NAU Logging Sports Team

i’m from california came here didn’t know anybody met a lot of people through logging sports it gives me a unique experience that most people don’t even think about really previously sports to me was competition and that’s all it was really and coming here is more of lets help each other out. lets teach each other how to do each thing if i’m good at this i’ll teach you if your good at that you’ll teach me we tell people we are out there swinging axes throwing axes climbing trees and they just picture people running around the woods doing all sorts of crazy things but what it i guess is a very pure unadulterated sport rooted in the outdoors it’s one of the only sports where men and women compete side by side you know, you want to do great against the opposite gender and i think it gives a thrill like hey i just competed and did better than a guy any girl would be surprised with that so it’s a great opportunity it’s a thrill you definitely want to be able to keep up i mean it’s kind of a let-down when you can’t but when you do you feel amazing you feel like you can do anything you know what for men it’s a little scary some really strong women competitors there but what it comes down to is teams the individual teams