LUMPY PICKS A WHOLE TEAM! | On-Season Softball Series | Game 8

and welcome to game a lumpy is here and Betty when the last game numbers I get the first pick love be lumpy team Bobby for the first time ever yeah you're over here now he's on my team Oh on kid good athlete lumpy who should I pick next Regina he's spectra Jean okay Regina not last today good pick lumpy I hope Andy a very good player I get to compete against Bobby could also be a Russian Andy Oh scary Benny Lobo Lobo ok good fish cabe okay very good athlete lumpy who should I pick next Uncle Sam uncle slam he said actually nice or hard very artistic at a grand-slam and robbed at home in last game lumpy who should I pick next Dallas great player yes team Bobby forever cursed cursed look harsh who should I pick next Jeff cowboy Jeff Thank You jasmine Oh jasmine good player gotcha card shop Eric pop account Oh Papa cap javi javi javi is the goats red short short see very red shorts Captain America Cisco Oh Cisco good player baby Spidey's a heavy hitter fireball fire man Alondra Miz Michael Myers Sierra Sierra Natalie laughs who's gonna win who's gonna win I actually want you to win today I will okay Fanny forgot his brush but lumpy has batting gloves he's using a brush up plays robots begin game a to the on season softball-sized play ball he says that's mighty pitches to see arrow its it to Jeff war now it's almost blue that catch Gabe now hitting second whoa line drive back up the middle Uncle Sam makes the play goddamn nice job uncle slam let's get a 1-2-3 inning here for team lumpy and can't catch that one single Benny up there now and that's gone I think no it's not gone oh my gosh play the year whoa robs them of a 2-run homer and the score is 0 to 0 as it says right oh my gosh worst scoreboard operator ever 0 to 0 and if you hit soup by the way any part on his body it's a 5 run homer he is a scoreboard hey Benny lumpy picked the greatest team you didn't even score in the first inning yeah that's my son man he picked Jeff look what Jeff did you learned lunch from the best I taught him a couple things you did you did he watches my videos all time yeah yeah that Regina pick that was a cry from you all right Regina one javi to Uncle Sam three Dallas four shop five Spidey six mobo seven Jeff eight Alondra nine cap ten Natalie 11 Bobby last trust the process guys trust the process guys trust it Regina hitting leadoff for the first time down base okay she's gonna try to get on base hitting leadoff Ron Ron oh good try though is there any way we can go negative on Team Bobby there we go perfect well um P get a base hit get a hit yeah he nodded his head he's gonna get a hit very well and oh it's good try though good try javis gonna give me the lead now gone maybe oh so close one to nothing Bobby Ciara please move to the side for a second and it is one to nothing Bobby maybe yeah uncle slam now get a slam shot run hard and three hours we're up one to nothing with the greatest team ever assembled papa cab leading off for been a gone that one is not rob a bowl gone tie game one to one on kid now back to back that's gone oh man Oh almost a nice catch there good try and it is now 2 to 1 Benny with lead Jasmine's ready to swing hard up there and she did swing hard hit the ball hard Bobby's pretty good though oh good pick by lumpy putting javi there it's short Cisco that's gone oh man gone gone gone three two one Benny drop a nuke on Bobby Crosby's butt oh I don't have fireball maybe Lumpy's one mistake oh maybe not Edie oh that's a hit curse you two ball very hard in last game and that's it pretty hard but it's gonna be caught Russian Andy up there he's got the long hair and that's gone oh boy that ball was ripped and that makes the score five to one what was that nuts nut shot we're smug face art no that's a weak hit and that's an out three of them you fight like a sloppy chicken Dallas my cleanup hitter how about a solid single okay okay solid single is the goal and hit that pretty solidly but that's one out come on shop no what no it's not gonna draw up is it yes curse curse curse curse curse curse curse curse curse Spidy time we're down five to one gone I think yes it is very gone oh nice that makes the score five to three amiable Oh solid solid very solid please run save Jeff now can tie the game with a home run no gets to a sister though Oh drops and mobo takes third launders up there now we're down five to three runners on first and third one out and back Jeff double play three outs that sucked the brushing again Sierra leading off for been a with a single whoa Oh throw it in man don't be like you owe me the show 18 characters alright good Gabe due for a homer whoa turn it oh my I don't like coffee anymore laundry throws it in runners on second and third Anka pinch running for that's gone for Gabe because Gabe's injured and that's a homer three-run homer eight to three a bad knee and then himself now betting oh it's it'll OB who makes the play and no safe a great trial of P wow that was a very nice defensive play papa cab gone oh my over those benches Oh knock down a branch of some sort it's ten to three banning oh no righty on kit that's not gone has to be caught thank you Jasmine up there now oh it's a pretty well but javis gonna make that play for three all right here we go we need some runs now and cap did not provide them they're out we're down by seven but Natalie's gonna start a little one out rally here Oh Don kit again and that is two outs all right guys Jeff here giving you another Dodger films home run oh no home run but Bobby's going to first the powerhouse Regina ready to hit the big bomb single run it out run it out Regina's out alright Cisco leading off for baby not gets probably gone oh man eleven to three of any ochre show that found no man's land single maybe safe fire ball now Oh wouldn't bat fire ball sits like a base out and abetting ground ball and oh my gosh what's horrible havi art not again Omar is that in the house Oh have some branches so what kind of get enough steam out there at the house three-run homer 14 to 3 Ciara betting that's gonna be dropping right there for a single alright lumpy you're ready to get a big hit okay he's ready see if he can do it the pitch from Sierra Oh and the bad almost hit me Z through it and that is a base it's a great slide nice hit lumpy you stay at one you're safe hobbie betting oh gone to run a homer the score is now 14 to 5 uncle slam looking for that slam shot oh but I'm not sure if it's gonna make it he did the bat flip but it was robbed oh no no oh that is painful great hit though oh man that was painful Oh run man run and out card shop Erik Ferran gone yes nice that makes the score 14 – Sierra move a little bit 14 to 6 I hope that says Spidey no that's all Benny for 3 outs whoa drops it like a loser you're gonna lose this game now bet a mobo now Canada two run homer to make it 14 to 8 no three yes all right everybody say first advancing words on second and third cowboy Jeff up there guys oh he almost hit me for impersonating his voice all right come on now no it's all wrong man just in case is it no it's foul no it makes all the plays three outs I'm sorry I had to do that do you have except I'm not sorry and that short see up there and that's gone laser shot and laser gone that makes the score 15 to 6 Benny pop a cap that's not going that's shop please please squeeze it one out righty on kit righty not gone kid that's gonna be too out jasmine batting now a female human being and she in a well do another female human being three outs with some nice girl on girl action right there what happened to tall the head over here for the coke ball are you reverse balding you're a moving scoreboard okay literally so guess what anything in the air I'm chasing nothing let it hit right in the head walk off her Buffy bottom of the ninth now I'm down 15 to 6 trying to come back a long draw sueb is a scoreboard and I am home run 5 run home run 15 to 11 this is a bunch of bleep ha ha I love it the home run for launch our first home run is a five run scoreboard shots oh so much power she just caught Jasmine's hit and the top of the inning and now she it's a five run home run nice job Tamera kha soup can't get there no one out Kersh block him at all cost do not let it hit him little curse out there trying to make sure that soup can't get hit with the ball and Natalie Oh sue please Oh walk off over on five right shot 16 to 15 people of he wins Wow unbelievable Alondra Natalie at five run scoreboard shots cuz soup is a scoreboard to walk it off and win it still got a touch home though right there yes lovely words oh my gosh that was amazing amazing scoreboard shots two of them also had a five run shot lumpy did a great job as manager nice job lumpy hit the like button subscribe tell your friends about us videos yeah what we are going to see you Natalie [Applause]