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LIC, Indian Oil and Bajaj Dominar The scenic and extreme terrain of the Kashmir valley, is the training ground for the India’s Citizen Squad. So we came to this beautiful location. Very nice bridge, and under that there was a nice chilled water stream flowing. So next level of your training is
inspired by Naval Marcos. The Marcos of Marine Commando
is the Indian Navy’s special forces unit. The Marcos are amphibious, and conduct operations on land and under water too. The aim of this training is to
make you comfortable with water. Is there anybody who has a fear of water?
Fear of water Yes sir Ustaad, iska khaas dhyaan rakhna. At the back of my mind,
I had this feeling that if I will get inside, I am going to faint I am going to drown, something is gonna happen. Number 12
Yes sir Come here. That’s it! Number 5, join her in the same line Number 2,
Sir Number 9, Number 7, Number 3 The rest of you line up behind them Rohit
Yes sir ..You are the team leader Yes sir Where is Rishabh Sir
Team leader …Ok sir. You know you guys are very lucky. Because it snowed yesterday. And today, bright and sunny! So when you have that what happens The snow melts, and its all here. Bahut maza aaega It was very difficult for us to
keep our hands inside the water. Suddenly Sunil took his hand
out of the water because it was very cold Push up ki ek trick thi. Ki jab aap
neeche jao tab apko exhale karna hain, aur hai jab aap upar aao toh inhale karna hai. Jab hum exhale karte hai paani ke neeche jaake toh bubbles uthte hai. Toh unko wo bubbles dekhne the.
Aur jiske bubbles nahi aate thai uska 2 second wo aur mooh andar rakhte the. Iska Mooh nahin jaa rahan andar Pura mooh paani mein Sonu! Mooh Andar rehena chahiye (???) Abhi hum bees! count karenge. Bees! Yes Sir 20 Push ups!! Make a rhythm.
Yes Sir Down breathe out, whenever up breathe in Yes Sir
Ready!!! Yes Sir
Down. Up. Tanushree. Tanushree get up turn around I am asking you again, can you do this? Yes Sir
Speak louder… Yes sir You don’t seem to be doing it. If you cant do this tell me now, this is just the beginning. Can you do this?
Yes sir (inaudible) … Give me 5. Ok come back, A team. Take your partners. Check karo kisko le sakte ho tum log. Change your partners. And every push up that i was doing. It was getting tougher for me to continue with the task Shyam sir and Girish sir, they asked
us to make pairs with our buddies. The buddy system is a system that the
army has been following from a long time It starts with the confidence
that somebody has your back. That you are always covered. The trust that you will not be left in a
the battle field no matter what happen to you. Neeche jab pathar aaye, ek do baar
mera haath bhi slip hua. Aur jo buddies the unko bhi
kaafi difficulty ho rahi thi peeche handle karne ke liye. Trying to walk, negotiate through that water on the stones and its freezing cold. The marcos believe for instance that 10 minutes of water PT is equivalent to 2 hours of PT on the ground. Also in this situation the water being very cold, subjects to participants to additional stress. Haath choddo sabhi. Down!! The crunches again weren’t the easiest because we were asked to wrap our
legs around our buddies and then go inside the water. Dip our heads inside and then come out. Rishabh ne mujhe pakda hua tha aur jaise hi main paani mein gaya aur mera pura face peeche jaane
ke baad paani mai chala gaya It went on. It went upto
I don’t even remember how many counts 20 push ups. 2 rounds. And than 20 crunches. Ready?!
Yes sir Very good
Position Up Up Up!
Hold hold! Hold I was not able to push myself.
Colonel Sarin saw that I was not doing it properly. Toh unhone mujhe bulaya apne paas. Toh mai kaafi darr bhi raha tha
uss time ki agar mere se ek aur bhi push up nahi hua
Theek se, toh mujhe bahar nikal diya jaega. Can you do this
Yes sir Let me see. You have one more chance. You miss a round, you are out. Go! All of you come out. Now lets be very clear, If you are not doing something. I ask you to do it. You say “yes, I will do it” than you go back and don’t do it. It doesn’t work that way.
Yes Sir … I don’t accept it, right!! I am seeing some people who are about to break and its a warning for them. I don’t care if all 12 of you will go home. No problem, but by the time you go out from here. You will be up to my standards.
Is that understood ? Yes sir