Michigan State Police – Specialized Truck Enforcement Team (STET)

one of the responsibilities of the Michigan State Police Traffic Safety Division commercial enforcement unit is the safety inspections and roadway of vehicles that operate in the state of Michigan we perform special truck operations such as the one we're here today we nicknamed them stats special truck enforcement teams who travel around the state of Michigan and conduct these kind of operations responsible for reducing crashes by inspecting equipment conducting roadways to catch overweight vehicles that could cause problems with braking and we try to prevent those overweight trucks from continuing down the road today we are out screening trucks coming up the freeway into the rest area we're using a portable way in motion scale to electronic that can be placed in any area in doing this we also get an opportunity to look for mechanical problems licensing problems drivers not having the proper credentials this allows us the opportunity to have them pass through slowly any surprise location they're not expecting we find violations that are not normally found driving down the road these are you today we'll pull them to neighbors and homes got a tire an axle for the inside drive inside is pretty Trudeau I'll get strawberry slices please well after checking all the rest of the vehicles equipment we found out an axle two on the driver side he actually has a shock has broken off its mount their axle for we had the bad tire which I spotted going through the way motion tank and he has all total of ten breaks out of those ten breaks we have four of those brakes that are beyond the allow adjustment limit that's going to place them out of service he cannot drive the combination vehicle until those brakes are adjusted back to whither moment where they're supposed to be struck behind me here hauling these locomotive fuel tanks went by our stead operation that's where we have all the trucks run through the rest area checker for safety and wait he decided he was going to bypass so we went and chased him down and brought him back as a result of that he's still sitting here because his brakes are out of adjustment his logbook was not entirely AG he wasn't actually in compliance with his permit so he gets to sit here for a while and make some corrective action had he gone on the bad breaks in violation of his permit hire driver and I found some stress cracks in his plane could have had a collision down the road or caused a serious accident or just fell asleep at the various locations throughout the state we have wireless motion scales set up there in the roadway as the trucks come over it weighs them out and what it does is it sends it signal to the computer it's all Wireless and it gives us all the information and then once we observe the vehicle possible and violation will initiate the traffic stop and then take them to be weighed out okay it's good right there and use go ahead pick foot up the brake to neutral we're going to pull him over because according to my computer he's going to be over on some of these axles so we're going to pull them over for a Miss load maybe depending on what we figure out 2492 copies up north on 275 at Ford Road just go ahead pull up right before those cutouts these 22 brakes have to be working properly in order to stop 154 thousand pounds otherwise if it's too heavy you're not stopping you're going to keep going you're not going to stop in the amount of time that you should to be out here safely transporting 150 four thousand pounds of weight that's if you don't go over so it's very important that they stay within their weight mean so that they're not overexerting or damaging Springs if these Springs have too much pressure on them these Springs right here will snap they'll crack right in half so they really have to watch the weight that's out here in order to keep their vehicle safe and we're not here just to take enforcement action necessarily we're here to educate the public the motoring public about the laws and the regulations and we want to get compliance whether it be through enforcement or through education so it's not all about writing tickets and added you know it's about in the industry and there were no violations noted today here also just gonna walk just have a company official signing dating they need to mail or fax this back to this address here in 15 days okay have a safe trip ever do it alright thank the officers and investigators in the Traffic Safety Division the conduct commercial enforcement are serious about their job they realize the potential damage that the big trucks can cause out there to the motoring public and to your family in mind and when they take a truck off the road because of a serious safety defect gives them a positive feeling that they've made an impact out there possibly save some of these lives you