NBA Teams; Which Are Stupid and Hilarious

weaker b baseball also the baseball the baseball which is uh…
the baseball and now uh… we've been asked to do
about that and more so with very little preparation duit no
preparation here's basketball relevancy rick firework no i want you just try to name
both teams rivalry name all of us baltic well like you should be there but light on the spur of the moment
naming all thirty in the eighties might be a little tricky understatement because we have other
stories of ok let's start with chicago moles obviously will not be without even
without michael jordan is a relevant team is very chicago great sports now
all teams in chicago uh… even the chicago fire the chicago bulls the start those one of those things like miley
tells us sports teams either miami heat no they're not the miami heat or painfully to me i i have to say
relevant they made such a impact last year in free agency that they now matter they
didn't intel and i thought you said in the n_f_l_ segment that free agency
doesn't matter it might not matter when you change the
whole discussion about free agency and people around the country care with the
do whether they want to lose and know where they are you if they're not
basketball fans they became relevant they made such an
impact did such a remarkable thing that they've
become wrong but they were relevant tell that even
with the title the indiana pacers i definitely have to say yes yeah i i i don't come back also yasin
and even though the state is our basketball state bill of there they love their professional basketball
like through the college basketball but i'll give you the page the i'd probably go with that too
actually even though it's totally split between
produce in indiana boston celtics definitely roundup no no
argument there uh… atlanta hawks helped nope not even close by worth mentioning move on sat may have a debate atlanta i
don't know how relevant it appears that it was a great let me almost moved
constantly they can't give an order should settle nobody in atlanta cares and enough hope two million dollar
player injured try to get a great one a really good with fargo yet orlando magic not even not even with relevancy even through the seculow deal phase in
all that helped me feel and if he'd stay any hardaway penny hardaway stafford out
about any hardaway gather relevant come on hispanic no they're not relevant they're more
relevant than the hawks but there are relative best thing that
ever happened a penny hardaway was chris rock doing little pet uh… that was funny there last time the
atlanta hawks relevant uh… by the way larry drew and down round field g boards when he got was held in your old timers time remiss it's eight new york mix obviously hot perhaps the most relevant one of
those relatives in fort who's the most relevant even sports that i don't think about the next week
he's yet yankees next cowboy red sox you know there's a lot of calls uh… valid the balls aren't at that
level the ballpark the yankees mix cowboys but then this is right below i'd say they're definitely but the
problem and how the cowboys it may be warm the
cowboys might be one the cowboys earlier re america's team we have to get this bill of the seventy
sixers interesting milwaukee bucks detroit pistons abrupt all of the persons they they have
a signature style that to you so see with the team even if the team no longer place that
stop woven into the fabric of detroit of
michigan people care about him there but like the red wings they matter new jersey nets next such an asshole uh… toronto wrapped the rap doors come out did you get that back down to
get that figure with uh… cleveland cavaliers not afraid not the washington bolt i mean if they were the ball its because
again what went into the fabric of citi and citi cares a lot about them the name
change devastating and then they just proceed to make
personnel moves did not did not only don't help the team
they don't even seem to exist uh… and even the break-up with jordan
was awkward when he came back i'm afraid they've done the remarkable when they
have made themselves they can get it back megastar by changing the name back
charlotte bobcats anyways san antonio spurs uh… i don't you know i'm tempted to
say no because of the move in they play in a ridiculous placed it should not
have an mash and gravy place so it's like a college town right because of the
college town and they've sort of that whole town is also a shrimp and because
they're so good being good can matter in a particular
moment i will give the relevancy but it's very
close delay kansas onyx worse over the lakers obviously clippers grizzlies uh… clippers no grizzlies now memphis
grizzlies it's funny to say there dot relevant local associated bank
two the activist had been to review really
know they had no chance of relevancy anywhere they were duped from the start he moved bryant reeves even with big country abap uh… dallas mavericks winning that title deftly that doesn't
helps but that they would make the relevant i think more than else's mark
cuban so i think the relevant uh… denver nuggets ya old school they matter they matter in
denver at the end of the one of the least relevant relevant games but i'll
give 'em relevancy would they be even more relevant if they
kept the alters yet all of those things would help and by the way i could be talked out of
denver's relevancy in five seconds i'm really closer not relevant they're close
but i'll give them real disconnected relevant phoenix suns melvin now you know replay were no one cares it does it just it said it serves no now there's nothing there's not alone
steve nash there's nothing there of note of and that's a weird community to begin
with you know it's a weird town it doesn't
sort of deep doesn't come around and i don't think there's one relevant sports
team in uh… in the valley i was thinking to jason kidd get trapped
by the sons but he got drafted by the mavericks and then went to the sun's in
the bank in ninety six uh… i think he was there for five
years uh… utah jazz i would say yeah jerry sloan deftly put them on the
called the utah objects just because of that really their clothes i was born school it's not like the jazz
the nuggets in the sons and the if they're relevant there barely barely relevant houston rockets yes full jesus and yall get a job yeah absolutely portland trailblazers that
definitely on really yet and there's nothing let me like
oklahoma city that town lost that email races that team no
matter what day love that team timberwolves holds the warriors to pity they should be but they're not
there tryin cassini back they get into that that will go back out
but they're not punitive readily this one of them univ today trade mateo uh… eyes soon for space to build going forward they made themselves less
good this year is a top five story in the week yes i know but there are twenty
they're up to twenty day twenty min monta ellis uh… out that they have enough in in
japan mike boorda the contract off the books
that's what they want all dat everything that was happening was that in roles that is that he uh… sent socked access two employees of the
work so it's always classic yeah always um…
mostly there's two things you should do take a picture your penis to cell senator anyone let alone send somebody who work with just a little life was in there just when you do this this moment take a step back don't take a picture
your pain you were and sends us to be on
sacramento kings not even a little by me to be there there is sending me
the pictures second i think there's agro danger relevant obviously and lastly the
new orleans towards that's too bad but they're not relevant
was that lead to we didn't mark that down and at the flight actually in the
n_b_a_ relevant uh… next