Mets vs Cubs, Rays vs Athletics & Giants vs Dodgers | MLB Betting Picks & Predictions | TBS, Jun 20

watch what you bet here on that betting show its head we're gonna head off to the Windy City and the Mets are gonna leave Atlanta and head there yes the wind blowing in and a dominant pitcher on the mound didn't seem to calm down those Chicago Cubs bat so they put up seven runs in a 7 to 3 victory yesterday easily covering the side and the total in that game take a look tonight 8:05 p.m. Eastern Time MLB Extra Innings Wrigley Field the Mets are 35 and 39 on the season Cubs are 40 and 33 gonna be Lockett vs. Chatwood tonight yeah I mean the Lockett making his Mets debut he had four games three starts with the Padres last year oh and three with a 9.60 ARA in 15 innings don't worry about that too seriously but obviously filling in here for Noah syndergaard who's on the injured list due to a strained right hamstring Mickey Calloway quote he's been throwing the ball over the plate like iOS for walks in 31 innings and in the minors he's healthy he's a guy that we brought into the organization this offseason to be that sick starter that depth starter that we knew we need at some point so you know even though his numbers aren't ridiculous and last year his call-up numbers were really theis e mats are saying hey this is what we planned for he's our guy we think he'll do fine markets don't like Tyler Chatwood and certainly when you think about what's happened with chat woods career since I arrived in Chicago can't say they blame him you know 38 million dollar deal and basically he pitched his way out of the rotation you know he's pitching in the starting role here because Kyle Hendricks is on the DL Joe Maddon quote he's been pitching a lot better he came here for a specific reason we believed he's earned this opportunity to pitch in this situation you know Chatwin's quote it's gratifying I feel like I've thrown the ball pretty well I feel fresh I think I'm in a better spot than I was last time in late April when I threw 70 something pitches last time you know I can understand why the Cubs are not big chalk in this game all that being said I was an impressive win over chili tour yesterday there could be some strong momentum carried forward that especially after the Mets felt good about themselves and then got slapped around immediately one day after their players only meeting that resulted in a Tuesday night bonus and then a Wednesday night lost yet you'll be interesting to see what comes out cuz s we know chat with Teddy he does have some pretty good stuff strikeout ability but he always gets himself in trouble you know too many walks in inning they count just as much as base hits after time if you're gonna go five or six innings and give up six or seven walks that's never gonna help especially in a place like Wrigley how about this next series gonna talk about Teddy one team coming off a sweep one team getting swept the Rays coming out of Yankee Stadium losers of three straight they're tough in through division games now you're gonna fly out west want to take a look at the Oakland Athletics hey everybody loves to play those Baltimore Orioles they sweep the Orioles out of town the Rays in the Athletics tonight nice little line in this one Teddy – 110 in the favor of the Athletics a total of seven and a half two rays 43 and 31 on the season the Athletics 39 and 36 those A's bats coming alive big series for them as well but those raised Eddie gotta cut the bleeding somewhere here yeah I mean these two teams battle for the second wild-card berth last year and it looks like they may well battle for the second wild-card game of this year these are meaningful games between Tampa and Oakland of course they played a meaningful game two weeks ago down in Tampa and Charlie Morton mowed down this A's lineup seven innings two hits they won you know 62 in that ballgame immortan was on fire at that point this was June 10th ten days ago Rays were nine games ahead of the A's in the wild-card days well since then Tampa's lost 7 & 9 the A's have won six of eight and now all of a sudden things are getting real interesting between these two teams you know after you know obviously Tampa got swept over the course of the week now Morton had not loved that his team hadn't lost in tour he hadn't lost in 21 games dating back to last August but he lost his last start against the Angels quote those kind of games you make a couple of mistakes and you pay for them the Angels put some really good swings on those pitches a nice quote from Bob Melvin here talking about Oakland right now these guys showed fight last year they're fighters we've gone through a little bit tough tougher stretches this year have been tested but these guys are really good about putting a game away and going out there and playing for that day playing 100% and doing the same thing the next day no matter what happens boy I like Morton he's not and he rushed to bet against but I like the way these days are playing tough one for me to get involved in should be an interesting one here coming up Teddy's Mayo bum tries to cool off those Dodger bats after Rob we talked about it a few times on the show you know dodge there's only a couple runs here and there but their bullpen was holding up they're starting pitching was holding up and now we're seeing back-to-back nine spots by those Los Angeles Dodgers so mad bombs gonna take the mound the night and he's getting a lot a lot of support here Dodgers favorite at minus 175 of the total of seven and a half tonight 1010 start live from Dodger Stadium Giants are 31 and 41 on the season Dodgers how about this one Teddy first one there 50 and 25 on the season including an outrageous 30 and 9 at home can mayhem cool those bats off but more importantly can those Giants get some base head steady well you want to talk about a little under the radar angle in June the Dodgers talked about team totals 17 games in June for LA their opponent has scored 53 or less in 15 of those 17 games so you've been betting the Dodgers opponent's team totals under you got a bonanza going right now you're rolling in cash because it hasn't just been one starter after the next it's been the bullpen behind them game in game out this Dodgers staff has been tremendous and you have a Giants team that can't hit and that's a problem for San Fran all that being said Baumgardner against the Dodgers I mean he's been special he's been special repeatedly and this may well be his last start as a giant against LA you know Bumgarner gave up the home run to Muncie last time he faced the Dodgers that was only run of the game I would not be surprised at all if we see another pitcher's duel at Dodger Stadium this evening