LCS Highlights ALL GAMES Week 7 Day 1 Summer 2019 League of Legends NALCS

what is available though lasondra ah lasondra comes in – I'm assuming partially beautifly's lane unless they're moving aatrox around and like putting lissandra you out so now who can push over first they were listening it's fun I froze first Tiger for his new flash boy that was beautiful they had a lot of damage the stood there as well the flash the Dodge that's been scaring us out of there the fight continues it was amazing as low he's got no flash they're gonna find the damage he's trying to get away he does have flash think evacuee he's gonna say like how to flash a real what sneaky hundred on the cue comes out to get the kill pick top and that Rios got a run he's got to run as fast again does not have his own a flash consulted one auto attack dies on the blade barrier and c9 traits the kill backs first when there is a flash 'less spell shield this lux now that they've pushed up here comes return a double knock up into the cage now as well there to knock down stinger the first part of it and now it's asel taking a lot of damage here as well the flat is amazing with the red buff of double kill but here comes Nikki get the cuticle this time he does all of the work and a double kill for both it seems like it's gonna be a trade of resource hundreds Eve before hack topside that's a lot of EVP on the flag and liquorice gonna flash way but is there a chase anymore he's already gotten a lot of distance built up after move with mobis can eventually catch up for the queue and flashes and it's gonna be a Dodge for liquorice pushing for puns of the slowest first since when you stick around to take all of the church plates in one go the armor and em are consistently stacks up on that church to liquid you have exactly flash list Kenan gonna build some time with his wife steal his spell event but it's not gonna be enough amazing on his fourth kill now of the game going hurt the Knights vow tanky and very much willing to engage all right where's the retail go now because tourists done trying to get that mid turn and retaliation still have Academy enough but from all of them have it Auto Attack comes through turn offense way now that and they have just popped fake on a stun rail with my net cut bang the flat the resets are there it's already 3 kills amazing is over the wall hundreds thieves getting absolutely slaughter the chase down now spans Karen for snow flashing the opponent as well love the decisiveness out of c9 in that situation yes they are down a man on the map because liquorice is dead but they are up a man in that particular fight what amazing comes behind them they make the snap decision to all in a forward engage and make it shown that hundred feet they can try but a nice binding to keep Spence going out of brain oh that was close to spike a big split as the little scuttle goes over and look I think of the top turret yeah Matt Fred 913 the health per level of Sue's warning Oh big God was never fake I might just die disease he got it big heal all right Sid he's running he's got a caisson nearby do sneaky get the knock-up he might win it oh look at the stopwatch but there's crisis Nicky finally shows up and that's just not some way safely in the barren throat okay kind of wondering how wonder if he's gonna find a fight they're trying with the Sivir and aatrox altar right now to get this key they're gonna try for him right there bang Chris a flash wait I'm gonna be hit by this appointment Elaine done give it a cross means the reason that for those days are numbered sister finds the first he'll head over the top wins two more sons incomes three you trying to build some spaces he's on the second kill already amazing is gonna drop for the third it's four kills and only bang has left the line the resin squad though already dead and you thought you've got an SD barons gonna be a formality here 23 minute Barrett pick up cloud nine absurdly ahead now is taking the ocean Drake at this point even though if this push does eventually stall that would just take that on the way out not prepping the top lane in a one three one I think because we use lissandra still does hold a lot of engaged threats so if you do split yourself up to three 100 feet one 105 be three but I believe has enough confidence in their abilities to win a 45 did they just get the map fresh right away tonight I like this play from see nice working pretty well six drawers already gone it's the inhibitor line to be cracked right now with about two minutes left of the Baron buff is they the words on the wall but defensive grooves are world's already there you want to point out that control word in between the turrets is really good to keep fog of war on your side of the map as I'm seizing out the wave during the middle a minister is so incredibly low martial engagements care I'm gonna learn his aftershock they're not gonna turn those engage from brawl but it's only to build some space lady Baron still on for 70 seconds and the inhibitor is under five let's go to over the wall look for this time gonna find out on the front line for a guy they can go but a big back line engage gives a cross do they kill the carry saves them quite low speaking a hit as well but no what's the one for one so far into the back line that was fence care fighting another stunt this key and therefore fake out he'll get that kill almost assuredly two more auto attacks one more to go the all comes to make sure it happens in a rampage for the irelia for alive to only 300 fees as the kills are still going through the c9 sock yeah bang but well for the qss now what it's got to be for for sneak you get on the house dying so it enables people to utilize the strong laning phase before going late but it doesn't mean they can actually walk through c9 though as they smartly to man this baron well zoning out and any stunt with sneaky back over the wall as well so a pretty clean bear and pick up their second and not even close so he's gonna be pushing slowly towards we might see see I got here come see them to dive in towards Metzger pulled a riot back into the pit and they're gonna find some dead but amazing so dangerously low and now liquids on the backside it's one for zero making a second and a third pretty soon thank God running at how it finds a little bit of healing but he's running for dear life just barely stays alive five or three though is enough Baron buff is on minion waves reinforce these torts could take a lot of damage but first it's gonna be bang able to wave clear oh it's gonna be recalls it's this if you wanted to reset TP back in seen I wanted to refill their health bars first toppling can be easy to kill they walk back over there that'll be picked up now as well ii don't have it should be an obvious one yes don't fifteen seconds until amazing is up 25 seconds for you I kick c9 should look to end they're gonna have this bear and minion coming through the gonna have soup from the midlane crashing about 10 seconds it'll be a little bit tight but it like trying in here yeah five seconds told me it's because I'm 5 meter they find the dive in the front side one kill pick the burrito grab we're trying to run away just barely get away from that one but low health bar still still only free v5 were you up in six seconds one turret left with the minions actually countdown to zero so they got to get the e mid inhibitor yet again yeah super means actually don't come up the mid lane because the inhibitor was set to respond but they do have now a five before with only one charge round number four dive in the back side the turrets going down Spencer and stay safe to get that kill but they get one trade it back 3d for now for the diver they go back to the Nexus and they will do so kills be dancey nine take the win yeah that is a solid win for c9 moving them to that it happened is Blitzcrank as legendary Twisted Fate comes through I like from this champion back in play we've seen CF top as well by the way so you never know for sure but probably min here push something hard bottom lane that would be a very early dive there's a lot of damage trucks on for the stun is available to pull that one a lot of damage coming across to our other for the turrets to do too much damage now it's on the bottom side nohe Laville they find the first on the rest the damage the chain lash comes out they find the kills and a grows I think tsm's here for the claps Bjork's it actually stuck in with enemy Delano Sven STP and there's no match right now if we're gonna garden down the Sundin it'll take a lot of info condors that knock him down won 4-0 now the flakiness for us of Katie but Harold is actually helping don't jump away burning the flash to stay alive and there's TF ultimate for some vision no TVs the bottom slider they're kind of fighting right now to on to actually smoothie he's gonna die almost getting so incredibly low now the open comes across flashes just barely gets out of it as they look a little bit more as froggen actually comes down to the bottom side and this could be two kills I don't think there's a way out they gotta find the first one after wants to get out of the problem who he will lose his life now the spot pots dragon it's up but inferred rate going down right now spin wants to contesting Katie would love to steal Oh gonna be a good enough fight though nice attempt by his van he's the one you feel safe enough to do so okay Dino blast kono very high attack damage in this bill yeah manamune once that turns on high so really gets a lot of damage and again Golden Gardens looking to do something bottom lane TSM is here to answer but they're going in they can't write their Giants down on the front line look at a lot of damage towards those brah what's the shoe liner least we need a fairly flash Kawai stopwatch buy a few more seconds and now the FBI going forward they get the kill in a smoothie as contracts finds that late lakeside dive that's the one for 0 goto end is able to walk away hey they are pulling off some successful aggression here with both infernals rates winning this fight hoping to be able to get this church down it's gonna be a little difficult if it has a lot of mana Bjork's and also as blue buff so unlikely to get it here but smart leapfrog and already up goes oh and stun to a KT but watch out yeah this is gonna be death for him this TF go for the big play they're gonna fight it ok nyan the gold cars are going anyone elses yep but now they got to walk back away when golden Guardians use that to get to the bottom now he's getting ganked again serving plate Dan spent almost every single knock at the blast plant here's now flush with the wall big steel for Hodgeman out he found out stun of his fun they might just have the damages running and they get the kill broken blade secures it to 0 in the topside now contract steals away a camp running away but even he is slowed down how's it overtime kids know they're gonna do anything in combat and he's gonna shut right down two quick kills for TSM that is the castor curse so I apologize for golden Guardians fans about giving Han sir some props right there and now TSM uses the pressure generated from goal top and bot fight signature quite a game tree knowing how golden guardians is basically sat at this still beyond golden guardians to find the right fight to a twisted fate silas Brom all these offering thousand up consistently here could be bought to hurt going down though broken play to really come into his own now in the middle going towards glutens on Israel and that's gonna be a really important thing to track throughout this game so when Guardians actually try to have spell book available Acadians around it's gonna be not gonna buy the fight though they pick up the killers well one for one though as a four before Pleiades Brookley over the wall he's gonna find hunter would revive infant axle instead of towards froggen they get the damage [Applause] goes in perspective Lee revised contract its the cleanup Zetas triumph everything he possibly can but hot sir is here it's a trade killer's contracts over the wall Lee I did now it's about whether or not he can make that work in team fights against the range in the assassination threat that CSM has through community right now season I'm gonna put the back foot it's gonna be a lot of pushed your for building Guardians they've got that three on his bike that's still powerful fork I said the gun ATF Triforce bf sword a Twisted Fate TSM's at least thinking about protecting but it's so risky to trying are to fight it's gonna be as you're looking for some vision a Katy loses the extra armor ups now suiza but swish here again sudden gonna be found such warning second one comes through from the Silas deal with an FCC it is picked up as real not able to seal it with I think it was a W going in so they're gonna be fine here 500 gold short of the rest iana's he needs to complete war bugs but stone plate second but not quite there will you go for it they're bringing as fast they can here comes the play son comes across their credit branch [Applause] and akkadian will drop is there any more though as the teepees come across it's just the one kill this game it's been FBI who has the seven hundred gold bounty and CS Vantage ons been empowered minions doing even more here Hunter can't find any damage this broken blade just destroys these turrets TSM siege going so well to put into the part in front of the damage is gonna be enough finds little bit there and here's T over the top broken blades gonna off and he's not gonna be the gold card nice hold if the kill does come through but it still means pressure the top so I'm gonna find one there and here's the engage they find the Sun for one EE to my tahm Kench off the air over the top that go over to play right now froggit razor to the planet at the – he's so terribly low froggen where's the flash for the wall low health on a Bjork's and what more attack could do them in and they want to chase it of these here turret that's gonna do damage here is the TSM with parent Delta push for maybe turrets kospi as well – a full 8 second recall will be at least in him smoothie waiting to save him the KC needs it and if I before the elder is always born in River broken plate also has to be wary of twisted paste oh the old here's the whoopee one is this gonna be the plate a lot of damage to me user stairs puppets well you're gonna jump right back out stay safe out he goes trace bolt for ol fighters have a bound froggen and that's gonna be a garden angel down but they can read is one as ggs puts the oats across they have the burst oh and TF is dead are they gonna go for the pair of F is gonna try over the walls Akkadian the fight fight – is still the same game from two different players but FBI over the long points of kill on the supports no support before the map as turrets go traveling to any push he's faced right now as it's just I'm being bought and across the wall is just support it's just from I don't think it stops them the fight still continues it's still damaged your broken plate who can kill what an ending for such a back-and-forth game for a long time puts on Casio PS so one of the top laner Cassio or rise up there in the top so I thought it'd be exciting to watch for he's gonna recall buy an item in the TP back in a lane but this okay good smite total tries with the queue can't quite get it but Midlands you know what will happen with this once I turn the also gonna find a new spell on to the charm and run away enough plus the flash to not be knocked up in this turret now dangerously dangerously lovey don't find it slow towards wild turtle open to the air he's gonna walk down the flash pilot at oh that was beautiful bio frost they get the kill picked up down but he's gonna be careful Rua trying to get to raise flash gets the rude get some damage output but it's base taking its Santo and it blocks the cue they go back for this shields not going to be enough they might train it back though gets back into the tunnel well double to your game right here for the CLG side of the tanks comes through but it's a final thing to Freight just yet would you top steel feeling with a play in cannot find the target so we'll see down trade it back by Sivir package also done is essentially Corky's ultimate everything else will cool down is where the cloud Drake is still sealed jeez to control the gold lead to bot Lane priority all that works together and we're gonna grab this file Drake here here and I said slow Beltre sitting basically in his base putting away that was a little while ago coming out now and kind of logic game you continue to play put a move block in there a scripting turn building block and then it just became like a cat out and it's the turret who's under a lot of pressure and there's no flat glass defense so CLG now for 2-0 in turrets feet look look at here tell what come in and now sweet up self on the dragons with the back to the pit now as well looking for the engage 6 a eyes into the squad the voter has the pack it's gonna be picked up right there one freezer and the kill and a wiggly this is a good start flying voters say save as well he brings into the squad here comes realm war ruin lots in try to find the opening of hope out there it does not find the kill infernal Drake seal G just able to walk at the rest of them now it needs their spikes this one he will use double cloud devil ocean and then any reduction which is pretty relevant based on what you see on the opposing team let's can definitely do a fair bit of that goddess has the flash engaged they found everything they've knocked down one already but he could only run away miasma and everything else internal not able to press R in time now the routes over the wall ruin watch them for this one the flash forward they don't mind one more eyelet I can get that kill sticks let's throw the chase they find another route they find home until this is something to happen he's gonna go down three quick kill picked up for CLG and look at the minions they have them alive right now depending on how the wayfarer would happen 27 second death timers days alive there's a chance they'd push further it doesn't I think it's in him and back to baron will be the call for CLG here a name is certainly at a fall but this still cheating though they're here now as well and they're gonna wait on ruins TP to keep the minion invincible so here we go clear they're gonna try it's 10 seconds in the first respawn they're gonna get at least one turret five feet to new line the route to kill and pull voters now down as well biotrust finding the crowd control the second during the drop as well and counter logic gaming break another curse up to a twin still tied for third and I hope he didn't go to the silence while he tried to skarner holt you know it just turns into a little bit of tug of war uh-huh it's a magical moment but we are going to see who picked up smithy should be able to finish it here comes Silas no kidding Leary get in there here is making his way cry he goes out there but he's not able secured he does grab the ultimate from Xfinity teepees coming in now from both sides they were looking to maybe make his grab if he can do it remember X 50 s not even level 6 the real skarner ultimate is not available only the clone is there doublelift pop the spell shield getting himself away summoner spells gonna be used here by team literate is waiting patiently waits for haul-away finds the chains looking for the chain CC follow-up there comes to rumble ulti up the wall who knees not there in time but he's gonna go the way in the flash you cannot underestimate it it's a one-for-one almost a 1/4 to long enough to get a counter kill in a 2v1 that means bottom side of the map is very very open for Team Liquid to push ahead and they get to tower so far away from this one Shelley's gonna stay a little see your fudge gamer able to secure the rift Herald instead you just get a leash from Team Liquid on this one but tiel's not willing to walk away from it it's gonna turn into a pull on Team 5 equalizer comes down devil it's gonna be eating a little bit of damage having to flash away now it's spit the in danger goes into the stopwatch giving himself a line have to continue to disengage there it comes right back in the mix but he's gonna be killed double it with the damage and Lehrer wrong with double lift at his side they will meld it well that would be a risky move outnumbered and no ultimate means the skarner tax lower compared to what it normally is buttock smithy just walks right into the drake pit it's gonna be slain by clutch gaming regardless skarner input from moving in in time Shelley's gonna continue putting Auto attacks into that one and with five members from clutch gaming they'll try to secure the rest but a couple more Auto attacks should do the trick and there you go clutch gaming on the board for objective now now by Jensen so Team Liquid showing exactly what the difference between going up against them and going up against some of the other competition in the LCS look are gonna be easy things for him to manage over the wall goes vulcan with the plastic smithy gonna be caught out here and that is one dead scorpion Lyra makes sure what happened leave that infinity is going straight for the damage options now as clutch gaming can find getting engaged on the next 50 quickly having a flash out defensively he's inside he goes after up but he's a little bit too late the shield's doing exactly what they do to shut down said plan jets and crabs are killing the back into the fight empty in defensive position lunch gaming they managed to get two people up there near that tier two turf the other two we're gonna be stuck in the jungle and that means Team Liquid take down sir atomic composition is at being deceptively tanky it earns in the mid lane for it it earned the dirty work they're clearing out all these controllers significant expense he trying to find that all team was not able to make it happen in time I believe you heard the boy he wasn't able to get the pull now he's got it anyway there goes booty he's taken down the jungle impact leading the charge the you me bouncing around between whichever member is most pertinent Cody I'm gonna be in some trouble now route finding his way down and he is blown up now they're trying to fend for themselves in the jungle Demonte lying in wait here but teamliquid won't take the bait they go for the objective gonna do any kind of ambush don't think I'm fast and rumbles gonna make too many moves onto Corki here especially about with the package now basically a free escape turn around assassinate Rumble I mean you just drop the bomb right on if I mean who needs right here you lose you lose faith in the assassin Robo assassin rumbles coming around from behind equalizer gets dropped down just to the rest of team live but in retreat hoon is gonna be taken low he gets pop Demonte moves forward that's what I'm talking about you do not assassinate when scorner is right there pumpkins run down next double kills double lift leader is going to be out of the picture here soon Jensen goes on a killing spree and Team Liquid get four for nothing yep they're coming to knocking and the door is wide open bottom lane will go down team liquid we're looking to end it no reason to even not just kick the sucker down and keep on marching Nexus turrets the next target here for TL what are you gonna do when you're Cody son double have said he was looking to see more out of him he's not going to see it today the Nexus already bout to fall 28 minutes into this game Team Liquid showcasing why they're number one clutch gaming than a drop here they'll run on the fountain but is there really a whole lot you can do Team Liquid seem to be just hanging around to pad the numbers here a little bit more Kody Sun falls so Monta is gonna be going into stage 2 – knee goes down next rampage of the Jensen and the minions say enough of this nexus goes home bunny and we do get the classic for medius is one of the best Olaf jungles in the LCS still today crown is also here this could turn bloody veer or Phoenix please Kobe Phoenix in some trouble the binding doesn't hit him though comes up just a little bit shy they get him with the I'm gonna see when you pick Olaf I don't want to see a team pick Olaf and then just evenly farm with their opponent because of the way Olaf falls off later off the game being binding here in the bottom Lane that's gonna be plenty of damage down onto Hawk low media showing up now trying to grab a little bit of extra damage he danced it flashing delaying off that advantage he has not let up on the pressure and it is affording so many advantages for optic he's gonna finish up the dragon by himself my guns camp on the top side has been a difference maker yeah cannon does get that early CS lead early crown and could be under attack crown gets The Drowsy all sleeping troubl there are some watch chop-chop baby here comes videos blackulas gonna be outplayed to optics got themselves two kills already and big shows up to make sure the Vikings not gonna be shut down yet flash still available here on plays optics got to kill off to cap all the answers and it looks like arrow is eyeing Apollo under this turret able to get another turret plate for himself they're almost all the way through this thing aqua wraps around now 2v1 can they catch the Ezreal this is Israel with flash up I think the answer is probably no but hey what do I know I'm not an ad carry player and that's so far but just because I haven't brought up the actual overall Leda it's four and a half thousand that was just beginning and he got camped by my gum so see if he gets out of it one more time which he got out of it two times before let's see if he can outplay one b2 here spawns plenty of damage down on to Mike gets his wings from the world and there's seven away from the slicing maelstrom of the sun's are coming through the downtown assist coming in from arrow as Dhokla goes in the standings earlier on this split this is what we wanted to see talking about them being back and forth feels like it's exactly what they need to continue pushing the suit yeah if they're able to use the rift air out here to continue the pressure they're gonna take down the last outer turret very shortly crown pushes in and they're able to finish it out with how is 18 14 HP finish yeah another objective for the team full dragon control continue able to finish up this secondary turret and as this secondary turret goes down here that's the first one to fall like one big engage if they can find it if they're missing out on one flash or one of those tools will be the difference between winning and losing the MiGs to make sure they're able to clear it away in time don't fit trying to zone echovox out baron is secured optics not even injured toklas going to be on the front line there's your engage coming out from echo fox but it is not what they need they're trying to turn around the floor low but he's immediately bursted down those laser fires off but it's not required meteos grabs a killing spree and echovox heads for the hill there's no salvation from a gold lead like this and they are cut to pieces five four zero optic gaming and they'll push for the win echovox going down that is a full wife as optic have the run of the base baron buff in tow as well an optic storm back in a big way twenty three and a half minutes into this game optic gaming show you how to play some legal legends they get ahead early they maintain control throughout the mid game they grab baron as soon as it makes sense and they end the game shook the standings they'll as the day comes to a close liquid they're gonna keep their hold on first place followed by c9 just one game back sharing third with eight wins at CLG and TSM let's see how you all did in the predictions game today it fantastically easy-peasy everyone's in a lime in five winds across the board stat spot though still one ahead of you guys in the season-long totals that's let's take a look though what games we have coming up tomorrow that ain't kicks off with LCS countdown but we will shine a spotlight on the top plane that includes you my friend broken blade and I'll share my visit to the CLG training facility it was an absolute treat Game one though golden Guardians aim to take down Team Liquid fall by counter logic gaming vs cloud 9 then three more matches before Jack makes his debut on LCS cooldown alongside Mike tempo young and Laura Lowe with our Academy showcase between flack Wesson count aloud to gaming Academy to wrap up the weekend now I return to you TSM vs optic gaming broken blade talk to me about that matchup your conference