Moments Girls Who Like Sports Will Understand

(football announcers cheering) – Which one of these guys
do you think is the hottest? (techno music) – So you know tonight’s
fantasy night, right? – Yeah, I’m so ready. – You want to do it?
– Yeah. – Let’s do it.
– Ok. – Ok, I will trade you CJ
Anderson for Julius Thomas. – What? No! – Name me one player on the
Saints other than Drew Brees. – Jimmy Graham, tight end,
695 yards, 68 receptions, went to the University of Miami, played basketball before that,
ruled the court then too. – Oh shoot. You guys, I’ve gotta go soon. – What? The Bachelorette is just starting. – I know, but Monday night football. It’s going to be a great game. – Monday Night Football?
– Yeah. – Are you trying to impress
a new guy or something? – Hey baby, we playing or what? This ain’t the lingerie football league. – Whoa! (techno music)