LG Watch Sport Full Features and Specs | AT&T

Energize your life with the LG
Watch Sport. It combines fitness tracking,
modern style, and AT&T 4G LTE connectivity,
which helps you stay connected without your smartphone. This modern timepiece boasts a
1.38” always on display the latest Android Wear
operating system, and a rotating side button that
makes navigation a breeze. With AT&T NumberSync, you can
leave your phone behind and still make and receive
calls and text messages using
the same mobile number as your
smartphone. Stay on top of your fitness.
With the Fit app, you can challenge yourself, track your
progress, and monitor your heart rate. Plus, just say “OK Google” to
launch Google Assistant to create reminders, find
information, dictate a message and more. Stay connected without your
smartphone with the LG Watch Sport. It’s GO time! With AT&T NumberSync, you can
make and receive calls and text messages from your smartwatch
using the same mobile number as your smartphone. To sync your smartphone number
with your smartwatch, first pair it with your compatible AT&T
smartphone using the Android Wear smartphone app.
Then select NumberSync setup from your smartwatch. When prompted, use or create
your AT&T User ID, and complete NumberSync set-up in myAT&T on
your smartphone. Make a call or respond to text
using the optimized QWERTY keyboard, or use handwriting
recognition to write your message just using your finger,
as the screen scrolls along. Enable Smart Reply, a smart
technology that suggests quick responses to incoming messages
for easy one-touch replies. And, fitness enthusiasts can
enjoy the Fit app. Tap the customizable Fit button for
quick access to a variety of functions for help with
maintaining day-to-day wellness and planned exercise. View and set Goals and monitor
your activity with information such as time spent, calories
burned and steps taken. Check your heart rate with the
heart rate monitor that even records your history so you can
watch your progress along the way. And who says exercising isn’t
fun. Just stream or download your favorite music from Play
Music. The LG Watch Sport is designed
with intuitive navigation features and a
rotating side button to help you get around
seamlessly. Use it to scroll through
notifications. Tap it once for access to your
apps tray then use the scroll to navigate
through your apps effortlessly. Swipe once to go back and tap the rotating button to
get home. Notifications appear below the
watch face. Swipe or scroll up to see the
notification and easily reply with newly
designed menu options. Customize your watch face with
a design that suits your style, and add additional data such as
current temperature, steps taken and Fit achievements. To choose a watch face style,
swipe from left to right, and tap the design. From here you can add
additional data by tapping and holding your watch
face. Tap Data and choose from a
variety of data options built into the watch face
design. Navigation is a breeze with
dedicated hard keys. Push the top button to access
Google Fit, and the bottom button for
Android Pay. And you can personalize your
smartwatch even more by customizing your hard
buttons with a favorite app. From the apps tray, tap
Settings, Personalization and choose Customize hardware
buttons. Then choose Top right or Bottom
right and pick the app you’d like. Plus, you can experience the
full functionality of an app with standalone apps
downloaded from the Play Store. For instance say “Ok Google” to
open Google Maps and get convenient turn-by-turn
directions right from your wrist. The LG Watch Sport, Life’s good
when you play more. It’s go time.