Live/Play 2015 – League of Legends

Mariana, how is the performance
coming? You should ask your other daughter. Why her? Because she will perform too and she didn’t practice last night. Yeah, I got the feeling. Can I have the scissors? -Scissors?
-Thank you. I think lots of people will come today. So be prepared. -Nothing to do?
-No. Reykjavik, Reykjavik.
60 04 out from Stykkishólmur. I’ve never done cosplay
for such a large group. I don’t know if I’m nervous. I guess I’m more anxious. Cosplay is about transforming
into your favorite character and interpreting what they do and that’s it. I’ve gotten all kinds of orders
for weapons, hats, etc. I don’t have another job. This is it. Deciding to take part
in this contest today is taking it to another level. People don’t get that I’m doing this because I have to do it for myself. I really want to keep on doing this
for the rest of my life. Should we be going this way? Where are you trying to go? To the event. -Do you need to unload?
-Yes, we do. Making robots turned my life around
180 degrees. My name is Yong-seung, Kim. My hobby is to make League of Legends
characters into robots. My latest project
is the new Baron Nashor robot. He’s an extremely powerful
neutral monster. I’m looking forward to showing it.
I think people will respond well. Let’s stop here and unload. Here’s your hat, sweetie. Most people are creative but they don’t bother to act on it. That’s why I show my projects
to people. League of Legends,
for those who don’t know, is an online game. How can I start? To be totally honest,
I didn’t like League of Legends. Five players vs five other players. You win the game
by destroying an enemy building. Woah, woah, woah.
Who’s this Katarina? He doesn’t let up! Ahmed you’re taking
so much harassment. So much, you can’t dodge his Q? Lag, lag. DC’d, DC’d. Hey, is chat disconnected for everyone? By the way, the power went out. We’re working off the generator. The server is down? Anyone can exhibit handmade pieces
at the Maker Faire. People bring in everything
from knit pieces to leather craft. Some people bring in robots. I’m putting together my Baron
and Kog’Maw robots. I think I have seen this before. This is the character
from League of Legends. This is a revised character that will
be released in upcoming patches. This is the new Baron. Did you make it? Yes, it took me two months. -Is that Baron?
-Yes, the new one. It would be cool if there were Fiora. What made you make it? Why did I make it? I’m a very imaginative person. I made several USB gadgets. I was good at building machinery.
So I thought, “I can create a robot.” I was really into playing LoL and decided to transform
a LoL character into a robot. So I made a Kog’Maw robot. Then I thought I should
build the characters and have them fight against each other. I built almost everything
on the Baron robot by hand. The process is difficult,
but it feels great once I finish. Anime Friends started two days ago. It’s a huge cosplay event. Every day there are
lots of different things… They have bands from all over, various cosplay presentations. My sister and I will compete
in the Free Play category. Free Play is all about
making the crowd laugh not presenting a traditional version
of the character. We rehearsed a lot and tried hard to make it funny. I never used to get along with my sister but a few years ago
she started getting into cosplay. Look, it’s a little wolf! Now we are inseparable. She’s my partner. I have whiskers at home,
we could put it here, right? -I’m Karthus.
-That’s pretty. -It’s cool, right?
-What I like most about cosplay is not the outfit, the weapons
or the accessories but being the character in that moment. You get to escape from who you are and be who you really want to be. The cosplay circuit has a point system. At the end all your points
are added up to see if you qualify for the National Cosplay competition. I’m really competitive. I want my cosplay to be better not only better than yours,
but better than any other. Whoever wins the National Competition
wins attention. People hire me to make them
League of Legends cosplays because they’ve seen my costume
and want one just like it. Winning would be very good
for my professional career. I just want to be the best. When I did Lulu I listened to her voice over and over and over and over again. “Too tall.”
“Much too tall.” I filmed myself
saying several of her sentences… “What happened!?” “WHAT JUST HAPPENED!?!?” Didn’t like it, filmed it again. “What happened!?” Didn’t like it, filmed it again. Until what was on camera was perfect. “Yep,”
“that tasted purple.” “I could go for a twirl!” Oh my God. Hello, how are you? They’re E£95? One, two minutes
before starting a presentation I shake a lot. A lot. Your heart beats 1,000 miles an hour. Next up… Mariana and Marcela,
as League of Legends. Welcome to Summoner’s Rift. In that moment, I’m not longer Mari. Now I’m Lulu, or I’m Jinx. And everything feels better. Their applause pays off everything
we’ve done over the months. It’s incredible. It really is! All the applause! My God! About my sister… She’s everything to me. She’s that person that will always
be by my side when I need her. And I’ll be there when she needs me. Because at some point
our parents won’t be here anymore and we’ll only have each other. Ever since I got interested
in robot making I made connections
with other robot makers and broadened my social life. I met my wife at a pre-event
for the Maker Faire. I was making small things… I said, “We have similar hobbies!” “You like making things!” I think we’re a perfect match. After dinner we go back to our workshop
and stay until the morning. I’m hoping that others can be inspired
to be creative through my activities. In fifth place is Nina, with Sailor Moon… Are you here? I get anxious waiting for the results. We didn’t see the other performances, so we don’t know what to expect. “Was I worse than them?” “Was I better than them?” In second place was Leon and his Draven cosplay. And in first place is Jackie
with League of Legends’ Ahri. There is your trophy over there. It happens. Let’s give our Cosplay Contest
competitors a round of applause. Doing League of Legends cosplay
is incredible. It seems like everyone in the world
knows you. Lulu, you are beautiful, Lulu! I don’t want to stop in 10 years… I want to take this audience
that I have gathered and open my own store. That’s my plan. My big dream is to build several
League of Legends robots and have them compete. That’s my big project. Thanks.