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Wow, this is where they really wrote The Laws of the Game in 1863. “Neither tripping not hacking shall be allowed”
How cool! Earlier in the morning We are entering the dressing room. The players come here from the corner, then they go straight to the pitch over there This afternoon To complete our football day we came downtown to visit the Football Museum. Here we can learn about the history of football, British football, World Cups This is the biggest football museum in the world. Look at this! It’s a nice walk of fame here in front of the museum. And look at the sun, how great! Welcoming us here to downtown Manchester But that’s not for long, the forecast is for rain later today. Wow, who has the place of honor here? Pele! Right at the entrance. The official Premier League and FA Cup trophies. The one with the crown is the Premier League trophy. You can’t touch touch the trophy, that’s why they need to wear gloves. Wow, can you imagine playing with this ball? Football was invented in England, so here in the museum you can see a lot of this history. From The Laws of the Game, the original ones, to old memorabilia like the old ball over there. It’s very nice. Wow, this is where they really wrote the laws of the game. In 1863. The laws of football, wow! Ah! It’s in the Laws of the Game. “Neither tripping nor hacking shall be allowed” [Person] Where are you from? [Renata] I’m originally from Brasil, but I live in the United States. [Person] Alright
[Renata] Yeah Here there are several monitors playing sequences of old matches, I just met someone he told me like this: “wait and you’ll see my father-in-law score a goal here” This was in the 1950’s! How cool! These are the original seats from Wembley, the most important stadium here in England. The first FA Cup. It only had 15 teams and here’s the winner. Wanderers 1872. World Cup time! Starting with the most recent one in Russia. There’s a section here about Soviet football. The highlights of the World Cups in the last 30 years or so. Russia! Everything that happened in the 2018 World Cup finishing with France winning. The first World Cup that England ever participated was in 1950 in Brazil So, it’s nice to see my country here. They also talk about Pele. If you don’t know him, he is considered the greatest football player ever, of all times. From Brazil. And in 1966 England wins the World Cup These are the average wins for all the head coaches England had. And the head coach with most wins, Fabio Capello. 67% wins. Oh, Women’s World Cups here too! That’s nice, look at this. There was women’s football in the 1890’s This is the uniform. Actually there was an important movement for women’s football during those days but later it became forbidden. In 1921 the FA banned women’s football for considering unsuitable for females and the ban was only lifted in 1971 Changes over time: what would players have in their dressing rooms, in the locker room? In the 1890’s they’d have… Here, these are the boots, a picture of their girls, I believe. This is the clock Then in 1950… In the 50’s they would come with a hat some cash, then a picture of their girls and girls are already dressing differently back then And here, a pack of cigarettes Today, 2010’s. No picture of girls anymore, huh? Instead they have lotion, sunglasses and a fat wallet. The Football Museum is totally free to get in, they suggest a donation of 4 pounds And that’s up to you, but they also offer a different package that is like an experience. It includes a guided tour and some other things, you can take pictures for example with the trophy right at the beginning And throughout the museum you also see some signs here – “Football Plus+” It’s a different experience reserved for people that get this package. It costs 6 pounds. These work right? Oh! [Staff] Well, I would say about 70% of the time
[Renata] Okay! You can still play football here. This one only works with an old penny, the machine is so old that it only works with old coins. Pele is all over the museum here, in various parts. For football lovers, that’s a must. Now we gotta rush, go back to Old Trafford because we have a match to watch on TV. Hi! [Driver] Hi there! Are you ok?
[Renata] All good! Traditionally this is where Manchester United fans come before a match Today there’s no match, so we’re going to see if they’re still open when the team is not playing here. The Trafford Old Trafford. [Renata] So Gordon, what’s up? Is it closed? [Gordon] Yes Someone is not happy, poor him. No luck there, it was being refurbished some time ago so maybe the refurbishment is still going on. Not hard to find a pub in England, right? So we found this one basically in the next quarter and we’re here now and the atmosphere, waiting for the match, we’re gonna enjoy the match but before that there’s something I really wanna share with you. We are at this place called The Bishop Blaize and it is so interesting because the waiters here don’t take orders, you need to place your order on an app that they have It is so amazing, we placed our order on the app and a minute later the drinks already arrived. Fantastic, I’m loving this! For me [Gordon] Classic?
[Renata] Yes, for me. Thank you! [Gordon] Thank you
[Renata] Thank you very much If you still did not have an overdose of football you can also go visit Manchester City’s Stadium. Etihad Stadium – they also have a stadium tour and it should be very nice Tomorrow we’re gonna find out what else can you do here in Manchester. Bye! I’m staying with the match now. Busy day, huh? We need the extra time tomorrow.