MIT Football Defeats Coast Guard in a 13-0 Final

– Honestly feels good when the
defense can get a shut out. You know, that’s what we
come try to do every day. Feels good to move one
step closer to our goal, winning NEWMAC’s, we
just gotta win out and we’re in control of our
own destiny which is great. Especially at halftime
it’s pretty much, we’re — we’re doin our
thing on defense and we’re winnin battles
up front which is huge. Against a team like
that who plays zone it’s great if we can dominate
the line of scrimmage and then there’s not a
whole lot for them to do. They ran option a lot
so that wasn’t something we were expecting a lot and then yeah pretty much just
come out and be physical in the second half
was the main message. – You know, Coast Guard
came with a great team. You knew it was gonna
be a physical game. I couldn’t tell you
what the defense was game planning for but coming in we knew they
were gonna be physical so we were preparing
for that physical game. We weren’t gonna
out finesse them, we were gonna out physical them. And you knew it was
gonna be evenly matched like I said coming in five
and two with Coast Guard it was a test. Yeah, it was nothing but back against the wall come
out swingin the entire game. From the offensive perspective, we were moving the ball, we knew we were getting it done. We had that confidence, it was just finishing, it was just punching
it in the end zone, we just couldn’t find that way. Couldn’t be prouder
of the O line, when you have a stable
of running backs just go out there
and have a good day. That’s a testament to the
O line doing a good job not necessarily us. So, I think it was
definitely a team effort, I think everybody stepped up
in their own respective fields, for sure. – Yeah, we’ve been pretty
focused on running the football. It was a big part
of today’s win, being able to run the football, move it on the ground and you know the Coast
Guard defense is very tough and we had some trouble
throwing the ball, they picked us off. They batted a few balls
down, they almost had another pick right before the
half about mid field there and we knew they were very tough and they had our number
out there throwing the ball so second half we kinda
came out and refocused and really ran the ball
and ran it effectively, the offensive line
did a great job. Senior John Deely, he had a
really good game out there today and Will Roberts and
some of those other guys really just played really well. You know, every week’s
tough in the conference. This was a really tough game, we knew it would be. Next week’s gonna
be even tougher, WPI has a really
good football team so we know that at this
point in the season every game is huge, especially,
you gotta keep winning to keep moving on
essentially at this point. There’s no easy ones
in this conference and next week is no different. It’s great to have
the guys come back and watch us play. It’s kind of a salute to
the history of the program as its been building
over the years. And to see the guys come
back and still be involved and to come back out here and we see in a lot of
these guys I coached and there’s guys from even before my time here and it’s great to
get em together and you know it’s funny
because they get here the best part are the
stories afterward, “Remember in 2011, this
happened, that happened..” “Remember back in ’98 when
this game and that game..” The guys remember it
like it was yesterday and it’s great, it
really adds to — we always say it’s a family and when these guys come
back it’s like seeing them it’s the family
reunion, you know? You got all the old
stories and all that so it’s awesome,
it’s cool stuff.