Learn Crazy Marcelo Skills | Street Soccer International

hi guys this is Kieran from street soccer
international and up today I’m with Silas and we’re gonna take a look at
that Marcelo move that Marcelo and Sean did on our previous video so if you want
to go check that movement out we’ll leave a link in the description it’s
also here so we’re going to take that Silas is gonna take you through the
movement so he’s been pretty strong thought on its weak foot on the ball and
he’s gonna roll it back do a little chop and grab it that’s step one so again
rolls the ball back taps and grabs from there what he’s going to do is basically
always going to do is step forward on the ball and then he’s just gonna
perform a hocus pocus so let’s see that again so he’s going to do that first
step boom boom grabs the ball steps hocus pocus so with the Orcas pocus he
steps down his bat leg comes up tops the ball out around and then taps it out and
around and then clicks it forward with the toes so one more time yeah very cool looking
move variation created by marcelo and Seon in that moment