Meet Catherine Robertson, MD, Chief of Sports Medicine

My name is Catherine Robertson. I’m a
physician here at UC San Diego Health I’m the chief of Sports Medicine here
and I’m an orthopedic surgeon with fellowship training in sports medicine
so a lot of what I do is treat athletes but I treat athletes of all shapes and
sizes and ages and lots of different sports being a sports medicine doctor a
lot of what you’re doing is kind of reactive you know you’re treating people
when they get injured but what we really want to do is we want to be proactive we
want to do some prevention we want to do the best that we can whether it’s
through injury prevention exercises whether it’s through education whether
it’s through nutrition, sleep management there are ton of other things that are
kind of you know some new some old that we’re trying to incorporate to kind of
keep these athletes as as fit and on the field that’s were able to be. The
patients all have something to teach us and you know when we try to learn from
the patient’s and really understand where they’re coming from I think we do
a much better job taking care of them. You know a lot of what I’m doing the
surgery but it’s not all surgical care you know it’s figuring out what’s best
for the patient and really trying to individualize that care to give them
what they need and sometimes that’s a surgery sometimes that’s you know doing
something differently their physical therapy or even changing their shoes. I
mean it can really be A to Z. There are a bunch of interventions that we make
and I think keeping that you know as true as possible to the patient’s needs
is what gives them the best care. Regardless of whether you’re you know 65
or 16 people still want to be active and people still value that time and
sometimes it’s even people wanting to play with their grandkids but that’s
okay you know those those moments are very valuable to people and I place a
lot of value on getting people back to do those activities that are so
important to them. I think that as we’ve kind of learned how to take care of
these really elite best in the world athletes that’s made us much more
nimble and much more able to deliver state-of-the-art innovative
great care that happens you know at the minute when that patient or when that
athlete needs it and I I don’t think we necessarily had that quite as well as we
could have before we started working with these professional teams but it’s
really transformed how our clinic works how our system works how we get people
in for radiology. I think we’ve really made great strides in terms of
taking better care of every single patient because of the opportunities
we’ve had with these elite and professional athletes. When I got here a
decade ago sports medicine was really small and it has grown tremendously
since that time and growing and really exciting and innovative ways and I think
it’s brought a lot from the University where we can kind of add some of our
research expertise and our clinical expertise and our innovation, I think
we’re giving back to the community which we always want to do so yeah I mean it’s
just been an incredible decade of growth for sports medicine at UC San
Diego Health.