Mindset // “I Felt Stronger Than Ever” | Team Liquid PUBG ft. Ibiza Jeemzz Sambty Jembty – PGC 2019

A long time ago, Liquid had been dominating the EU scene for such a long time, right now, it doesn’t look like they’re stopping it. We were on top of our game. Liquid have broken the record for most points in a week. We dominated Europe. It is perfection from team Liquid. We were literally dominating. I remember tweeting that I felt better than ever coming into PGC. We had a bad phase 3, but
then we made a comeback, so I felt like we had really handled our issues and fixed
them, and become better and I felt stronger than ever. So, I… Yeah. And then obviously PGC… It was really… it
felt so fucking bad. When we came to LA, and like came to the Liquid offices for
the first time, I felt very very motivated, and yeah, I guess, excited isn’t
the word but I was feeling… Feeling happy to be there and very motivated. This is a
media day, now behind us the team is getting the group stuff ready.
I just had the interviews done inside, answered questions about the playstyle of the teams,
the most fierce opponents… This is the first group shot now. The typical
esports poses, hands up front. Hey, look hard guys. God damn! Today feels long, yeah. Time change? A little bit. Last year at worlds,
got double second and we were not really satisfied. So, yeah we wanted more for
sure like our team has always been very hungry and very motivating. Like, all of
us play a lot we put in a lot of time and effort. I feel like compared to some
other teams. We got Jembty as well it was a big boost, it just means so much to do
good at it, also for your reputation for team, for the organization. We
played some scrims just play to stay in shape and also we prepared by doing a
little bit of VOD review, and also looking at different loot spots that we
could take in case we were to be contested in Pachinki. Other than
that, it was just talking with the team about all different like scenarios and
situations that could pop up and what we needed to do to overcome them. We had a
couple rough games in the scrims, but that’s because we were fighting for
early spots, that’s always what it is fighting for loot spots. I was feeling
excited to play the next day. We’ve been fighting one year to make it there it’s
what everyone is watching the whole year, people have been talking about it, have been
super excited for it, is everything to be honest. It’s hella light. Oh yeah? I wish I had sunglasses actually. Actually, it’s actually like a difference, you know? Can I use them? What? You’re not gonna use them? For us as a team I was expecting us to
finish in the top three, and for myself individually I was expecting to play
really well, I’d been putting in a lot of time grinding the game before the
tournament that I was feeling basically at my my highest, like my peak
pretty much. When we came to LA I was feeling really confident, and yeah,
just feeling at the top of my game basically, individually. I mean the
expectations were high, I don’t really feel like we felt kind of pressured. I wouldn’t say we are the favorite, but I
definitely felt like a favorite going into the tournament because I know we
have a lot of fans behind us that support us and also did feel like one
of the best teams entering the tournament. Right now let’s just focus
game by game on getting the most points possible. Like I said, the big focus is on
winning the fights that were forced to take. Alright? Next stage and the stage
after, we’ll focus on winning games. Right now we need to win and get points. Alright? Everyone good? Everyone feel good? What does anyone need? We got I think
eight minutes before stage. Seven? 40 and it’s 33 right? Okay. Okay, yeah. Game one coming up very very shortly here. This group has so much depth, I would
argue this group is closer than group number one, is that fair to say? I want to say so. It’s closer and it’s much more linear in
terms of skill, I think we’re gonna have us a lot of upsets. I think we were some
of the teams that we expect to go through, personally that I expect to go
through, I’m a little bit worried for them because there there can be so much
different playstyle that can hit them and they’re not gonna expect that I
think. Already, like the first game
went bad, and the second, and then the third, and then all the way to game 6 and
we had like what 13 points after game 6? So basically it started going bad from
the beginning. I think the first three games we have
one point and that kind of broke us to be honest. In a way, I mean you can always
come back, but our first day was just really bad and it kind of broke us. I
don’t think I’ve ever tried that hard to lift the team’s mood as I did in this
tournament, but we just like, we couldn’t do. It didn’t seem like anyone
was feeling it. 7Teen is our coach/analyst, he’s kind of
the guy who’s been keeping us together pretty much. He’s always the one who
sits us down and makes us talk to each other. He’s kind of like a dad to us, I
suppose, even though he’s not that much older than any of us. Tanner calculated
that we needed around 50 points and we had 13, so we needed like basically a 40
point day in six games to make it and that’s like, that’s like, two wins and a
few good games, so it was really it was really hard to look at the leaderboard.
But I I just did my best at trying to to keep hope up and believing that we would
do it. And I went in today to feeling pretty good about it
even though we were in last place. We also had bad weeks in PEL. Like that’s the
thing, we had bad weeks in PEL, but PEL was 96 games, so if you’re like “Okay we had a
bad week, let’s go to the next one we still have a few weeks to go.” But this is
like a best out of 12, there’s no room for mistakes, and yeah that’s that’s
tough to be honest. Hey you guys know how it is. Once you go through that
one team everything’s gonna be fine, you guys are gonna be rolling. Everything’s went as bad as it can, but it doesn’t fucking matter, alright guys? Let’s get a quick huddle, I like this.
Alright guys let’s let’s just accept the fact that we’re behind, right? We
know that, that’s totally fine. It is a new map, we got this, right?
And I want you guys to just focus, listen to each other, listen to what’s happening
in the game, cars, engines, shots, whatever. Just get into the fucking zone. Yeah. I
want you guys put your hands in, we’re gonna do Liquid on three, I want you to
like have it in the gut of your stomach, and fucking scream it as loud as you
possibly can, okay? On three, one, two, three, Liquid! Team Liquid, suffice to say, gentlemen
here, when it comes to a team that was looking to compete to become PGC world
champion, right now it does not look great for them. The bouts yesterday were
not a good start. They struggled, they got two points per game, for Liquid they were
playing dry and it is not gonna happen if they don’t pick it up in the first
two games, look for Liquid to evaporate and be knocked out of this competition.
We played game seven and eight, and they went really bad. We didn’t show up yesterday, we have a chance to show up
today. Yeah. You had one bad day yesterday, let’s not make it two. Yeah. As long as we
don’t make it two, we’re gonna have more days. Three, four hardships away. It’s
always four. Hey, Jembty, for right now instead of
justifying why you’re sad, because you do have a reason, and you’re right, okay? But
instead of that, just try and focus on what we can do to help pick you up right
now. How you can pick yourself up, or what you need your teammates to do
to pick you up.Giving a reason or talking about the past isn’t gonna do it,
we need to change the mindset for this next game. Holy FUCK! The way we just played that whole game was this good, it was
amazing and I was like, “Guys I think we’re gonna make it.” And I still remember
going to the toilet, and I was like, “Nice we made it!” Like I don’t know, we made it…
The fourth game, I died in a rotation as well, because we had to kind of make
like a rough rotation, it kind of slipped away from us, and we started to panic a little bit, maybe again, after
Sanhok, because it should have been a really good game but it wasn’t as good,
so it instantly kind of backfired. Today only. Still in the chase
you know. Alright, we’re right where we want to be, yeah, okay,
we just needed one or two more good games, so we’re just gonna take a game by
game. Yeah, game by game. Level heads, alright? Hard part’s over, let’s just keep
full intensity alright? If I had cheek pad, I would kill them
earlier I think. At this point, even though they are in fifth place, they’re
still not safe. But now it comes down to just two more maps, we are going to
the sunny shores of Miramar but unfortunately for each of these teams
the sun today we’ll be setting. We’ve always been performing so good as
a team, like it’s like we’ve never really been at the bottom of the leaderboard, so
of course there has been moments that we were in the first like first or second
game, but we would always go back to the top, and this time we’re not at the top
and it was… It was weird. I was thinking “Holy fuck, we actually have to fly back
the next day if this doesn’t go through.” and I haven’t even… I hadn’t even
mentioned to my family that it was a possibility that we ever had to like fly
back earlier if we didn’t qualify. There was like four teams next to us that has
the same amount of points to us, and basically which ever of these five teams
that did the best would qualify and I just saw us go down first. I turn around
and I see the big monitor, I see all these teams are alive, and they’re just
racking up points and they’re getting good zones, and they’re just killing each
other, and and I just see us going down bit by bit on it now, and it was just fucking
bad. I don’t even want to think about it. When we realized we were out, I was like
“Holy shit, we really screwed up big-time.” When we died, it was like “Yeah guys, we’re
out.” And you have to watch it, it was pretty terrible to be honest. I could
just see people, the points go up, people catching up, and at that point you start
to realize, “Guys, it’s over, it’s not in our hands anymore.”
And it was just terrible. Holy shit. I… I had fucking hated that moment. We just
didn’t do good enough on those two games when I die to a fucking bug in one of
the Miramar games, probably was the decider of the tournament. That’s when I
started thinking about… “The fuck, we’re actually… we’re actually not gonna
make it.” We were so close. I know man. We did everything. Like, after we had this hard start,
people got really defeated before we were defeated, and I think that
really like didn’t allow us to make a comeback. Yeah our mentality like hasn’t
been the strongest, I don’t think it’s one of our strengths as a team, like we
always have a few people who are really down or, especially if things start going bad
we all get really down. I would probably tell myself to fulfill the role that I
feel like I’ve had in my team to overrule when you have a lot of options
and everyone is just spitting out their ideas of what you should do next, you
have to have one guy on the team that just says, “Shut the fuck up, we’re gonna
do this now.” So something happens. But as soon as we got home, I don’t know, after a
few days, I I was kind of getting over it for some reason already. I was like, “It
had to happen once. This wall that we’re not gonna do good at an event.” Like, it
had to happen once. Like you can’t just never have bad tournaments, and, like
not having these moments because you learn so much from it and it’s always
like, people are always like, “I learn so much from it and next time we’re gonna avoid
it and this, this, this.” But like I mean it. Like we we never really had this feeling
as a team and we’ll learn from it and try to try to adapt and and use it for
the next event. It was a great learning lesson that’s
how I like to see it as well for next year. It was just a great learning lesson
and it can only make you stronger. I guess it’s the beginning of something
new. It’s been a really good year, but it ended pretty badly, so I guess overall
it’s just been a medium year or something. It’s not been too bad except PGC, and
it’s not being too good because of PGC. I’m just really motivated for what’s
next and yeah I’m really looking forward to
start playing again. Our goal for 2020 is to just to have a team that we can have
good growth with and make a comeback and I’ll show that we can win the next big
tournament. Basically just have a lot of growth so that we can become the best. I
don’t think I’ve felt more motivated and believed more in that we can win before.