My SON and HUSBAND Reacts to Me and YAYA'S Fashion Nova OUTFITS!

ah stop the video go back I don't know what you're doing baby but the cameras not see that yeah they make me smile make me smile every day I'm always thinking with my family they always my family my family can we go go hard can we go hard for the family what did your pension squad what a dupe NSYNC gang is the girl Melinda and today we're back with another video so you guys I want to think that you're partnering with me to do this video so yeah as fashion Allah sent me a huge package and I'm gonna do a fashion overhaul but you guys to make this video really interesting I'm gonna have dawn Yaya and BJ break my outfit so you guys this video is gonna be funny I can't wait to see everybody's reaction y'all already knows deej I think he my daddy Don is gonna be like you're not wearing that yeah I don't really know what you're gonna say but you guys did the videos movie so so so funny I can't wait to see the reaction Hey I love that you know that I've been shopping there for years like a lot of my outfits are fashion over so you guys it's got to be fun it's not gonna be lit make sure you guys like and subscribe if you haven't already so you guys could watch all of our don't videos y'all know we be live y'all gonna be going hard so you guys let's get into the video I panted gangster boys on checking in we got and bighead DJ I gotta bathe she says she has some fashion other stuffs you want to try out for us and we're gonna raid it guys so we're gonna read it from 1 through 10 how do y'all think mommy's dressing it yeah I think she got swag nothing she got class like what's that thing she can mommy dress I think mommy she got she got a little something she could dress bake a dress so guys so we're gonna be writing it y'all at home y'all ready too many out let us know what y'all think about her outfits me I don't know YouTube got the comments going cuz they be trippin man they be just a minute but anyways if you can't drop a comment memory like the video subscribe to our Channel panting dang what y'all got anything to say yeah I do think you're just better than mommy yeah you do mommy be Justin you uh where are you talking about DJ what do you think these are you even like think mommy could dress alright guys so we wait now mommy man we wait for that first outfit man I think baby ones do good let's find out that we don't me sitting here slow you think mommy could dress yeah you think she could dress I bet so she's ready with her first out the okay whoa die sighs yeah all right so me slowly gave mommy a nine-plus and the reason it was in the 10 is because I just feel like it's a little too revealing up on that upper thigh right there like a diamond it's called under boob yeah what about you it's a baby why I gotta change the intro [Applause] hi guys so that was round when y'all ready for round two yeah all right so we waiting on Bay right now to come out oh she comments you coming and it's like you don't know if it needs to be like a parachute out there are going to work type of outfit Birla Auto Show big go ahead I like it no where are you going with this church I go to church or like a business meeting I could I could make it one what's your answer why you give it a 7 out of 10 you don't really like it alright so means no I said it's a good I don't know what I don't know where you going like it looks like you want to do one thing excuse me you want to have fun and then uh you said you want to go to church oh no all right guys so honestly I did like the outfit look they're pretty cool the color could have just been a little different but I like the outfit because it was like classy and a little sexy at the same time oh oh just messing with big like that you thought it was better than a seven no no laughs I give her a seven all right so she's getting ready right now we waiting on her to come that might take like like two hours like two hours hi guys so they said she's ready she's coming alright come on girl she's gonna top uh what what Oh where's the rest of the outfit babe go back and put the rest on you look like you but butt naked no she can't she can't wear that nowhere in the bathroom when you taking the shower I mean because I mean I like okay yeah yeah yeah yeah you want to show us okay okay oh I just feel like now yeah I saw this time they decided to come out together so me and DJ's gonna be ready and snowy all right Yaya's out first okay what does that say love I am BAE all right they spin around all right yeah I also looked like a gym working out outfit I said so yaaaa yes the nine I like her outfit it's just I think that's like more like a dance routine yeah a workout outfit what I just don't like that it shows just coming so if you had a hearty good weight I gave my night at the taxi I love the color that's why my favorite colors right there how to give you a tendency all right DJ what'd you give me what you gave Yoshiki I did those things men do better this time no no right they are coming along my shoes this time so you couldn't get on me I don't know what's going on yeah so you guys out of everything I wore so far this is my favorite outfit the new dress I really like this dress I'm definitely gonna be wearing this a lot and yeah look at how snowy looking at you like it crazy don't try to get brownie points from slowly it angles very good thank you baby Yaya bro what is your face yeah I'm never just as like this so you like both of us okay oh yeah I think we're done I think I dress better than you go sit your butt down so I could finish my house okay alright guys so everybody not bear to come out so that's the outfit let me see you spin around baby so you guys did not piss like I can wear with like like two shoes but what do you give this outfit Dida what do you give it oh thank you baby all right so however today is very colorful I like that it's not that's a boy and the color looks very good on you very like the brightness I like I like bright colors like right thing good after the reason I give it a 10 is because I feel like that's just like a laid-back your outfit yeah but it's really cute I really like the soffits it's okay thank you let's see what in the plastic grocery store is this with the wings babe trooper what was going on babe please do not fight cause if you fight that might like rip through do not laugh do not do it hope [Laughter] so y'all really don't like it you guys I really like this this is so cute they almost flew over a writedown Giga pie right I don't like Halloween yeah yeah what do it and here comes Yaya there you go here comes DJ to the stage that's what that looks like it looks like curtains or something right alright guys so I kind of like the outfit hang a lot like it's a little different I like different things wow this is that they have it what you think I would get I'll get her actually I get that but and I just didn't like the strings I don't know if that wasn't there right yeah I don't like the strings hanger but I like the Pens a super tired I like super high wait for the next outfit go back I don't know what you're doing babe uh the camera's not seeing that get up out of here oh you're not wearing that alright you guys so I had to change because they did not like that last outfit but the last uh it was a bathing suit [Applause] hey guys we're gonna be going to give away comment down below if y'all can't comment on the video go to me and I'll enter the last picture and tell us what would y'all wanna win a camera iPhone some Jordans a shirt I don't know gift card y'all let us know so we could make that happen I don't know D I want us to get MERS tell us anyway pants again we love you up and down burn we out