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so guys as you can see we have got Silas
and he’s going to teach you how to do the Marcelo moves first move is a simple
move it’s like the Stanley Matthews move we did in the easy skills videos but
Marcelo spin on it okay so just want to show us nice ok so the principles are
the same we’re gonna make sure that we pop to the side and then take the ball
the other way but rather than using the inside of our foot we’re gonna use the
sole of the foot to roll this way okay so he rolls and jumps okay and that is
step one you’ve rolled to one side and you jump or hop now using that non-kicking leg it’s
going to allow you to accelerate away and push that ball with the outside of
your foot fantastic so show us one more time watch
the watch the defenders movement as well so as he’s doing the move he needs to
watch me go this way and that allows him to then make the decision to go the
other way all right the next Marcelo move is this show
solace I don’t think that was gonna happen but it did
this is an amazing free ball from Marcelo ok the ball was loose he’s
waiting for this defender to come in but what he does is he puts his foot on the
ball turns and he plays this amazing free ball pass guess what this sort of
the inside of his foot as he does it but I think you need to see stylist of it ok
it’s a stylist don’t that make me again you don’t do the move over there yeah
right so the ball is loose put on the ball and it’s a spin good nice one toilet talk me through the steps alright
so basically the ball was loose so what Marcelo did is as it was loose
he went to catch the ball you put puts his sole on top of the ball like this
step one similar to a Maradona roulette or as a
Dunton and some people call it he puts his foot on top of the ball it slightly
like drugs it a little bit but turns his body so he can use the heel up to pull
pull oh good pass off like a through ball which you did so first step so long
the ball second step is to take your soul off the ball and do a little spin
and I should do about spin that’s when the past comes in so you guys are
playing that past like that but I think that drag back allows with I think that
drag back it allows you to have that more power doesn’t it yes general do it
to the camera look at that and it was an amazing fruit
ball to see I didn’t even look at the ball when I stood there okay this is kind of like two moves
combination of two moves ages ago in the summer we did some moves on Neymar and
it was kind of a combo of two but the principle is the same the idea is to do
a move that allows you to then block and then spin away from your player right so
I this you’re gonna show us this move all right so it’s that like the ranaut
are nine sort of rolling step isn’t it so you show us yet now he what he has to
do is he has to get his body in the way and then spin so the two parts of this
step one is to roll it a step like that okay and get the ball out of your body
all right there’s rolling step like that you show okay step two is I think just allow that ball
to run a little bit but what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna shield the ball
so Silas was my player over there you go over there for me okay I’m gonna roll in
a step and then I’m gonna shield so I need to block all right basically block
the ball so if you come here Silas I’ll do it another angles did you go over
there for me so it’s roll step block okay and then step two is literally a
spin it’s all like a cut turn like that you show us that so if you go over there
yep yeah that’s it okay so first bit block me that’s it so
you block and then catch the players press in then you get out of the way okay so we’re just going to show you
sorry six just come here actually right I’ll be the defender so you need to roll
the bullying there so it’s in my way so do the move and then what you do is you
block okay and then the spin is into the space because I want the ball here he
spins and step two is quite simple because when the ball is there we
literally spin like that very similar to the move we did on the video for street
to field it’s a very simple turn to beat your player but it is literally just
trying to turn your player like that and because you’re shielding the ball and if
you want to add that little step in here the player follows that so there and the
balls already gone alright so it’s a combination of two
moves great little move actually so guys hope you enjoy the videos sigh
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