London School of Economics Tennis: Sports Insight

(techno music) – So I think the best thing about being part of the tennis club is that it’s literally open to anybody. No matter if you’ve never
picked up a racquet before. And maybe if you are an
amazing player or decent player and you wanna join a team,
there’s still player out here that are absolutely amazing. Who will inspire you
everyday to try and improve. I’m Jason Ying, I’m a third year, final year undergraduate student studying economics at the LSE. So before joining LSE, I’d
actually read up online about the LSE tennis
club, and how they’d had a triumph over Loughborough, who are all supposed
to be amazing at sport. And that really drew me
to the tennis here at LSE cuz I’d knew it’d be an amazing standard. This year we had a huge influx
of social tennis players. This is due to I think in large part we had a give it a go session
at the beginning of the year, which encouraged people to take up tennis who maybe never picked up a racquet. Maybe inspired by Andy Murray. The fact that the tennis courts are right next to campus as well really encourages people
to play some tennis. We’ve got a coach for beginners. They get an opportunity
to play twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We’ve got about 40 members
in our competitive teams playing matches every week. And about 90 members
in our social program. The LSE tennis club has got five teams, four who play in the BUCS leagues and one who play in the LUSL league, which is the London University league. So, our men’s first team plays in the second highest
division nationally in the UK. Our first team get the
opportunity to travel to several different places. Last week they went to Exeter to play against them in the cup match. They played against Barmouth. In my first year they
even got to go to Scotland to play against Stirling. Our second and third team because there are no other divisions largely play against teams from London. However, our second teams manage
to play against Canterbury. And our women’s first team are in the third highest division nationally. And they actually won
their league last year. (techno music) – Hi my name is Celine, I’m
part of the LSE tennis team. The best thing for me is competing. So it’s playing the matches every week. So we have these highs and these lows, and one of the highs last year
was coming top of our league. My favorite part of the week is Wednesday because that’s when we play
matches and I like competing. And it’s also a bonding experience because we all get to travel together to different parts of the UK. And we’re really supporting
each other to win, and even when we lose it’s an experience that we have together. What’s demanding is the matches, because you pretty much have a whole day where you can’t work. You sacrifice that day, and
you just have to travel, and play matches. So sometimes, that gets demanding. When I came to LSU I was 100% sure I wanted to be in the tennis team. Because I considered applying to America, and going on scholarship to play tennis. So one of my big goals was to play tennis even the LSE is not really a place where you go to do sports. But I definitely wanted to get involved and so that’s the first thing I did was check out the team. So one thing I found surprising at LSE was that the level of tennis. We actually have some really good players. We have a coach also. So I didn’t expect the
level to be this high, and to have this much commitment. I think coming to LSE has made
me a better tennis player. (soft music) – Hi my name’s Tom, I study
Accounting and Finance at the London School of Economics. I’m a first year, so I
came straight from school. For tennis next year I’m looking
forward to it quite a lot. It’s always good coming
in as a fresher this year obviously I didn’t get that experience. But I can tell it’s
gonna be good having new a lot of freshers coming in, new players, which is gonna be very good for the club. So hopefully we can try to maintain our positions in the leagues and the cups. But also, I think as a second year you know a little bit more about how the athletics union works. You can take on slightly
more leadership roles, to running for cup positions. Running for leadership
position in any club is always really good, because
it gives you the opportunity to get more involved in the club. You get to know the workings
of the club a little bit more. So, for example, I’m
gonna run for treasurer, I’m quite interested in finance anyway. So I’m looking forward to being able to take that on in a more active role. And a more hands on position, and obviously because
it’s part of the club, you almost care about it slightly more cuz it can directly
impact how the club runs. If I were to describe the
tennis club in three words I’d probably go with very good fun. – Subscribe to Crimson Hub