yes how much gold I have in klepto how much gold you have a subset 1.9 million [Applause] [Applause] I'll make this look like magic guys today we're going to guys today we're doing a gold comp five people five kleptos a five ways to stack free gold full build twenty minutes everyone that's 70 items in six minutes good luck let's go money money money money money money guys look at this Alisha I get thank you yeah okay that's next week dude guys we have costumes coming in in the mail be sure to subscribe I'm a school girl put monies on one tonight I swear should I come in shake on it who would come and where I have a clue club check this out this is why I bought death of the coin you get gold I get gold and I get more gold all right let's do this flip combo you saw my cue right I did I wish I did Kevin I think we got to find your teammates flash forward to next week's video guys you can find that video on a Bunny's channel he may have not released it yet so if he hasn't be sure to comment down below a hashtag release the vid if you want to see that video I'm scared going going going guys guys guys thank God one person on my team isn't terrible dude pleb and I actually have watched and I know you have we have oh holy God thank God that least in his bronze think I'm gonna need some voice voice in the Ariel Delta Megatron to Omega mega squad I'm molten five just waiting it out okay I got you I got you my old sup give me the coordinates 3970 to longitude latitude freedom oh wait we have no more get this thing engage in two seconds guys no one important died on her to you hey you know it's also fun our fucking bought lane is useless are you fucking support okay guys we're in so much go over adieu doesn't matter we're getting so much go help me okay where's work today Oh watch me over fight we're fine keep back you guys guys guys every time you do that I'm like gonna like with rage quit the call please Silas I almost choked on my water you know what I do to counter back I'm gonna get I'm gonna go downstairs and grab a plate and a fork and you scratch this shit out of it it's at easy hmm my red keeps get stolen I hate you guys I think this is a pretty good team come so far okay keep going for okie team Cup we're farming for late-game alright it's like it's like TFT we're getting the interest gold yeah it's the money investment actually guys in case you want to invest your money into me go to PayPal that me what is your currency called the monopoly money as it shines [Laughter] guys my kleptos already gotten me 10,000 gold this cut was broken whoa by 17 minutes look at my score 33 and three inside ocean I like how you squeak like a little kid thanks to get off my ass he streams sniping dude was oh shit he stole my red for the third fucking time he's a god dude better jungler Winston I need a team why is our jungler empty hey is it Kevin isn't this your video what are you doing so I guess I was on Twitter looking for a better teammate will happen emerge gay dude I'm so sick of him ruining every video I'm gonna go taisen no you're gonna get beat up he just gonna get involved with this shit don't we have so much money money money money dude what the fuck eighty-seven thousand gold from klepto so far oh yes how much gold I have been klepto how much gold you have a club sell 1.9 million [Applause] [Applause] alright let hypothetical situation a girl walks up to you to clubs she says I want to plug combo with you in your room what do you say what chance are we gonna play them know about actually the girls really hot yes I probably do you know do the deeds steel harvester so no cold wait you you just can you just filled your coal 37 minutes in yeah guys there's an elder II know and they bother you know there's also cappuccino nude shut up Oh guys win the death pull back to the pinnacle wait what just happened they just outplayed you what tentacle tentacle tentacle pedlar yes this is I'm gonna pick I'm gonna pick up a pencil with just my altar you ready whoa guys really quick bunny has a video where he has a hot girl strip but it's all blurred outs he's worried that you guys are gonna hate him if you post it leave a comment down below if you should post it or not is it too offensive for YouTube we need to know how about this bunny a hundred thousand likes on this video and you have to post it I won't 50,000 imagine if this was barren poop okay I'm a better jungler than them I'm literally better than you all guys I think we fucking lost I think maybe less team comes more you guys practice and rank and pay for the best coach in the world I'm not oh my god I'm one in six what the fuck all right guys it is over it's not over till it's over fucking drop this oh it's totally over all right guys thank you so much for watching I will leave links to everyone's sheet in the description 50,000 likes and bunny will instantly release the strip video without question even if you uploaded five minutes ago 50,000 likes like the video if you want to see hot grills eat grills fuck it thank you so much for watching and be just have be causative no think thanks for having a good day and be sure to peace out [Applause]