teammate: no 1, u want to match with girls or boys? have a guess u want to be my couple? can u tell me why got echo teammate: i don’t know. is not mine teammate: there is one team over left side finished die.. teammate: there is one team over my side teammate: i go first i don’t have gun teammate: i almost die teammate: there is 2 people over my side teammate: help 3 people? why u don’t run away? teammate: i want to run away teammate: attract them. happy teammate: they bully me 3 people chase me luckily i get up on the container teammate: no 1, excellent teammate: no 2 and 3 saved me teammate: u guys fell down? okay. u found that he fell down the parachute has broken, almost die there is no one at g harbor teammate: there is one team at the houses let’s go to fight teammate: i saw one team teammate: wrong sense. no one teammate: maybe they go over the garage teammate: these people really disappear shot them teammate: u go alone? i don’t have gun teammate: i got 2 arrow i can give u one scar teammate: okay. impossible that i let go u alone. i’m coming teammate: i’ll accompany with u teammate: will not leave u alone one player down. over the building. right side teammate: u guys have go to the houses? teammate: bro, can u throw your gun on the ground down teammate: shit too late for me to throw the gun is the person upstairs die? hello? teammate: dead teammate: focus to do something.. teammate: who want 8 scope? no 2’s mic? block it no choice, bro headache teammate: do someone want 8 scope? if not, i throw it away take it first.. teammate: i want another team teammate: i’m coming follow me teammate: bro, a bit far away go ahead? teammate: where is the people? teammate: the position that got smoke help me to block them they go to the mountain.. teammate: i’m noob. i didn’t saw anymore from the beginning maybe is on the mountain someone go to the hospital there is someone at the warehouse where? dead? teammate: seems like is a robot there is someone here teammate: kill this people first the people on the mountain? teammate: yes. i can’t shot that guy cause he got inside the hospital i don’t know whether he got to the warehouse beside or not beside u he is down the people in the hospital down? teammate: no, i just saw one person in the hospital based on the situation, there must be 2 person in the hospital teammate: i saw some one go beside beside the wall last person… teammate: let’s go all dead? teammate: yes teammate: scared me they are so poor teammate: u saw someone? i didn’t saw anymore at all u can go to pick the box beside the wall i go to pick the box at the warehouse teammate: okay teammate: don’t know teammate: really? lie u. impossible teammate: impossible bro, is fake. don’t believe i lie u scared u teammate: he is BuQiuRen i don’t know what is he talking about..suddenly say fake or true teammate: couple? teammate: is fake teammate: i know your voice your friend tell u then u realize teammate: something wrong with u guys cheater no car teammate: i thought u drive the car teammate: is his sound let’s have a draw teammate: Qiu, bring us to play? no i’m busy right now ps: ( he is making an announcement ) ps: ( he is making an announcement ) ps: ( he is making an announcement ) ps: ( he is making an announcement ) let’s have a draw let’s have a draw ps: ( he congrats to the people who win the prize ) ps: ( he congrats to the people who win the prize ) ps: ( he congrats to the people who win the prize ) ps: ( he congrats to the people who win the prize ) teammate: 2 of us trying to lie the random players…but there is no girls in this match we still have 2 draws for today… ps: ( he is making an announcement ) i’m back… teammate: there is many girls in his live broadcast teammate: that’s not the same.. this things… thanks for sharing my live broadcast teammate: maybe i will got 0 kill, victory in this match teammate: 2 of them kill people crazily 2 of u search equipment crazily. is normal that u can’t saw someone teammate: i don’t know where got people. i just know that i shot by someone teammate: there is a luck for me teammate: someone searched here let’s go to pick the airdrop. the number of people dropped so fast teammate: i’m used to teammate: i always watch on your live broadcast i’m noob teammate: powerful teammate: u played 3 fingers operation in the previous. now u played 5 fingers After i played 5 fingers operation, i can’t play well with the sniper teammate: u can’t shot someone when u play sniper with 5 fingers yes. annoying. teammate: Wanyu? teammate: yes. Wanyu we don’t want to play. u don’t that.. he can’t earn money if we play the sniper there is a buggy teammate: change a car teammate: there is a car jeep car in front there i just say it teammate: obviously, others shot it i heard the gun shot teammate: don’t u heard my heartbeat? there is someone in front teammate: over the houses teammate: he wanna cross over the road teammate: this team damages. left the only team in the houses there still got someone in the houses? the person that i killed dead directly teammate: 2 of them fight to each other just now? yes. the person that i killed dead directly teammate: okay. pick the boxes teammate: AWM i want to use it teammate: Qiu, u want to play? yes teammate: i don’t believe that u can’t play well teammate: there is a 6 scope teammate: why u guys didn’t play the official logo account? i don’t have official logo account in Wechat teammate: do u want kar-98? i don’t want teammate: i got 0 kill teammate: i didn’t saw anymore at all. when i saw them, they have dead teammate: they shot the gun accurately teammate: there is a airdrop on the mountain have a look to the hostel teammate: have been picked teammate: to be honest teammate: let’s drive the boat to there i said no 3 pointed at the middle of the safe zone teammate: i just saw someone teammate: then the people dead.. i heard the sound of the gun teammate: no, u didn’t heard it teammate: there is a car in front teammate: he drive to Y city teammate: jeep car i felt like i can’t chase them teammate: so far away.. teammate: nice teammate: someone is coming teammate: another team teammate: shit teammate: Qiu is powerful.. teammate: shit bro, so hard teammate: few blood. 1v3 sop hard 2 of us have a medicine first. luckily i’m using M249, if not we die i got shot by them. there are 3 to 4 people. i’m confused teammate: i also shot ion them i hide myself teammate: i have to go ahead, if not. they get inside, we die one person left, one person right teammate: Qiu, i went to your live broad cast just now u sent me the gift is it? thanks don’t sent me the gift teammate: i just have a look that how many kills did u get teammate: u got 17 kills, right? i’m ready to shot the signal gun… there is someone shot the gun. let’s go to kill them teammate: i’m down before i get down from the car teammate: wait for awhile teammate: DonJi drive the car inside teammate: I don’t want to admit teammate: these houses teammate: someone here. there is a jeep car here i heard the wrong teammate: i’m deaf teammate: the music with this car is better than previous yes teammate: powerful DonJi, actually i made a mistake just now teammate: is fine is fine. has over let’s find a place to get the armored car teammate: over here no, there is no bunker over here teammate: someone shot us teammate: i jump.. teammate: this people run so fast aiya. the wall block me. i’m angry i want to summon the armored car teammate: seems like someone over this position teammate: i heard they shot the gun teammate: we got in top 5 there is car coming over… teammate: yeah…i got 2 kills let’s go teammate: finally, i got the kills u got 2 kills? teammate: yes. i just got the 2 kills hard to u teammate: u guys shot the gun accurately shot it after the safe zone come there is a car in front there teammate: there is a car here chase them the team over there dead? teammate: all dead not interesting i want to summon the armored car teammate: i felt like when p,layers met Qiu and DonJi DonJi, did u heard that? Qiu DonJi, big bro u are older than me i’m young teammate: they won’t sat it if u didn’t say want to match couple teammate: i got one kill teammate: i got 3 kills i want to stand up there DonJi, can u turn down your mic 20 to 30 percent i don’t know whether i should turn the mic be high or low teammate: how’s that? no difference u ate the cell phone no difference… teammate: i have turn it down… almost 0 teammate: i have turn it to 0 teammate: we met Qiu..have a screenshot DonJi, come. let me get up i have changed the clothes teammate: there is 2 car. oaky teammate: if u down, u die teammate: step on the gas slow down be careful. there is someone in the houses.. they shot onus, are u sure? brother teammate: still got one person teammate: what does it mean? teammate: he killed me is it? u dead? teammate: yes. he killed me teammate: yes. what do u think?