Muhammad Ali’s Secret To Insane Confidence

Muhammad Ali was one of the most outspoken self
promoters in sports history. He said that he was the greatest all the time. You would
think that that confidence would be construed as arrogance, yet Ali was one of the most
beloved sports icons we’ve ever known. Today we’re going to look at what made him such
a remarkable man and how he was supremely confident without coming off as too arrogant
and how we can make the kind of impact he did on the people around us. The first thing you have to note about Muhammad
Ali is that he could trash talk like no other. Ali predicted he’d crush every fighter he
ever fought and he usually did, but you never heard him say, “I respect his talent. I’ve
been training hard and, I think, I’m gonna come out on top.” It was always about how
the guy he was fighting was a total bum and was about to get whooped. Obviously, this
runs the risk of coming off as extremely arrogant, but Ali pulled this bravado off while remaining
very likable. And it was primarily because his confidence was real, but his arrogance
was performed. And you knew he was kind of joking when he
made ridiculous and funny statements like this. The rhyming, the exaggerated bragging, the
humor, these are things that let the audience know it’s all just a performance. We know
Ali didn’t really think he was going to go to jail or that he was faster than lightning.
And because we can see that he’s partially kidding, we can forgive the boasting. So the lesson here is that if you’re going
to brag, it is actually less obnoxious when you take it to the extreme. If you can take
it so far to the extreme that people laugh, then bragging can even become something that
people like about you, and I’ve seen Kevin Hart make this same type of joke often. You see there? Just an example, but that kind
of exaggerated boasting can actually make people like you more, and that’s how it was
with Ali. But let’s be clear, talk without walk means nothing. A huge portion of Ali’s
charisma comes from the fact that he was super humanly talented. He backed up what he said.
Look at how good he was. Ali was so good that sometimes he looked like
he had actual super powers. So if you’re going to brag, make sure that
you’re doing it over the top, to the point of humor. But if you want to convey honest
confidence that inspires people, make sure you can back it up. As much confidence as
Ali had, and as much as he showed, he was just as good in the ring, but that wasn’t
everything that Ali had. He was also a dominant force in every interaction.
Watch here how he completely ignores the reporter, telling him that he isn’t pretty, and delivers
one of his most iconic lines. This kind of interaction might look insignificant,
but it happens all the time and it is very important. It is a clash of frames. We’ve
talked about this before in different videos on Tyrion if you want to check that out. But,
right here, Ali’s frame says that he should be doing the talking. The reporter’s frame
says that Ali should listen because he’s asking questions. Those two frames collide and Ali,
as always, comes out on top. The winner of any frame collision is going
to be the person who believes their frame more, but watch here to see the subtleties of how
that is communicated. I want you to pay attention to three things. First, how Ali doesn’t look at the reporter,
but the reporter looks at him. Second, how Ali doesn’t respond to what the reporter says,
but the reporter responds to him. And, third, how the reporter tries to physically pull
Ali towards him, but Ali doesn’t budge. That took about 8 seconds, which is as long
as it takes for him to be a winner in the frame game. These short little frame collisions
happen all the time throughout your day in tons of different ways. And what’s remarkable
is that from what I can tell, Muhammad Ali always stayed firmly rooted in his own frame.
When we see that kind of conviction, we can’t help but be drawn to it. Here’s just another little example that you
might relate to. When two people go to give different styles of handshakes, watch how
Ali maintains his frame. Ali isn’t trying to be a jerk. In fact, he was
very playful throughout this interview, but he has grown accustomed to setting the tone
of the interaction. Pay attention in your own life, in subtle little ways, who do you
make adjustments for and who do you stick to your guns with? That’s a pretty clear indication
of who the leader is in any sort of relationship. Now, there is no problem with taking a follower
role sometimes, but in certain situations like sales pitches, interviews, even dates,
you are usually going to benefit from being the leader, so those frame games become very
important. Ali was so confident, had such a strong frame,
that he seemingly had no fear of being honest. That might not seem like a big deal, but most
people are extremely afraid of what others would think of them if they were totally real.
Have you ever been in a conversation, pretended to know something you didn’t, so you wouldn’t
look stupid? Look at how Ali handled that exact type of situation. Admitting what you don’t know, especially when you want to come
across as intelligent, takes serious guts. It shows leadership and courage. Similarly,
had you ever bit your tongue when you disagreed with someone who was telling you how wrong you
were? Look how Ali handled that kind of situation. It’s not just his skill at boxing, but this,
that made Muhammad Ali an icon. Agree or disagree with him, you knew exactly what he stood for.
You knew exactly how he felt because he told you to your face. That kind of unreserved
honesty draws people like a magnet because it shows that unlike almost everyone else, Ali
wasn’t afraid of the consequences of the truth. Here, he’s speaking about his refusal to fight
in Vietnam. If you don’t know the background, the short of the story is that Ali refused
to fight in Vietnam when he was drafted based on his religious beliefs as a Muslim. Now, keep
in mind, he’s a Black Muslim man in the 1960’s in America. This is a huge, huge thing. Now you might not agree with Ali’s religious
beliefs or his refusal to fight in the Vietnam war, but when you see someone standing up
to authority and social convention because at the time, Vietnam was still pretty well
supported. You can’t help but respect that person’s conviction. Most people blow whichever way social norms
take them, and when we find someone rooted firmly in their own beliefs, who is willing
to suffer the consequences of stating and standing up for what he believed in, part
of us loves them for their bravery. So if you take only one thing from this video,
make it this. Think of something you believe in that you might be hiding from the people
around you and stop hiding it. You don’t have to push your beliefs on others, but stand
up for what you believe, even when it’s inconvenient for you. It might feel like that would alienate
you from everyone, but it’s actually one of the best things you can do to build self-esteem
and radiate charisma. If you’re curious what some of the other things
that can help you radiate charisma, there are actually four things in total in a first
impression. And, unfortunately, most people do this completely wrong. They make the mistake
in the order and butcher their first impression. So, if you’re curious what those things are
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