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[Applause] we love cafes gamblers Panthers hustlers low bad girls welcome to the Late Show betting with the bag July 23rd 3:31 p.m. here in Simon's ed course we got 5:30 p.m. in Miami where we'll be boozing out-of-control capping non-stop betting on horses going to football games going to baseball games and doing it up on the beach at The Diplomat Beach Resort very soon twenty seven or eight days we're gonna be there in person partying hard partly poppy DJ big bust on the right side Jim Martin myself and then it's like 50 campers in South Florida that are very very good that I love dearly headlines my red girl big rig ooh big word goo will be doing the Boston sauce show that's all going down shortly but right now we have a giant card to break down I only made three first five plays on the early show so we got a lot of work to do there were games that we didn't touch that we need to touch first off shout outs all the capris in the chat flick my BIC ready to rock Lamont Williams that says get let's get this money and says max bet Pittsburgh full game under 9 Wow I find that very appealing but again I just bullpen scared shit out of me and what I'm liking I guess the more I think about it is that first 5-under but do I trust Dakota Hudson because I do trust Chris Archer all told I think that's a nice spot Lamont Williams then we jarred Ryan my guy at ring eat mastering Rd he was at the low bagged some of the champions my guy Anthony straight out of Windsor came out to Toronto with his girl to party with us we got NHL parlay bag or been a while since we've seen any child parlay back or nice team Vinny Cornell greatest ever in the house last time ever first named greatest in the house we've got been sports 24/7 Gary Horvath darn Mageau Joe de Leon ready to go by – boom – bartender Harry two-bit ski Ron lost and ready to go yo-yo Street vom posters hey Jimmy I'm all over this Prince of Wales steaks do you have any yeah do I think you're saying do you have an exactor for the Pennzoil sex race no and I was speaking to the Mississippi kid our guy Mississippi kid racing about this race and with a 5-horse field that it takes a lot of the value from exactly's away it's just you know it does so I'm making one move and one move only and that is basically I want my hope is that one bad boy ran the race of his life that's what I'm expecting now I see tone broke getting a ton of love and I just feel like people are allowing a bee's flattered to be overlooked and he shouldn't be a Navy splatter is a very very strong horse none of these horses of running for Thierry and so I now I mean when your horse is supposed to be tuned a half to one then it goes to three to one cuz now three to one at all the books it does it's not really what you want but I'm gonna go down with a V splatter in might as confidence I was yesterday I guess I've lost a little bit of that confidence but I'm taking a B's flattery to win the Prince of Wales stakes and a321 I think this is a great spot I mean a nice slider had to expend a lot of energy getting all the way over from the 14 gate he didn't run as wide as I thought the first time I watched I've watched that race now five times and I'm not entirely sure why a B splatter couldn't get past one bad boy but they were clearly the best two horses in the race so yeah I'm just only on a v's flatter and and I haven't Betty yet I've got to make a move on it it was at plus 250 and I was about to and now it's at plus 300 which is much better so we'll talk more about that as but I don't know how to show how much we talk about I'm on AV splatter the number two horse race 8 Fort Erie at 3 to 1 but we love her cute Paco Healy there's Mississippi kid there's a guy right there Mississippi kid in the house by the boom Joe and easy Gary Horvath big rig ooh-whee good films ready to go sis Minnesota fire that's a tough game against the Yankees Joe de Leon Joe and EC said when does that start I think it starts in about two hours two and a half hours you know what I can actually how about this I'll give you the exact time right now and we'll talk about it again at the very end of the day but I'll give you the exact time right now we're gonna go to a horse racing here quickly here and we're gonna go to North America we're gonna go to four Irie it's in two hours in one minute two hours in one minute so it's 5:35 Eastern time right now this race is going off at 7:30 six five horse field smiles for the this is second chool the Triple Crown Andrew mullet in the house oh that's true dad dude add a nice nice drew daddy it's drew daddy's real name John jr. mr. fastest Erik Jones walla walla dos antoine Seymour Matthew Karl Noah main man we have big Rick goose as for Erie John Zeus's I'm with you on Pittsburgh first 5-1 30 I like that spot Vegas Lawrence ready to go thanks Lawrence ready to go Steven Mendez yo-yo Street a Lower East Side roller Aloha East High Roller I had to shoot a couple things in between shows and I have not got a chance to hammer the WNBA so I please we're gonna need you bigger who trusting in Hudson we're gonna need you I'm gonna need you so stick around please for the WNBA portion of the show then we got Paco hylia on Giants first five and full game under in Giants moneyline Wow Wow uh Joe de Leon says hey you still wearing the same clothes aren't you supposed to change you know I try just to change every day that's all I tried you okay let's get to work ej v ready to go co-actors ready to go says I can't take that land to run line K c-17 last 10 games Atlanta in for some turbulence you know what I want to take Casey but I got look like a fool taking the ACE yesterday but I want to take Casey yeah we'll talk about that game shortly Regan auntie says the chat always lit what up cappers new to the game but love catching the show when I can't Reagan Anthony thank you so much for joining us Prince of the city bomb posters I'd like to see a little stormy night like any other fever first half there'll be a copy and paste there been sports 24/7 I can't line the first five tonight we're gonna go over all this stuff okay quickly there it's my guy Spencer Hicks ready to go just gonna copy and paste that wmba insight okay and yo yo Street saying everyone on Cleveland be careful J's might pull out a winner on Bauer I doubled up on Cleveland yesterday I'm not gonna go back to the well okay we have a ton of work to do we have to move fast there's only three games that I already a plays on so we'll skip them quickly see the Mendez says yes to me I think Casey's a good bet I want to jump on it but I'm a little nervous shuttle lower Eastside well Mike I'm Marty muerte all you guys and Anthony all says Casey Atlanta it's an easy pass maybe that's the best way to do it just pass on it if I had to done that in the Houston A's game yesterday I wouldn't on six No okay so we're gonna move fast it's great having Anthony L here in the chat – joining us nice to have him in the chat also we know that on 20 lattes here which is great I can't wait to hear what he has to say about the Pirates love – no black ball are ready to go Spencer Hicks ready to go since everything still good for the ploidy trip to me yes Spencer yes Spencer and here's the link for the hotel unless are you already in southern Florida if you're already in southern Florida then forget about it but here we go let me just hook you up right now with the link here we go this is it and it's all good it's better than all good man we got this unbelievably beautiful hotel it's like 20 bucks a night we got four 12999 and there's a $35 resort fee that they cut for us and we still get and we still get internet so we're in business okay there's twily latte love seeing that and quack that says all in Level B record loss for centuries you go down the record books can't trust this game okay sorry we took too long breaking down the opening but that's okay let me bring up the opening lineups and we got market moves okay we're gonna start with Rockies Nationals Lambert very Strasburg Lambert ver Strasburg total open at 8 and a half it's now at 9 Strasburg opened up at minus 175 and that's not true then he opened up – 175 that's what the Nationals opened up yesterday the truth is once they knew who is pitching the we'll just go to pinnacle for this once they knew who is pitching in this game and that was at 741 they opened up at minus 2 19 so there's only really being a 14 cent move towards the Nationals with Strasburg on the mound 4-2 19 2-2 33 so let's not go blowing away about a 50 cent move lineups for the Rockies Blackmon story Dahl Arenado Murphy Desmond McMann Iannetta for the Nationals Turner eating rendang Soto Adams Dozier Robles Gomes there's a question did Washington lose that miss out on that opportunity did be going two and two against the Braves is that gonna hold them back moving forward are they gonna keep rolling the way they were rolling and going easy book this hotel today baby Oh Joe that's great great news Joe's coming to Miami baby oh I love that I love that mr. Patrick said join us later Eric tonight on the sports keg live podcast for the contender series fights night I'm a big fan of sports cake I'll be on tomorrow night's show but great great guys know sports get right there says thanks for everyone who turned into the fight cast 9 & 1 UFC every weekend whether absolutely incredible job there's my guy Joey Bing Anthony else is betting the rock he's on the road with that trash picture is setting money on fire Spencer Eric says I'm in Daytona Beach but I definitely wanna make apparents Pablo bagger in turn Jimmy you are a lo bagger and you have letters a bunch of you guys in town you know what the main thing I would like to have happen is once we leave all you guys from southern Florida on our friends and then you guys start moving forward cuz we've seen with all the captors have done in LA and it just makes me so happy so that would that alone if that's the only thing that we get is just bringing you guys the Miami area capper is close together it makes me so happy but Spencer eggs we need you more than once we need you a lot okay get back to business uh yeah I get it I don't want I don't want I don't want the Rockies but I also don't want stats for your minds 2:30 so you know Lambert's heads very very tough situations I'm not entirely sure if he's gonna find this easier big rig ooh says who's in Daytona bigger ooh it's our guy Spencer Hicks see that's what I need I need you guys coming together man that's what I need all right so and Luca justify the punch in the gooc without Luca okay I'm I'm off of this game I would say I guess the over nine is is somewhat appealing but even then I'm not gonna jump on Strasberg nine and one in his last 11 starts but that's a three point four for er a it's not like we got degrom from last year over there so I'm off it I'm off of it and I'm gonna move forward okay Cardinals pirates I'm on the Pirates first five at – 125 this is one of the few games already have a play on so I don't wanna spend much time on it I just want to move forward if you ask me why I'm on the Pirates and to not go over rehash the same bullshit from the first show I'll tell you this it's that archers drop that two-seam fastball I was watching interviews of him and he's just he's been a leader all year long he's been pretty good of his last two starts let's see exactly what he's been last three starts – quality starts since the all-star break Pittsburgh did lose both those games but the Pirates have won six of his past nine he's – no with a 3.52 er e-passport starts at PNC Park they've won all of his life starts at PNC Park and he's a leader I think he's gonna get the job done and it's helped our linebackers to catch on Cleveland run line thanks to me made me happy with a great great day yesterday Don Ameche says this Mets game we probably have delays but get in I'm leaving for City now I'm on White Sox first five Astros first driver on line Mets first 549 Mets over full game eight and a half Wow oh that's a wild wild stuff and Mets team told over three and a half and Giants over seven great call getting the seven it's now 7f there's our guide our Morici you want to party with my guy Dom gotta come to the diplomat beach resort because that's where my goddamn ricci gonna be okay so and 20 since I got enough to know the Pirates game twice a hearty shonali himself yeah I believe in Archer poker danger says Jimmy swayed by a good interview every time I am I am I am okay so pirates first five – 125 I don't want to mess with their bullpen I don't want to mess on a full game with the Cardinals way they're playing right now and sports cake says Gooch isn't is such an underrated word it is huge alright let's move forward next up Indians Blue Jays look I know why people would take the Indians first five minds half like our guy and Al I get it I get it Sanchez been terrible Bauer is not being who he was in the first half of the season but he's still you know better than Sanchez sure some money has come back is that true somebody no it's not true yes it is true so at 11:48 it was up to minus 177 then some money started coming back on the js it caught that on the – 168 it was – 168 from 2:30 to 3:00 and now it's back in – 176 I doubled up on the Indians yesterday first half full game and I just don't want to go right back to the well I'm cheering for the Indians because we got an A+ 1100 to win the division and tie cleanse his pirates in the under someone smacks bet that's our guy Lamont Williams max but is the full game under 9 full game under 9 and I'd like that but if I if I had to make a play on the total I would take the full game on their bike bream beats on the Indians first 5 – half I catch what I guess I'm just not going back to the well Gary Homer I said I wanted to stay away earlier but to Cleveland – was enough I get it I totally get it there's our guy Chris Gill in their houses what's up Jimmy glowberries what from Chris and ups in Philly West Chester nor West Chester there's our guy Chris Gayle much love – thank you for joining us ok so I'm just gonna stay off of it let's take a look at what the todos done there's ulysses hayes who can also be found partying with us in Miami Indians at Blue Jays what's that total done here it originally was used to do still just know wow interesting so bookmakers got this juice to the under Pinnacle eyes the juice to the over interesting you don't really see Wow a lot of differences in this but better online over nine at minus 120 oh I'm just tripping out my fault there's nines on the board and bookmakers moved to nine and a half sorry but sorry my fault in their table just moved it to nine and a half you wait just moved it to nine and a half these other books have it at nine oh thank you for the kind words elicit a said Jimmy did you see my tickets I sent you yes I did you lazy J's and I was extremely impressed Melvin Betances says what was the taint we don't have a taint as far as I do we have a taint I thought we don't have a taint let me just go over everything we do not have a taint play but I could tell you wrong Crawford spreadsheet plays I lay into Washington Cleveland Arizona in the Dodgers and Lamont Williams max bet is Pittsburgh full game under Pittsburgh full game under Juan Ruiz ready to get it key Sadler on Oakland first five I fear that I might not be going quick enough so I'm just gonna stay off the Indians game I'm just gonna stay off the Indians game Indians up Blue Jays I milked it yesterday and I just have not had success going back to the well now let's talk about Red Sox race we all saw what sale did yesterday not all of us believe in what we saw but a lot of us do and I do Boston open up – 1:55 is now – 154 that's interesting Boston got up oh it's minus 158 of Pinnacle Boston got up to minus 163 – 166 at 7:00 a.m. this morning it's now minus 158 I know that tree nose has been good but come on sale looked extremely good last start does he keep it going does he keep it going Ulysses Hayes on Boston moneyline pockle Healy on the Cleveland run line I get it I get a coactive saying nice t-shirt yes this is a ski profit shirt rockin my guys ski shirt alright let's go to the first five Boston Red Sox isn't – 185 open – minus 175 let's see the movement there twily lattes on Boston first five minus a half I'm very close to making that bed as well very close to making that bed as well we can't see the movement on the spread here first five I'm not sure entirely sure why but we can Tibet online it open I mean let's go there and said we're gonna go to the sale tree know start with a bet online and that's not updating for some reason – 1/2 of – 125 let's go to the point spreads right now I like that play I just think sales gonna throw so it's dangerous taking the miners and a half because if tree nose looks great you know but I just have to say Russell Grace's Bauer gets touched in sale line dropped poker addicted says Peter low checks her spade sale I'm not fading sale but that was enough for me to pass on the game co actor says sale gets touched Anthony L and 20 Lotte both on Red Sox first five run line Dan Tuan Seymour says Pistol Pete likes rays fading sunlight look Pistol Pete is a spectacular MLB capper and if I was to take the other side of this game it's not me fading Pistol Pete it's me trusting what I saw from Chris Sale last start and that's what I'm gonna do here Russell Cory says I'm on Ray's now that line has dropped sale pitched last first Blue Jays you know what this raised against lefties 257 5000 PS let's take a look at lineups let's take a look at lineups here for the Rays game don't know batting leadoff and first base it's crazy crazy that he's come so valuable to this race while Pham Meadows Garcia Duffy Duffy back in the line Bristow Heredia Adamas Zunino you know what the guys that were smashing now I know Meadows was smashing but he's a left-handed bat guys like Brandon Lau are not in the lineup Kevin kiermaier nod in the lineup for the Red Sox bets Devers Bogaerts Martinez pennant Andy Holt Moreland Bradley jr. sandy Leone you know I'm gonna join these guys I'm going to join and I'm gonna join twat II I think this is the right play Boston first 5 minus 1/2 there's my guy David agent now says next repent landing City New Jersey very possible but this one has to be successful Dave and I wish you would come down and join us David age sail secondly from flow pidgin League Pass hi Clinton on tampabay run line quacks I'm fading sale taking temp of a not because I like to pay you know we'll see but I'm gonna take with an and Twyla I'm gonna take Red Sox first five minus 0.5 and I believe that set – 125 it is that's available at Heritage Bovada oh wow – oh sorry that's Padres my fault alright it's available at heritage bet online bookmaker and five dimes are all first five – a half at – 125 Paco Healey saying Pete is a world-class capper there's no doubt about that world-class capper world-class guy I'm on first 5 minus 1/2 and minus 1 25 tacklin says not Jimmy stay away came for me I K I feel your time I feel you buy the boom Tampa Bay needs bounce back after yesterday painting sale we'll see I've rarely jumped on it I've rarely jumped on sale this year you know if we were to go through I don't remember having done it to be honest with you but I'm doing it right now first 5 – a half a – 125 Antoine see more on raised him toll over 3 now okay now we have Phillies Tigers NOLA boy this was a fishy line and it stayed there it stayed they were going to full game money lines and totals for this Tigers Philly spot NOLA opens up a – 150 it's now – 145 with a 5 cent move towards the Tigers it opening up eight and a half it's still at eight and a half a bookmaker and Bovada and heritage and you age you but everyone else hanging it at eight there is red girl in the house red girl coming off a seven and Eau de Barra my guy bar I'm dog Jenkins says this chattin Jimmy 9mm I suggest past two months I don't think we're 99 percent bar I'm dog Jenkins you just a great capper but anything that we can do to help means so much to us it's all about putting more money in your pockets Philly's Tigers NOLA boy it's in Twilight a on the Phillies – 145 Anthony L Pili's Mont Philly's money lines a happy to play it's a very fishy spot it's a very fishy spot Philly's against lefties 254 758 o-p-s Tigers righties are 236 69 o-p-s okay David a Chang unable to fly to the health for the next four months David H we will come to you then my guy much love much love nasty Nate saying Pete is Jesus Christ I've thought that before Joanne DC on Philly's money line Gary Horvath on Philly's of money line I mean this it just so this is the time when Russell Gordy would say well why is the line so low why is the line so low the line starts out with minus 150 and money comes in on the Tigers why you have the Phillies ace on the mound and it got down to one – 135 I mean it just makes me uncomfortable fun poses I'm on the Phillies by don't wanna jinx it it just makes no sense it just doesn't make sense and when it doesn't make sense I generally stay off let's take a quick look at the lineups here we go for the Phillies for the Phillies Kingery Hoskins Harper Realmuto Hernandez franco Hasley quinn williams look hazley quinn Williams outfield is bad just a weak outfield Hasley Quinn Williams you think you're gonna win the NL East where that hazel-e Quinn Williams right field center field left field you're not for the Tigers Jones Castro Cabrera cast iron was kinda Larry oh good room Stuart Hicks Mercer alright let's do this yelled you say I mean I'm a Phillies fan and I don't just know today rustle gorgeous that's what I was stuck Vicky knows me I do man you're in my head all the time okay so let's just see what NOLA is done on the road and look at yellow Jesus let me repeat yellow Jesus I'm a Phillies fan and I don't trust no one today Chad Costanza Phillies lineup is real trash type Lin says Philly is ace on the bump for that price should be more like 170 but it's not data a says Jimmy that pictures on the trade list yeah I mean absolutely he's been on the on the trade list of for weeks I mean he's these the Tigers a Haitian and he would already be traded if he had to look so bad and his last few starts Ramone Scott we're home Scott said the outfielder a law firm and secure is out great point Jamel writes to Garrett out of the bottom line of horrible for village under maybe the play Oh de taille just share this place damn and everything else it's not that fishy they can't make Tigers too big a dog with Boyd and fillies that's being cold lately still a better team here at day valets plays Braves first five run line – 140 Astros – one of – 125 Yankees moneyline at minus 120 Nationals to score first at – 105 like that look angels team total over three and a half I – 130 and Phillies – one at minus 120 that is Dave la's action thank you for sharing that so Dave's on the Phillies – one okay I just gonna take one look at NOLA on the road and you know what I just can't do this if I keep making moves like this I'm going to to end up down it's just to me that simple let's quickly look at the Phillies era NOLA on the road here we go on the road this year here's a 5.08 ye'are a in a 1.38 whip 19 walks and 44 and the third his last road start was at the met his last two road starts have been great he's allowed one earned run in his last 14 and 2/3 innings on the road it was before that that he was getting touched that's very interesting very very very interesting Josh Todd point-o says I don't have the numbers in front but I believe Detroit second in doubles joy money line might be the play with that bad outfield Antoine Seymour says stay away Jimmy and that's what I shall do but man those are some pretty excellent cappers that are on the Phillies right now hmm some very very good cappers on the Phillies right now see Dom says Detroit plus 1/2 for his five boy needs a feel-good game he's about to get traded David I see Jimmy again Enel teens for the D H has value I don't know man I now feel is trash and I feel stretch but you have harbored the d8 spot alright I'm often Padres first 5 minus 1/2 is my action and now we have the debut of lo bagger hunter angle right now hunter broke this game down in five minutes and it was very well done we don't have five minutes we gotta keep shit tight so I cut it at three minutes and seven seconds so there's no goodbye and there's no love to the low baggers but let me tell you hunter feels that way man and here is the debut of our guy low barrier hunter angle heart bang it off my man Jimmy my man what is up I appreciate you having me on the show low baggers what is the angle Hart I'm gonna be–start to sin and play of the days and the Jimmy and start start trying to get more on shows and be more part of what you guys are doing you guys been awesome we've been killing it right recently so hopefully I can help you guys and and we can just continue to just nail these nail these lines we're gonna get right into it it's actually Monday night right now for me it's almost it's almost 11 o'clock Central Time we're gonna look at Tuesday's games today in the Padres at the Mets is gonna be the game that I that I like I like the first half under four point five pinnacle hazard at minus 105 right now I don't know what it's gonna be at tomorrow when you guys see this recording but I do like the under 4.5 and the Padres the Mets game we got Patek versus Vargas Patek has just been absolutely dominant he started off the year just carving up guys he started getting hit around a little bit you know he didn't make he didn't make his pitches when he when he needed him and he was leaving the ball up and he was giving up the long ball and guys are just making adjustments against him so they sent him back down to the minors he made adjustments for himself came back up and and he's even I think he's even better than he was before I mean this guy's just absolutely been on fires last four starts one point for atra with a batting average against of 134 let me repeat that hitters have hit 134 against him in the last four starts I you you just can't be any more dominant than that as a pitcher Mets hitters are not hitting good against right-handed pitching they're actually better hitting against left-handed starters and they are right-handed starters but there's one number that the Mets hitting has that that sticks out to me and that is as a team they're hitting 263 with runners in scoring position that is really really high as a team I mean we're talking leadoff through ninth and a guy especially in the National League when you're 9 hole hitter is your is your pitcher and you're still hitting 263 as a team with runners in scoring position but with Patek on the mound I mean his numbers are just as good as they can get and his batting average against with runners in scoring position is only 205 and factored into that 205 is is when he had that that couple bad stretches of him getting him getting hit around a little bit if he faced the Mets one time earlier this year seven point two innings shutout baseball four hits I mean Cano over three Alonso over three McNeil was the only guy who hit him went two for four but I I really don't see the Mets putting up more than one run in the first five innings against against Patek so so I don't believe that that this New York Mets team is gonna is gonna be the reason why this under doesn't hit if anything I think the Padres are gonna be the team that that score runs in this game but the plus side is Vargas has been a lot better at home I mean his er a at home is 3.15 and on top of his er a at home being good the Padres are just not good against left-handed pitching they ranked 26th in the league in runs scored against left-handed pitching in 27th in the league in hits against left-handed pitching now Padres still have a nice o-p-s verse lefties even though they don't have a lot of hits and runs and and my fear that Vargas could possibly get touched as the reason why I didn't now if I had to if I was given a free play on the first five total I would take the under but I'm not doing that there's our guy Ron Crawford I mentioned his spreadsheet plays already but Cleveland watching Atlanta Arizona Dodgers there's our guy Ron Crawford so I'm on the first 5 minus 1/2 at -1 15 for the Padres I like them in the first five and I think Patek throws a nice game in my I do have a little bit of concern about Vargas but I think that first 5 under 5 is nice I really do and Vaughn pose has totally against I play them all over the New York Mets first five and full game you know I guess when we talk about the Vargas at home situation I'm just gonna take one more look at that I'm gonna take one more look at that before I decide not to jump on this play here we go Padres Mets we got to move fast here Padres Mets Vargas let's take a quick look at his last few home starts they've been feeling for him between Yankees he looked good enough against a tough lineup three-year runs and five and a third he just hasn't looked that good lately but those are road starts Miami six earned runs I mean there's sort of three earned runs yeah I'm not you know if I had to I would make it but I'm going to 20 said I don't mind pot exercise these Machado tatis Reyes Renfro yeah I mean 253 average 785 LPS profit in the house Russa Corey says too many on Padres man Ulysses Hayes says Mets money line this isn't a fake game for the Mets but game may get postponed also watching him all right well let's just keep more let's keep rolling quarks as his meds could win Steve Mendes how about Padres first five that's what I'm on Padres first 5 minus 1/2 and minus one 15 that's what I'm on okay let's move on the Royals Braves I'll be waiting to talk about this maybe this is just a pass game but bad and you know why I wouldn't make this it's because of the recency bias from yesterday where I looked like a clown for taking the A's without a six no night but I take the A's and I go six and one but I'm telling you I find the Royals appealing against cycle in the spot do you trust Keiko and there's reducing Jimmy and I are on the exact same play with Padres first five miles half I love that remote Scott's is amazing with nearly the entire cycling over yesterday the only two games show a double-digit total today yeah yeah because I think it's gonna you know regress back to the mean but Royals brains okay let's talk about Royals Braves here right now they total one from nine to nine and a half they think there's gonna be offense – 205 to – 224 I'm gonna go to the first half but I mean why would I why would I cuz we know that this Braves bullpen is terrible – I there's no need to go full full first half let's see when this market move happening with Keuchel and Duffy and land opens up – 214 yesterday at one o'clock and for the first 30 minutes money was coming in on the Royals I mean they've won seven to ten since all-star break there is a 17 cent move towards Royals in the first 30 minutes at Pinnacle that this game was available then money starts rolling in on the Braves Royals go back up to they don't they're not that +200 till 11:30 this morning then they go up to 208 now there are Plus 205 man I wanted to do it I wanted back Joey said do not trust Keiko with my mother yeah that's very interesting I find myself interested right away remember feel free to invite all your mothers to The Diplomat Beach Resort and their mother's Viper MV said I don't trust pictures who look like they selling coke in Miami with their Pat part-time like Vargas amen Michael looks a bit like I guess Keiko looks like a homeless guy on the beach dreaming about cocaine gin rummy Royals Plus 207 was a good price earlier today but it's back there isn't it gin let's look at right now I think it's back there Royals right now if you wanted them are plus 208 a bit online 205 everywhere else 205 across the board into a depend on line Russa Gauri's his Braves being smoking like these runts I got been sports 24/7 says Braves bats just dead now bookie Levesque uses brave smashed lefties our home Braves yeah I mean 265 797 no PS Darrell Newman says raise Royals aren't beating Atlanta at home Joel Dyson says Braves dominating Sunday night game is what the public see playing on the Royals poke reduces Royals are 17 o-p-s last seven days Tycho's nichy disease now let's take a look at the Royals line I want to take him but and I don't want the fact that Oakland embarrassed me to get in the way here Merrifield Gordon dolger solar customers are Diego Lopez Gallagher for the Braves of Cunha Swanson Freeman Donald's and Markakis alby's Riley flowers oh man Oh guru boy sports vet says his mother's known for loving bearded men there's my guy Jose Calado said Jimmy the mill founder that's right milfs and and gilfs and DJ Big Boss taught me that there's never too many wrinkles Ulysses hey says I Landon will win this just to I won't jump on it coax it says Casey's one seven nine last ten data la says taking roles is like taking the edge yesterday that upsets me okay I won't do it I'll do it 20 says Muncie being out her teen Merrifield make that time you know they I mean there's such fantastic infielders yeah now you got already a Rea guys look great at Short they've got great defense Vegas Lawrence's hey Jimmy old ladies need love to respect Vegas Lawrence you're right they do and we'll give it to them Dave that lace is hot joking to me no I feel you Dave la I feel you I feel you and okay let's just keep rolling I don't want to see your going on I'm gonna there's my guy Jam man in the house Jam man you've been missed can you come down to Miami and party with us Jam man please come down to Miami it's cheap from Montreal like I German in the house Joey says I think you should take you to me tie Clint says better spots move on Joe needs to trust your instincts Ramon Scott says Casey surely contrarian side with all the Atlanta action you listed a says I landed Casey doesn't have enough in the tank see what's been happening is when I like these dogs I stay off of the other side and and when they come through why I get angry poker dicks of Casey's live okay okay we'll see oh I'll just leave it as an L right now and there's Alex Ramirez Spidey plays a Atlanta red line 48 and 31 Thank You Ralph Jefferson my guy Andrew says Royals are going to win games this game has that look all right let's move on sorry about that Reds Brewers Roark Davies look I do not know when Davies is going to pitch well and when he's gonna be shitty he looks so hittable when you watch them with an eye test Reds are 237 724 o-p-s varieties but they're starting to hit better this series is at 7 and 7 but the Reds have won the past 4 this breweries bullpen both these bullpens have looked worse and worse and worse in the last six weeks Viper NB says go with your gut to me no regrets later Viper NBC's if anything just blame alcohol yes I often do I often do breweries lost last night when carrying lead to the night for the first time in 49 such opportunities this year bronze going to be back in the lineup but off of flight from the west coast he's probably tired let's take a look at these lineups right now right now here in this brew crew Reds game for the Red sends Alvaro Suarez Puig Winker Jeannette it Glacies Lavarnway the rorg for the Brew Crew Cain yellow turned out Moustakas Bron James hero Saladino and Davies so here is back in the lineup joel Yurkovich midweek Road Dogg's long-term profits thanks Brian Watson my guy while a lot of doses I want to see a low back fantasy football league just saying the top sisters are like Brewers first 5-under but so confused on that number gin rummy likes a statement from Gary Horvath what did I miss go Gary whoever stay away from me what else is Gary Horvath say I missed it if June around me respects it I want to read it oh and 49:31 okay but Nino says can we get another over in the Brewers game alright I you know I do not trust Tanner Roark at all and I don't know what to do with Davey's guru says I'll take Davey's overwork any day David I said I'm starting to like the Brewers Davies fifth in the NL er a is a 0.77 er a in this past four starts to and runs in twenty three in the third and I still don't trust them rorke has a seven-point 160 Ariens past three outings so what you've got to do breaker says I'd be on that fantasy league while awhile we can talk to you guys about this in Pikeville he leaves his low back super contest format super contest format that's an interesting idea as well um if you look at the last four games you'd have to take the Brewers here you'd simply have to but I just don't trust them Lancer Rose is on the over let's go and see what's happening with this over you know if I take Davies he's gonna shit the bed and I'll be sitting there angry and an L will be saying I told you so don't ever take the Brewers with Davies on the mound the total open at nine is now in nine and a half I certainly have a lean towards the Brewers Ron losses is Brewer game could fly over nine and a half Ulysses Hayes is on the Milwaukee money line rich teases I like the card for no way am I going against Ron Crawford sheet but Nino says Davis is one of those pictures like Turan who has that bad home road split let's go over to him right now for let's look at these starts that he's had because he's been just rolling he's been just rolling here we go oh shit sorry Milwaukee Cincinnati come on there we go here we go with Zack Davies guy just befuddled me confounds me at Arizona he looks great wondering run at home for San Francisco he's a nice homey RA 3.06 his overall yah raised two points out of a nine so this year there's been really no difference home road he's looked very very good lately won four straight Zach Davies is unrealistically good but everything balancing in time dear Slayers saying low back jimana Stone says 20 minutes wasted on horse-racing come on man you think we spent 20 minutes Jemile 20 minutes are always raising I didn't even break the race – I'm gonna oh yeah bookie Levesque you says daily zero strikeouts last game but team wins uh okay I'm off of it but Roarke looks terrible of late let's move on to Marlins White Sox Caleb Smith Dylan Covey I spoke quite a bit about thinking that Dylan coffees capable of having a good start here at home and I still believe that let's see what's going on with this market move and then go over lineups Dylan Covey at home against this week Marlins lineup but Dylan Covey's just cost me so much money this total open at nine it's still at nine but Zambian $0.11 moved to the over the Marlins opened at -1 13 has been a five-cent move towards the Marlins there's Jay calf too much in the house poker addicted breweries might be the most inconsistent trustworthy unpredictable frustrating deceivingly bad team in all baseball I love that Mississippi kid says some of us love horse racing dude yeah no I thought thanks for steppin okay I just love that mom politics please don't okay uh and rich D says Lorenzo Cain saved Davies multiple times last two games wrong Crawford says lean Miami but no way playing an under 500 team you know I want to go right back to the White Sox well here let's take a look at lineups let's took a look take a look at lineups oh you know what I should just stay off of it Dillon coffee lets me down time and time and time again just because he has a nice homey rate doesn't mean he can do it but let's Harold Ramirez batting leadoff for Miami Ramirez Anderson Cooper Walker Castro Alfaro Granderson play low Rivera for the White Sox Garcia Jay a brave Moncada AJ Reed Castillo that's it Casteel already so what else gonna Garcia Jay Abreu moncada Rica Steele Goins I live Goins at Short stuff come on how could you have Goins at shortstop mm okay you know what I'm just gonna stay off of it but I'm certainly not taking Caleb Smith alrights talk about this ace Astro spotfires Wade Miley I do not want to take Wade Miley against a team that rakes and I know you guys are back in well let's see sorry Jake captain Watson Jimmy White Sox and 20 more on fish first five in guru sports vet says your back cover but not dailies yeah because I get value against the worst team in the league a dog against the worst team in the league you know I knew like you say since I'm on White Sox hard White Sox have three that's why I'll attempt to you know I can't believe hey Brian going to choice stop they're just not trying I'm gonna stay off of it VIPRE MB said I'd rather put my money in drugs and bad Marlins or White Sox Alice mom peace inside White Sox lineup stinks and then Ron Crawford says A's dog tonight Lamont Williams I can Detroit Tigers on the run line guru sports but said this game the A's win and win this year's okay let's talk about A's Astros Astra's open up in – 149 for now – 156 and $0.07 moved towards him we know that an L is backing these Astros bomb posters I get off work at 6:30 I'm heading straight to the race book to make my bed on the points I love it on Polo I love it Paco Healy says we need another SPI poker tournament oh you've been killing 2:5 No Limit man well we're gonna play in Miami a Hard Rock you should come roll with us Josh man he says first five over in the A's game I'm just uncomfortable after watching Bailey look so bad in this tough tough Stadium for four pitchers Jorge don't play we haven't seen you too long Vonn polo I don't don't there will be no show bedding even available on the the Prince of Wales that's what you must be talking about all right that's what you must be talking about oops sorry the for horse being he's a macho man nice bloodlines okay so I'm gonna keep rolling and 20 where's just asteroids first five and full game I'm not gonna take the Astros on the favorite line when the eighth best pitchers pitching who may or may not be able to handle this bandbox but also da smash lefties I mean how often do you see a team come in with better numbers hitting than the Astros and you don't Astros to 267 805 Oh pants fourth righties age 278 24 opiates first lefties it's another game I'm staying off look I've got very small moves on this game let's talk Yankees twins we didn't do enough for this on the morning show her man first Gibson Yankees 2016 18 on the road twins 31 and 19 at home let's look at these lineups for the Yankees Hicks leading off Hicks judge and Cardassian envoy Googe aureus Andres Torres Herschel attachment tockman for Minnesota Kepler Polanco Cruz Rosario Sano Gonzales array as Adriana Castro hmm Yankees twins her man 12 and 23.3 atri 1.05 with Gibson's look good lately 19 for 4.0 to GRA 1.23 with Lamont says what's the NBA played tonight we're gonna talk about wmba we're gonna talk about that Jake captain much his Yankees all the way Carey we're gonna say five minutes or so on WNBA I'm sorry we're not giving up more time but this is what I want to work on here guru sports vet says this is fires home part from before he knows how to pitch here pitch there you're right guru great call good angle good angle Ron Crawford spreadsheet is Yankees play guru Sportsbet Sankey's moneyline my play of the day Joel vison says who's gonna get swept Yankees twins yesterday tonight and tomorrow Wow Joel vison liking the twins here Jake captain much as Jimmy bet your show on the Yankees Russ Cory says the big bad Yankees big rig ooh back and that's his love of Dana stud horses go zapper awesome again no doubt Vonn polo says Seattle storm is to play tonight USA say Yankees moneyline mad about that triple to play Benz for 2047 Yankees – 1/2 of money only if you want that money let's talk more about it her man looking for his major-league high 13th victory Yankees trying to avoid their three first three-game losing streak since mid-june her man when each of his past restarts since returning from the il-12 no 1.54 er8 three appearances against minnesota one start her man pitched against these Twinkies at Yankee Stadium May 5th allowed one run on four it's over six and two thirds Kyle Gibson allowed six earned runs overs past four starts you know this is another spot where just not gonna force a play maybe we come back to this game maybe we come back to this game and Brandon Thetford joining us saying Sasquatch are real thank you for that Brendon thetford Diamondbacks first 5 minus 1/2 minus 115 I'm on that let's see what I get if I did that now a jade captain watches Yankees kill the Twinkies today and the LG says twins moneyline easy play Ron Crawford says I'm on Seattle as well thank you for the heads-up on that run Diamondbacks first 5 mindset Oh on the storm could not the Mariners okay Ron Crawford on the storm is why I remember that from the early show we are gonna have a little bit of time to talk about that let's see if I took Diamondbacks first five on the spread right now I got – 115 earlier today and I'd be getting – 120 is the best at-bat online – 125 everywhere else male Kelly looks very good at home coming off on his best start to the season he's but I had a hard luck few starts he's all in three in his passuk starts but he looked great Bundy 17 runs past 17 innings and he goes on the il with knee 10 to 90s who knows how he's going to look here so and Jake affluence his home run derby at Winky Stadium against these good good pictures that's an interesting look let's go to full game total in that twins Yankees game man I made a mistake yesterday I got the first five over six at minus 120 on the show my book was only hanging a six and a half and I didn't make that bet left money on the table there this totals being stuck at 10 all day done very little joke latencies in any WNBA strong moves we're gonna talk about that soon Ilia catches any place on the International Champions Cup I have none Lazzaro says Gibson one in six against the Yankees why don't we do that quickly why don't we do that quickly go to just go to the exact numbers against these guys where is it what the hell's wrong with me I cannot find it quickly he's gonna grab batter first pitcher here at daily baseball data take a quick look and then make a final decision on that Yankees game I mean Gibson's in for a tough contest there's no doubt about it but he's just pitching so well right now and the twins are at home against her man 194 average 36 at-bats Wow 306 522 Oh PS and against Gibson these guys get to him Sanchez 3 for 8 with two home runs and Cardassian 10 for 33 with four home runs 263 526 slugging 871 Oh PS it does feel like the Yankees are the play Russell grace is all over us last night Joe claims Hank WME WME we're almost there guru says Gibson gets killed by New York rich G on the Orioles Diamondbacks over 9 I just didn't feel very good with this card and that sometimes happens to be coming off the six in one day we have more games we have three more games let's just keep rolling although I guess I would lean towards the Yankees but it just comes to a point where you have to think am I getting value and Yankees opened up a minus 123 and there's being a six cent move towards them it's not market value I'm talking about it's a team that's eight games over 500 on the road against the team that's 12 games over 500 at home and the road team is favorited it's not like there's a big discrepancy versus with overall records guru says Yankees for sure to play that's my play of the day I get it and he'll Frank Yankees team told over five and a half is the play about supporting like in the under in the d-backs game but Ron Lawson said I think T backs get this over five first five by themselves Wow not making a lot of the moves on this card which is not like me all right let's move on to Cubs Giants Darvish first Bumgarner we've already here at Paco Healy come on and want a hammer this Giants team first five and full game there's lucky layer there CJ Martinez ready to go Elia cat says do we have a team play today no we do not I wish not flesh was here to tell us what to do with these giants and red girl coming in with a wmba place Thank You red girl that's a copy and paste it for me copy and paste and grab that right now Thank You red girl Gary Horvath says no taint okay let's move on to this Giants cobby's game Darvish versus Bumgarner Darvish pitching much much better this total open at seven and a half and I wish I jumped on the under seven and a half and I didn't now it's at seven and I'm certainly not gonna take it here even if it hits the Giants opened up his favorite 2-1 12 they're no longer favorites well they are I pet on line again money has been coming in on the Giants wow wow so bet on line now – 106 it was plus 101 not long ago Russell Gordy on Cubs full game Wow interesting alright let's break this game down sixty-three Fahrenheit 11 miles per hour out to straightaway center remember this cup seemed 10 games under 500 now on the road shocking Darvish three and four 4.46 er a 1.2 for whip rich ji says Giants moneyline don't fight the streak Alex Ramirez says but we do have a Spidey play today Braves run line and you just want to know on his body place it there yesterday and CJ Martinez saying put your account on the Yankees Spencer Eric says cops are awful road team Giants online and under first five Wow Madison Bumgarner five and seven 3.65 er a 1.18 whip 125 and two-thirds 127 KX 17 home runs bookie Levesque you says giants money line going against any team Russia gooses lucky wind bears Cubs and Mets like Cubs late Lance arose on San Francisco money like fight bran be lean towards the Giants and we run loft and laughing then go ahead keep fading the Giants Bumgarner 5 and 7 3.65 EA one point when they whip cops rating 242 770 opiates first lefties Giants 239 740 nobis varieties Giants have won nine of 10 they're over 500 for the first time all year Isaac Higgins says Giants are hot Ben sports 2047 says daughters which has allowed to run his last two starts around confidence targets being a standing Wow every win so far in the Giants falling when the home stands come by one run Bumgarner looks to go for extended five-star unbeaten streak to know 1.55 the Aryans past five starts struck out 34 and 29 dominated the Cubs in this career 92 2.17 tre and 13 starts Chicago hitting 242 against lefties 13th among 15 NL teams Darvish shutout each of his past two opponents six innings apiece wins over Pittsburgh in the Reds for total hits one walk Lancer Rose says Giants Cubs first 5 under Giants Cubs first 5-under let's see what we're dealing with here Giants Cubs first five under it open to four it's now a three and a half those you gotta for great work if you get that afore you make that bet right away why did I not do it but I didn't do it I want four to be the push I don't want four to be you know book a topic you says cubby stole hit left he's definitely not hitting on the road rich he's saying Darvish better on the road could be an under Giants win look I'm not I missed the line one in at seven and a half or four now it's at seven and three and a half I'm just not going to take it off the game let's talk angels Dodgers Angels Dodgers oh it's coal now it's not pain yeah so coal starting and I figure pain yeah is coming in as the primary and we don't even know let's see if I can get a refresh here and we do know now oh no we don't we still don't know yeah pain has two primary least that's come through we do have the dogs you sorry I don't have the angel sign for the Dodgers Petersen Verdugo Turner Bellinger Muncie Pollak Seeger Russell Martin and my Aida guru saying madbum very like the last stars a giant at home I hope not lenino saying Panda Express is out today but so TV said what up Jimmy who you like as far as totals so far we're gonna go over all the lines were almost done everything Matthew Carl's saying line ups we only have that Dodgers lineup let's see what the market moves have been in this Dodgers game well that's first five so the first five open a five it's now five and a half let's go to money lines and todos full game guru sports bets on angels team total over three and a half nothing ordinary sports like in the Angels today and twily lot a Dodgers first five minus 1/2 and minus 130 Mon Scott Muncie three home runs he's having that bats against pain yeah rasa gory saying Pena is going to get touched Cole may my ADA my eighth opening up at mine in the Dodger opening up – 205 – 9 – 190 it's total open at 9 it's now at nine and a half my ADA isn't somebody I trust too much angel saying 266 789 opiates Chris righties Dodgers hitting 260 1943 opiates force righties is this a spot where we take the over or do we knock because it open at 9 and move to that but it will open at 9 and buying this 130 over 90 – 130 let's see if pinnacle opened it at nine and a half no they opened it at nine – Wow and that – 116 Wow you know when you miss a market move by half a run you just got to stay off of it and lineal says a sweat angel sweat parlay Parlin Russell Gordy says Miami my a tattoo Jimmy I like runs I feel you but I just don't want to be on the ass end of this movement I'm not gonna do it if that's the case that Ritchie says the Angels team total three knife is a good luck too much juice for me Wow my ADA maiden appearance out of the bull pen Friday in the 8th inning against the Marlins it was not a sign that he's losing a his starting spot it was just that he had a 35 pitch start two days earlier at Philadelphia was cut short by a rain delay my a tattoo and 24.2 to tr-85 appearances against the Angels painting a pitch seven strong innings against Seattle July 12th finished that combined no-hitter and then five days later he got lit up eight runs nine hits over 4 and 2/3 against the Astros and Neil Frank said Bovada never had a nine so I had to take the nine and a half breasts according says fireworks in LA runs I agree with that I really really do the question is should I be that bullheaded to take it in nine and a half when it was originally in nine that's my only question nothing ordinary saying angels will kill a lot of tickets tonight take them Dodgers revenge has collect us after they lost those two games you know I do like the over here I have to alright I'm gonna take you to 9f Stephen men and see what he's saying he's saying I'm angels fan but I think Dodgers get it done first game high-scoring game I am gonna take the over nine and a half this could bite me this could bite me over nine and a half I'm gonna – 112 at Pinnacle oh I can just see gin rummy shaking his head right now over nine and a half and – 112 then we have this Rangers Mariners game Rangers going with starters opening with Brett Martin one-on-one four point six sixty one point – a whip thirty six two-thirds 32k eight walks but six home runs in those thirty six and two-thirds but Martin's been ok then they had Pedro piano coming in after him and double a frisco triple a natural he's gone five and three to 4.40 a one point to it whip 71 into thirds it feels like the rangers have given up that's what it feels like and I also don't want still to trust this Mariners bullpen even though they were fine yesterday so it makes me just go back to a first five and that's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna take Tommy Malone let's see if we can see these lineups before I ensure that I'm doing that for the Rangers choo Andrews Mazzara Pence Gallo odeur Forsythe Cabrera Fedorovich Fedora which for Seattle Smith Crawford Santana Narvaez Beckman Volga balk NOLA NOLA starting to hit Seager and they groan I'm gonna do it I'm gonna take again the Mariners first five I'm getting it at minus 124 at bookmaker Mariners first 5-1 24 at bookmaker another addition not many additions today man I'd lot I guess I didn't have a ton yesterday right only seven and bet six but there was 11 game cards those over half of the games in play co-actor says Texas finds a way Isaac Higgins saying hot out here in SoCal ball will carry out Russell Gordy says Texas and easy dog tonight wouldn't surprise me in Texas wins this game the would surprise me of Martin in piano can take care of business pie-yah no.36 walks and seventy one and two-thirds and Frisco in Nashville twily latte like in the mariners rangers over nine and a half see what the movements being on this full game total Mariners Rangers over nine and a half it was open at minus 139 at minus 1 oh sorry it's kind of looking at the Wow yeah it's at 10 did ever get to 9 and a half it did great work 20 wow I was at nine and a half this morning for the Early Show Oh great job it was at nine and a half for almost two hours well you win there I'm not gonna jump on that but that's great great great job Tony what else is anyone's books have the contender Series fights yes just go to sports book review and go to fighting and you have see and you'll see everything there when I go to it here fighting UFC not a lot of books a bookmaker bookmaker bet online you wager but not a lot okay that's the baseball card there it is there it is and I'm going to owe and running with Texas easy dogs TJ Martinez jumping on that okay this is my action on today's card for 15 game slates pretty light maybe it's not that light Pirates first 5-1 25 Red Sox first 5 minus 1/2 – 125 Padres first 5 – a half a – 115 Wow not a lot of action while I'm not on this Yankees twins game either diamondbacks first 5 minus 1/2 minus 115 and the over nine and a half minus one twelve one of my smaller cards oh and Mariners first 5-1 24 all right there is your end Bovada hasn't cecilia cuts there is your major league baseball action Jerry Trainor on Cardinals moneyline Yankees moneyline Nationals – one and a half Nationals to score first do we think Strasburg it's a dangerous thing with that Colorado opening line Blackmon story Dahl Arenado the murderers row all right that's my line I'm not gonna change it Josh dot point Oh says go with your Royals Jimmy I'd like to but I'm not going to and if it if it gets me I'm going to be extremely upset DT saying Jimmy you want parties first five years I am Padres first 5 minus 1/2 minus 1 15 I think let me get to that right now sorry Padres Mets all right let's talk WNBA a Padres first five miles have – 115 oh and binax ain't going to long shots beautiful bit god I love that place man that's a nice dirty off track I love those dirty off tracks but have fun man wish I was right beside you farsighted Sami said to me I begged you not to take the edge yesterday you did you did both you and David they fell who was laughing at me you did CJ my teen is saying don't take the Royals we'll see a bit I love that you're going to long shots man that's dope I love that place what is but it dirty off track then it's okay let's talk quickly WNBA and then bring in Freddie fortune so I'm not sure if he Tyrol is still rolling with us right now in Brussels Cory says I just stopped laughing after 24 hours for katsu by the Homer Bailey yeah well if you were laughing the week before he I cash with them against the Mariners but that is the man is I hear you Russell corny laugh away right Prince of the city tomorrow leans ATP lindero WTA TIG everything else lines higher than my store there's the Lower East Side Rolla this is a team work I'm talking about so we've seen a lot of people backing these this storm a Lower East Side Rolla I'm the copy and paste this here okay so red girl on the storm wrong Crawford on the storm a Lower East Side Rolla on the storm which means it's probably time to make a move on the storm let's take a look at what the market moves have been oh can you pop up the WNBA record we haven't but that up just so transparency and honesty and all that good stuff thank you Rafa there's the WNBA record and last year there was a lot more capping I was doing and Russell I said Jimmy still my dude though it's good thank you let's go there's keep prompted on the storm in the under two wrong wall sex storm under 155 Jonathan suci on the storm bigger who said I need a place in Toronto or close to bet some parlay cards bigger cool I anything you need up there I got for you man just hit me on messenger I've got to catch up with you about something too so let's connect store him open 2 plus 6 Napster now plus five and a half let's look at todos here there's my guy Steven Mendez a storm opening I'm 150 for now for now 150 for 150 three and a half 153 interesting that other books have taken it all the way down like bookmaker but the one book that's not afraid of it taking it down is the pinnacle which is interesting let's see what pinnacle is done with it quickly pinnacle with the total had it at 150 three and a half and then I went up to 150 four and a half this morning it was at 150 four and a half for God not long for 20 minutes until I went back to 154 where it stayed all day very interesting Rasika lady says take storm to many points for aces Wow and no taint today can find alright I'm gonna jump on both with you guys now they're happy nut bets for me when I make them just I 100 bucks I'm gonna take both here I'm gonna take the storm okay first let's take the under I'll take the under here the under 150 for at minus 112 is the best I can get that's available at Pinnacle so storm under 154 and minus 112 and then I'm gonna take the storm plus five and a half and let's see what I'm getting there points Reds on the storm storm plus five and a half Wow and the only pinnacles still hanging the five and a half in inter tops and that line just changed again minus 109 over plus five and a half minus 109 that is available at pinnacle all right now let's look at what the other guys have said a low east high roller is on does that or was that wrong wall sex sorry I'm getting things a little confused here Ron Wall SEC aces for storm they're talking about that move there and he's on storm under 1:55 in Phoenix over 150 lower east side rollers on the the fever plus six and over at 150 and that's the fever mercury spot and I'm gonna jump with you guys on that if you both run while second along East High Roller are on the over 150 I'm gonna take it and one forty nine and a half being hung at Heritage one forty nine and a half of – 105 at Heritage is a fever mercury beaver over 149 and a half and that's that – 105 – 105 okay perfect perfect and the dream the Sparks dream is an under look from red girl and let's see we did some Devon Poulos that I'd like to storm tonight I like the Indiana Fever first half I'm polo liking the fever first half all right very very very interesting stuff and I'm sorry we don't have more time to cap this stuff let's see Joe de Leon saying update update angels to change a picture Taylor Clarke yeah we know that Taylor Clarke but he's just gonna start and then pain is gonna be the primary picture but thank you for the heads-up Joe de Leon ski profit also backing the fever DFS wondering where the ball sack is that's what holds your nuts in place Russell Gordy saying take the point's w18 under these okay alright okay and ejv Zahn the storm and under Phoenix minus five and a half lilian pumpernickel said Parvati stuck LA Angels Dodgers offline just because Taylor Clarke's now gonna be the starter it'll be up any minute any minute lilium not to worry all right and leaves trade sparks for Clarkson from Vegas I you know they're gonna they're using that what's-his-name a fuckin bum from the Flyers as their backup there's here I know sparks didn't handle it but what the hell's that bums name I mean care about all right that is my action that is my action but profit liking the fever and let me see that fever spot one more time fever mercury and the spread spread at five half fever do seem to come out firing first half I'm gonna stick with what I got here I'm gonna stick with what I got here I've got and thank you to our WNBA experts coming in to help us keep profit wrong wall cycle Lower East Side ro LaVon polo red girl thank you very much for that no Hutchinson's not gonna be the backup by their Hutchinson's be given every single opportunity and he's never taking the bomb one would run with it don't expect him to do it now it's a guy from the Flyers what's the they they just signed him to a minor-league contract he'll be the backup he's a bum all right that's my action I'm on the storm under 154 minus 112 the storm plus 5 and a half of minus 109 and fever over 140 nine and a half and minus 105 those are the three NBA WNBA plays I'll be rolling with thank you guys for your help because I just didn't have time to get to it today and then on baseball before we bring in our guy Freddie fortune in baseball not a lot of place pirates first 5-1 25 Red Sox first 5 minus 1/2 minus 125 Padres first 5 minus 1/2 a – 115 then not a lot of planes man which I don't mind no need to force quantity Diamondbacks first 5 minus 1/2 minus 115 angel star juice over nine and a half – 112 no I'm not talking about a Picard Vegas Lawrence up and Mariners first 5-1 24 here I'll tell you right now sorry and then don't forget Prince of Wales stakes I'm on a V's flat or a plus 300 3 2 1 5 horse field you're getting a very nice number for a horse so I think it's being overlooked Leafs sign minor sign goalie minor-league contract it is on their new birth Michael new birth that bum Michael new birth all right you guys much love to all you guys so much this has been a tricky your card and I would expect let's see what Freddie fortune has for us I have not seen him all day I have no idea what kind of goods he's giving us please welcome to the show another loss the crown prince of ties a plus 301 zero final scores so he didn't hit that draw let's see what he has for us today please welcome to the show Freddie fortune so Freddie sorry salty doctor said what race jimmy race eight Fort Erie number two that's Abby's flattered at +300 race eight forty reading them race two and that's going off maybe in like an hour so I could tell you the exact date and that's what it is all right you know you know how I'm doing yeah but maybe you feel better when you come on the show maybe makes you happy you've been talking shit about me all day don't don't act like we're not having issues Oh friend yes how are you I can I'm not a good actor I know you know but not everybody has that skill oh yeah well I can tell have you have you told everyone what you're doing to me in the office no dozen he's been touching me while I pee in the bathroom all right this is ridiculous he talks about my stream and then it's not funny when your stream is weak men my both have been aching all day you're making fun of my stream you always say Oh have you heard Rafa's stream well Rafa is a big guy of course I make fun of your stream but I don't touch you now that's what you say in front of the camera there's no time you want proof for the policeman yeah yeah yeah show me some proof I don't have I have my my touched penis oh my god this is ridiculous I make fun of your stream because you have a child stream you know some people do you know how child pee because it's you're right you're right I was a child once and I just dream much like yours we had similar streams when I was about five years old you have a child stream a very light stream this is not funny this is not the funny part of the show I'm guessing when you gas emits just powder gases dust let's gather nothing all right al brown says you need a bigger hole thank you that's a great suggestion like I will see what I can do okay that's gross okay Thank You Dirk Diggler they was made an exam on my pee pee that they grab a q-tip and they insert your action today is Champions League it's an an Irish team versus a team from Azerbaijan Azerbaijan I don't know I'm not a native speaker stop making fun of me I I read people all the time it is that his real voice does he really talk like that of course idiots I'm not from the United States no no that's very English no he's pretty good just a little soft more effeminate with a you know weak stream all right because your lips they're feminine too don't look at my fucking lips man I will look at whatever I want so you couldn't even you could need to keep looking at my lips no they make me happy here and I thought you've no man can I touch them with my lips oh Jesus I'm leaving hi you're feeling uncomfortable you know don't leave I don't know what to do is your show all right what's your play I'm leaving okay it's it's FK Karabakh over Dundalk at blows 120 this is for the word for Champions League qualifiers Wow and you're on a hot streak right zero wins in a row yeah I have my play lost so there is Freddie a fortune Ricardo Gutierrez saying peel the foreskin back that guy he always makes fun of me I don't think I think he's giving you a legitimate information there peel the foreskin back you have droopy force kid don't ya droopy foreskin yeah I mean you're using words that I don't understand Russell Gordy's on the Pirates Dodgers Milwaukee Yanks in Texas tops that said Jimmy works for free right or does he pay SBR well I don't know about your Jimmy pace svr doesn't make sense who would work for free oh wow top set says buy my unicorn buy a unicorn why they are no real know that's something that what are you do them yes how do I say it Lecce and those bookmakers yes this is fun and I like working at as the are you jerking some yeah you can you can finish now hey yeah leche yes