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masters of duct tape cardboard and hot glue making cosplay out of everyday materials they are the DIY costumes wad hey welcome to the show I'm Dustin and I'm going to be making a DIY spider-man suit today you guys have been asking for one in the comments now we've made spider-man in the past for homemade movies we made one a few years ago for the amazing spider-man 2 and Ben just recently did one for his homemade movies episode but I'm gonna walk you through the whole process and show you how to make this using regular clothes and everyday materials so let's take a look at the costume so you got the red and blue elements I'll be able to piece some different types of fabric together and then of course draw all the lines on here with some markers looks like he almost has some little gadgets attached to style and then he has some kind of cool bracelets probably for his web-shooters got the mask of course and like the really thick eyes then of course he's got the spider emblem on the chest and on the back but other than that it's gonna be just a lot of piecing together the red and blue fabric and then drawing all the lines on so there are a few different ways you could approach this now my first idea was to use these full-body spandex suits but these are like 35 bucks apiece they're really really cool but then it occurred to me that if you're gonna spend the money buying two of these suits you should probably just buy a spider-man costume so instead of doing that I'm gonna show you how to make this costume totally DIY just using regular clothes regular shirts regular pants and I'm gonna see if I can make this thing totally DIY I'm gonna start by making the mask and now this is something I did buy online and it's just a red spandex mess and this was ten dollars when I did this for homie movies that kind of made this out of an old t-shirt and it took forever crap this cool styrofoam mannequin head that I bought at the crafts store that comes in pretty handy now I'm going to add the eyes all right so I got the basic shapes drawn out what I'm gonna try to do here is mask off this shape of the white part and then spray paint it white okay ready for paint alright so I'm gonna use a white spray paint this cost around $4 but let's be honest I'm gonna use about 10 cents worth okay paint is dry let's take off masking tape and see what we got nice that's the white part and then obviously there's a thick black edge and so for that I'm gonna use craft foam this big sheet was 99 all right I'm gonna kind of draw the shape out on a piece of paper first yeah okay pretty good kind of looks like Deadpool next up is just drawing all the lines so I'm just going to use a thick black marker okay I think that is it that's the finished spider-man mask been pretty good alright so moving on to the rest of the suit I have two different shirts that I'm gonna mix together I've got this red one kind of a sporty zip up this was $10 it's very spider-man II I must say and I've also got this blue one this was $6 this is a woman's shirt I'm gonna cut these apart and put them together to make one spider-man shirt I'm gonna cut the red one so that the blue one will be revealed underneath so I'm gonna use the charcoal to just kind of draw up the shapes right in half I'm gonna lay it on the table and just match the other half so I drew on all the shapes now I'm just gonna cut this out I'm scared to cut it tada alright so now I'm gonna put this on top of the blue shirt wet tape this in place a little bit just to help where I'm gluing okay so now I'm gonna glue the red fabric on to the blue fabric with some hot glue okay before I glue this last back apart this is all a little bit baggy on me so I'm gonna cut a slit down the back and then tighten it up glue it down so it's a nice tight spider-man fit okay cool all the outside edges are glued together but I'm gonna flip it inside out and just kind of reinforce the inside scenes let's in blue and probably some tape just so doesn't fall apart on me okay time to decorate this thing before I draw all the web's on there I'm gonna make the little spider emblem just so I can position where that's going to go so I'll use some more craft foam for that okay that's the body of the spider I'm gonna draw the legs on with some sharpie while I do the rest of the webbing so it's gonna take a little while okay that's a lot of lines put him in bed with lines that was all the red and now I got me one of the move okay so those are the blue details now I think I'm gonna make the red spider on his back I'm just doing one side of this pattern so when I trace it I can flip it over and make sure it's really symmetrical cool so I'm gonna trace this pattern onto some craft foam so I'm gonna spray-paint this red with some paint I picked up for about three bucks I'm gonna start with the coat of gray primer okay looking good BAM okay all right before I move on I decided I am gonna go ahead and make these spider legs out of foam I'll just do that real quick okay so he's got these little gadgets on the side here looks like maybe refill cartridges for his web-shooters that's my guess so I'm gonna make those out of some black craft foam and attach them okay so he's got these little cartridge tube things on there so I'm going to just use some straws I already had some straws but they're cheap so I'm gonna cut them down to size and then leave the tips red paint the inside silver and then glue them on okay so this is ready for paint I'm gonna use some metallic spray paint which is around five bucks okay all right I'm gonna move on to the pants I found some blue pants at the thrift store for six dollars they're pretty much just the right shade of blue that's one of the main things to keep in mind when you're picking out your clothes from various stores is you want the colors to match so first of all there's a couple little shiny parts on these pants I'm gonna cover those up with some blue marker okay that worked these are a little bit big so I'm going to cut a slit down the back and tighten it up a bit and glue it together let's turn these inside out so I can reinforce the inside with some more glue and some tape don't want spider-man's butt falling out I'm gonna cut these belt loops off all right so now I got to drought the lines and the details on the pants I'm just eyeballing all of this just like the shirt looking at some reference pictures and kind of making it up as I go along – okay moving on to the feet it basically looks like he's just wearing socks so I picked up some socks for three dollars these are athletic socks so I'm just going to be drawing the webs on them there's kind of a logo on here so I'm gonna cover that up with red marker all right so for the top rim there's like a black edge I'm gonna just spray-paint the top of this and then kind of fold it over and I think that's gonna make the shape we want all right so now I just got to draw the rest of the webs on here okay one final thing for this costume and that is the web-shooters which I'm going to attach to some gloves so I searched everywhere for some red gloves but it is the middle of summer right now so I managed to find one at a thrift store they sold it to me for 49 cents but I need to luckily I had some older used ones that are a little bit funky but I'm gonna use these instead same idea though it's just drawing the pattern on with the black marker all right for the web-shooters themselves I'm gonna make those out of craft foam and then just attach it right to the gloves so I'll look at the picture and kind of estimate what the shape is okay so what I think I'm going to do is just glue this right onto the glove but if it's too tight I won't be able to get my hand in so I found this so Java pennies cuz I'm an old man to kind of stretch it out glue it on and then I hope that that makes it stay in shape d need to glue this without killing myself okay so I'm just gonna add a few more little details on here and that's it okay I think that is it it is time to try the whole thing on all right hey I feel very spider-man like this is nice it's actually pretty comfortable not a whole lot of scraping here just some stretchy clothes and one of the bonuses here is that I've got pockets so that's always handy when you're at the convention or hit the party I wasn't sure how well I'd be able to see out of the spray paint but not bad I can kind of see what's happening and let's see if I can get out of this thing cool all right and I like that it has a removable hood that's the other bonus about not using those full body suits so in the end I only ended up spending $38 plus a little tiny bit of spray paint so let's just call that 40 bucks for the whole thing that's not bad out of all the costumes I've made this is probably the most flexible if you want some more hot Spidey action be sure and watch Ben's homemade movies episode of spider-man homecoming that's really awesome I play Tony Stark in it and that's it let us know in the comments what other DIY costumes you want to see us try and make and be sure to subscribe to Cinna fix thanks for watching and we'll see you next time I'm out of here