Little League Sports Lighting Package | Lighting 3 Baseball Diamonds for The City of Adams

my name is Daric Smith we’re in the
city of Adams Wisconsin and what we’re doing here is we’re celebrating turning
on our lights for our closing ceremony on our new baseball fields. Burt was a great guy who donated all of the land for the park here he also installed the first
baseball field which is field one and then through the years field2 and field3
got added along with a t-ball field when Burt passed away he left the city funds
that were directed to be used in Burt Morris Park one of the things on the top
of his list were lights on the ball field and we would have been certainly
grateful to have lights on one ball field
you guys actually came back to us with numbers that fit into our budget that
allowed us to light all three fields for a cost that we are less than the other
companies that we were talking to so our discussions around specifically
how much lighting would be in each spot around
we’re very helpful working with you guys I mean it just made the whole process a lot easier I’m Roberta Pantaleo
we are located in Adams Wisconsin I am the president of the council for the City of Adams.
We definitely did check out a lot of different vendors when it came to the
lights and after looking over all the materials that we received that you see that we felt that
you gave us the best deal not only in the lighting itself the production time
of being able to have the poles arriving and the City of Adams would like to
thank you you guys just really did a phenomenal job we were really impressed
with all the materials that you gave us for us to be able to make a good
decision and we feel that we did make the best I’m JC Dummit and I am vice-president of Roche A Cri Little League. I take care of most projects around here and stuff like that
we had very good communication whenever we had a question you guys got back to
us emailed us right away from soon as it was handed off to me the guys got me the
technical data that I wanted to know most of the fields probably within 75 to
90 miles of here there’s not too many of them that are nicer that probably didn’t
have a million dollar spent on to get them of that shape so for small
communities they’re not gonna do that but any small community can do what we did here. we get all three
field for less than what we got for a price to have one field done by a
company coming in and doing the whole project themselves so for a nonprofit
organization like ourselves to be able to get volunteers to do a lot of the
work it saved us a lot of money I would think the lot of school districts should
contact you guys that have varsity fields that don’t have lights
because they always said we can’t do it its too much money. they might be surprised with new LED lighting and stuff how reasonable they can do a varsity baseball field for.