LEC Highlights ALL GAMES Week 3 Day 2 Summer 2019 League of Legends EULCS

Oh Kenan now will be the lock-in tonight the hostile kitty oh well soccer getting the cannon on the top side of course known for interest proficiency handling he's probably gonna get three bucks if this doesn't work out stepping forward oh you're not stuck into you with me focus it not gonna happen in the end of ugly flash flag and drag different mix up on the combo dreamed up you pull back with there it is – nurse – you me winning vitality losing it was just an autopilot reversal this Oh we'll just get that flag and drag out immediately Oh Jax although may have bit off more than he could you level six now trying to body block though needs to get in part of them are you gonna hook out to safety right now multiple other lanes are just kind of organically winning we go talk to all now coming out the TP coming in as well so it gets the kill you'll get the killer eSATA mode we get to NATO the safety driving a go period flashy for use here one so much Neely comes in his age once you have to be careful the TV now in a spot but now appearing and caught out as well okay come through self-made here to could look for the disengage to stall all t already use period now moving for that's a lot of Davidson easier period definitely wants to scale Cabo is gonna look to take down period still alive then shut down self-made running for the hills me and you when you look at the back forth exchange here they do they pull back they look for it wonderful get the full replay yeah you can see the transition out here Sivir Cabo pushing down two towers now breaking this one down except me to go b to 4k but knows he's caught between a rock and a hard place for this case the cat the fat cat coming through see what he can get done commas are now set to fall does not have the luxury of the free to reset and will be shut down but meanwhile in the mid lane vitality breaking a tower in response they expend some difference here and the relative early games 4k we provide I don't think what we were expecting whatsoever coming in you heard it from the desk and of course still up and available and vitality going to break this bottom Lane tier 2 they saw the resources come in to top to stop so you will notice as they drop basically zero vision for this one keeping those wards there a by himself but he does walk over sneaks brings a cat nerf cat now coming out trying to find the CC jizou get dodging out it's a safety but is it going to be enough using the dragon spell tried to pull away you may not be enough suit gate running for its life flashes overall tries to get tricky but it's not gonna be there in the end – forward get a little bit antsy that their skins gonna crawl a little bit when the plays aren't connecting and just try too hard for something its vitality I feel like there hasn't been enough bloodshed what were you saying something about just hard forcing a play surprise crown shot dots that says Jack troll go Z goes down that's gonna be clean for fight Audi five can't get lower might just come down to the spine fight eleven Kate how appearing may try to find time to gets up into the pit three K getting lower this year le all coming in freeze-frame gonna hold our thoughts for a moment as we move for the cat getting a lot of healing down the close golden sulfate in the midst of everybody sacra of the backs I try to buy a bit more time of the entire team it's getting routed they do not have the tools to go toe-to-toe with vitality and things are going from bad to worse yes they stopped the treaty so fade now I know something's up as the Baron is being taken there's a CP clubbing down are they gonna be able to get it for K trying to buy a bit more time with file chapter here 3k and dropping sulfate is he gonna go to the wall the control ward is there is now to get knocked up team up a period immediately permits the team behind toto he's doing so much damage in he's uncontested so exhaust will go down so may getting picked off on the backside period needs to go in take it away two of their weaker members coming in that self-made and sorry to try to defend this base but the cannon already used the ultimate the Gragas is not a big enough threat one inhibitor at least now will fall in favor of vitality I mean the reality is is I can understand why a scapegoat for that play you know it almost worked out from of the exigency so often will allow until it release free hit every once a while to keep the seeds going but now the fight is getting kicked off immediately knock-back crouch it's forced to use the ultimate juggler locked up but we gonna take a lot damage period now for me oh that but it goes why not do not afford to miss that now cards missing everyone maybe gets the reset here on the kill Oh ghost Cole's misses the perfect setup to the team needs to stop this will they find the reengage selfmade goes to goes golden to so many pageant Azumi news let's one down crown shot is alive as Kay are turning the fight bears period going over until it does really want the 1p one can he get it took so much damage to tell her now running for his life towards this Bell shut the chemo coming in but he also is creating a very safe zone for a crown shot vitality to burn some of these major cooldowns they started soul my Steven to pay fines when the backside until it now the exhaust and crouched on the retreat period of the mid-south everywoman soft gray right into the backline eighty Canada 90 doing some good damage onto the team here in the will be resurrected Attila is still alive crown shot though moving it for the contest once again a bit of damage of accomplish ardent is there with the knock of the crown shot will be forced out dreams need to find a new host to move into period laying down a little bit of image until Oh running for his life escape slowly but surely are winning this fight this is exactly what you were talking about frost guard it's going long it up acabo maybe too much is left him do they want to put for anything more they have to be so incredibly careful here the darken blade does an immense amount of damage sock right now stepping forward looking for the CC looking for the follow up are they gonna be able to get a través now in trouble cabo shark taken down and sk win you want another fight they say give us round two will kick it off now coming in the double for cabochon now the Barrett for vitality or the base and how much did it actually meet him long run the fact is is they burned all of their big cooldowns it wasn't the perfect team fight the sk-gaming needed to swing themselves back into it and vitality take the next team fight with more cooldowns and are now again marching and knocking down SK space I think they can end it and no matter how you build your cannon Silas is getting an AP cannon all taken it away turning the fightingest and have to give some praise to Jesu K Attila left standing vitality winning against excel may not have meant much to this team but winning here against SK is a reminder to what they have been into what they could be vitality will find their second win of the splits [Applause] to the game when you pair up like a brawl a message one but I do like the window kind of into the mindset of misfits cuz I feel like you're right but that could have been a very serious discussion a lot about early game aggression from the junglers kiri hanging around the topside he's managed to sleuth his way around this tribush ward and odo army he can expect that a dive is coming but trick is on the ball side of the potential burst here tank see mr. Shah wants to reset our agro does he have the third stack the dark blade it's gonna be a lot of damage here are they gonna go for the back off leader is on the way moto omni now trying to come back with a stun my girl isn't there one more auto was going to leave into this town is gonna guarantee akhira they're debating on who is going to tank here damage is now coming through key right Connor the time of flashed up before can connect Oh Towanda it's gonna get locked up and taking it but notice how he's already pill himself on to go in the oil and the big plate trick is on the way in the wind wall is their leader trying to fancy footwork through this one doesn't manage to flash the safety curates here now too but the dog a we're gonna put his name back on the charts for rookies beautifully played by the mid lane of Schalke he noticed that he was getting good chip damage down OOP we see more fighting in the bot lane oh yeah Don I have a lot of second iteration on that a breakable gorilla is now in trouble in cement cod out he could just walk him down getting one humbly before desperately trying to get upset but he's over state it's welcome you're not gonna get that kill that concussive blows are not enough walk them down pick them up spit them out BAM a bit of a laugh and have a damn good time if you're on the side of shotgun because that's an easy to use doesn't stop now trick room born on top has the all deep can't pull it back if you get to kill Oh get the reason but I think it's you get the opportunity to cheat cc is there so as that's all she wrote take it out it's dance and everyone is so keen to fight this game as soon as Amy drink because it's been started off by misfit just enough vision from Shaka to see something coming in here ignored it started walked in hunts off of the flash has now been forth with the junk we're now in trouble trick gonna get locked up the chance ECB is there on the backside on samba is a danger hamazaki looking for the kill trick still alive he's made it out I can't believe it the great escaping leader is it gonna be enough freeze frame but that's gonna be a 5 point strike two quick deaths for leader in this game and AH medaka is still alive Shaka simply refused to die in this exchange every single member is left standing poor and once again misfits falter four members died in that all in brawl around the Drake they committed to trying to kill Drake and they couldn't even find that schalke come out on top upset continues to be consistent Schalke lead with a three leader has now joined the fray but Schalke dorneget this a free man is priority they are they gonna be able to move for this might trick locked up will they commit anything more no because they learned their lesson last time around the key right now caught in the midst of two members of Schalke no fear I'll be dogged still trying to find this here 2×4 looking for leader been locked up oh goes going for a brief moment truck now stepping it ignore on the way into they can't kill I'm a dog and this man simply refuses to die but trick now wants to keep the plate going saucers gonna use the ultimate continuing here now he ignores steps forward once again this table catches on a mission to kill but they have to back off here leader now steps in looking for a bit more damage Ovid I think he's gonna take it out so on so to see the solo performances is astounding well now missed it's looking to collapse on avatar gay as the top Kent Rose bald as well hold back on the docking on Canterbury Julie exhausted into the techno I cursed him well the good news for misfits despite the goal deficit they are now set up to move into this Bali but that's be careful because ignores moving in upset wrapping around so as we'll get taken out by trick here right now caught between upset and trick trying to retreat gorilla can't move for that they have to be careful ultimate gonna come out upset going to sidestep said what the ultimate avail but the flash is their trick now chasing down and they're gonna have to walk away empty-handed really not getting that much off the heroin what upset did force the flash out of such warning there and despite the fact that they didn't kill such Mary will mechanically play it on the server side coming up it still get hit by the stun in the end is not interrupted there with an AA community candle he misses this steel tempest and Oto's gonna grab the kill but the biggest miss play there was actually that leader utilized his ultimate while the II was on for Moto Army so the moment he lands he gets stunned which then just buys time for Obama to turn around hit hit hit hit and he's able to cry out on top of the one-on-one he's too early and from a player that we once again when we introduced this guy we're like yah so one trick this guy knows every mechanic and he's one real ones and it's gonna be hard to find somewhere that may answer him however the fight is gonna kick off hold that thought trick now get him spit out to safety needs to retreat the stunt is there for Hans sama misfits have nobody in this fight they're looking for the retreat so it's now coming up to the side we're gonna get someone knocked up snow room Anna laughs that's the knock up from leader Big D coming from the edge real upset taking down the shutdown is their misfits are cutting through this entire team avatar game looking for his hero bun with the platform for the solo laners now shocked are gonna look to clean this one up sighs we'll still have the revive rocking out to safety but the stunt coconutty party there will be enough in the ended miss fab double berry and powerful Drake's there and the damage throughout the game however we want to hold that thought in the fight is now breaking off trick has suppressed the off so – you – looking for that third q needs the knock but it's not gonna get the time he's gets burst it down in an instant alpha dog into the backline upset and agar here well eyes on so as though he's moving in looking to take you under the boat is resistance from the jacks are not gonna be enough so as just gets caught in the midst of the meat-grinder and gets taken out I was in every man for themselves stronger than where he was about five minutes ago media we believe Ford looking to pick up leader pull him back do the win wallet take him out the leader gets the knock up will do a bit of damage not enough the Ignite used as we're thing really coming up in the favor of shop at 6k gold leaf double mountain abba dog a five two and three five one and five from upset across the board shall cart just destroy and they must feel that confidence they know that they're in the leave a note to commit a few more members you have misfits are split up trying to pick up some farm across the map shop to see an opportunity are gonna pull a trick back but still via breakable zephyr Birla finds a bit more time go to water into the backside the disengage comes out with the tower still in favor of shotgun dole fear so asked now on the front line running forward and use much with it this game is like the fights that they've been picking up ignore moving around the wall hunt some enough essentially caught out one more stack they're gonna move right into Vince managed for the meat grinder grill walkie as much damage as he can such a huge determining factor banaba dog aides into the back side the TP now coming into the mid lane Oda WOM Nick moving through Schalke winning the fight for now but I've said incredibly low leader on the way and AMA docking finds what he's looking for to wants to get gorilla kids from every single member will shut down misfits and will open up a free Baron for shell they got everything they got the teamfight they got the tower they're gonna get the Baron again this is Jacques dated to lose at this point they are and the drivers see and they are running biscuits over incredible display of dominance that team by so many loyal members coming out on top out playing they do the dual circumstances cannot wait to hear it may be looking for a playoff to order though oh no fade it in here counter strike the metrical down you have to keep your eyes on the prize there's nothing because this is a 4v5 a collie is on the top side and Chaka are still dominating and that's the key thing they're winning the fight and they're ending the game of 45 in upset he's just gonna chase him all the way into avatar he's waiting Quadra kill per upset a commanding win for Schalke no fear up against misfits once again misfits play around there solo lanes leader Yasuo his first game on stage but it is not enough Abba doggy and trick in the early game the team as a whole they're trolling they're not even concerned they'll take the win endure the profit will go on did visit chachi taking that to the topside potentially up against the rumble let's say you will be confirmed as fre swaps over will wait until 20 seconds 200% will be no fall myth you taking a lot of damage here in the trade this to d2 is absolutely doomed from splice pull the platform connector totally commit explain ticket paid for the fnatic playbook and Patrick now in trouble goodbye to the Draven freeze frame is fire rate from the sky double kill he's the control over this river for origin here we got it before though just immediately wants to take certain out of the fight they don't think you take one number may be able to win the whole thing two binding will go in not gonna be quite enough on the Traven good sides of reserves down the back nuke duck though grabs the solo killing the bot side he got permission to go in as soon as they saw all four members of splice their split it goes in the bracket taking out Patrick still alive for now locked up north scared now set the ball where's the cash in for the joist yes 289 doing well but how far it could be in trouble so say going up the TP coming into the middling humanoid has to be careful so low can always force onto you when nars in his mini he just wants to poke he wants to keep you at range but because forelli is ability to reset her queues on to her target she instantly close the gap and Patrick is alone and there's a telephone in copy has to be careful here Patrick where's he gonna go sidestep squashes up into a comedy call he's there – that committed enough resources to kill Patrick he will get taken down humanoid grabs another kill really can they grab it it's pretty easy to do both won't even walk on not enough time but still kill humanoid or if humanoid can get that assassination it's gonna be very key Shawn she gets in a little trouble split action chachi now talk back for the mega gnar is there after spec potential for the engage keep your at the bottom side as well because how far he has gone down but og now realize they may need to win the fight the soul shackles come out whirling death gonna hit board that's gonna be enough hold back a nuke duck gonna grab the kill they're in office Akali so they can go toe-to-toe up against nuke ducks irelia that's gonna be a tough task because new chuck should be closing in on that Trinity force relatively soon but Cersei seems to think that's the best way for spies to win makes a lot of sense would have to see what Patrick wants to do about it of course laps away from the CC but can't flash wait for much of the damage coming through fnatic Holly move over for some bear and vision look to secure that area it's copy fights for mid lane pressure but they'll real honours ahead smooth C maybe not for mithya the leap over the wall from human eye trying to fish for competent e black so it's going to be tough looking for the delete but is it going to get the show will force him away he flashes into the rumble all that knock back is that or scare another treat Patrick just wants to kill somebody for the flats to die he'll lose half that but North Kent really wants more actually that's that's not great TP he's locked in the middle the team cold just watch E but Hubert just immediately takes out nuke duck classic sleight of hand look over here but the real action is happening elsewhere outlawry retreat no scary trick wants the caching so bad but he will not get over greed and they know that they're down a member all right humanoid coming in once again I'm so confused by that teleport 30 members of og run towards the TP and the new tux like wait a second Lulu's looking broken to it what's on the Baron there on the Baron Patrick now stepping forward on the drave and see what exactly he can get done Cersei incredibly well however the knock-up is they're coming from Norse guy they're just gonna be you Lee will never pop install I've had convinced everybody been to chachi with a big gob shut down onto the Draven that's three cob a showing up huge table a popping off right there hits his item spikes and jams it down oh gee this is gonna be an easy Baron for them as Oates you're left with scraps on the bot side trying to fish for what they can but a beautiful gnar ultimate the confidence there to quit game to face against the Baron they're sending three members modeling this is the window they must seize before they lose their mid lane tower even right on the retreat where's the shroud going to go needs to make up save you so incredibly faster – you're just gonna Julie Becky but a beautiful body lamps sample stop him in his tracks meanwhile the mid lane tier 2 Tower is going down humanoid no the redemption will not connect cold on the case but he can't do it damage this Akali does this man will not be stopped Pizza chachi breaks the top lane tier 2 stands his ground in the 1v3 the recalls aren't coming in fast enough splice gonna take the tower taking the inhibitor as well humanoid versus the world right now saving the game first splice the sole member of the advantage in an even game say he broke it wide open and now the entire team humanoid of all people stepping up is the biggest surprise the biggest hero of this team what else can he do here does not want to get caught in the trout in the equalizer he's gonna have to accept his fate oh he's cooking step it down they're trying to find him where is he going to go ah the shutdown caught the end I just watch him play a collie on the blue monoid looks like the tier 2 will just break in the paper explains now origin will just give up their tier 2s and do their best to hold on to their inhibitor to rage bar and it looks like it might even break in inhibitor tower or rather a nexus Channel and is the incremental advantages once again for spice looking so clean as we move later in the game our scans have a board posturing threatening to the cha Chi stunts for now of course no equalizer there's not a damage laid down over combo just too slippery to be locked down yeah I think spice just stick around they go bot Lane tried to knock that turret then they have one more wave mid lane they can break that to don't even have to stress for the inhibitor so you know it gets out of safety because Baron is spawning in less than a minute they get these towers then they can easily go back for the Baron and look to take that close eyes on that swears that he was going to come from you can't only one man can find it all their new tech has to be careful though North Korea said the cord made to be able to find this time they talk to members Patrick needs to find a kill if you want the common justice simply too much images all these back up he pulls the bettors back forcing the flashes out North's Kelly before it and stepping back source say though fishing for Patrick Dempsey llinois Hill have you been to the backside no hope for the trave admit he is next on the list they're walking him down og desperately trying to make a last stand the flash forward the randuin's 50 will drop how far he is next trying to get the BBQ but it's not enough the double kill nuke duck the last man standing but it's just not going to happen splice now going to end the game splice will take down origin and raise the question who really is the third best team in Europe make their day not too fun Oh papi the final pic here for expect in the top lane so we think it's gonna be a cuddly mid right beats hop the question is from Hillier sang and top lane expect going in on nemesis system there's no escape from this he flashes the lands a kick in the mid lane but before going live then expect towards this mid lane they just want to go on nemesis doesn't have flash remember he burned it in that to the line there's a killer in the bottom Lane as head of sank Falls Mickey force out here cables gonna jump in the EQ flash expect tanking up the tower not back with a heroic charge and nemesis has nowhere to go three kills exactly how well an early game can be played oh no reckless is out of range for Hillier sank to jump back into and you see one binding lands this is what I said in track 1 binding land use of that tan man roster roster and they're smashing reckless and he'll assange you can see nemesis was thinking about going down here with the package she started to path towards the bottom lane but it just can't get there in time mounting another plate on the tower we're both coming in trying to trade their uses the dark and played spell should use to block the second lock up there's the prismatic barrier Mystique's pushing forward Webber pops the world and the Beast falls back cage was on this side of map and there if the final spot below just in time with a bass comes back in the Ignite coming out both going for the one beat you so much like the true shot for us will connect and now nemesis box and records are trying to make his team turn it around three situations Cadle roaming up as well but do we got another fight they teleport back in they want more expects try to catch on killer same a killer Stein will get the you and me so doesn't get a chance to play lead nemesis in making a fighting towards the bottom side is reckless both up towards the top Mickey on the blast cone managing to get away but nemesis with the chase one more order was fanatics first kill of the game there are members of yesterday against you gonna follow that while they can take this into the game it's a double for mister for just but fanatic going in come back what does their ideal to fight look like and honestly they don't have this only see the XL vision because fnatic have to make the play box are looking for the sonic wave of the time they were taking download honestly maybe they can challenge they killed caps so many times that they just didn't have anything left the emotional burden of killing your food they don't even have to put them into that Lane they just have to make sure they can be here if banana quer to try to find a fight now that the tower goes down the mid lane is here and they'll try for more with the kidding Jones out Mickey tries to get the damage down but must go back expect still the front line looking for the reset just back away here fnatic able to hold on but it is a one four zero traded favor of Excel Excel with the Baron for fifty five more seconds it's five versus four for the next twenty they have this power play they should be looking for the tower on this push here we go Jessica standing on the front line has that rapid firecannon for the long range also has the inhibitor tower down to about three-quarters health now half now less looking forward to the Excel step forward expect on the fun but he might be ready to survive the Nemesis is stepping forward with the bell current nemesis wants to go in they have the chainsaws he flashes on in as the damage is not enough on towards making who wants more excel just able to escape the final Sparkle and his nemesis caught in the binding of whipple not here in time they're looking for the speed-up might be sacrificed hold on to this game they stall out the rest of the baron that is the important thing for fnatic to get a little turret to the cycling he has to tell [Applause] you wanna see one shut down as repo comes in for the bottom side of the fights Jasper chasing the blocks it gets the boomerang played it gets the kill now boo boo in a 1v4 he is way out of his depth reckless might try and come and help him in the sense that as well whipper had to flash reckless trying to do what he can with the ice born the slow ticking down on whip oh he gets taken out and Mickey's still on the chase reckless trying to get away half the flash evasion escape needs to keep hear the sang with him expect a big forward but exile under the offensive exhales smash the teamfight and they have the minions here reckless uses the ought to clear out the minions but there's another way expect is here to take the tower and excel what do you never is this just go and there they can take the inhibitor you still got 20 seconds on the rest of the timers looks like Excel say Nova now with just 10 secs them down but with cable here it's gonna be hard there's no package he'll never see might have just jumped into his demise damaged expect is there with him but fnatic are trying to react oh how the tides have turned here the Excel chants are silent they are stuck in this pitch and the rest of back they were hampered they were end in but somehow they have fought back this game told pretty much even fnatic take a slight lead Excel three versus five trying to defend their base just accordion and now mistakes and Mickey's have to run away this will be the inhibitors work fnatic look for the kill the inhibitor goes down they have the minions with Jasper the carry from Excel is down it is just up to Mickey and Mystique's two other two members are responding but the towers are falling when that it clings on to life in this game is try to clear electrode Sal he manages to escape to develop a couple stepping forward for the fight the next two towers have to be the target with the Darwin Menaka mystique slow down [Applause] Ward out scale in the side lane and offer a lot of kill threat on to the narc if you bring your jungler up there well they're gonna lock it in for you so find the connection down on to Mickey holding on to the blood she's gonna try an adaptation to take the all-star here they go in will I caught how bandage has to get its perks looking for the stunner yeah cuts on his way inspires coming in as well Vander what out just a little bit is he has to back away but yeah cuz now has got been spotted by his father could jump in to find his Avenue in teleport sound broke are going for the kills your flash inspired spell shield is good straight in perks use this spell shoot just at the right moment the counter teleport coming in – gee – and now inspired has overstepped he's done turnaround inspired paths down but he's seen on the heel as well very early on this I was miss coordinated but they weren't tanking the towers it doesn't really matter too much they get a play out of it not taking will keep him alive that could be awful 42 yeah purge can't auto it's not playing towards this area of the map here we go eventually they pull yank off only just survives are now bandar caught underneath the tower hurts dodging out front so arrange this will be a lockdown it's a double bujji – and it's a double for perth Xander had nowhere to go I almost escaped a g2 give them the room to breathe that should be the tower in the bottom lane wall inspired stuck on the opposite side the map just says hey I guess I take a rift Herald but he will not be happy with that and this is what we expected through cheats you coming into this game powerful early gameplay is a three thousand gold lead at the 11 minute mark that's gonna extend even further as perks is gifted over this plate gold he's now sitting at far gonna do something as caps comes across Lawson here as well as the three be – for the moment banner on his way inspired flashes in immediate shroud from taps hexagonal made him used up towards the top side is a trying catch I wonder instead cash decides to leave his top line of the dust he's dead with the rest of g2 on the chase the rift held still a growth here my room g2 starting up the scuttle crab at the moment trying to get some control over this river but rogue are not done just one more recent and it will go back the patients going down with more kills who like tries to show up but it is not enough cuz the ultimate oh just get the slow is enough for it's too little too late it means profit now it doesn't have the attention he needs wheel to push up and that side lane so all in all wait a second they're trying to make something happen on the rope team adds it's just disgusting ones are caught out here in the bottom side is bandulus with a knock up inspired on the chase doesn't have the impeller flashed away will still gets turned up there's the counter follow up son with a fracture here comes Papa smoking for the chase but wanders dodging around eventually wonder will for but if anyone steps near him he's just gonna quit them to death it's not that bad blue light sauce an essence reaver in a punchy glove Oh have to do it we saw how much of a challenge these lower tier teams can be in the last game gold globally around the map and now we're just doing a picture-perfect close as their own lives two more kills two caps at the double for here rogues jungle belongs to g2 now four members up top lane they're gonna get the turret we'll just at 8 minutes 18 minutes rather g2 looks speedrun another game yeah it's exactly what they're doing right now in vogue have to find a way back into it is very typical toss an jabal leads please just can't chase someone down a lane for long enough without g2 being able to respond and punish you notice what cheaters have pushed forward in this lane hey comes inspired wants a wonderful water hops the walnuts by a car chase through terrain meanwhile top lane caps going is theirs to tepees and a killer killer already and perks takes it away from Katz's waiting arms wonder look for the knob at last and flashes away and now then hits tower Falls I don't even need a baron they just take it with the split push that will be the inhibitor short to follow and g2 are just demolishing both there's not really much ah yeah I'm not sure about sending ruling on the SIA to match up against the deep youth edit caps Holly you never will go down just twenty minutes into the game G to have a mini wave up mid lane pushed in they land the binding to get damaged uninspired they're gonna try and knock down this turret but they are inhibits the tower gonna fall pretty quickly and g2 could just look for the win here caps jumping in l2 inspired to straight to the shroud inspires it's dead before you can even land the impale this thing doesn't have much poison in it right now the best part is he landed the impale for the five tile strike still came out and knocked him down so caps gets the kill here we go this is so much more like the g2 we wanted to see in back but today they come out swinging nothing will stop them and they look for the killers on at the fountain just forcing Brokeback the Nexus how is not even in their eyes hungry for blood hungry for kills gets his fifth apogee mickey flashing forward try to catch them out on the fountain g2 so close to this win the death spawns are the response timers are so short inspires already back up the damage still comes through though g2 is this another picture-perfect fountain diving game that's the only question I have worth to ask Maddox waited for the super minions to push into can take the next towers if they want they'll take it and then they'll look for the fountain they're always hungry for kills if they can get them broken waiting for the respawn of will I his up in 9 for ketosis the background is only honor to Ward's wonder rocket is done for with the crit Rick with the ricochets just bouncing bullets off broke on to other members and there's not really much this road Wadman can do inspired boss back on to the fountain the rest of Road will shortly follow him and g2 are looking for some more I think we're going on to the fountain water gets an our baby wonder with the Narns are inspired goes Gordon Parks is shut down but now she too may focus the Nexus instead caps try to do in the Nexus [Applause] respect and I think that they got caught off guard but multiple times by bikes up they ended up winning of course showing the caliber I want to turn to the fact that Origen lost to splice now origins one of the teams just going to riff rivals and then being taken down by splice I watch that game and I see to Val OTT of similarities and how these teams play and their approach I still felt that origin are slightly better team with slightly better players but today wasn't the case so you know are you surprised seeing that splice can take down origin and then origin also had a slightly sluggish game