My WIFE DRAFTS My Team! NBA 2K19 MyTeam Draft Mode

ladies and gentlemen today a very special video it is a very serious video that's why I brought wait for it wait for it wait for it Julian my wife into the fool I don't really know how to intro this video but for those of you that don't know I am married this is Julia my wife hello hello you have to yell at the screen like I do you yell when you're making videos she hears it all the time is that yeah you get honey and as you can see from the title today we're doing another draft which we all love but today we're gonna let Julia draft the team and it's gonna be pretty complex I will explain in a few moments but I think before we should probably get to know you a little bit better and there's only one real way to get to know somebody on a intellectual and personal level that would be of course with either or would you rather whatever whatever this is called there's some pretty stumping questions here so we will get a read on exactly how you think and your personality before the draft so this is the first question and we're just gonna think on it okay we want the best answer you need some time no well that's too bad we're gonna take some time do you guys ever find yourself in need of some advice in the girl Department how to pick up girls how to advance your life in that area well I personally have found myself in that situation in the past I like to turn to movies to give me some advice here's a scenario for you dad Oh stepbrothers love this movie I'm looking good I've got a luscious B of hair going from my chest pubes down to my ball throat wait a minute a perfect view of this this isn't how you attract a girl hairy chest she takes one look at me and she goes this is quite hypothetical Dale I don't think she's gonna be attracted to your chest hair I've had the old bull now I want the young calf okay yep I'm just gonna stop that cut it off before we go any further boys I have to tell you something from the bottom of my heart I know this advice to be true a luscious V 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well then we'll go with your answer oh wait that was my answer but look I chose the right one you got to be the first on the moon you want to climb Mount Everest well probably do that on your own I probably wouldn't be able to do that with you I didn't say I need you Wow boom roasted oh this is a good one because as we know I am an excellent dresser I have a great sense of fashion which you have a wardrobe completely a flannel and plaid and mind you we are in Canada so that's kind of how we dress or wardrobe completely of denim denim I have a reason last night we went and watched spider-man the new one and amp me at the end was in like a jean jacket and jean pants I noticed that I know you noticed but you have to punch a toddler and be seen by thousands of people you watch okay but it's Draft time and here's how we're gonna do it julia is going to for each pack I open tell me the first player she recognizes now you're a pretty casual NBA fan right like you watched all the NBA Finals we watched remember that for or was it five ot game between Portland and Denver yeah yeah we watched the whole thing yeah yeah but she's not going for just the highest or lowest overall it's whatever one she recognizes will test her basketball knowledge a bit and hopefully when in doubt you just you picked the galaxy opal I just don't I'm trying to figure out if I want you to have a good team or a bad team if I'm trying to be nice for me that that should be obvious we're married you know all right we'll start off on the bench these might be lesser-known but we'll see so oh man okay do you recognize any of these people yeah the only name I can't say oh you mean Manu Ginobili no oh oh come on this is like the work this is literally the worst version of the oddest in the game and that's how it's done all right so not really a good start out what about you Oh Oh plenty here yeah you can't screw me over on this one the first name you recognise I know three of them yeah I know Devin Booker Kevin Durant and Russell was you said Devin Booker first I guess we gotta go with Devin Booker the Phoenix Suns they suck I don't know I'm above average hardcore NBA fan yeah oh oh another good look at these packs you can eat there is no way you can do me wrong here do you recognize any of these events yes why do you recognize Jair Smith does it bring you back to last year's NBA Finals with me almost losing it you're lucky that I love JR Smith scarred in 2k so we're all good here Oh another good pack with some diamonds in here okay um there's probably a couple I would guess which one first oh there you go but Twila nerd I feel like since we're in Canada we are almost done the bench as we get what in the what kind of pack is this okay this is like this is really dumb but look at those smoldering eyes isn't he like like you know he looks like from Grey's Anatomy he looks like Jackson Avery this guy yeah let's see um okay they both have they have the same smoldering eyes Wow oh you might owe this one this is a tough one no no real standout current day players I know the name Julius Erving I did know it from the other dr. J dr. J and also Julius sounds like Julius Ohio is well there you go how special okay last bench pack this one hasn't gone very well this whole bench wait where do you recognize Kemba Walker from probably from your video okay but the starter is bound to be better so let's see what we got oh no that's not a good path you would you recognize any of those pains me to say but no wait I'll give you a hint one of these players is Canadian he's young only been around for a little bit he played in that for overtime game we watched Jamal Murray okay pack number 2 from the starters this one has to be good how have we not seen there's a galaxy open right oh my goodness gracious okay what do you what do you recognize from here I said okay I did make the rule that the first one you recognize Ray Allen what do you recognize him from just from my videos and stuff or like you made the rules you know what Kobe's not that great anyways you don't need to know him yeah there's still time to salvage this team and make it actually really good Ray Allen's cool but like we can do we can do much better oh that's I don't really love that pack anything from you okay well you could do me a favor and take one of the ones I know you know my videos well enough to know which one you should take here probably oh there you go Paul Pierce who honestly like not that great either but ants enter we get some good options here and a really bad oh my word this draft has been awful this isn't even your fault I mean you haven't held but this dress has been husband terrible okay who do you recognize here yoke it's yoke its baby from the four ot game that Denver Portland troubling if only they give us a Damian Lillard but yeah yo kitchen again it's not the best version of yoga unfortunately but it is what it is now this final pack has to be great there has to be one galaxy opal in here and okay there is there's one galaxy opal oh you probably don't recognize that galaxy opal he's really like lesser-known Wow tomorrow's no hope I guess that's I guess that's a team well yes even though this team might not be what you wanted mm-hmm I believe you can do it okay and I'm gonna leave you with this motivational quote okay be stronger than your strongest excuse I like how you have that memorized and didn't need to look at your phone and here it is in 2k now I slightly cheated I took amethyst II honest instead of the sapphire one like sue me bro this card still isn't that great we got a yoga – we got like we just have like no cards this is so bad like the draft itself was terrible because some of these people Julia pointed out obviously should be better versions of their cards but you know a heat check hard in Kauai and Kevin Durant what can you do about that man oh boy if I win this game I'm just like I'm on another love of man my wife drafted me this team it's trash now I gotta go take a dump my opponents team unfortunately looks pretty good he's got a curve in he's it's not amazing he's got a kowai but yeah I was hoping to just see a troponin here today hopefully he's not good at the game and hopefully I'm nice with it today licinianus cards are good like any version of them even this amethyst they're pretty usable especially if my guy's not good with the on-ball defense so we'll see if we can make something happen that Wow should have been a steal Ray Allen from that okay well that's an interesting start well let's see if this guy's about the action let's go off with amethyst Yanis you know Julia she recognized Yanis she made us take him I don't care I cheated to put the amethyst version on and you know what I think it's gonna help us out here my guy just paused the game for a bit so obviously you know putting on some defensive settings let's see if let's see if they help him uh looks like he's off balling though now as well oh no there's the odd ball fair enough let's go Yanis you are leaving yo kedryd open sir how's this defensive settings they helping you out I don't think so alright as we'd expect having a little bit trouble stopping this dude here early on he hasn't missed a shot though yet and ALRI Allen has take over like eventually he's gonna miss shots with Ray Allen that's just that's just the way she goes and you're gonna lead junior wide open give me all three of them points right there look at junior Smith going to work again you switched on to on ball wrong time sir my guy Jr's got you fried and we get a good stop right there yes yes yes yes yes dr. J stay out there for the know okay I was gonna say I wanted him to stop and pop at the mid range he moved but he hit it we good all right so if we start playing some defense here I can score on this dude we have seen that pulp here's what white no pulp ears just left Kawhi Leonard and we let him get the add one that's annoying I'm trying to keep my starting group in here as long as possible we're within three but it could get a little bit ugly when my bench comes in here so we'll see how long we can get these starters here I need to start playing defense illegal screen I'll take and let me get back to where my bread is buttered with this team and with this honest that's right amethyst Yanis let's uh let's do some let's do some cheese right here yup yo kitch wide open i icon pass so it passes it to the right person boys I'm getting smart though this diamond yo kitch has post scoring and a sharp shooting stretch big Takeovers that is old P that is amazing with that right there easy money let's go of course it was a tube man yo kid just killing it but you gotta shoot two three my guy yo get you beauty of moving shot three I really didn't think that was gonna go down he has 16 points here oh we're leaving reality get dang that limitless range sob come on JR Smith Ray Allen is embarrassing you out here you can get open though my friend oh that's that's a tire Jerry Smith yes inside yo kitch with the pump fake and the fish we got it boys who needs a bench let's keep it going come on dr. J I don't think I've let you touch the ball yet back ot okage this boy he's getting tired and he still does not miss my starters have played this whole first half and look at us boys come on dr. J we needed one more stop you know what basically a double digits lead in this game at half that is that is golden man all right fellas not surprisingly when I brought the bench in I blew the lead I'm not even gonna show you and and now we're gonna have to sweat it again into four I think I had a 15-point lead now this dude's team like I should not I should absolutely not have ever been up like that but at some point like I shouldn't have choked the lead either but you know he makes contested layups like what can I do honestly the only thing I had going for me in the first half was that was Nikola yo kitsch because he's off balling in honestly like good job son you figured out how to not be trash when you're off balling that is congratulations look at his Kawhi Leonard just covered so much ground don't give me that steel back I can't get a steel manually but he's getting numb with his off ball what else is new dude I am playing defense I'm playing out of my mind right now I need it oh dear Smith in the corner no Jerry Smith yes wide open there get it off yes full white Bart if they maybe missed that I would have been so mad but we're good here we are good oh I thought I had a steel read out there that's all that's all I've come on Yoga I'm jumping the other way and I get sucked into a foul that's tough maybe I need an unlikely hero here let's try dr. J don't really think I mean he has five points but I barely let dr. J nope that ain't it fam that that really ain't hit let's go yo kitch baseline again this is such an ugly game play man but I need to win seriously I do come on jr. Smith time to go to work time to go to time to go to off all work oh yeah oh yeah uh nope nope nope nope Oh Julius Erving wide open mid-range yeah give me that full white bar come on man we're right back in at one stop and we've got the final shot the two-for-one worked perfectly I was not planning that but you know we'll just go with it all right here we go look butt off ball he's gonna turn the ball over Oh Tara Smith you beauty I could have pulled up for three now we'll take the dunk I'm getting another stop boys whoever thought I wasn't winning this game stand up and show yourselves because I am embarrassed Oh No get back dr. Dave yup we were there dr. J no Kevin Durant just spun around yeah I should probably call a timeout but screw it man I'm going I am NOT choking today not not choking today everybody stay out of my way be honest yes yo kitch new adding it oh yeah yoga – yeah a floater yo get you with the game-winner oh no everybody back everybody back we can't let him beat us down for it he does not have a timeout let's go that's a turnover that's a turnover and that's the game yup who was ever worried are you kidding me with this team against this opponent we just took a dub I'm too good it's pretty rare that in a game like that I'm not the one choking it was my opponent he should have closed me out with a way better team but I'll take him and we played so well today Julia drafted me this team and we were led by yogic 32 and 9 this is Diamond yo coach not even that good of a card and he hit the game-winner you just love to see it also shout-out to Yanis only 5 points but 11 assists Wow and that's it guys my wife drafts my team thanks once again to my beautiful lovely wife Julia the love of my life for helping me with this video she puts up with a lot she puts up with a lot for me you know like yelling at video games for example so shout-out to her if you guys enjoyed this video make sure you show some love drop it comes up down below but that is all I got for this one guys I'm Jay Canada you all stay golden