there Florida hurtles deeper this area come on a bit deeper but you didn't have anybody will 4702 right I mean I was just nuts 43 61 for Norman yet the collegiate record and the 4×4 I mean and then like people like Ali Ahab's I mean now obviously people she's not gonna get as much credit just because she try Richardson drops a 1075 but if it was better whether Hayward that last day she could have taken charge I think we should record in the hundred yeah get Gabby Thomas let see one of your you said a really good group last year this year's group could be if they all stayed right there's a lot of strong freshmen sell shares in juniors come man how about that LSU all time for buy one sold Shikari Richardson alia Hobbs McIver's grab Briscoe the top CDNs be a quick one so do you gentlemen prefer it in Austin Texas pretends to delays or vacuum Eugene that's a good question you know we're home here but as Kevin knows then we have to ride in my non-air-conditioned car to and from the mead that's so it's I think it's a wash for me my parents live in Eugene so there's that side of it yeah weather-wise Eugene gets it Hotel versus work sign my parents house versus staying here I mean I don't know I just I just sweat a lot this is an uncomfortable amount way more bugs yeah you've competed that's what I think them find a new gene is better just because the ducts are just so hardcore track fans yeah so it brought a lot of energy not saying there was not a lot of energy here but you can tell that there was a difference between Hayward Field in here but kind of like being home in Austin yeah a little bit the heat was just brutal but I feel like I could get past a lot of the tent the whole time oh yeah yeah I also think we kind of lucked out on the heat too it could have been worse you come in whereas tomorrow's gonna be even hotter really triple digits not that I'm mad as when she gets mad but all right I gotta go write a story yeah let's do it alright see you guys on the other side I guess we'll be back on a hot day yeah there there side right that was the instability championships