NBA 2K19 Wheel of NBA TEAMS!

the National Basketball Association was founded in New York City on June the 6th 1946 1949 it was the inaugural season of the NBA the top scorer was George McCann who beat the Syracuse Nationals four games to toe to win the first ever NBA championship by 1950 there were only 11 teams left in the league fast forward to 2018 and we have 30 franchises in the NBA why am I telling you this well because I needed intro super key key I call it the the wheel of NBA teams is brought you by welcher back services where we glide your 2k character and steal your account that's right guys we are back with another wheel a wheel that you've been asking for me to do for quite some time well today's the day hum feel a nice the rules are simple we're gonna spin this wheel 13 times to get 13 players whichever team it lands on who will then spin another wheel of players that are currently on the team now it does have to be a current active player going into the next season so you're not gonna have any of storix here and will not see Kobe Bryant's in this challenge it's so sad unless he comes back Kobe come back you can sit on the bench with lonzo's with that being stated it's time for our first space I'm not gonna tell you which team I want or teams but I think it could be obvious go oh the Chicago Bulls with a capital u for whatever reason so here are the players who are currently listed on the Chicago Bulls keep in mind have any trades or any signings of happy they might not have updated yet so hopefully this is accurate you'll also notice there is Troy dance choice on the wheel if it lays on that guess what I get to choose who I want I hope it lands like every single time 81 overall Lori mark adding I think that's right actually have Lori's autograph cards so hopefully he turns into something special and quite frankly he's the best player on the team so let's go not the team I was looking for but at least we got the best player on not the page stains of okay it's not the worst team in the league so I'm not gonna say much more than that great two one go all the peoples as we got the 76 overall the Zaza Pachulia out here and this is a grimy guy he likes to send screens and break people's legs he's a dick but at least he's my dick off to an interesting start let's pick it up go the Denver Nuggets for a second I thought we were gonna get to paste it again a little bit better good us go 88 overall Nikola joking he's the best Nikola in the link it might only be three left but he's still the best all right we got seeds out of the leg it's it's time to get to the big boys right that's one Rockets all right now we're talking we got like Cristal on this the reigning MVP James Harding I think that takes anyway spinach fortunately PJ Tucker great out of all the people we could have 75 overall PJ Tucker we got a mixed bag and not so far let's uh get some cashews oh no not the Kings this team has some very very low overalls and also some of those confusing names I've ever seen Kosta Koufos well at least he is a cold 76 overall another center-cut Costas hostess cool face that I don't know he's whiter than me book Fanny's incredible to be that pale we have drafted five players and three of them are centers so we need to get something going here Oh yummy all right there are two players that would really like to have on this team obviously they are Joel embiid and Bend Simmons so let's get one of them I don't even know who you are 69 overall bronze Jonah bolding great another big ace well we have another big just what we needed abroad big thanks Jonah this is going terrible we have six players another single guard yet and in fact we'll have one small board in its PJ Tucker changing the gold and stay warriors the most stacked team in the league is as good as it gets here unless I get a bronze that'll suck troy dance choice oh there's so many options and they're all so good but I know who I want we need a guard and this is the perfect man for the case ninety overall you already know the winners and if you don't it's Stefan freakin car a place freakin go Oh freaking happy freakin freakin freak everything is gonna be okay [Applause] alright last time we spun this we got hostess Kapoor fees so big-time well we don't worry about getting him but we now we have to worry about getting a king for you Frank Mason yes we have 70 overall Frank the tank Mason and thankfully he is a point guard and that's all I know about him let's go Frankie hopefully they spin things are gonna go up the people are you goddamned kidding me the kids again there are 30 teams on this wheel and we film if it takes three times three times out of eight this is broken and we have this time Bogdan Bogdanovich that's his name 77 overall Bogdan Bogdanovic are his parents that under creative to make a new name just taking the last name it's short forming them is this something they do in Europe I don't know I've never heard of it before I swear to God fucking the kings again I'm gonna swallow my yodeling pickle three two one go the Trailblazers well there's only one man I wanted a steam and he's a dime dropper go Gary Trent jr. 69 overall shooting guard Gary Trent jr. okay at least he's a guard I'm not gonna say too much about him as he is a rookie but I wish he was Damian Lillard damn it's got great more spins to go treat me right wheel we'll see you a game last time we got PJ Tucker this time I want a point guard on this team sometimes the shooting guard my choice it's my choice I choose 89 overall point guard Chris Paul you might ask Troy why not James Harden well I always feel bad for Crais he's very underrated he should have been a lake or so I feel like today I'm gonna make things right okay I don't have the James Harden card we've got guards we've got centers we actually got almost every position filled so make it upgrade the small Ford would do not that team the Brooklyn Nets hold of an old friend in D'Angelo Russell I'm sorry magic shifty outs probably shouldn't ride it on swag oh so close Ronde 78th overall small forward rondae hollis-jefferson I always want to call him Ronda Rousey I cannot explain why and here we go our final spin hopefully we can land on the Lakers let's just let's just do it okay three two one go 30 teams the last the Hornets and here days our final player I cooked little totally buggers on that team obviously I want Kemba and really no one else that's not that's Marvin Williams dammit i just opened a pack right now one pack because i was out of empty to buy Marvin Williams and guess guess what just came up an amethyst African amethyst let's go a pack open here in a wirless I don't even know what it could be why is it not opening open open now hold it gone what are the odds is it jazz shooting guard who is it I I still don't know who that is but he is 92 so skittish and there he is starvin Marvin Williams thank you for helping me get that amethyst because honestly if it wasn't for you I wouldn't oppose it you got that going for you so here is our starting lineup we got Chris Paul in the point guard position because they got Steph Curry in the shooting guard we didn't really get too many decent shooting guards so Steph will have to do that I'm sorry we got Ronda the Honda out here 78th overall small fort it's okay we got Lori my first choice and power forward and a call ah joking at they Center position I like this team it looks good to me so it is now time to go online to play a random I haven't played a lot of my team lately I'll be honest I'm on that my part grind if you don't grind you don't shine who told me that by the wife and here we go it is now time to play a man with LeBron James at point guard that is not respectable at all Jason Richardson Latrell Sprewell entity combo and mister Hakeem Olajuwon of that's a decent team his bench he's bench looks bad I don't like it I think it looks silly and I think I can beat you why cuz I got Steph Curry that is the only reason and here we are it Jesus that starts fast oh my god like okay we get right into it this year I missed the in Trump's they gave me time to breathe either way we won the tip-off and that's all that matters where is Chris there eh Christopher thank you coming back seriously crazy what thank you thank you again thank you going on okay but just slow down for a second we've already had goddamn three damn turnovers Lecce slow down grace just watch that LeBron hook right into bounds that's that's cute we're still scoreless here crease open Chris make your mom have feelings for me okay that's let's go a win is a win is a win is a win I feel like that guy knew is gonna be a blowout he just saved himself some time I respect thanks but we're looking to play someone let's try again and here we go we are up against AC Melo and I see some people I don't know Jesus working good that is a tall guy I haven't seen some of these cards yet well I've seen Victor and mellow but Mark Eaton first time acquaintance hast bench is off oh wait that's my bench Oh his bench is pretty good in fact it's very good well compared to my team I say 85s are good are they really that good I mean I have Steph Curry so doesn't even matter and here we go we're gonna watch the intros they stuff looks awesome Mark Eaton it's done how he looks monkey needs a ginger that's a lie okay you know what I'm not scared of a lying Mark Eaton I'm only scared of a real one that is not Marky tell me that is Margita I will tell you you're wrong come on let's win this there we go we won the tip-off that is Thank You Jillian we lost the ball that is embarrassing how do they do that well vane I crumby start but we're gonna be okay why cuz we have Steph Curry shouldn't get taste it cuz I'm crazy I don't even care I want to see that pass again Steph Curry Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie he could go all the way holy coatings he could have but he did it now he's called great now we got some of the bench out here Chris Paul he's still remaining he's the remaining piece of decency out here let's get a nice oh the Chris Paul I so a Chris Paul I so I think we're gonna alternate guards now we have Steph Curry back out here for Chris get off the mark get off me mark I'll get sauce over here I will get Zaza to mess you up Marky good all right let's get some D friends down here start another second I see him trying to work Kobe making Kobe look cold hope you make it could we look bad Kobe do that again I will find you and eat you I will eat your soul not sexually oh it's awesome Tyson baptized you should have went for it oh they're jumping everywhere like they have jump syndrome he's still jumping he's in jump jump oh look look at him oh he's still jumping are you everybody stall I don't think he is cuz I I suck hi Chris Paul he's back out here so he's Nikola yeah Chris Paul how about having the ball here you want the ball that's the wrong guy okay that's good Chris Paul the Chris Paul why is he jumping I can't lose to this guy he's jumping at everything he's so terrible he's so terrible god you're terrible – got your Terrible Towel you're all terrible no way we got a hand there dan Marquis you shy at night we're down by tain this diet is terrible okay no more of this crap we did a kick it into gear let's go drinks oh yeah a trick jam we gotta let the game come to us right Zaza yeah that's how you play him comes do he just interest people that's all it is I some police Oh Mason I so Mason faked Mason fake face it in there the fake bait psycho face go fish cake case let's go are we gonna Stephanie curry Stephanie on Kobe Kobe guarding him inside – nope Milkovich would I call you I'm sorry I don't know what's happening let's go Chris funk Chris Paul why you coming at me like that why are you coming why are you coming I didn't ask for you to come come come come right Megan it Laurie oh we got a mismatch Laurie is just a mismatch no it's marking right there Ebola nipple look my green why would he do that Wow but I'll take it I will take it when I when I can get it right there – Chris ball in the corner prefer so come on good defense go coming he'll come on don't button dope on and slam go button let's go we got a four point lead we can seal the deal right here if we can just get this ball back that's all we need to do is just wide open I know I'm open but I can't I'm gonna live in the clock down to the end cuz I am step on curry and I don't know what I'm gonna do I've got a perfect package you Rondo he doesn't even shoot I don't know it was a terrible shot but sup let's get something out of the game I think it's over oh you may see he makes okay well I think we're good run five five he doesn't really have any time this is in the bag we got the win because the game who is over wow that was way more intense than it ever should have faith I blame you Marg Eden I hope you step on a thumbtack today is he alive I don't even know Chris Paul you're my best player today 19 points and only 12 minutes 6 for 10 from the field goal 3 for 4 from the three imperfect from the free-throw line Bob dead Wow I like dance okay 12 points and seven minutes you stepped it up today Nicola you did very good as well nine points and where is curry curry I am depressed on how bad you did today oh four four four three two four nine for the field goal it's his playoff career we shot 50% to his 47 we both shot terrible the three-point though as you can see there he beat me on rebound 17 offensive against me he had five logs to my two I at nine steel to his six and turnovers only had six I was pretty good holding my balls today nice okay Lacey I don't know what was going on in this game I don't know why I couldn't make threes I haven't played in a while a little rusty out there maybe a little dusty I don't know I'm not worried I got the victory a win is a win and in fact I got two victories today so call me to win den don't call me thank guys thank you for watching and he's always keep your stick on the floor