Meet The Team – Precision Sails

I started the company in 2012 I had been
sailing my whole life up until then it was a passion of mine and I thought it
would be something that I would love to do hey guys Darryl Hodgson the owner of
Precision Sails I grew up boating in the San Juan and
Gulf Islands we went up to desolation Sound and around the local Vancouver
Victoria sailing communities I had bought sails a few times from
other places and I saw a need and I matched that up with my passion from
there we’ve been growing company loving being able to provide the best service
and opportunity for clients to get amazing sails we make awesome
sails so thank you guys hi I’m Ron McInnis I’m the Director of
Sales and Marketing for Precision Sails I want to take this opportunity to
introduce myself and also introduce the rest of the team as a digital based
company we do business with our customers all over the world and we find
it very very important to build those customer relations so that you
understand the humans on our side that are building sails for you and we
understand the sailors on your side to make sure that we both come together and
get you a final product that’s going to allow you to go on the adventures that
you’re looking for. Hi my name is Andreas, I am a senior designer at Precision Sails I also
manage the design department upstairs and I’d have to say one of my favorite
things about working our Precision is taking every sail that comes in it’s
like a brand-new puzzle to solve and design it and then once it’s out and
delivered getting feedback from the client and seeing it fly up.
Hi guys my name is Jeremy I’m a senior designer here at Precision Sails I with
most of our big boats I work with our clients one on one in order to get a
custom sail that’s gonna fit and work perfectly for whatever your sailing needs.
My name is Sebastian I’m a sail designer here at Precision Sails and I really
enjoy just being able to work with so many different customers from different
backgrounds around the world and the fact that I get to work in a precise
environment where we really get to understand the mechanics and the
dynamics of how the sails function and how to design them to cater to all of
our different clients personal applications. Hi I’m James that work with
Precision Sails I’m one of the designers upstairs I work one-on-one with
clients to build them great custom fitting sails for whatever their needs
if you’re cruising or racing we specialize in just about everything. Hey guys I’m James Brown I’m here with Precision Sails I work on the sales team I enjoy working
with customers and you know hearing their stories about boating and you know
I really look forward to talking with you on the phone and working with you to
build a great sail. Hi I’m Matt I work in logistics and warranty cases if
something’s not quite perfect on your sail or you have perhaps a particular
shipping request then I’m the person to talk to.
Hi I’m Zack Springer at Precision Sails I’m the guy who checks your measurements
and has them assigned to a designer if you have any questions about your measurements
please reach out. Hi I’m Meagan, I work in payments for Precision Sails so any of
your credit card needs or concerns with invoices please contact me [email protected] Hi I’m Jeremy I’m the content development manager for
Precision Sails hi my name is Anthony I’m IT and software at Precision Sails. Hi my name is Elem and I’m responsible for maintaining the existing systems I’m
very excited to be part of this team and to be able to drive the sale
industry into the 21st century