League of Legends Caitlyn Guide | Season 6 | Patch 6.8

hello YouTube welcome to another season 6 patch 6.8 guide by e gaming television and in this guide we're covering Caitlyn the sheriff of piltover sorry boys I keep the fuzzy cuffs at home to view a nice list of our guides you can head over to our website which is WWE Gaming TV comm we also do monthly skin giveaways on our Twitter which is at a gaming underscore TV and April is coming to an end so that giveaway is going to be coming up very very shortly so make sure you head over and follow up now this footage is high diamonds gameplay and I chose this video in particular to show how dominant our lane phase is as you saw we just got our asses kicked trying to kill the jungle but we can still win lane phase as Caitlyn so let's start by looking at Caitlyn's strengths and weaknesses by looking at her pros and cons page before Jin was released Caitlyn was considered the sniper of League of Legends when you think of a traditional sniper you think of high range high damage but no mobility at all Caitlyn has all of these but she even has an escape built into her kit which is why she's such a strong ad carry pick one nice little bonus to Caitlyn as well is that she's actually got really nice lane control with the traps that she gets in her kit if we're comparing her to a sniper then we can kind of relate that to a claymore although obviously the traps don't do a lot of damage but they may as well considering Caitlyn can delete somebody in three shots anyways she can even combo these traps with the support such as Morgana when she does lend her snare simply drop a trap underneath and chain that CC for easy kills due to all of these pros I would argue that Caitlyn is probably the safest ad carry laner in the game and keep in mind that I did say in Lane not always in lane Caitlyn of course has some cons as well the first one being her ultimate can be blocked this is a fantastic ultimate that can do a lot of damage but if people are around that are tanky they can simply walk in front and take damage for the opponent that you did have the ultimate channeling on late-game you are an auto-attack monster so this doesn't really matter too much in the late game but it can stop you from getting some kills in the early and mid game as Caitlyn is a long-range high damage champion she of course is weak in the close range and is squishy you of course want to try to keep space between you and the enemy by doing stuff or walking but this is not always possible it's not always possible to dodge every single cc in the game and some are on-click not even skill shots so we do get a mercurial scimitar in our built to help negate CCS you are somewhat reliant on your team tanking for you in the frontline but hey every ad carry has that problem for our masteries we go 18 ferocity and 12 cunning grabbing fervor of battle as our keystone mastery warlords bloodlust was nerfed in 6.7 and therefore fervor of battle is by far the best choice for Caitlyn and the masteries we focus on getting as much damage as possible and some nice little survivability as well for the second tier in ferocity I did decide to get exposed weakness this is very interchangeable but since Caitlyn is such a long-range champion it is easy to damage multiple champions so they do take three percent more damage from your allies other than that this is a very standard ad carry champion mastery page so I'm sure you guys have seen it many times and other guides you've seen the rune page on Caitlyn is also very standard we get 9 greater marks of attack damage 9 greater seals of armor 9 greater glyphs of magic resist and 3 greater quintessences of attack speed in total this gives us 13.5 percent attack speed 8.55 attack damage 12 magic resist and 9 armor in combination this gives us some nice attack speed and attack damage for harassing and last hitting minions and we do get the armor and magic resist so we take less damage from harassment since Caitlyn does have some mana issues you can get rid of a few of the matricis if you do want to pick up some extra mana regeneration but I usually do not it is one alternative I do see some Caitlyn players use so I felt like I should mention it now we move into another standard page for ad carry's which is our summoner page and of course it is flash and heal lash has a lot of defensive and offensive uses this can allow you to escape from champions or can be used to chase opponents if needed you can also use your flash to combo with your 90 caliber net which is your e to create a large gap between you and an enemy champion flash is a must-have summoner and I will never replace it heal is by far the best summoner for bot lane it helps both you and your lane partner which gives it a lot of utility you can use it to save yourself an ally or debate people cleanse and barrier are okay options if you want to be really selfish but I always take heal the fact that you can use this ability to save an ally is what makes it a must-have for me now we're going to learn what each of Caitlyn's abilities do starting with their passive which is called headshot so Caitlin's next basic attack against enemies routed by your yordle snap trap or slowed by your 90 caliber net gains an additional 650 range and deals a bunch of extra damage and you can see that on your screen there this passive also just grants an extra 10% bonus attack speed which is just a nice little thing to have on an ad carry why would you not want extra attack speed each of our normal basic attacks also generate a stack of headshot which is also doubled when attacking from brush once you do reach six stacks your next basic Auto attack will be a headshot you do not get the extra range from when something has been routed by your Ural snap trap or slowed by your caliber net but you do get all of that damage this is great in teamfights as you are attacking a lot you will get a lot of these procs and do a bunch of extra damage it can be also great in the lane phase when you are farming minions you of course will also be getting these stacks and you can use a headshot on the enemy champion doing a lot of extra damage if you are getting a lot of these passive headshots on the enemy champion it can usually be hard for them to sustain in the lane and they usually have to go back fairly often you can use this time to push minions under their Tower and back yourself gaining a massive advantage Caitlyn's Q is called piltover peacemaker and it is pretty much her main ability so we max it first after one second Caitlyn fires a projectile in the target direction that deals physical damage to the first enemy it passes through after which it expands and width but deals only 67% damage to all enemies it passes through thereafter the physical damage is between 25 and 205 base plus between 130 and 170 percent ad which is a really nice ad ratio to have an own ability enemies revealed by your yordle snap trap always take full damage from piltover peacemaker that means if it did go through a minion first the person that was in the trap still will take a hundred percent of the damage as opposed to sixty seven percent the range it has is 1250 making it great to poke at people and harass them in the lane the cost is between 50 and 90 Anna and the cooldown goes from ten to six seconds so this is fairly spammable although you can have man issues and it does have a really nice ad ratio your other abilities aren't really damage based so this of course is what we max first being we are a damage based champion not only is it great for harassing people but you can also clear minion waves up with this ability making it even better it is also really great to combo with your e which we will talk about later now we land it or W which is called yordle snap trap Caitlyn periodically stores a charge of urinal snap trap up to a maximum amount stored at once and the maximum is between three and five and it's based on the level of the skill of course so when activated Caitlyn sets a trap at the target location that arms after one point one second and latts up to 90 seconds after the maximum amount of traps is laid down deploying another immediately destroys the oldest one now since it does arm after one point one seconds this allows you to combo it with stuff like Morgana's snare like e did say at the top of the guide because of that Caitlyn works really well with stuff like Morgana or Tarek something she can easily set a trap underneath to go for easy kills so enemy champions who step on a trap set it off which routes them for two seconds during which they take increased damage from headshot grants true sight of them for nine seconds and renders them immune to your ttle snap traps for four seconds while they remain in the area the headshot damage increase is between 30 and 190 base + 70 percent ad you really really don't want to step in these traps as it can be devastating damage from Caitlyn and it is great for a zoning utility due to that the range you can place the trap at is 800 and the little radius of the trap is sixty seven point five the cost is only 20 mana and the recharge time goes from forty five to ten seconds at max rank as I did mention this is great for zoning people and you can have complete control of the bushes by having traps in them this can be great for champions that do Lane gank like say a shake oh he will not always go to the bush of course but if he did want to go in the bush and set up some little little jack-in-the-box dudes then he obviously would not be able to now although this isn't really damage based neither as our E and since this is better than our e because the recharge time too go down so drastically and we do get more maximum traps we max the second behind our queue so that brings us to our last basic ability which is our e and is called 90 caliber net when activated Caitlyn fires a net and dashes in the opposite direction dealing magic damage to the first enemy hit and slowing them by 50% for one second the magic damage it deals is between 70 and 230 plus 80 percent AP the range of the ability is 950 and it shoots you 400 back the cost is 75 mana and the cooldown goes from 16 to 10 seconds at max rank now I did say we max RW ii but some people do prefer to max their a second this can give you slightly more burst in engagements since it does have relatively good base the downside of course is it is based off of AP and we don't get ap the cooldown going down is relatively nice as well but the recharge time on the W is far better you can combo this with a Q quickly behind it to shoot a Q where you did start your E and still move back it is one of my favorite combos to do on Caitlyn to get huge chunks of damage and be safe when you are far ahead if you do land your a and Q you can actually do enough damage to finish off squishy targets with your R it is an hilarious thing to see happen to people other than that this is a great thing to have Caitlyn is already relatively safe since she does have a really nice basic auto attack range and traps to zone people this just means if people do get on top of her sometimes she'll be able to eat out although she is really squishy sometimes that doesn't really happen she just kind of you know dies all right on that note that brings us right to her ultimate page which is called ace in the hole after a brief delay Caitlyn locks onto a target enemy champion and channels for one second at start of the cast Caitlyn gains true sight of the target if Caitlyn completes the channel she fires a homing projectile towards the target that deals physical damage to the first enemy champion it hits other enemy champions can intercept the shot now this was one of the cons I did talk about a tanky champion can go between the line of you and the enemy champion blocking the shot and taking that damage the physical damage of the ability however is between 250 and 700 base with a 200 sent bonus ad ratio that is a really nice ratio and base damage so at least those champions that are blocking it are still taking a nice chunk of damage the range of the ability is between 2,000 and 3,000 which is why Caitlyn was called the first league of Legends sniper which has been replaced by Jin the speed of the projectile is 3,200 the cost is 100 mana and the cooldown goes from 90 to 60 seconds at max rank so if this ability was not blockable this would be really overpowered but the fact that it can be blocked makes it an OK ultimate late-game though when you are massive I actually have trouble finding opportunities to use ace in the hole as I can usually delete targets in a few Auto attacks anyways this is just really great in those situations where something is running away from you and you can't actually auto attack it so you just drop on an ace-in-the-hole and finish off the target that way so with all the abilities covered let's look at our ability order and keep in mind that W and E are very interchangeable and it is just dependent on your play style I prefer W but some people prefer the base damage on the e so first is our ultimate which is called ace in the hole and we take it at 6 11 and 16 we follow that up with our q which is called piltover peacemaker you can take this at 1 4 5 7 and 9 now I usually don't grab my level 1 ability until I know what I'll be needing you may be in situations where you know the enemy is going to be invading so you may want to take your W in those situations to guard your jungle you may also get yourself into a rough situation early on and may want your e at level 1 if you do get caught so you can get away in a normal standard game however you always want to take your Q at level 1 so on that note let's move on and go to our W which is called yordle snap trap we take that at 3 8 10 12 and 13 last but not least is our e which is called 90 caliber net you take it at 2 14 15 17 and 18 you pretty much just need the single point in this ability for the escape utility all right so now we arrive at Caitlyn's item build which is a very typical ad carry build this of course starts with a dorans blade health potion warding totem you always want to try to farm in lane until you can at least get your BF sword but if possible try to afford your BF sword and some normal boots as well for our core we get an infinity edge first as it really increases Caitlin's damage gives high damage nice crit and some increased crit damage which works with her passive as well making it a fantastic pickup on Caitlin since Caitlin doesn't really have a ton of AoE in her kit just her Q really we take a rune ends this is a great item on Caitlyn and it does give the much-needed attack speed and movement speed so it is a really good core item on Caitlyn it is interchangeable but this is the one that I do prefer we then always get brazuca Greaves third as of course it gives us some attack speed and some much-needed movement speed to keep that gap between us and our target when we are level 9 we want to make sure we do get rid of our warding totem for a Farsight alteration for our full build we of course have that infinity edge rune ends and brazuca Greaves and then move into a bloodthirster this item just gives us some much-needed attack damage and some really nice lifesteal having this lifesteal can be the difference between living and dying in a teamfight the passive shield that this item does provide as well can also help with that for a fifth item we get Lord Dominic's regards and this is just to get through any of that armor that the enemy champions have built up at this point in the game lastly to get more attack damage and to be able to break ccs which is the main point of getting this item we get a mercurial scimitar this item was nerfed a little bit in this patch but it is still by far the best six item for Caitlyn breaking the CC is the main point of getting this item now there are three different alternatives to the rune ends you could get a rapid firecannon a phantom dancer or a static Shiv every single one of these items provides the much-needed attack speed and crit and all three work well in the full build this is just another personal preference statikk shiv is good for minion waves and the other two are just great for single target damage another alternative would be replacing the Lord Dominic's regards with a mortal reminder this still gives you that much needed armor penetration but it also gives Grievous wounds if you are against champions such as Swain and mundo when you don't have Grievous wounds already this can be a fantastic item to pick up one last alternative if you didn't really need the mercurial scimitar cc breaker you could get a guardian angel this is probably the best alternative defensive pickup as hey you get to come back to life and deal the ship more damage and you also have the life steel to get back up to full health so Caitlyn is a really safe laner and she works with pretty much any support in the game since she does have a strong late-game like all other ad carries to be honest she can play with something like a Jaina or Soraka to secure any farm and get to that late game she can also play with more aggressive supports like Taric Thresh and Morgana to chain CCS and get kills that way and start snowballing if she's not able to get off her 90 caliber net really quickly she can have some trouble dealing with stuff like Leona in the bottom lane if Leona gets on top of her it can be pretty annoying and if you do caliber net away if she still has her ultimate she can still see see you from a distance anyways Leona Corki is a bitch for Caitlyn and she's really reliant on having good support from her support when you do start playing Caitlyn try using your EQ combo to get off a lot of damage on champions it is relatively easy to do you just have to make sure your e is in the direction of the enemy champion and will hit them and use the q instantly after to shoot the Q through them as well as I've said before in this guide this can give you enough damage to quickly use your R after and get a really easy for you kill although Caitlyn's late-game is pretty strong she still can't 1v1 stuff like a vein if you do have to fight a good vain player at least make sure you are carrying around a pink ward if you do get in a 1v1 situation drop the pink ward so you can see her while she is tumbling in her ultimate and you can actually fight her if she's far enough ahead you're not really going to win those 1v1 so in those situations just don't be by yourself but I would suggest at least having a pink ward so you can drop it don't always rely on your team having one so that pretty much covers it for our Caitlyn 6.8 season 6 guide if you guys did enjoy the video please like and subscribe we will have lots and lots of League of Legends content coming out in the near future so please look out for that for a list of these guides you can go to WWE gaming TV calm as we upload all of those guides 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