LEC Highlights ALL GAMES Week 3 Day 1 Summer 2019 League of Legends EULCS

on the side of Excel those champions will be relevant they will be the primary target vote we still gonna move forward now leaping at mystique splashes I've save each other chords expect now needs to – its way out double – she's gonna come through one and two getting a little bit extra kneeling I'm cool to meet the flash have the safety now brought back by the top catch that devourer such a huge piece of CC there expect gets taken down position eventually Excel can out scale but a fight ally to keep screen maybe not the ideal usage but it could be the tower plate Popeye just walk this Renekton – he's sprinting out that this is about to be a 2v1 expect one dash away I think yet the creep can't refresh does he have the usage not quite yeah it's just gonna go in and get taken out immediately wanted to use the coal to meet for healing but the stun is going to stop and Mickey now trying to make the big play just on the way in with the soda that's gonna be big is it going to be enough power Tom catch on the way up Koppel shirts at the ball they just barely get him Boris is here for backup he's gonna grab the kills while the side step from Jets Club so clean but I don't think it's going to be enough lag and drag where's it gonna go Sonya's perfect timing window are they gonna take it Jack's role tanking well coordinated by vitality a clean dive hit a two-for-one and excel we read the one so much there because Zhu Zhu K also on the bottom side of the map gets to push down that entire tower they're getting plates into the topside it's just chip damage in the mid lane for excelled back in their pockets incredibly difficult situation for excel we expect to this field much closer game you talk about it being a coin flip it could go either way depending on which team shows up today and right now vitality are the team that are showing up 5k difference 14 minutes into the game this is a dominance from vitality we go toe-to-toe with excels composition and honestly perfect ought to be Mickey money of either the chance to go to teamfight City he's just gonna have to go back to the fountain here in a second the flash now it's gonna be enough drag himself out with the shifty chance but we try to walk him down but it's a lot and he would be fired back if you flash go to wall Mowgli defense of no man's land something to fight starting to turn to zoo game everything and that sub meat-grinder right there vitality with the turn of the back of Cobo shard late to the party where you group up folks for that tarik Altman you think we've saved our team as awesome thus far Goldie gonna continue to grow 9 Cain for vitality grabbing a cloud right with me I'll hold it though yeah here comes the redemption now being taken away Jesu get going to heal up a decent amount expect trying to chase him down but Mowgli behind they want to run in stun now going to connect they're backing off actually hits a creep in the end oh no jack trouble right in the middle of everyone oh they want to eat some bitch they definitely got it shut down a bit unfortunate they vitality we're not able to get anything on the back of them but if vitality actually gets two on that timer and again if they get stalled out in this mid game setting up around baron excel could come back into this game with their scaling Oh cabo just gonna chase it down spotted on the ward caught shopping Mickey now in trouble is he gonna go down here so incredibly well one more Auto is gonna do it cabo takes it away available for the SONA machine just now coming through so once again time against excel and this is the big thing about whenever Mickey gets caught he's there safeties iteration of wave clear because Sona and Tarek really need to be on top of the wave since they don't have a traditional marksman so anytime Mickey is out of position it's so much more punishing for excel because they really rely on Azir to stall out this game speaking that position up so much more this goalie will continue to extend but sona's power is still of course the legendary something that to expire a little bit of time though now the fighting dragged forward where's he comes to the flag as predicted you David you are going to be a motorboat Ark wants to respond with something is on but here cops Cabo shark a beautiful push away from these earbuds a bit of time Mickey now a bundle Cabo in no man's land forced to go close in the shark and the soda are surviving for now to our Guardi dead as you're alive just you can use it the stolen ultimate and we'll take the killed April running for the hills Mickey trying to use it tried to keep himself safe backing off now as Redemption comes out it's like by tau D will be able to turn away can they take the bear and they have the members cables still alive and well however no tank though really what are we gonna get in there that should be fine to take this one back a droll kind of poking his head around considering can he get into this pit thus Mike not too far off who's on zone control looks like pushback no it's the stolen ultimate coming through to the bear it dropping into Morgan it's a stolen awesome bazooka actually that really make the difference levels in this game two four and one two three and one on the top side of the map Oh four three on the bottom side Excel definitely looking quite routed in this game it's again 13 K gold vitality simply walking down the bottom side of the map with this barren but excel like a shotgun at this point one more shell left they either take out their target or they lose the game nah nothing you expect here as soon as they they want if vitality want like this next way of coming in they could just try to force dive the tower like even if they wipe what do they lose here very true yeah that's expects like I need to actually get back yeah definitely needs to pull off cannot let three inhibitors go down definitely smart to give this one up need to pick your fights by Toby are no pressure to do small silver lining Lich Bane is therefore the SONA this is the moment oh they are just gonna run it with historical but it breaks at our fantastic use of the stolen alt excel now gonna have a tough time do not have the luxury of a tower to back them up and this is their final fight Zuka taking another ultimate think it sounds like so incredi strong there is the tar calls MIT Mobley how we're treating as he gets the old pin out that trying to force something both we know and trouble he is going to eat up by the time Kent came to continue to extend his play to keep moving forward that's the crescendo trying to delete the stone of a no Viserys race is still there but we take it down combo on the backside to till those three firing into the backline the forest is untouched the ruins hurricane the Quadra he wants to Penta oh they're gonna give it to buy in the time does Jax what if I take it they want to move it until a candy getting will the team go for it no oh oh it's heartbreaking the arrow it's not enough in the first wind vitality will take it but only the Quadra for a Atilla absolute showing of dominance expect as baiting him in died for him they want they can't the coordination isn't there they'll take the win vitality first win as well in the top lane will be locked in here for visiting one of his signature picks so now that we see both the compositions rounded out I want to talk about how these teams will for topside haven't really got any leads in any of the lanes nothing substantial I'd have to be expected when we said both these team might and I use the primary beneficiary this is not good for profit he doesn't does have the flash if he tries to get away here's the TP coming in Kobe not going to take up the towers s he takes the shot but good escape from profit why are you there well because he can repel the advance because he had two people keeping him behind him watches TV folded Papa came up through the river no vision down towards the bottom side wasn't able to connect on humanoid who just pulled away in the Scorpion though otherwise you're really looking for someone coming in trying to jump board with target in close enough Larson just wants one more auto attack sir say waiting on the wings considering trading backwards quickly as it did because skarner's rushing forward we're still so early in the game it's not very hard for them to beat Devon and Van der body's bone sight going for the tower should equalize that pretty soon we are coming up towards the famine 20 minutes higher vision control here profit going in on to touch is gonna pull him back to Nam into the wall before we can go for the chase here comes the package Larson on the offensive charge running for the hills retreating puts up the white flag but it's not gonna save him for long Larson takes the kill smart move I feel good about that she's gonna cool pulled back with the inhale they're looking for the last coat is gonna knock him up chachi doesn't really have anywhere to go cc'd bidets tries to get away routed over the world a perfect flash for the chase and chachi will feel great but it's not transitioning into any sort of objective in fact it's humanoid that actually takes the towel off give rogue first access to be infernal so I guess in the end well it's also that inspired has flash and no one has access which means they can approach this Baron and shove away any contest now inspired still has flash like you pointed out so you can get to the pit but they turn sexy solo Vander is gonna get caught out he will fall but the reinforcements have arrived as Larson to put it into the fight and they got punished for it yeah and that's the question now in the long-term is this horseflies looked back at the Vaught and say we visit Jarvan whereas once rogues composition is locked into the parent HP on a hit continued noise from inside it's gonna bring some reinforcements to the fight we shall crush comes out but now the Barons are going Cersei and rogue tried to disengage trying to keep spices separated flash and maybe with that twice chances in this day but they're gonna be said that pushing forward it's by its solo look at chachi jumped on by no scary car be forcing bandits to the bottom side but it's all on lassen the rogue have no more tools left to turn and fights a little bit more though because we said much over at this point like nice at this point actually gonna have to hold that cursor stays on the flight and copies here as well teleport coming in from space they know they want to go for this barren straight afterwards prop it pops the world and a copy coming in there's Larsen the glove the final chapter will connect pop it goes Golden Boot it's fired he gets onto the front line here as well jesse is gone profit managing to survive and spice papers got that okay so to jump across the wall pop it is on the flank looking for the perfect Avenue into the fight doing some reconnaissance behind the team you want to give some credit to charge is well if they can ban we talked about how he needed to be the primary engage with this team sometimes he did that pretty well there him and Zurich teaming up with the Cataclysm in turn our combo to stop rogue in their tracks now spice pushing in for the inhibits a tower down towards this bottom somehow with the berry minions to it's so easy to walk take a big damage coming out from carpet that'll be the tower charge she doesn't have flats but they're gonna go in with the chase on the hunt pops humanoid adds a half HP per banders already done and rogue have to step back that's the tower that's the inhibitor and is placed with a strong humanoid has that wave down bad side to stature it should be dropping now with that Baron buff Larson does have the package so in fury can respond to a fight quicker but rogue as we said before have no good targets to catch out this must be such a frustrating game for them because for the last 10 minutes they've not been able to much of anything and the unfortunate reality is that while Larson and blue light are very wave does have we're gonna TP two-thirds awarding the P is that when you're coming in this one down towards the spotting side as well but that's control hold on that there's the TP now we're gonna see what I join the fight and it's gonna start now inspired has to be able to find copy instead they get poked out and pushed back the other dragon is start up again and it's taken down back into the team and there's no escape towards the top side you can see down towards this bottle decided to fight the charge is just chasing them did you car get through that you can't do anything against splice isn't easy enough win in the fight yeah humanoid meanwhile teleported on the back half of that fight he is just going to walk it in here for splice that should be it it's rule eight and Larson trying to stop a red buff from going down and wound why he can't get back to base you know it just gonna take it all kings of the late game splice once again show us once you hit the 40-minute mark there's no defeating them minutes into the game they'll take the win versus rope some cream Lea tracking game you'll see whether that or not that is the case meanwhile urging and around things out with a scaling mid laner in the fourth string and teleported into the lane as well so they have the item and Buster for it has the teleport to join this fight other one he has his as well cold with a knock-back trick flashes away to have the blast gun if you wants to join the fight again ain't NOS sitting in the pit I would argue with the pop rocks and who the artillery lines are upset to shreds rude and Fight Club you come forward cold down as well this is a bloodbath Joker able to pick up so many kills double for odo Patrick still here just poking out as much as he needs to get away from some of these two CS this is a great example of how do you like Russia what comes out that's just nothing you can do yeah top side of the map infernal for whipped out it's an interesting trade not one we see too often usually people want to fight around to that fiery Drake but charcoal will give a year the trade up towards topside that's what you do is and hopefully you can try and secure the first tower of the game I don't know if they're going to be able to do it in time though think Schalke gonna lose this battle it's 3 V to lift I was gonna get a swipe off here as well and down towards the bottom side this and bulwark plate on that tower it's very close Origen will get the birth tower the second one will go down to Schalke but look at that Mary's that consistently outputs a high amount of damage and is a reliable carry for his team and our ocean take it out but odo is sacrificed by the team trying to get lots Patrick he's separated cousin comes out happy target coming to out to join his team now there's the pop awesome just trying to escape with the shield won't be enough announced 1213 on upset nuke took a level head of his lane opponent as well as now the mountain Drake has been Sardis to the Cataclysm straight into their demise shall to lose to an arching camera top beautifully played by origin they landed soloist props the origin rather we said it earlier on in the game where if you're going for a fight you have to commit you have to make sure it's the right one because in there so it's always gonna be difficult to but I think right now he's there behind them they want to train for shall Kurds be as uncomfortable as possible and shout go they have very little information to origin I'm gonna keep this one off what will shout could do well they tried to fight or will they just give this one away feel they have to fight otherwise it's gonna be a slow burn as that the hamon goes down into one three one lanes trick stepping forward no vision still the Barons gone he gets it and shallow Mis bebés chip away at this towel ready down that's how it will fall in the mid lane to staying together to poke the opposition away ricochets coming out here tricks gonna chase enough army uses the stopwatch redemption coming out as well upset already times a half HP but I Bobby solo who almost taking out the shoes of the possible to backline though this is what Schalke wanted the flank position is cold just about escapes Odo's got a ball I went you get two and now they can fight back but they don't need to shower have retreated to their base in origin just wait for the next way Schalke successfully hold the line but they've only got three members left upset alone trying to defend the tower it is for members of origin still has his ultimate as well can just jump him that towers gonna fall inhibits Atari Downpatrick almost kills of a target with a jump forward the final spot not enough to take out the knee Cobra the inhibitor will fall of origin have broken the basis of Schalke so again what looks like a good option yes the shield from his cue eventually a good position yes it's only straight on to Patrick the redemption coming out he's already done it's at our fourth in the bottom Lane it's odor one day he hasn't been able to hold off advances look at origin they're doing what they can train in the game I'd say Kenny hold the line take down the Nexus Tommy almost goes down with the stopwatch keeps himself alive Newton who revived with the TA now he's dead it's all a neuter but you don't think he can do too much here called out they take the Nexus towers Michele could take the win in the past Schalke have all five members Oh and are able to come out on top of the fight beautiful stuff from the side of Schalke they can make their way towards the back into this game right now they push it in 40 seconds and if they want to go for the chase mid and misfits a utility burst mage for forgiving in the midlane this is kind of his meta and the syndra suits him to a tee even though sacra had that early advantage generated a lot of pressure in the 1vs1 Mead won't be able to gain much priority but he will provide an extra bit of safety for max law as he secures the rift power for the SWAT they have five players on the top side of the map in should be able to take that top tower pretty easily but Crenshaw will get the first tower up again 19 minutes 9 second we want to see from this misfit squad as fast saying because like it feels like they're always second on the play skc even with no vision and it's because they have vision or where maxwell is that's another table secured look ok I'll go in submits on his way Hunt's already solo behind summer as well a maybe the ad carry mrs. overstepped in fact I'm pretty sure he has stopped great coming in behind enemy lines it's peach so it's down towards the bottom Lane trying to do what he can he'll get a tower mr. boots will get their second ocean dragon of the game but it is small solace for them as they're in their tier two fours in the top lane a lot of waivers coming out from the side of Evelyn which is making it difficult for SK to secure this mid tier one in the same vein reconnaissance in beforehand sup me going in need that's a quickness treatment not couple gorillas already serve Oh sacré on his way to try to fight this so let's low down to half HP he's done and gorillas now the next target you have the field the flashing pink brown Chicago I find the connection but it's this are retreating clown shop called out it might be enough damage to take him down the card even kill the ad when he's called out when it's out of position misfits do not have the damage trueshot barrage coming in as SK look to push down mid I don't know if they're gonna be able to secure this tower they did take a little bit too much damage oh ho low stuff there but they're looking for the kill anyway okay a phenomenal game up against misfits Tower goes down SK forcing in this poke pick comp that they have developed he's working out very well for them psychically as the minions I'm sure that's what he was aiming for and that bottom Lane but misfits well and truly on the ropes and you do have to ask yourself the question when you look for an early game jungler you had one last week what's Maximo doing it well we'll leave that to the misfits cap to decide in any case they were not able to find any other game these are see they've done very little this game it's just been the SK show they scaled up my sleeve they weren't over aggressive and right now they're playing on two lanes but they have a pushing Lane top it's only a matter of time before they break into the base of misfits and this shows to me very clear growth from the side of SK last week they were very overeager they tried to force a lot of fights that they honestly couldn't win but this week they feel a lot more reserves they feel a lot more patient and they're playing around their spikes very very well now they're gonna break this base I'm gonna look for that first in him going for the inhibitor shot dishing out the TPS hextech gunblade finished on him as well I think the Trinity force was a good idea they played around that spike in power so well and now they're gonna go down towards the bottom Lane 10,000 gold lead 27 minutes in SK our speedrunning the end of this game one of the fastest games of the day as they now siege up towards the tower wall misfits look for unengaged fastest game of the day with the latest first blood of the Year from SK how quickly this game has snowboard in their favor from a killer twenty minutes to five male up to twenty seven and a 10,000 goalie they're in such a good position mid top wave is pushing in they still have the bound for 50 seconds the inhibitor tower their target so as looking for the engagement self may just run straight at them the inhibitor tower will fall and SK are gonna continue to push forward before stuff romantic a slow and steady wins the race misfits are just watching their base fall to pieces they don't feel strong enough so young toward that inhibits a tower croucher just needs chip away at it with those Auto attacks and with the essence bucks the tower goes down next is teleporting to a super minion as well the suppression land so it's try to jump on the back with a little crown shot this but he's devourer just in time and he gets away sack with yours max losses gorillas down as well and sacrifice somehow still alive forbidden will kill him in the end but that's a double across towards the nerf and SK just looking for the win only two members alive on the side of misfits fortunately for them it's a lot of their wave clip but with four members of SK I don't think it's going to be enough to stop this final siege SK they want to move to three and two in week 3 of the LHC's that going off the hot summer an incredibly strong performance here by SK never doubt really for them they solidify their position as a playoff team as they take down mr. sit come to picks and fnatic they will go for the pike karma Boleyn I'm excited this time is g2 doing it cats trying to trade into rock hunting here has access to the flash remember it's just a flash body slam to CC duration biggest thing is look at wonders health and mana and look at Hillis a boxer still has flash hit Assange on his way wonder has a flash of his own still has the ultimate if he wants to join this fight cats just dodging around as much as he can surviving for as long as you can but you have to think whip or get there with the chases crowd use caps still dodging away the better going over the wall into the Baron pit just waiting as Brooks's in the perfect position every moment once a tries to turn it back on synapses away is very scary caps of death will be playing with fire right now that's because of his way up boxes here is the ultimate chase but he able to know what it is he sees caps in the game he's like I know what to do this one looks personal for sure minutes now whipper up towards the top lanes to lead a gank by yang close wonder on the chase here some more land with the floor the stewards can see we're post just gonna board this is great stuff from Chi Super Pets Alive but there comes a versus trying to catch on to wonderful wonder goes into the bush out of vision he just [Applause] and behind them underneath accelerator but this is Renekton still getting so many of these plates in the top lane quit boat is very strong right now has completed black cleaver and now he's going to be unlocked as he takes down this turret fnatic don't slow down even though g2 are trying to answer the aggression and wonder he's got to be regretting that interrupt of the teleport right now but alt in the middle lane but it's finally allowing you to [Applause] get away but hit a safe on the chest couldn't quite land Tiamat Hillier saying he's buying for the best Viking [Applause] Oh ripped Howard hair used by boxer in the midlane he's had such a good early game took the inferno looking for this as well the final chapter comes out for Mickey but just the boss fnatic off the midlane tower does not fall always so important so we gotta take stock ultimately fnatic still in control of the game they have a very healthy gold lead just notice the difference between what poor nemesis and one props the Yankers have full control and they're the ones that get to dictate a lot of plays around the map what's important for t2 is you say frost they buy time and get the saw Lane is back and relevant in the game it is a perfect example of that right there the fact that they were able to trade objective you no wonder getting all of that free time up this top lane does take down that tower in the bot lane that was lending a helping hand and this damage has to run away the wall so much physical as well he'll assign jobs across the wall that's greedy the final chapter comes out will through to mark the ease invisible a moment gets taken out by cats rocks are now in the front line is captured dodges forward Mickey hitting he tried to do Senate play jumps the wall now knots purse back but they can't quite find the connection bananas just pushing forward their line here wonder slowed up with the red card ultimately a one-for-one between the two teams of fnatic or the ones that have priority right now they have a minion wave alive the tower is very low is a solo queue that predicted is 9/2 into nineteen minutes in this game he is black Weaver and space in this game and in short it is full steam ahead for fnatic it feels like or it's game over second inferno of the game Hannah sank straight on to purse get the slowpokes are trying to wake in a sec almost out there's a destiny as well [Applause] [Applause] a lot of that falls on the back of roxor as well there were question marks in the offseason as to whether he would be the starting jungler with Dan coming into the team but he has shown us across the last three splits that he is still one of the best if not the best jungler in the NEC right now he said his team up for success so well he was all over the map in the early game and he's pushed he to back so well and now we see the classic Hill assange split push with the band does this when he's on support now he's one of the big carries he's generating so much pressure as fanatics perform at got the team at he has the mobility he has the Baron buff like you said he can sit there and then very quickly collapse to his team if maybe if it is how we're gonna fall here in the bottom Lane 23 minutes ng to space is broken inhibit the short to follow you have to feel a G to unaware of how to defend here they're looking at keeping their players around mid fnatic take down the inhibitor 24 minutes in they have broken open two dependents beat down now it's only Yankers left alive no one can survive vs fnatic team on to the Nexus yang cuts and perks trying to defend the damage in his nemesis a reckless tap or coming behind them now as perks goes in Miki stepping forward rappers solo the Nexus not gonna fall and cows has the flank G to the base defense holds once more but as almost gets by his former teammate he's always getting down to the minions box at the moment g2 able to survive for the time being but that said they lose their mid it's just the last mid in him standing no Nexus towers to eat them to get into a backdoor for the Nexus hit us ain't going place you say the destiny comes in as well and nemesis [Applause] conversation switches back to fanatic will there be another 18 or run since you've now shut caps and g2 up well we've done most of the hard schedule so far so run one should be okay but then obviously as you said earlier there's the G to mash up again origins looking good s case looking pretty good as well so how good is the rest of the field because it feels like g2a fnatic are very clearly a step above then it kind of feels like origin and then you know you drop more tears is that fair that says prefer yeah capsule similar to last without say yeah I mean I'm not really sure I think we are in a weird position right now because it feels like we have like maybe like some scale of sketchy early games on both on stage and screams but we usually come back I mean today we didn't but usually we just and make it like a really good comeback and our game is also very like Fiesta like like this game so maybe we'll I have to turn in the brown a bit or maybe just have to go all in on this right but but I'm I feel pretty confident go up against against all the teams on dos okay I like this now let's turn our attention looking forward and next week rift rivals obviously origin and