Marvel Super Hero Squad – The Infinity Gauntlet – Part 1 – Gameplay Walkthrough (HD)

all righty what is going on everybody my name is Luther and welcome to a brand new gameplay walkthrough right here on the Blitz wing our YouTube channel now of course guys we could please get to 500 likes since this is part number one that would be absolutely terrific and today of course we're gonna be starting up a very very fun game that I basically of course as you guys know I try to keep kind of family friendly games on this channel and that's why we're gonna be playing Marvel Super Hero Squad the Infinity Gauntlet I saw this game for $10 so check out your local EB Games or Game Stop it should be pretty gosh darn cheap and from what I've heard it's a pretty actually fun beat-em-up type game so of course before we get into the game I just want to read you a little bit of a story and synopsis real quick so that you know what the story is about so that you know if you're interested or not due to a small mix-up with Thor's birthday gift at the local shop the Super Hero Squad discovers that day knows I started the Thanos is after the six Infinity stones which are of course displayed right underneath the logo right there the purple blue green yellow orange and red stone they must find them all before Thanos can retrieve them and become the most powerful being in the universe but little do the squaddies know there's more than just a nose to deal with other villains like Loki Doctor Doom and even hungry Galactus have all heard about the Infinity stones and they all want their turn at being all-powerful will the Super Hero Squad be able to outsmart and outfight the vast variety of sorry a very villainous that's a very tongue twister likes a very villainous very villainous villains very villainous villains that's a lot of V's right there very villainous villains in order to collect all the stones and save the universe only if they hero up so of course let's get rolling shall we so we're gonna click continue there's a storm or the challenge mode some extras and I kind of want to see what that is so it looks like there are heroic feats and credits leaderboards so this is all kinds of unlockables which is pretty cool there are all our heroes of course our some of our hero or heroes are actually displayed in those images in this case it's only Hulk and Iron Man because those are probably the only ones we have right now but nonetheless let's check the options real quick by the way I really love the ringtone to the add the music sorry ringtone sound to this we're gonna keep the dialogue high we're gonna turn the effects down a little bit and even though I like the music I obviously want to try to make sure that you guys can hear both the commentary and the dialogue better than the music so we're gonna confirm all that confirm confirm and then let me just go back one more time to check that everything and I stay saved okay perfect cuz I got nervous that the subtitles weren't checked at first alrighty so there you have it and of course guys I know that this is obviously gonna be a little bit more of a knot a little bit but it is a kid-friendly game so if you're one of those people who is like very hardcore into Marvel you might not find a very interesting side to this like this is not Marvel Ultimate Alliance which is a fantastic game the second one wasn't quite as great but this is a much more family-friendly take on this but that being said if you want to play with your kids or something like that this definitely will be a game that you could pick up in place so here we go story mode gonna start ourselves a new game cuz I've never played this before and guess we'll put it on our first save file and as always I try to play on normal so a worthy challenge is gonna be it stuck usable objects to go okay that's a great tip so it looks like we start up right in space which is pretty gosh-darn gorgeous gorgeous now the interesting thing about this game is that it's very focused on Thanos of course and the Infinity Gauntlet which is what is rumored to be the focus of Avengers number 2 the film so if you never knew anything about that but just to give you a bit of a back that only plays anywhere close to earth and we can find these at affordable prices blondie needs new birthday in the squad I'll chip in to do something nice for him not in the close one pair of pants is good at one pair clean undies and sorry mister man I accidentally put your boots in with that gentleman's lovely gauntlet a custom Perez limb design the super-skrull what's he doing here we've got to follow that villain and those boots okay Rijo we've got to get out of that ship the heck is Hoke wearing on his head he's got like a helmet of some kind what is he trying to be Iron Man oh okay of course it's hot can't breathe in space to teach these evil is as evil does cruise classes we're out of lobster already perfect use big prawns and tell them it's Lobster but overcook them so the rubbery I'll shove them evil captain I was able to get the gauntlet you wanted it will go nicely with your large frame and tighten esque chin excellent finally my plan for total domination and destruction of the universe will come to fruition besides I grew tired of this plain glove on my left hand I need something more now I didn't order these boats hmm they're awful yeah like gauntlets are all the rage with kids today these birthday boots intruders seize them I love saying that quick halt down the shaft well that line could be interpreted in many different ways okay so are we running away I guess we are episode 1 power of a stone which reminds me of their great game power stone Iron Man tech factor hack and use robots and Hulk strength factors smashing power left it should have just said smash because let's be honest that's what everybody loves to do with Hulk is just smash stuff I love the fact that it looks like a comic book that's pretty cool and of course those of you who are obviously take yourself way too seriously and you're a big fan but just so you know I am a big fan of the comic books I'm reading right now a lot of the like for example Thanos rising right now is a great comic book so I understand that this is a kids game but I also think that it's kind of nice to have light-hearted games of renown that that's surely though it does have only one parent you got to jump up to the exit door ok so let's see the controls here so it looks like if I double tap with Ironman then I get to fly for a short while looks like circle does this is this a punch or oh no that's a block okay now I get it I was like that's a very odd-looking punch so punching is with the square button and if you want to use a repulsor blasts we do a little dance oh yeah look at me yes dance I don't know okay so l1 switches characters whole kinds like a Bigfoot attack and of course some big fists oh I love that Howard the largest that's pretty cool jump up to the exit door okay so let's get up here now move all this junk out over the way and make our way through oh look some Galactus is watching us not stand up – that's the thing a lot of people say his name you differently like I see then you know some people say that owes so I'm not sure which one is correct but I assume since they say in the game Thanos that's the correct way but I don't know I like to say thinness so that being said I'd like to know how you say it and on top of that let me know the comment section below which is your favorite Marvel hero alright I'm surprised hope just didn't punch that thing in now-famous is smart he would have just trapped us in that door okay there's a smashdown attack as well now of course for me Ironman is my favorite hero damn it we're going down a vent pipe toilet thing oh ouch ouch ouch ouch five years hauling baggage I need a new job something will fall into your lap sooner or later oh yeah let's do it now the scrolls are suspiciously paying a fine okay so it said and then after you collect a certain amount you get to check them out in your heroic feats so of course every time you defeat an enemy you collect the stone fragment I wasn't done there but whatever I guess I was so of course Thanos has the gauntlet which is that kind of like almost like a glove thing but you need six stones to fill it up with energy okay so special students extra credit and a shiny gold star for anyone who defeats the snow away heroes and puts it into their pointless do-goodery okay go ahead and smash this rock there we go all right and some more power stones get out of here there we go got a couple of extra stones they're nice we're already a thirty actually almost a 35 is that an ice cream oh never mind Oh does this a scroll box scoff II like Starbucks coffee get it that's pretty funny oh I don't know I love goofy comedy like that this job okay connected to the security door if I have to terminal we might get through the door that's pretty fun that was a simple little puzzle but again for kids it's kind of fun oh my oh oh that's not good there's a bunch of asteroids coming into bridges out I'll need to fly across to access that control button Oh Hulk you got to remove the obstruction before I can lower the bridge too many words I know Hulk smash that piece of pipe over there okay you gotta use my repulsor blasts to take out all those guys and wait can I fly already or okay perfect I can so I just want to pick up those stone fragments and then go ahead and press that button I guess this pipe there we go oh yeah nicely done yep you did that's for certain all right go ahead Adam and press the button once again and that will lower the bridge which will then allow hope to cross oh my more Scrolls to kick butt alright see you later suckers alrighty to the next area we go heigh-ho heigh-ho to the next area we go with screws crotch tier rounds ok that was cheesy revive your friend what the how did that happen Hulk did you get poisons from that gas alright we're at 55 oh look at that superhero up got ourselves the trophy oh my okay something is happening okay now there's a lot of scrolls all of a sudden something tells me we're not done yet yep here they come again these things are like frozen dinners they just keep coming at you there's an endless variety of them they're like tiny little fridges get over here which they're not really they're kind of elevators almost okay so I guess those are health come on gigas but Hulk good job yeah punch him up nicely done oh wow battery's low that's not good hopefully I can last the first episode we're heading into the asteroid field no you didn't Hulk don't worry stop over eros it's time for me to get by this is one assignment you're going to fail super Skrull I will stop you without Thanos says help you're gonna wish your dog ate your homework before we're through with you alright so here comes the super scroll and it looks like he's got quite a bit of help actually attacking I am there we go perfect distractions while Hulk attacks him oh god I got to revive him quickly revive hulky get up Hulk bunch him up oh come on oh my okay switch to Hulk smash smash nice okay that was a good shot get out of the way from the punch just jump over the punch that's the that's the technique Oh okey revive Iron Man oh not good now not good at all where is he oh thank god avoided that ah Oh get over there iron men okay Oh fireballs of dreams not fun and of course the super skull consists it's different from what again I don't know a lot about the Fantastic Four or the cosmic Marvel Universe but from what I understand is kind of like he's got the powers of different Fantastic Four members so you could see his one of his fists or maybe it's just elements but it looks like one of his fists is like clear like Sue Storm or miss mrs. fantastic then he's got the fist like the thing and things like that so he's got different elements that she can attack with come on punch him with my foot stinky foot okay what do you want me to do smash this stuff what do you want me to do get out of there there we go that solves the problem fine secrets and free play episode 1 power of a stone there's a loading screen now I guess we defeated the first mini sub boss fight which was of course the super scroll but now we also know and found out of Thanos his plan and that is to gather those Infinity stones Hulk it's hilarious he's just riding a giant rocket I don't know why I find that so funny but it is to me just because imagine how ridiculous it would be to see the Hulk that way so wait am i only supposed to dodge it on get any firing buttocks whoa okay yep that answered my question alright perfect so just dodge the asteroids you don't get to fire anything unfortunately as much as I'd like to all right I'm trying to still collect enough power fragments of course because we need 120 oh they tricked me now because I started looking at those red mines and they thought that those were fragments oh oh not good Hulk is down coquí's down whoa okay that was a sudden turn okay but Hulk is back hook is back with a vengeance you're first I ain't charging for an extra bag okay oh my okay there's a lot of crystals inside this asteroid and I'm trying to avoid them all meanwhile trying to grab also obviously power stones or power fragments Oh careful careful Oh God avoid that okay so I got hit by three I think they're gaining on us what that well there we go out they're not gaining anything all they're gaining is a high insurance bill after running into that asteroid okay careful squeeze in there Oh God okay that answered jokes right there I guess that made his decision up pretty quickly alrighty now we've got a loading screen I don't know how it works in terms of like is there a base or are we just gonna be sent right away into the next mission so I guess we'll see together won't we doctor Tudor come on complete heroic feat for rewards okay I will do so as soon as I have a chance to do so okay saving game progress that's good to know and there we go that's the Helicarrier I assume or the space carrier ducky oh my god we want to collect all this jewelry why okay I researched all of this stuff on quark Oh pedia everything's on the net now you know look these Infinity stones the power mine reality time soul and space stones can be placed into Thanos his gauntlet then he'll have the Infinity Gauntlet and we'll be able to destroy the entire universe stones they look more like gems to me gems that's very last year all the hip heroes say stones these days verily gems sound very girly I'm still trying to piece all the information together but we have to make sure that we have some factored matchups to get all these infinity gems I've drawn up a fairly simple chart picture Mick Hulk's brain writing your name makes your brain hurt Oh see you were thinking about writing your name weren't you no according to my very calculations we'll have to get support from other heroes with the various factors we might need but we've got no time to waste coming up with the perfect formula because if Thanos gets those stones first we're in trouble we'll have to do this on the fly so squaddies we've got a hero up and make sure we get those Infinity stones before Thanos does the superzero squad plans to get the Infinity stones before they dose but someone else is getting them first dr. doom okay is everyone spying on everyone Thanos ruled the universe I'm getting those stones would be even more fun than giving him a nuclear well once what doom once what the superheroes one two with a nose once I got the order right didn't I I did come up with a themed a secret plan to get those Infinity stones before any of them always with the fiendish and secret spare me whoa the stone sounds so far out think of the way gnarly things we could do with them just remember my Herald I'm lactose intolerant they better be dairy-free that's awesome because of course Galactus eats planets