MLB The Show 19 7/2 Full-Roster Simulation Athletics vs Twins (Mengden vs Odorizzi)

we are under the bright lights tonight as MLB Network welcomes you to this presentation of Major League Baseball ought to be a good one here between the Minnesota Twins and the Oakland A's Major League Baseball on MLB Network coming up right after this [Applause] Daniel mengdan a right-hander from the state of Texas is the man on the mound here then please act what's the word on him this guy's mr. old school he reminds me a little bit of catfish hunter kind of animated on the mound has a little bit of a perky jerky delivery not overpowering good fastball 89 to 92 good mix of off-speed pitches but I will say this off to the floor and he's not afraid of the bat he'll throw them all over the plate so stepping in for hit Polanco and we are set for baseball here this evening and here's a fastball called for strike one first big 7 o'clock lifted the other way down to that filled mine and that will end up a foul ball mengdan playing here in his age 26 season he was a fourth round selection during the 2014 draft hey this middle round selection is still developing but he's doing it at the big league level and he has a lot of time to get his tool set ironed out a ball and two strikes to the twins shortstop a little chilly but not unbearable tonight 55 degrees here at first pitch the one two had to sit back on the change-up and they did a good job to get the baton that one looking for the strikeout here's the one-two now a swing and a Miss on the fastball then the leadoff man is set down here for the first out of the evening and now here's a look at the Minnesota Twins starting lineup who stands out to you Danny well you better look out for that cleanup spot he's got over a thousand RBIs he's already proved he's a clutch hitter he knows how to drive in big runs when it counts so if the situation comes up in this game I'm looking to watch how he goes to work in the clutch the next twin up CJ Crone here's the first pitch to him and he founds this one off one apt nobody on [Applause] there's a good breaking ball as it gets the bottom of his own and there are the umpires working this one calling balls and strikes is mr. Patrick Johnson yeah Dan we got Patrick Johnson behind the dish and I fairly standard strikes almost at a time but he's definitely a pitcher's umpire I always felt like this he's will give a little bit on the corners both inside and outside I think he's a fair on fire but I would rate him more as a pitcher's umpire than a hitters umpire and the traffic bouncing curveball on own – but he holds back it's 1 & 2 now tried to get him to chase that Oh to curveball there but he wasn't biting very well could see it again here though the 1 2 [Applause] mrs. ball – right just underway here in Oakland and he misses this one inside and that'll run things full three and two not what you want to do on the mound go from one to two three and two but credit the men in the box for being patient even with two strikes the 3-2 pitch [Applause] filed away [Applause] fouled off [Applause] keep battling young man three foul balls in a row he is calibrating that heater and the off speed let's see if he can catch something on the barrel now this is on the ground here for pro far at second and there's Outlander chain [Applause] relating into the buckets Eddie Rosario will get to take his first offense here [Applause] first delivery to him on the way well hit the other way again it's into the gap now [Applause] and he will pull in the second with a two-out double it's always nice to get something cooking in the first inning even with two outs now your cleanup man steps to the plate has a chance to drive in the first run of the game there's Nelson Cruz now as he swings and lifts it in the air out to shallow right field and nothing will come of the two-out double as the inning is over danger averted following the two-out double bottom of the first straight ahead were scoreless on MLB Network Jayco door Izzy gets the starting nod for the twins what do you have for asanam Danny Jake odorizzi is a really good pitcher doesn't get a lot of respect for the quality that he has low to mid-90s fastball great straight changeup and more importantly a curve ball that he can throw at any time a really strong three pitch mix he's a pitcher not a pro now at the plate a Marcus Semien it lead things off here in the bottom half of the floor [Applause] here's the first pitch to him outside target here and he hits it for strike one into the wind up here comes the Owen one turned on that one and crushed it just pulled it a little foul into the wind up here comes the hoe to pinch and they'll try and tempt him with one of the dirt but he'll hold back here it's one and two and he lays off a pitch outside as they draw even at 2 & 2 try to bury one down in a way but it's a full count now 3 & 2 from oh and 2 to 3 & 2 what a great ad back to start this inning off hey this could be a productive inning count still full three and two [Applause] he'll try it again three and two down the third-base line but this will get fouls so they'll do it again three and two payoff pitch one more time is Sudan and misty got him time now for a glance at Bob Melvin's A's starting lineup mark what do you have on this roof in front of the home crowd tonight Maddie these are the lineups you want to be in driving to the ballpark you got a cup of coffee in your hand you look at the flags and they're blowing straight out you're running to the manager's office if your name's not in the lineup it just takes one grain on that bat and you've got a potential three-run bomb look out for these guys going deep today into the box now Ramone Laureano first pitch of the at-bat on its way pitch fastball swung on and missed Owen one yeah you attacked his own and get a swing and a Miss that late on your first pitch fastball good chance he's coming right back with the same thing [Applause] and it's warning water bases are empty one man out my into the right side [Applause] can't bring it down they said hey the leadoff man wasn't able to do his job but the number two hitter came by tree right there with the single definite cable for the base [Applause] outfielders Stephen Piscotty the next to hit as he comes up empty on a pitch right down the middle for strike one previous meetings with Jake odorizzi he's to perform Bohun one count and the pitch a strike two laureano base runner at first with one out and a half-hearted attempt that time but they'll say he broke the plane and that's out number two bad economy check swings are there there's the bangbang place at first as the most difficult calls for an UMP to make taking a look at show motion the batter doesn't appear to hold up enough so I think the call was right [Applause] here's Chris Davis now as the first pitch to him runs a bit inside for ball one he takes his first cuts in this one with a man at first and two away [Applause] in the dirt and it's not in time as he's in well ahead of the throw and he'll make it into scoring position here with two away as that will be scored a wild pitch well the graphic here isn't gonna properly show just how far that pitch was of the strike zone that thing wasn't even close and I think it made the decision to move up a base pretty easy to make ready with the two Oh a swing and a shot hit down the corner and foul though it had the home run distance the scent and the two one at the bone that's ball three now is it just misses below the zone you would think in this situation maybe with a base open he'd just pitch around them and put him on first but not with the guy in the on-deck circle he's going to attack this in [Applause] and he checks his swing did he go around yes says the first base umpire strike two [Applause] out of the stretch the three to home too close for comfort and he did a good job just to make contact [Applause] [Applause] the payoff pits this is skyed into short left center Rosario coming on he's there to make the play and that will retire the side the a strand one we are still scoreless max Kepler the next to grab a bag leading off for the twin the rightfielder master Kepler first pitch coming here it is a fastball here is you'll take a look at ball 1 1 and OH [Applause] now a swing and he gets him to pop it up and no one will track it down [Applause] I'm outside part of the plate the change-up is in there probably better that he let that pitch go anyway after seeing a lively fastball on the pitch before it's pretty hard to sit back and up on a well-thrown changeup [Applause] and he takes strike three called on the fastball one gun alright guys here's how the Oakland A's are lining up defensively that and let's take a look at multi-dimensional Jurek's impro far this guy at one point was the number one prospect in all of baseball hasn't come to fruition the way we would have liked but he is constantly grind in the ability to play multiple positions and hit from both sides of the plate so digging in now Jonathan scope [Applause] he's ready here's the first offering sends that one out of play for strike one you pull a basketball like that you got to tell yourself to slow it down a little bit play more gap to gap and keep that front shoulder square pointed towards the pitcher that'll keep everything on plane hit hard on the ground of the right and this will get through into right and he's a board with a single hey guys that's a great job of hitting right there pitcher executes this pitch down and away below the knees and a right-handed batter is able to stay inside and push it through 2 3 4 Hall nothing you can do [Applause] there's Marwin Gonzalez now yes I'll take a look at it slider here that misses for ball one first shot for him here with a runner at first now and one away the one Oh home misses for the second ball [Applause] now the to own three-and-oh now no score here is we play inning number two [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the three in one pinch and this is hit hard to the right side but foul [Applause] [Applause] the 3-2 pitch is Sudan and Miss he got him in a double play situation he kind of expect most pitches to hunt down in the zone but hoping for a ground ball so that was an interesting pitch selection to go up in the zone I think he caught him off guard a little bit Jason Castro the catcher is in as the first pitch here's a bit high it's ball one he takes his first cuts in this one with a man at first and two away [Applause] the one ohm is a fastball that misses scope the runner at first with two god [Applause] [Applause] and he'll lay the fastball in here to get the count back to two and one [Applause] now the 2-1 pitch is taken both three [Applause] the three one pops this one up Chapman in foul ground but this will land untouched full count with two outs now so if he could put the ball in the gap somewhere he could have a good shot of driving in a run because the runner at first will be in motion and a good at-bat that time as he lays off for ball four and as a result that'll move a runner up into scoring position now with two away he did not want to let it hit her off the hook with two outs and now he's got a runner in scoring position to deal with up next for Minnesota Byron Buxton to's all over the place two on two-out and of course here in inning number two trying to hang a zero here's the pitch called strike is the slider gets the outside corner he's sent the O one right there and it's quickly Owen too now he certainly hasn't been the aggressor in this at-bat to straight take so now we'll see if he can change his approach and battle up that's the ha brand of pair will go to the bottom of the second no score riding in medicine will start us out here in the highway to half of the Sahay first pitch of the at-bat on its way and he gets ahead here with the fastball strike one [Applause] nothing in one count here it comes now a fastball gets the upper part of the zone for strike two let's see if he continues to climb that ladder or does he try and get him fishing on something bouncing and dirt the wind up and the o2 pitch really pulled that one across as the slider misses well inside I know we buried that slider in right there but that's a dangerous pitch if he doesn't pop commit and bury that inside it leaks out over the plate he can get hurt with that pitch and that's a swinging strike three in the dirt Castro gathers and he makes the throat of first Olson is retired and there's one away okay here so the twins are lining up to flip and let's take a look at Jonathan's scope another one of the versatile new regime ball players ability to play second base turn the double play at six foot two 200-plus pounds and move over to third base with a rocket arm striding in for Auckland Matt Chapman [Applause] first offering on its way air is a fastball on the inner third taken for a strike [Applause] and here's a curveball in the dirt that time for her ball one and one bottom of the second here with no score and a chip swing here as he couldn't help himself and it's ruled Strike 2 and the fats blowing easy to lay off that time 2 & 2 turned on down the line but this is going to be a foul ball as that keeps things at 2 & 2 [Applause] oh and this is swung on and missed for strikeouts already and that's out number two really good late bite on that slider right there on it the best ones had a lot late action that just darts at the last minute they're so tough to get that on and when you've got that good slider going it's a great strikeout pitch [Applause] and that brings up Chad Pender as he'll take a called strike here on a borderline pitch it's strike one he'll try to make something happen with to God in the bottom of the second oder easy looks in here's the o1 bid on the ground a second try but he can't haul it in its favor of a share guys that jacked me up right there kept his front sugar top record basement who's able to stay inside that slider and drive it the other way [Applause] so it's a runner at first with two gone and Jurek's and pro far will be the next to bat [Applause] here comes the first pitch in there and it's Owen 101 you know Maddie when I first broke into the league you wouldn't see that high heat or first pitch right out of the gate but I think there's been a change in in philosophy here back in the late 90s early 2000s guys wanted to attack you more east/west get you lean and left right now you're seeing guys attack in the philosophy more north-south just with launch angles and exit velocities I think guys are afraid to throw that sync and fastball for fear that guys are just gonna run their barrel into it not the case with the high fastball now the O 2 pitch fastball just misses that's ball one boy it's hard to sit on an O 2 fastball I think that pitch just locked him up a bit but lucky for him it was just a little out of the zone working for the punch-out and the offering and he comes back with a fastball one left for Oakland who look to the third with no score digging in the switch hitter for him to go along with as we are all set we'll begin the third inning in this one Polanco he's ready here's the first offering try to bunt for a base hit here as he gets this one down but a foul ball here Owen one into the wind up here comes the Owen one runs up and gets this one down but he can't pick it up cleanly and they'll have no play as he reaches first base safely [Applause] the first baseman be gay digging in CJ chrome he's over 1 after grounding out in his only trip to the plate so far yeah Matty expect his pitcher to try and get the same result that says last at-bat right here the double play is in order anything on the ground the way this defense is they could certainly roll 2 from the stretch here's the pitch try to check it in its own one Polanco gets his lead at first nobody out [Applause] the yank the slider across that time laid off for a ball [Applause] no pitch is high to throw and skips in and he's safe but he's in there aggressiveness very they haven't cracked a scoreboard at this point so it's clear they're trying to manufacture something by forcing the action we'll see if it works out for them a runner at second nobody out [Applause] changes up on them but that's in the dirt for a ball well this has been a good job that worked account from all at once at three and one and now he's really in the driver's seat to see a heater that he can do something with [Applause] set here's the three one swung on and this valleys absolutely crushed [Applause] see you later over the wall a homerun a 2-run job for CJ chrome as the twins have taken a two to nothing lead yet as we take a look at it on replay you can see this thing was gone from the second it left his bat a thunderous shot that day near gave the pitcher a little whiplash challenged him with a fastball and lost big time into the box now Eddie Rosario nope a ball of no strikes it was a double for him in his first turn at the plate the one Oh home [Applause] is looked at for ball number two it seems to me like they're pitching him a little bit more cautiously after that double he had his first time up bases are empty here nobody out outside 3a no now well he was definitely looking fastball here and he got one but that was good discipline to lay off and get himself into a three old cow [Applause] inner third let go it's a called strike all right and there's a called strike at the knees as he was hoping for a base on balls there but it's a full count now 3 & 2 and this misses for ball four the second Waukee surrendered here in the first three innings yeah the pitching cops would hate to go to the deep end this early game but sometimes you have no choice on the flip side he might just get in his face a little bit out there try to challenge him wake him up from this funk either way we'll see how it works Nelson Cruz he flew out in his last at-bat almost Maddy almost went deep his last day be certainly just missed it with this guy's big power he's feeling pretty good at the dish look for him to try and get on something and drive it out of the yard this a bee strike one to start the at-bat line drive to left tinder has him played perfectly as he puts it away for out number one well he hit that ball pretty well but the only problem was that he pulled off at just a bit the location was a little on the outer half so he would have hit it even better if he would have stayed through the middle of the field with it [Applause] [Applause] stepping in now max Kepler as he pops the first pitch foul behind the plate Kepler the native of Germany he's in his fourth season as a major league player runner at first here one man out and he lays off four ball one [Applause] throw over to the back dive buddies back in there [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the 1/2 is a fastball and off the plate for a ball lying hard down the line and right and that is off the wall but in foul territory foul ball hey he's got four foul balls in this a B right here he's really making his pitcher grind for everything tried to check his swing there as this is hit to the left side picks him up a bit you can see that this wasn't that difficult place that headed up the metal but it might have taken a funny hop there he couldn't make the play on it [Applause] [Applause] here's Jonathan scope now as he'll take a change up here for strike one a base hit in his first trip [Applause] and it's owing to the scope hey I don't blame them right they're giving up on that inside curve ball little front hipper that's a tough pitch you just can't figure out where the point of contact should be [Applause] now the o2 pitch and he'll just fight this one off as it's chopped foul [Applause] and on Owen's who he misses with a fastball runners are at first and second with one away [Applause] [Applause] or aching ball that time that misses out of the zone well that's what you want from your curveball on 1 & 2 you start it in the zone and let it break out of the zone where it can't be punished didn't get him to go after it but the execution was nice [Applause] the tutu will not catch the zone ball three for the guy in the mound this is one of those innings where nothing comes easy he's thrown a bunch of pitches and this a B hasn't been any different definitely laboring at the moment coming up now on 30 pitches in the inning [Applause] and it's fouled away [Applause] the three to one more time this is lying to left tinder is going to get there as he backs up to put it away there are two gone now [Applause] first baseman Goodfellow striding in once again Marwin Gonzalez and we'll see what he can do here – on – a way to home so far this inning [Applause] ready to deliver here's the first pitch no we're close with the fastball to begin the at-bat it's ball one [Applause] Piro much too tardy on the fastball one and one you know I think this is a big situation in this game they've got to lead by a couple of runs but they don't want to look back on this inning when this one's over and think that they left some runs out there on the base path scoring more here would be huge and nibble at the corner there but missed two and one well he better get it back together here quick because he's got two guys on already he's starting to lose location of that strike zone he's got to throw a strike right here [Applause] all right and he misses low here so the count goes to 3 and 1 it's a perfect example of why guys struggle right here you watch highlights every night a guy's hitting home runs and I'll show you miss location that catcher was set up away and he missed all the way inside slap hard the opposite way Pinder we'll get there and he puts it away to retire the side but two runs score for the twins both coming on this two run home run bottom of the third coming up it's now two nothin Minnesota coming to the plate now Josh Phegley he'll get us going in the home half of inning number three hey we're still in the early stages and this one only down by a couple of runs but it's really key for this leadoff guy to try to get on and get a big inning started first pitch coming here it is and that misses inside one and own [Applause] hi strike there and it's 1 & 1 Phegley swings and throws from the right side and stands at 5 foot 10 he was a first-round pick back in the 2009 MLB Draft yeah he has turned himself into a really nice ballplayer I wouldn't put him on a superstar level but you know what they didn't miss with this pick either you go into high rounds and you carve out a career the way this guy has nice pick gunshot Bob now to the plate Marcus Semien he has a strike a little thing on his first try sometimes you've just got a chip he's getting paid to try and get you out as well anytime it gets up there north to 7/8 pitch abies sometimes it's just there's a swing and he sends a ball hi the air into left-field leaf but it's off his job and this is going to be ruled a home run it's a solo shot for Marcus Semien and the A's are on the board now it's a two to one ballgame you know as a pitcher there's nothing worse than getting take a deep but it's something every pitcher has to deal with even the best pitchers give up [Applause] bring in Ramona more Rihanna whoo so take a look at ball 1 1 4 1 after a single this first time up [Applause] two balls and no strikes one app nobody on [Applause] lazy flyball out to center field Buxton giving chase he's got it a nice play there two away [Applause] so bases are empty here with Tobin and up next the out there there Stephen Piscotty [Applause] oh they're easy gets the sign first pitch on the way here the slider there gets a swing and miss biscotti 28 years old he's in his fourth season as a major league player into the windup here comes the Owen one [Applause] there's a shin-hye slider laid off for a ball bases are empty here with two men out here's a shot to left field and II and this one is it's a solo shot here for Stephen Piscotty as the A's have fought back to make this a 2 2 ballgame [Applause] if you need any proof that the baseball gods are fickle this is the inning before it looked like they might be in trouble [Applause] Grambling to stop the bleeding designated hitter into the box Chris Davis as he looks at a fastball that's in there for strike one Davis sometimes called crush with K and in H he was selected in the seventh round back in the 2009 MLB Draft man coming out of the late rounds you have to grind for everything nothing is given to you and this guy has turned himself into a very solid big-league ball player that's a big accomplishment and strike three and the side is retired to imagine there's a full moon tonight judging by this bunch don't touch that remote more on MLB Network right after this back at the Oakland Coliseum and before we go much further let's check in with Heidi Watney thanks Matt in between innings I was able to catch up with the manager of the twins to discuss his thoughts on Minnesota's lineup so far and flat-out he was very pleased with the quality of their at-bats it's still pretty early in the game but they've seen a lot of pitches already and he thinks the two runs they've pushed across so far is just the beginning given the quality of the at-bats they're putting together ok Thank You Heidi digging into try it again Jason Castro reached base again to the walk in his first plate appearance [Applause] first pitch of the at-bat on its way in there no balls and a strike looks like a right-handers got enough to throw now in the Oakland pen we're on he's really getting the better of him now it's strike two he's attacking this hitter a lot more aggressively than he did the first time when he faced him and issued a walk coming right after him here off-speed pitch in the dirt as he takes it for a ball [Applause] fold high in the air after right-field panting after dis to Scottie he's there and records the first out the federal fuel so the bases are empty with one man gone and that will bring up the speedy outfielder Byron Buxton first pitch on its way they'll hold off on the slider to start the at-bat it's ball one [Applause] the one ohm and he founds this one off 1/1 is a fast ball taken high for a ball [Applause] trying to bunt his way aboard but this will get foul two runs four hits and no errors in the ball game for Minnesota [Applause] hi in the air down the right-field line but this is going to wind up a foul ball [Applause] three balls and two strikes to the twins centerfielder you could pretty much book it that a fastball is coming a challenge fastball right here he cannot allow the nine hole hitter to get on base with the top of the order moment now the payoff pitch home the job has spoiled that one away and he stays alive [Applause] the three to one more time [Applause] and he takes ball four so a good job out of the nine Holden getting on base as we go back to the top of the order I know one thing he earned a free pass right there he was tempted with some really good pitches but he stayed disciplined and drew the walk ready for another shot now Parham Polanco he's 1 for 2 in this one [Applause] he's ready here's the first offering in the dirt here and forget about the double play now is he'll move up to second here on the wild pitch and I think that's the case of the picture being a little too preoccupied with the speed at first he lost focused on making the pitch and throws an absolute Scud the irony of course is the runners now on second and he didn't even have to steal [Applause] the one Oh home runs a bit inside for a ball [Applause] now a pickoff play at second and the runner will get back standing [Applause] – well count the pitch swinging a soft liner diving effort as its off his glove and not really much of a chance to recover there as you'll reach first on what undoubtedly will be scored as an infield single be gay whoa there comes Bob Melvin now out of the Oakland dugout and it changes forthcoming is that's going to do it for his starter here this evening so he will curiously make his way to the dugout after what has to be considered a very brief appearance you already know it answers the call on the pen here on the fourth as they didn't get the outing they were hoping for from their starter [Applause] CJ Chrome first agreed Amira still do so with runners at the corners and only one out and that last at that when he went deep he turned around a pretty good fastball so I'm kind of thinking this guy is a good fastball hitter so I might want to move that ball up and down and in and out try not to throw it right down the middle of the plate one ball no strikes the count [Applause] runners are at the corners with one man out [Applause] swinging a liner [Applause] the one one is off the plate up and away [Applause] wanted that one but it misses for ball three couldn't be a whole lot better situation to hit it now 3 and 1/2 on he's got to be thinking he's going to get a pitch he can drive right here [Applause] the 3-1 swing and a Miss and that will fill the count at three and two with two strikes now and a runner at first do you go for the strikeout and you're still looking for the DoublePlay ball this is a great spot to be in as a pitcher you have two strikes you can bury one for a potential strikeout and at worse keep the ball down in the zone you might be able to turn one pitch into an ending ending double play lifts it into the air out toward centerfield loriana makes the catch but the runner from third brakes / home and the we'll score on the sacrifice fly as this is now a three to two ball game [Applause] digging in once again Eddie Rosario it was a wall in his last trip [Applause] first pitch of the at-bat fouled away Rosario a six foot one inch left-handed hitter but throws right-handed he was a fourth-round selection back in the 2010 First Year Player Draft hey when you come out into middle rounds you have to grind for everything and that's exactly what this guy is done and he has turned himself into a solid big-league ball player well these hitters can expect to see a heavy dose of that big fastball from this reliever it's a major part of his arsenal the o2 delivery good waste pitch 1 & 2 Polanco is off a first with two away [Applause] [Applause] a lot of times you see guys in the middle of the order get worked away but not right here they're keeping it inside on him is that an effort to keep him from getting extended do you think yeah I think that's the idea Matt but he might spin the win if he starts looking for it in there swinging a bowl lying down in the left-field corner but this will be foul the one-two is laid off for ball two these are the great matchups that happen throughout the course of a game I don't think as a pitcher you can give in right here he's a great hitter at the plate he knows it you know it keep execute and maybe get him to roll something over [Applause] here now the two to the stand alive putting together a really good at-bat here here's the pitch on two and two fouled off three runs five hits and no errors in the ballgame for Minnesota grounder down the line at third but a foul ball as it holds it two and two line drive to laugh in there a base hit [Applause] take a look at this again in slow motion he tracks the heading all the way they gets his hands quickly through the zone and just rips it down the left field line just how they draw it up [Applause] standing in now Nelson Cruz as he takes a fastball off the plate for a ball one and oh he's hitless in his two at-bats so far [Applause] counts even and one in one to Nelson Cruz one and one here it is high fly ball out to straightaway center Laureano is there and they'll make the catch to retire the side twins get a run on two hits on now to the bottom half of any number four it's the twins three and the A's two just about set to go for the last of the fourth but before we do that here's Heidi Watney well Matt I talked to manager Bob Melvin during the break about his thoughts on the ACE hitters to this point and overall he's really happy with the at-bats they're putting together it's still pretty early in the game but they've seen a lot of pitches already and he thinks the two runs they pushed across so far is just the beginning given the quality of the at-bats they're putting together okay thank you hotty ready now Matt Olson comes into this endicott over one in the ball game the first baseman ready to deliver here's the first pitch [Applause] and there's a missile off the bat but it's followed into the wind up here comes the Owen one hit hard to the right foul a wind-up and the o2 pitch high pop up and they'll put this one away for the first out of the inning [Applause] digging in for his second advent Matt Chapman he left the bones back after striking out his last time up first pitch of the at-bat high in the air down the right-field line but this will wind up being a foul ball ready with the nothing in one pitch hit down the line of further feeds it cleanly and a step on first for the out three unassisted [Applause] now chat tender he reached on a single in his first row first offering on its way and it's fouled away [Applause] [Applause] and he watches a called strike at the knees no balls and two strikes hey from an offensive standpoint you better get it ready this guy is not throwing a ton of pitches he's confident in his stuff he is pounding his own he's got two quick outs you better pull the trigger to 1 & 2 now [Applause] oder easy looks in looking to put them away here on a ball into strikes out in front here is this one scorched foul to the left the one to swing and a shot hit down the corner and he just couldn't keep that ball fair as he winds up a long foul ball [Applause] and he struck him out is 7th of the ballgame and that ends the inning days are gone in order they're down three to two decide to even ready once again max Kepler and Eric allowed him to reach base in his last one areas becomes cent here's the nothing in nothing pitch ball one that's a good pitch to lay off right there that cutter inside and that is a real tough pitch for hitters to lay off of and a lot of times if you do swing at that cutter in you're going to end up with some firewood in a broken back and that's lifted the other way out to left tinder is under it and that's the first out of the inning [Applause] so wanna weigh here with debates is empty and that'll bring it off Jonathan scope to hit next first pitch coming here it is strike taking up in the zone fifth ending a play here in a 3-2 ballgame oh here's a breaking ball outside and now it's even one and one [Applause] one-one takes a pittance and this is that strike two hey that's a really good pitch right there and that's one of those off-balance swings as a picture you want to look in and say howdy if you're waving at me a real ugly swing and it gives you a lot of confidence when you make a guy look that bad so hopefully he has another pitch left in his repertoire to ferry this guy and get him out of there and this is swung on and missed so it's two up two down to start the fifth now batting third baseman Marla Wynne so bases are empty here with to God and in to bat next the utility man extraordinaire Marwin Gonzalez first pitch of the at-bat on its way and he takes a pitch that's rule to strike at the knees pretty liberal strikes on there it's Owen one [Applause] come set and the o1 and misses off the plate down low two balls in a strike two out nobody on [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] here now the tutu is away she's striking on the twins in order there are three to two next up for the A's Jurek's in profile as we move past the halfway point in this one and begin the bottom of the fifth ready with the first pitch here it comes alright fastball too high to start him out here one and all [Applause] and that's right there and we're even at one and now a curveball that's Loen in the dirt for a ball it's 2 & 1 [Applause] I hate he fires a fastball now for a called strike two look out don't want to hit him there it's full three and two you do not want to walk the eight hole hitter it just opens up so many options that we bump them over to second with the nine hole hitter do we try and play for that big rally with the top of the order coming up this a huge pitch you can't allow this guy to wall [Applause] [Applause] the next three to Kairi and that's eight strikeouts now for him in the ballgame pretty clear he didn't like the call there on the outside part of the plate but a probably too good too tender and he's down on strikes for the second time yeah that pitch was right on the black beautiful pitch and even if we had robot on steep still be out but the only difference would be he wouldn't be able to complain about it so the base is empty here with one away and that'll bring up the catcher Josh Phegley breaking ball drops right in the chute for a strike he's been pitching really well so far in this one as we cruise into the middle innings one of the big reasons why 80% first pitch strike ratio if he continues that he might be able to finish this one and he will run this one down her dad for the second out Marcus Semien who was a solo shot for him in [Applause] symma in an Owen – hole here I gotta say his command of the corners in this start has been pretty exceptional he's mixed east and west really well and it's a big reason why he's had success bases are empty here with two men out [Applause] a short stuff behind with a one-in-two camp well this one's outside quite a bit off the plate that time [Applause] that's the first does he have another one two or three ending he does seven in a row he sat down now if the side is retired one two three go the A's they trailed three to two at the plate Jason Castro both from one forum here in this one the capture geeks in here festro he's set in the pitch and he pours this one in at the letters O and one [Applause] here's the old one pitch good cutter there and he's got him behind the eight-ball now oh and to [Applause] one into two the twins catcher so the intent of that Oh to Qatar right there isn't necessarily to get a swinging strike if you get it well hey that's great but if you get it inside enough and he does make contact he probably can't do anything with it anyway the one-two is a sinker that dips below the zone for a ball [Applause] weighing inside wood that one a pretty easy take there Wow from one to two three and two and that last pitch on two and two wasn't even close he had this guy in the ropes but now he let him right back into this at-bat [Applause] and he fouls this one off [Applause] here's a pop up now Chapman has a play one down [Applause] that's exactly what they wanted out of that pitch up on its own they took him up the ladder and he couldn't get up to it so that was an easy pop out well executed since there here's byron Buxton nap as he'll take a look at a strike right down the middle that's Owen one he's all for one thus far here comes the o1 no offer at that one it's a called strike three twos are scored here attending number six [Applause] the o2 once more fouled away [Applause] two quick strikes in a Leo two and he'll just waste one there one and two [Applause] hit pretty well out toward right centerfield Laureano is in pursuit he gets there and makes the play for the second out of the inning [Applause] now batting also the lineup flips over and digging in for him Polanco he's 2 for 3 and looking for more here [Applause] ready to deliver here's the first pitch and that misses for ball one [Applause] popped him up [Applause] and you'll get under it to put it away in foul territory and that ends the inning twins are shut down 1 2 3 but they still lead it 3 to 2 digging in now Ramon Laureano way to go will be a no centerfielders number 22 first pitch coming here it is a ball no strikes couple of righties starting to loosen now in the bullpen [Applause] trying to bunt his way aboard but he can't connect and it's one in one trying to make something happen there with a drag bunt couldn't get it down but I like that he's waited a pitch to give it a try sometimes that will back the defense up a bit if they're anticipating it on the first pitch of a Navy kid the target but this is low 2 & 1 everyone pitches a splitter swung on and missed – and – you know you don't face too many guys that have thrown a nasty splitter like he has today he's had this lineup off-balance all game with that pitch three and two to the A's centerfielder with the meat of the order due up next you can probably expect to see something you can handle here with the full count as the 2 hole hitter into the wind up ready with the payoff pitch and that one misses so the leadoff man will head down to first on ball four to start the bottom of the sixth well these guys have had a hard time making contact all game long wrapping up a bunch of K so that's their authors walk of the game we'll see if that gets them going a bit digging in and looking for more Stephen Piscotty comes in 1 for 2 with that [Applause] [Applause] he said here it comes now a slider and it gets ahead of them here oh and one [Applause] [Applause] my into the right side and that's in their base hit and now they'll have runners at the corners to start off the inning take a look at this right here he didn't get jumpy and trouble later left field line stayed in there hard and grind it out nice doc the other way so striding in Chris Davis as he's got a chance to tie this ballgame up with that equalizing run just 90 feet away at third first pitch on its way sky din to bury shallow right [Applause] as it and I'd be surprised if they send the runner and he might have thought about it at third but with one away decides not to risk it great thing that'll bring up the power hitter Mendelson he's struck out and popped out in his two previous trips he's ready here's the first offering and he'll start him with a high strike here on the fastball on the outside corner it's Owen one [Applause] in there at the knees oh and two now with two strikes and the runners at the corners this is a big pitch coming up got it execute I hope to either get a strikeout or a double play ball to help you get out of this thing here's the on2 fouled off runners are at first and third one away [Applause] and he couldn't get him to chase the Oh too fast wallets 1 & 2 these are the situations right here that make me miss wearing a uniform the big spot the cat and mouse of what's he gonna throw up down one two can I battle back the pitchers trying to put me away this is what the games all about ready now to strike pitch on its way and it struck him out then wouldn't this be something if he could work out of this with that one-run lead still in check it's been a really rough day for this line it has really no other way to save face but not a lot of good scoring opportunities and when they've gotta like right now it's just been an uphill battle for them to make anything positive happen big spot here runners at the corners two gone and up next the power hitting third baseman Matt Chapman [Applause] trying to hold the lead here's the delivery slider finds the zone for a stripe [Applause] the oh one offering swing that's going to be trouble and this will get all the way the tying run is in to score from third so much of this game is situational hitting guys nice job there yeah you've got to find a way to pick your teammates up you're given the chance and he doesn't try to count too much right here he just takes what's there safely on second and his buddies high-fiving teammates in the dugout [Applause] now here comes the twins manager on his way to the mound and it looks as though that's going to be off for a starter here tonight so we'll leave with a couple of runners aboard that are his responsibility meaning he'd be happy to get out of here with a no decision Leigha trots in from the bullpen here as he inherits a tough spot with two on in two-way part of their goal [Applause] in now chat hinder as the first pitch misses to him it's ball one [Applause] both teams with six hits so far [Applause] get on the ground to third Gonzales is up with it and not too shabby out of the pen takes just two pitches to get the ground ball and that ends the inning of the A's get a run on this RBI double the two three four hitters now to start the seventh we're tied now with three apiece [Applause] back here at the Coliseum in Auckland tight one on our hands all tied at three apiece as we look at the game summary through six innings of play his mera petit is on to pitch from the bullpen now to start ending number seven your CJ chrome now he'll start things out here in a tie ballgame the perfect first pitch of the at-bat yeah this is taken outside for ball one [Applause] and they won't get him to chase the curveball in the dirt that time and it's to a no now the 200 on the way is looked at for the first strike loved the pitch call they're too old you know the guys geared up for a fastball and you drop a changeup in the zone that's gonna be a tough pitch to handle all even now two and two here now the tutu doesn't get the zone count full now walks are never good but they're especially bad news late in games like this it seems like they always come back to bite you now the three and two pitch and it's fouled away hit the other way out toward right field biscottis therefore it looks it into his glove and there's one gone settling in now Eddie Rosario in previous matchups with his Merrill fatigue he's over four first offering on its way and this one's nowhere close is that bounces to the plate for ball one Wow count now want to know with a real good Slugger up at the plate this is the time as a pitcher you have to really make some good pitches this is not the time to just groove one right down the middle choo a known for the twins left fielder action in the bullpen now as a right hander begins to throw out there bases are empty one man out [Applause] here's a swing and a Miss on the cut fastball two and one now the two one is looked at for ball three Nelson Cruz will be next [Applause] the 3-1 pitch and it's up to a 3-2 full count now Wow not sure what you're looking for right there but that one was pretty much middle middle center cut tough pitch to take and he founds this one off [Applause] payoff pitch one more time and another foul ball another payoff pitch fouled away payoff pitch one more time popped up Polson shading to his right he hauls it in without any trouble and there are two away [Applause] the number for Minnesota hitter Nelson Cruz Rudy was a flyout for him in his last trip [Applause] he's ready here's the first offering and first pitch fastball in there for a called strike two out nobody on [Applause] that's taken now it's Owen – don't just assume as a hitter right here he won't triple up he's got you down Oh – and he might really want to get inside your head if he throws the same pitch again [Applause] did a good job to shorten up and protect the plate and he'll have another shot out of here [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the next dough to popped him up [Applause] and he will indeed make the play in foul territory to retire the side down go the twins in order well they're still tied three to three now at the Planck Jurek's and profe our guests start things out here in the bundle pending number seven it comes the first pitch high fastball is in there [Applause] that's inside and low it's a ball in two strikes swinging a liner foul struck him out struck him out again I should say his third punch out of the game but your take on all the strikeouts we see in the game today and that was his third tonight and it seems we're seeing that a lot more these days there's been a real change in philosophy as far as hitting in baseball today a lot of guys think now that an out as an out as strikeout is just as good as a regular out but we're seeing strikeouts at an alarming rate baseball right now stepping in now Josh Phegley yes he will take a look at strike one on a fastball right down the pipe he's over two in the ball game so far here comes fastball that time is nowhere close and it's even at one in one and this is taken for a ball hi in tight two and two rounded down the third baseline but this is going to be a foul ball as that keeps things at 2 & 2 here now the tutu still even at 2 & 2 now another tutu and a fastball blew it right by him in there two down that was a big strike up there best pictures got the ability to strike guys out when they really need to that second out what's really important at this point of the game could be something we look back on later when the game's over [Applause] into the box now Marcus Semien so go after the first pitch and bounce it into foul territory he's working on a one for three thus far [Applause] into the wind up here comes the Owen once that's in there and he's deep in the hole now Owen two bases are empty here with two men out there's a swing and a high drive into left-center field back goes rosario still going [Applause] here to left-center field his second home out of the game as they take the lead four to three [Applause] [Applause] Falls jumping in this one that's the fourth believe the yard so far yeah thanks Maddy you know what Dee wrote when the winds blowing out like it is today did an excellent job of changing their approach and getting balls in the air ball 1 to start the at-bat [Applause] the wind up and the 1o pitch Adam lunging at that pitch away and it's 1 in 1 now [Applause] now a sling and bouncing ball for the shortstop for monk Oh and the throw to first is in time but the damage has been done as the side is retired the a strike for one on the solo homer will march on to the 8th it's now for three Oakland William Van der expen summoned from the bullpen is he'll do so to start the a a number 16 Lea [Applause] standing in max kept up in the previous meetings with Liam Hendriks just a couple of matchups no hits in to add Vance earth delivery to him on the way and here's a called strike at the knees don't think he liked that one too much but it's oh and one and the pitch lifted in the air to straightaway center laureano is there one day [Applause] [Applause] bats to this point [Applause] third baseman hugging the line here now the first pitch and he'll try to crowd him there to start the at-bat it's one and oh now action in the bullpen as they're closer starts to get loose out there one apt nobody on Hey and he fires in a strike this time to make it one ball than one strike pretty adamant about working him inside right now back-to-back fast balls and that one was able to find his own the one one big swing by scope down about traveling weld that one is this game is tied a solo shot here two left as that'll pull them even at four apiece [Applause] [Applause] standing in now the Marwin Gonzalez long as the first pitch to him is in there for a called strike one as we near the end of this one it's clear the long ball has played a big role in today's outcome dandy row what are your final thoughts on what we've seen yeah just non-competitive pitches in some big situations that in the offense to full advantage you know do one of the things about pitching is you want to have location and when it's obvious in this one today that the pictures weren't on point and what happens when that happens hitters make you pay in the long ball was a big part of this one here Olsen scoops it up oh look at this sliding stuff hey now stepping up now Jason Castro no hits to this point [Applause] first pitch of the at-bat too high I want to know hits are even at seven apiece [Applause] and he takes ball 2 and it's 2 & 1 fastball just inside [Applause] Heera comes back with a dandy of a curveball there and it's a full count 3 & 2 here's the payoff pitch and this is hit hard to the right side foul [Applause] swinging and mrs. this ladder shutting down for the final the twins do come back to level things out thanks to this solo home go to the bottom of the eighth all even now at four apiece [Applause] stepping into the box Stephen Piscotty he homered back in the third inning in this one giving birth [Applause] first pitch of the at-bat on its way there's a good fastball on the outside corner as you'll take a look at strike one [Applause] [Applause] in the center now the lead yeah three power he's with a dedicated hitter [Applause] getting better and now Chris Davis and he'll watch one miss up and away for a ball one and ohm he could really use it knock hero for three in the game so far [Applause] – an old [Applause] [Applause] now the two old down low and the plot thickens here three and oh that's a great job at keeping your hands back you could tell he was totally fooled his hip started leaking a little bit but he was able to stay strong enough with his hands not to overcommit he set here's the three Oh basketball taken but that gets the zone for a strike [Applause] [Applause] it hard up the middle and that finds its way for a Bayesian holdin second but the go-ahead runs in scoring position now is still nobody out these guys are in perfect position to break right here and to take the lead there is without question of them to play them back to back see no you don't know if they're gonna you don't know they can do something they have so many options that their proposal right now [Applause] with the plate Mendelson been a rough go of things so far the to change that [Applause] coming through for the boys and a tight game that especially when you kind of do to do something productive here comes the first pitch oh and that's high for a ball one and oh you could tell he's starting to get frustrated out there he's not usually used to getting knocked around the yard a little bit and you can tell he's starting to feel for it [Applause] the set and the 1o pitch is a slider that backs up for a ball got to find a way to execute either a good fastball down the way or flip something off-speed for a strike you cannot miss over the harder plate in these situations the hitter is on high alert the 200 on the way is laid off but in there for strike one yet right there it's tough to be able to dive out over the plate I know it's a pitch people think you can get to but after you're pounded in twice that ball looks like a foot outside called strike is the slider gets the outside corner [Applause] got him and he goes down on strikes for the third time [Applause] the third baseman so it's a tight spot here first and second one man we're hitting third baseman Matt Chapman [Applause] it's coming here it is and he throws the fastball by him here oh and one [Applause] [Applause] and this one's in the dirt throw over 2/3 here the tags there and he's trying to steal third [Applause] go ahead runs in scoring position here with two down [Applause] they know trying to back him up a bit there with the fastball [Applause] hey there strike two as it catches the outside corner [Applause] the set and the tutu breaking ball well inside and taken for ball three now on three and two as a pitcher you've got to go at the pitch that you feel most comfortable throwing with go ahead runs in scoring position here with two down and that misses ball 4 so it's first and second now with two out [Applause] they get better here in the eighth [Applause] hoping to keep it tied here at Carnes there's a fastball on the inner third taken for a strike a ball a strike Grossman over at second chapman at first two out in the inning there's no contact there in its one and two [Applause] – two balls and two strikes now I wonder if that called not going his way right there has anything to do with walking the last guy we although umpires don't give you much on the corners if you're not throwing strikes consistently [Applause] – and – here it is well above with the Pascal handsome this has been the the night so far [Applause] straight-three kind as he can't get the bat off his shoulders side retired so it's no runs on two hits no errors and two men left stranded ninth-inning coming up and we are tied 4-4 at the plate Byron Buxton he's a offerin suit with a strikeout in this one better filled with number 25 fibers the first pitch on its way here we go with inning number nine as the first pitch misses for ball one you're right to get the arms extended but he couldn't one in one [Applause] now the 1 in 1 fish is strike two swinging he's gonna need to shorten up and get that foot down a little bit earlier if he hopes to be catching up to that fastball [Applause] the 1/2 is low and outside for a ball and it's three and two now to the number nine hitter [Applause] [Applause] popped him up under it as profe are here to put it away for the first down [Applause] now back to the home of the lineup stepping in for hit Polanco in his last at-bat he popped out in foul ground yeah Maddie's got to make an adjustment right here his swing definitely broke down dropped his back shoulder and thus if the result was a terrible pop-up foul Pinder on the move bases are empty one man out and look out is that one Lenin and Gandhi well he might be feeling a little bit of a sting there but he could take comfort in knowing that he were a presents go ahead run well that could turn out to be a huge hit by pitch [Applause] into the box CJ Chrome so go after the first pitch and bounce it into foul territory there's one away the runner at first represents the potential go-ahead score double play is in order however here is the fastball by him here and he's in control oh and to [Applause] oh and look at this [Applause] this ball comes down they'll have taken the lead home [Applause] a two-run blast is straight away right field and it's now six to four Johanna dig dirt hitters the game with a leg on in the top of inning number nine number 52 [Applause] so let's move falling into the box now Eddie Rosario as the first pitch to him is off the plate for a ball one and oh so far two for three in this one [Applause] here's the one Oh almost a bit high with the fastball but didn't get the call well this is the matchup they wanted bringing in their reliever but falling behind – and OH doesn't exactly help the situation very much ready with the 2o pitch fastball well outside Nelson Cruz waits on deck [Applause] and he misses ball four so he comes out of the bullpen and immediately walks the first man-e-faces yeah that strategy is great when it works but when it doesn't it doesn't it's an ugly and that was here to face one guy and he couldn't get it done next will be the designated hitter Nelson Cruz struggling so far in this one and looking to erase his offer for ball game right here [Applause] first offering on its way high in the air act towards shallow right Piscotty to their fourth – gun [Applause] ran out for another chance max Hitler that was a flyout for him in his last trip ready with the first pitch here it comes curve ball just misses apparently one and OH ready with the 1o and he falls behind down to and oh now some action in that Oakland bullpen as it looks like a lefty started to get it going down there to an oak count here it comes back now a curveball that hangs on inside for ball three Rosario leads off first with a pair of outs in the inning [Applause] [Applause] and this pitch misses for ball form so that's gonna move a runner into scoring position now with two away and you can tell by his now bank language that he's beyond frustrated by that alcohol he's got to be wondering what he's got to do but the last thing he needs to do is to let it get under his skin that will only make things worse big spot here first and second two men gun and that'll bring up Jonathan's scope to hit next and in that last at-bat it makes you think this guy might have went up there looking for the breaking ball because he certainly got a breaking ball and he didn't miss it hit it right on the screws one ball no strikes the count a rising fastball then it catches the zone for a strike two men are on with two men out [Applause] ballin two strikes one into [Applause] [Applause] here's another one – and he's struck him out so a good pitch there and now they're going to need to spring some hits together in this last at-bat if they want to get back in this thing but two runs score for the twins both coming on this two run home run last chance coming up for Oakland it's the twins six and the Athletics for Ricki Lake at Parker and a game to finish this one off here round bottom of the ninth okay number 38 Lake derrickson pro farm will be the first one to greet him here as he'll be forced to turn around and hit from the left side now [Applause] from the stretch and he turns this one around next time going back an impressive shot to dead center field so it's a solo shot to dead center and this will make banks interesting at this point it's now a six five game [Applause] [Applause] standing in now Josh Phegley pani pops it up drifting just beyond the infield scope is there for it he's got it one away ksenia that will get another shot at it here as we take you back to inning number seven [Applause] from the stretch here's the pitch now a strike called in the upper part of the zone mano-a-mano with blake parker he's 1 for 3 [Applause] ready with the nothing in one piece swing-and-a-miss cities in the holo – now [Applause] and that is swung on and missed and things are starting to look bleak here for the hall 9 there are two away now this inning didn't get started the way he'd hoped with that home run but I've got to give him credit for flushing it and coming back here to get strikeouts on the last two guys he's acting like it didn't even happen before stepping in now Ramone laureano and a ball want to know no doubt some saves come easier than others and I know this all too well they're really making wrapping this thing up a difficult task [Applause] the 100 filed off [Applause] one ball and two strikes the count fans on their feet in a one-run ballgame in the last of the ninth last strike now for Oakland lifted in the air to right field kepler's therefore it makes the catch and that's the ballgame well that's not exactly how you draw it up to give up a long ball to make it interesting but it was the only run he gave up and he hangs on to collect the save and tonight's one-run game comes to an end six to five the final the twins came through when it mattered in the ninth on the way to the wind Adalberto Mejia takes home the win so that's a wrap for us in this one Mark DeRosa and please act Heidi Watney Matt vasgersian we all thank you for watching Major League Baseball on MLB Network see you next time [Applause] [Applause] the final line score for our ballgame tonight for the victorious twins six runs eight is no errors they left nine runners on base