Letting RANDOM People on Tinder Build My Team .. Madden 19 Ultimate Team

Hey I just want to talk this video by saying somebody snitched and I ended up finding out who did you know what let me give you a backstory you probably know what I'm talking about if you guys miss it I did a tender draft basically I wouldn't send her a cute friend of numbers they jacked my team won the game yeah you know simple stuff but somebody found out about them being in the video which is like wild to me so you know I'm gonna go put her name back in this video cuz I don't want you to figure out who it was I knew it was they know it was so that's what it is but she responded did they have to uploaded the video she was like why he told me he was doing a fantasy tinder dress if I would have started by saying hey cuz you dropped my team on my it don't sound right it sound weird so that's why I kind of had to like make up something cute give a write of them four one two three something crazy and then I was like you asked me time to flu that gonna hurt make her question why she was questioning me I just asked for number four one two three I need to ask you a routing number and then eleven days later I just said name a football player real quick so he could be in the next video you know what she said no what's good everybody welcome back to another video I don't know how y'all got that many likes I wonder what I asked for but I got a lot y'all got too damn much but yeah that's that's crazy that is such a small world then somebody the way she found out okay so she found it was because one of my subs it's cool one of myself he actually goes to the University she goes to and he goes watching my video and she knows him and he knew her and then he knew by the name is they know it's just like that's crazy that's still crazy to me it's such a small world that like that's crazy lady ways.i drives my TV's antenna now I'm gonna build my team using cinder um this is gonna be very good or bad just took like but we can have to be I just kept on slapping slapping slapping and then I sent the infamous message asking them can I name an NFL player for me I'll give you $5.00 if you can now this person she didn't answer so I'm not gonna use her scum she did answer hopefully is 51 different players at 51 different positions but no I'm not like it's gonna be a lot of Tom Brady Cam Newton Otto Beckham and there's some random guy that goes to college those are gonna be like the top four so Haley mash me Haley what a month ago almost a month ago Haley can you name one NFL player for me first player Cam Newton we got our quarterback any other quarterbacks good for me right now I'm just not gonna use them because cam hasn't that out of our car shout-out to Haley she gave me a 99 overall camera first players go 99 this is gonna be a dub of a video emily has no bio she sits with 90 miles away and her bio is just our socials not putting on the video because I don't need y'all hitting them up acting weird sitting there weird stuff no Emily can you name an NFL football player for me I can't said me $5 we can I only put the $5 cash up there because that's the only way don't answer if I don't say that they don't answer laughter my son Stephen Weatherly what I don't know who this is this is his best car so I asked Emily why am emoji you said name an NFL player also National Football League football players what you said laughing emoji I had to do that because people are like MOOC you mean college or gonna fail going forward I got a do NFL football player I just thought of give me a better word she's our spot in hell I bet you don't even know him I don't think anybody knows them but Vikings fans you want me to go big with that Oda Beckham level name-dropping you are God right they play way different positions just just choose old conversation lasted way too long I just need a player bro all right I give up on Emily we just gonna get both of them so I could file whether these call it an auction block it is what it is I don't know why she named that play in the first place alright see now that's a little bit better oh no Becca he's a lot better alright next person Jasmine 70 miles away cools he says both geminis that if you win somebody always ask me is that like a tattoo of my neck yes those are the same things that I buy your super likes are most likely no they're not no they're not that's cat super locks are not on accident but acts like your surname NFL football player for me Antonio Brown oh that's cool another night overall player that's better than the other person that Emily gave me Jasmine got us Antonio Brown I know there's a 9900 all limits edition but I couldn't find an auction block and if I was to try to like powered up I had to buy everything on senator Brown card and it's really not that important Gianna she's six Wow I like the cooking sing I'm a junior college in yeah Oh yada yada can you name NFL player for $5.00 I don't engage in sports so I can I tried to help her – I said just google charges players give me one you see what's the purpose I have no hope I asked her to help me she just said she didn't need it that's cool – same thing with her I accept her she may have a clarify dollars may have football arm early friends I like soccer that doesn't help me and look at all these messages that nobody responded to i'ma just call you can't be can you name an NFL player for me for $5.00 any team at this point I was like she might mean like a bunch of players but then um that the Chargers fan in me was like yeah I do you a Chargers player and I'll double it so I give her $10 but I'm really just looking for $0 she said LT Antonio Gates brah I got hope again and did she put the position so do like and that was just the extra block up on top hey so we get to play supercharged I kind of cheated it is what is she might have been filly a boy so I was let me try to convince her to say some charges players she gave me LT and gates once again she said Cam Newton I I guess I can música pop up a lot Chipotle is number one in your heart this will never work but yeah she said Cam Newton spicy better in my life unbothered accounting major I don't care about none of that I was sick he am a football player for me I gave $5 she said what's the purpose just Google a player bra it's not that get hard I mean I'm not even give you the $5 anyways so just Google the player help me not help you so I told her if she can't name a player I died and she loses $5 you know what she said do you know what she said to me she says she don't watch football I died thanks there look at what I've matched with this hair I went deep in the archives to do this video Lauren she's a sports fanatic oh that's perfect this is perfect Lauren can you name an NFL player for me I've got $75 if you can oh my god I can use Zeke all right got a quarterback already got a quarterback already got a car I already got quarterbacks somebody already said a B do I need a name anymore yes Eva can you name an NFL football player for me be $5 lol you can keep your money but dak Prescott Cowboys fan the only way I can uses Amari Cooper she's so mad keep my money oh we're gonna send it in there first place but I appreciate it set up the Lauren we got Zeke from the Cowboys but that's can you name an NFL player for Maggie $5.00 player and then we got Luke 97 over off forgot who named your buddy a shout-out to her this is so long ago but whatever whatever massage you're always traveling hippie-ish adventurous I've either done it or don't mind doing it vegetto ain't gonna work I like me pause massager can you name it NFL player for me $5.00 if you can I always will keep my $5 regardless but I don't need another running back all right I'm gonna be your own I don't know how to say that name so I might just call you gee I love a man with ambition and finesse you know I got a little finesse a relationship would be nice but oh well no goofy shit whoa well that's that goofy shit would be me I hate that fucking period I hate period period but anyways skiing a man if I play it for me I'll give you $5.00 if you can for more current sure Polamalu and I didn't ultimately rustlers and I got a quarterback Big Ben he's washed but we got otro Cinco and then we also got Chad Ocho from I couldn't say her name so how much call og that's my last receiver sheets is better than wild Y and Creed was the funniest character in the office I have no clue what any of that means looking for someone to use my Steeler season ticket oh man but I go with you I'm five nine so if I'm taller than you I apologize can you name an NFL player for me fog doesn't you can it she actually responded six months later juju I'm not taking another receiver cuz I don't need a big bitch James Connor but we get to defensive players server admins tjy there are many more names some more and then we can go to some stiller's games we get a pass rusher in TJ what this is over our Karthik a fan of him same thing with to our Edmonds I don't really like pickup lines of small talk if we match tell me something on your bucket list I'm trying to make one for myself you feel me I want to be the first Madi you super term pornstar so that being said I just actually some question you guys know the question FL player can you name one she proceeded to say Tom Brady and I almost lost him but she's this Sam Brees Prescott Zeke Odell Darius Leigh we need him McKinney Kris Joe oh my god and then she named Jeffrey Simmons my oh my god gave me like six players alright so Bailey hooked it up on defense the whole defense is pretty much shot out to Bailey well I did run into a problem I couldn't find Darius slays best card so I'm stuck with this one she gave us big I don't notice it Bernard drew Ben Ben benadryl his name is benadryl McKinney and then she gave us another cold night and I Chris Jones and then a jazz player which is Montez sweat I could I couldn't find a Jeffrey Simmons guy if he has a car and then Jonathan Avram I was able to find his car I'll just be chillin I don't smoke or drink I really don't care do that if you just trying to fall just let me know so I can go ahead and tell you know well how do you always be fine anyways can you name a player for me $5 if you can Derrick Rose this is not even funny no I'm kidding laughs Massa but I really can't think man I ain't even reading the rest of that she said so I'm ready but already got a quarterback my receiver quarterback quarterback do I need to name more yeah that would help honestly it would but really if you're trying to be Mike no I'm not I'm broke damn you really think I can't or you just feel like losing $5 I bet it okay whatever Jamal Adams thank you and then a bunch of other players that I already have or I already have a position for and then I got another girl night and I'm from Danielle oh oh gosh she's a patient's fed and then Maddie gave me groan I was gonna power this card up but then I realized I hate the Patriots so I'm gonna just leave it at this fellas I've read all the messages those are all the players that I have so this is the squad I'm not worried about our fishing line because I do nobody would name an offensive lineman that's how you know people don't love office of law like that defense is kinda okay I only got one corner and he's like okay so with the rest of the players I just put in random plants for my binder now we're not too good but just not bad they're just like average or like below average but as always that's gonna Doug I boys we look real good in the front but in the back we kind of look bad it's the end of Matt it's the top three is a pointless now I hear 35 okay I play mad in a long time nothing long time but it's been a cool minute he bleeding you don't see what that linebackers did John just see what he just did oh no look at that yo throw that bitch decamp nobody care let's get it cool I get back home at John have a good old time I forgot his gym people still sweating on Matt like his goddamn August Eddie trying to go to an invitation or so Madden is over right there give me them I hate people like you brought and that's a tidy he is a scroll all right it's gonna be crossing us I just thought about that bag uh-oh oh you a cupcake for real brah alright let's get it yeah I got a second deal on that bet but I've been deep kale though indeed kale all right let's get he all up listen oh no he's not I was definitely wrong oh I see you gates get down okay don't take the lace you too old I'm not you're better go to this oh but Zeke I see you get that block you got the wrong block it's Thea it's the bad sales stuff it's the past sales stuff listen listen listen good oh I wanted to be get the fuck out of him no matter what I do I cannot stop dying where I really came oh she kind of begun with the play action is he saying yep oh yeah we just oh sweet all right boys you all up listen and we need somebody to kill a horse you jump behind or whatever we good we good it's a run awesome pick it up okay I beg it to do nothing happened hell no good job Luke Ajay the highpoint it not today bro alright I'm gonna get a safety but I wanted to see what the I would be for me wait a minute oh here this time is I'm crazy I fake not out an aggressive but I blocked the running back to block him yeah I'm getting sacked by nobody alright whatever if I don't get a first time here I'm just like yo and I'ma call the timeout i'ma get my points just a friendly message nope thank you sir get down look we already had a tip bruh alright we gotta watch a lot of ground to cover a lot of space did we get the sack just like that I ain't playing mad in a couple days but I lost my touch you know I'm still nice with that was my zone it'd be like that sometimes oh my god no I'm stuck on D tackle and we got two SEC's so lucky boom back up back up back up yeah yeah yeah go get him I said it bounce that's out of bounds alright probably what's she doing Ivey not even blissing like that he's just sitting back in coverage like oh this is a easy easy well okay get gates gates I think gays had a stroke mere play he disrespectful y'all gonna show this man what we about yeah yeah I see you thank you anyway they broke this hacker with a tuddy nah I wanted to go twenty20 you I followed shots oughta move it up today help me build this team God gave me some good players I got a dump overall a dub of a video hopefully I'll enjoy if you didn't make sure to drop like a subscriber to buy this shit