Le Quiet Squad | Pink Panther Cartoons | The Inspector

[Inspector]Paris was
in the midst of its
worst crime wave.
My superior, The Commissioner
was ordered to bed
suffering from exhaustion
and over work.
I, as senior inspector,
was assigned
by the president himself
to guard The Commissioner,and make certain he
was not to be disturbed.
Hmm… Now remember, Inspector, he must have absolute silence. The slightest sound
could send him into uncontrolled
fits of temper. Just leave everything
to me, Doctor. I have taken extensive
precautions to ensure The Commissioner’s
complete rest. Then how about a little quiet! [thudding] See what I mean, Inspector?Oui…I see. [hammering] [Commissioner] Inspector!Oui, monsieur.Did you call,monsieur?[Commissioner]
Now stop that hammering!Oui, monsieur.Quiet at last. Just the twittering
of the birds around
the Old Cathedral. And the old bell-ringer
wending his way to work. Mmm-hmm. Almost noon.
[chuckles] You can hear those
bells all over Paris. Bells? Ah,oui!No!Le coucou! Le coucou![thudding] [Inspector]
Having made sure there would be
no further disturbances,
I settle down to
catch up on my reading.
[meowing] [meowing] [Commissioner] Inspector! Silence that cat at once.Oui, monsieur.You,monsieurcat, shut up in the name
of the law right now,
I tell you. [meowing] [meowing] I guess that will
teach you some respect
for law and order, eh? You felonious feline. [meows] [Inspector]
I scanned the immediate area,
for any more sources of noise
or disturbance.
[chuckles]I’m a scanner,
you know.
Ah…Bastille Day.My favorite holiday.I had forgotten, you know.What a pity I have to
work on this holiday.
Oh, well.C’est la vie.
Duty and all that
sort of thing. [chuckles] [trumpet blowing] [evil laugh] And don’t you come back
or I’ll call the police dog! A big one! What an imbecilic way
to celebrate Bastille Day. This is ridiculous. Imbecilic indeed. But,monsieur,
I can explain,
there was this cat, big cat marching
up and down the roof. [thudding] [chuckles] Now I have you, eh. There is no escape, eh. You’re caught
like a cat in a trap. You trap cat you.
[evil laugh] Gagnon,
fire the Bastille Day salute. [explosion] -Inspector!
-[clanking] You are… You called me,
[thudding] [Inspector]I knewthat I had to capture
that despicable pussycat,
or The Commissioner would
never get a moment’s rest.
I decided to bring into play
my tremendous experience
as a sports fisherman.What a sports fisherman I was.[laughing] Strike! Now I’ve got you,
you dastardly, contemptible
tabby cat, you. [laughing] What have you to say
for yourself? [stammering] [Commissioner] Inspector!Oui, monsieur.[explosion] What kind of a trick is this? You stupid ignorant imbecile! [plays tone] [rock ‘n’ roll music playing] [meowing] [gunshot] [grunting] [choir singing] [Commissioner] Inspector! [Inspector] Coming,monsieur.