Monroe-Woodbury Athletic Director recaps fall sports season

Welcome back to Monroe-Woodbury athletics. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving break. We have a lot to be thankful for here at Monroe after the fall season that we just had. I’d like to do a quick recap of our fall sports, starting first with our girls soccer team. Our girls soccer team finished the regular season with an undefeated record. They were Division I champs. They were the Section IX champs. And those girls were tough. Lot of heart and hustle out on that field with the likes of Sydney Harwood, Willow Duffell and Hannah Geller. They were a lot of fun to watch. Our girls volleyball team had a successful season as well. They made a great run in sections. And boy can those girls hit. Kathleen Riegner up at the net…she was fantastic. Well Jenn Lawson played incredible defense at the barrell. Another tough team…our Varsity football team. Under first year coach, Ryan Baldock, the team did an incredible job. Coach Baldock, by the way, was named the New York Jets Coach of the Week back in the first week in the season. Also on that team we have Johnny Bauer, he was so much to watch. And Kyle Strauss And the Scancarello kid…it’s like they were everywhere on that field. And Rodney. I swear those kids can move mountains. And speaking of mountains…well, hills actually…let’s talk about our cross country programs. Our cross country boys program won the Division I title. Our girls won the Division I title as well, but they didn’t stop there. Our girls team went on to win sections, county’s, they were fourth in the state and fifth in the federation. Not only that but we had Annie Kurdziel, who finished second in the county. And then went on to sign her National Letter of Intent to Buffalo. Very impressive things in our cross country program. Our girls tennis program had an incredible turnout this year. We had six girls qualify for county’s and four for sections. Cheerleading…those girls have been working very hard. They earned a bid to nationals this year, which is taking place down in Dallas, Texas. They’ve been doing a lot of fundraising lately trying to get themselves there, so if you have an opportunity to support them, please do that. Our girls swim team was another team that was ridiculously successful. They finished the season undefeated, they were the Division I champions, We had a Section IX championship diver for the first time in Kristin Lubeski. And Erica Bachiller ended up having the seventh fastest time in the state for the backstroke. Our boys soccer team had a great season. They were Division I champs and if you got a chance to watch them, they were all hustle. Josh Hernandez and Chris Valle are two names that come to mind. That was just awesome to watch. Great season, guys! The best news of all is what I’m about to say next. Every single team from our fall sports, both boys and girls have qualified as scholar athlete teams. That means that 75 percent of our rosters had grades of 90 or better. That’s a very impressive accomplishment, so congratulations to all of our scholar athletes. Congratulations also to all of our coaches and our athletes at the other levels: Our JV and our modified. And good luck to all of our winter sports. I know you guys are just getting underway, but I certainly expect to be back here giving you more good news at the end of the winter, because, after all, this is Monroe-Woodbury. As always, if you have any questions, about any of our programs, please give us a call at the athletic office phone number on the website. I hope you have a great holiday season, and I’ll see you at the games, matches and meets.
Go Crusaders!