MIGHTY SPORTS PHILIPPINES vs Indonesia| FULL HIGHLIGHTS! | 2019 William Jones Cup l 19 July 2019

I like that Flair you know the separation of the and this quarter is brought to you by health field first possession as well good character wind therefore mighty sport school for Goldy possession their Phelps secures the rebound now you don't see huge epubs things a lot with their counterparts to get those boards and we're tied at five because they go to Phelps in heavy traffic and that was just too easy for you Jean Paul seven I'm sure he's observing very intently and now they'll be learning a lot from this magical just you mention because coming from a Venetian counter-attack with the Philippines you go to your power player Phelps is still perfectly there big by the way was a traveling I think that time Adams played good defense there on the other side credit card always player but he has yet to see action on ice pacing today attack no baseline Jay their shot back at seven all over Hawaii Philippine Tony up by five Rocklin going in and after that went down going for the floater got me there yes I'm gonna get you the next time Bachmann they swing it more at the corners free ball is hooking that shot clock is down to four and that was a 24-second shot clock violation sometimes you get the complacent coach knowing for a fact that you're a more superior team but won't joking hits a three this quarter is brought to you by Health Cuba pop ones now on the break that's an easy layup you heard the crowd right right after the huh oh yeah blocked by her body any time the few times that run use for six and a half remaining the first half now they can go inside because they know that how money is not they're not taking any chances inside the Phelps and Delta Sky News I'm Erin Joseph the ninja with that familiar moon yeah very tough for Indonesia to have a decent attempt Oh 200 slam against inside the Phelps kicked out to your 3d ball at the corner it's good good spacing Joseph will try again now this is the biggest thing for the Philippines that evolves and they take it back shot clock at four and then an attempt just a flick of time looking at the lineup it's only exact gray have I believed in hasn't seen action here patient with her offense another dispossession by evolution and they will still come out with a victory a lot of quarters on the side of the Philippines but for Indonesia the bright spots really are number seven of 100d Putra and you've got number thirteen yet water clear smaller this quarter even if it's enjoy ending up with a guard you can still contain another three ball deflected here good luck Bachmann single coverage just got to be too easy for another oh yes 10 to shoot tough shot putback is good you really need to follow for offensive putback or offensive rebounds leader Philippines at 15 Bachmann puts it up to 17 and the anointment shorten the jumper Williams with the rebound Williams from beyond the arc it's good Kenzie finally Bachmann blue shirts missed the dunk picked up by Williams well hits a three indonesian squad and there's gonna be another highlight play for Gregg [Applause] I like that Flair you know the separation phase another one coming up let's see this time around it's more so biggest good kick out to the corner good walk it's down to for a second remaining bailout shot Oh rather than a minute 44 remaining in the third stolen stolen back Aaron so Reynaldo well count the basket it's down to ten good kick-out open three and they were able to knock down interior defense by the blue shirts it was easy to read their passes there's possible passes but they really look at the person they're passing through so if you're defending for the white shirts a slight ride no kick-out again and that three ball is good for that sleeve that needs to be developed a skill level to take time as long as the concepts are are laid down and Foundation are late now 11 points for the ninja back to a 30 point lead here for the Philippines and is black locked for the Putra on the other end 19 points already the defendant fix it out the Van Alen stolen here selfie a stroll in the park and collab connection Alea another steal by Indonesia and Riley sports go for gold in their last two possessions coach a little bit sloppy and lazy trying to explain to a squad what happened what the miscue was finally marker the final chapter 8255 in favor of the Philippines and this timeout is brought to you Michael for gold dental bowls I don't know if he has accepted yet 2:40 remaining in the contest Black gets a trade juncture safe to say that the Philippines will get win number six back-to-back things by Aaron Mackenzie needs it the black who passed up on the three one step in Wow three straight up national team so over our neighbors in Asia closer it's good kind of turned demeanor of the pairs of the Philippines that they did not relax yes I mean the dark again within the half by after the halftime break old Aisha coach Jody motioning to his superiors don't make an attempt anymore it's a good sign of with sportsmanship respect