LCS Highlights ALL GAMES Week 4 Day 2 Summer 2019 League of Legends NALCS

see one of the two regardless double melee and gangplank will come through yet again have seen this matchup a lot gang a plank into the melee champions a little bit easier to attack them with the barrels trading back with because they're gonna be easy for them to pick up expecting a difference of five now five or six and dance but has the shield available find the slowness a is the one more bottle could be a chop as well the flash in and that's the flash liz Brom that will be a kill it's actually claimed by bioprocess so they're all coming mid and they're walking over as misty still has to flash the big play up towards the jungler who is flashed us now himself ugly goes down and now the fight continues on over the wall is six eight but this is a lot of punishment of the field you support he and I are the first one to the control ward this key holds the wave in front of his turret gotta find that stun right there jump right back to his own mini wave and now he goes once again now everywhere you go towards PUA a lot of damage here they're gonna find not going to start the shot by posing back head buys this famous fence Carrie gets the kill all the same prom disengages BOE Ezreal trueshot barrage not gonna be enough of me our difference at the moment is too high so ba9 easily able to sneak in there but will they get punished now ruins here has a slow just could be enough sneaky doesn't flash ultimate a sign that big damage and Azazel though who is summoner listen six eight does claim that kill second round of the chase not gonna find a kill it will burn Sneaky's flash though and wood sticking around picks up something big with now ski what the solo kill Triforce is done and so is p OE now to the top laying a push continue with Shelley has seen I'm gonna get themselves some turret pressure steel if you will claim bot Lane first but it will be answered by that yeah so make that ultimate very easy and clean ruin he's gonna try get away and it will be a trade solo kill smells and they're gonna be able to clear away mid wave and not lose that to it either yeah very good little pincer there from CLG they get to where he is willing to do so nice job knocking down the Pharaoh walks away pretty clean to the steel in there here we go pressure onto that Tier one turret in the mid lane down below half HP the better respect though what's such one you might do for an engage you got a colleague coming on the wings there's the first ton here comes the heart engage raelia hits three with it and the charge is will they reach the backline Celia no disengage they pick up four minutes ran it back my licorice Wiggly mother stop boys that's to buy a few more second caps are very very low grab now bye bye Oh frost lure the reengaged shockwave on the two CLG can they claim a second kill it's on the ruined now and is key find some bo YZ at twelve eight feet the stopwatch times an auto-attack and it's three for one cloud nine take the teamfight and they will take the outer turret as well yeah and they can't rinse it on a knife's edge at that moment in the mid lane seals you had just started pushing back to walk to them run right away shock waves down most ulti sargon it's really only tacos and oat Rundle at 6:00 a just not known in the middle of the map no jungler around a clean pick up there for the c9 side peewee force runaway miss key puts on some damage and a tahm Kench bring through to save these a single turret falls elsewhere pike from that one will go down but Midlands under fire that we're gonna grab that one now as well has Donald back up and still have to splash alright the pressure continues c9 now closing in on the bottom half another minion wave arrives and sneaky soup be able to get an auto uh when they get a lot on a ruin those done but grabbed by tahm Kench no leashes vigilante gifts yet but across the back comes the rest of the squad big damage of the scene I'm of the turret is that they've got a runner for this one redemption could find some damage as well or at least start to chase and Italy wants to go for behalf respect what the disengage tools are from c9 side Luke's never gets right over under that one the Torah stays alive no kills yeah licorice is actually towards the mid lane pushing that minion wave so shield you tried to take that opportunity really nice counter attack with c9 just returned to the objective they take down the tire not able to get so Phil Nevin power of evil and vile for us his backfilling is you see sting he's coming around finds a bit of damage olds right over goes to the big play and just jumps right back out it doesn't matter to bait the shock wave with the do kill the turret tear to final one is gone mid gone now as well inhibitor left open well or above the pill has been used and there's not a lot of other engaged tools stock way of deliveries not there and a clean pick up on the bear and cloud9 pushed damage but no way to lock down the target they're gonna find ruin now we're gonna go for the offense sounder it's game clinks does happen to dodge the first OFI eats by tahm Kench runs right away they are gonna keep the top laner alive as spells and summoners they're burned at mid lane is under fire right now is violent cloud 9 kill cook for this one juvie the way is sneaky not getting trueshot barrage finds the shot on the bottom inhibitor turret now as well mid in hip is cracked the bot 1 now open and CLG have yet to find their way in it's been losing control for 20 minutes shockwave they're gonna find a bit of space reznitsky no easiest games here for the irelia could take the damage has to flash away gangplank not gonna find the opening just yet as GA is also still available for that mid laner siege continues redemption buys his base P we look at the damage and an esky can not quite knock that one down ghost the big flight that's GA popped and now Spence turns coming around he can't find his way any smited he's had a lot of damage he's gonna flash him four more kills and we're gonna drop as well make it a second to the mid lane differently does die in a 5 B 3 is all that cloud 9 need they will flush CLG it back to the fountain they will knock down the turrets and c9 will take down first place CLG 5 and 3 heading in direct rivals credibly powerful 1v1 situations and a lot of mobility on the champion the cost to up and that's where we're looking for them to the top side though forcing fakes I don't know dodge the W but one more on amis it's done there it is and they will Nate down fake pretty doable die fake God summon Ellis does have a no put that is it when do they go in burns the Egan's from damage across here comes you tip that's done but look how techie since Ronnie is is not gonna be perturbed by this turret at all and a very clean easy doesn't have flashes fight actually is a chance of going for a steel but now zoned out by Wadena does not want to get devours that's quick pick up there nice one and now looking at a sleep for you does blends walk away but now we get towards Medina this time he is isolated we'll go down to amazing so on for not that hundred thieves are quickly the way of Pleiades bang has been a big force for the squad of late says now fake got on the way out as the flash waste took in his son and now a second time over the wall comes VIPRE stopwatch buys a couple of seconds but you have to zoom they have the damage actually even burns his own ultimate it's nothing for it several big cooldowns are gone but botlane has fallen all the same token ago the other thieves all through bottom Lane whoo bubble barely misses their hit on the Rio buddy's gonna stay alive there is Herald summoned up this will be all the plates and at least second turret going towards Viper so still tradings resources back and forth mini-map it is going to be at the cost of this dragon said whining just picks it up right there and that is going to be fly quest with some regeneration ward here Santorum might get pin third okay this could be in games gonna find the first done on towards we're caught up we're gonna find the charm though dug up here as well just back of the team is to do it out of vipers kendo the top two to they half the damage nice jump by the ad carry thing gets away from Camille it's still they don't have many where nearby this is an easy fight for amazing cuz one of these donor up the squad and you're come Zimmer old beef that's gonna be claimed and now what about the second half of that fight big damage there's a little bit of extra boost speed next time they get there quicker but it's after the fact and what ants that wanting a bit easier later on and that'll be taken down without much issue and 15 seconds in the barren respawn means that's gonna be the apple of hundred thieves i right now that it's off for v5 defense vipers committing to push it down the inhibitor turret so this now puts the pressure hunt of these and they're the ones to blink they lose the game of chicken they're gonna lead this right now in try to stop their base from falling flat let's pick them apart and then go for the inhibitor that one's almost certainly going to drop now we're gonna go down as well and just like that the game has swung we're running up the river it's gonna be a quick answer 100 DS they have to get there quickly you see fake God do I answer bot no I've got to get in for this one because they are running first when teleport chosen to be used as well how they bad it do flag quest kills or even on a ward second TP use that a 6005 and so he's already gone the second kill goes through do we need baron for 2w he finds away on a centroid that pillar could have been it not quite there but it will be turret damage or a demolish here as well that is inhibitor turret gonna hit her itself gonna drop it bait god is still in the base for p3 siege but the response in eight seconds so afters in him out they go baron power play is new 16 himself has the full crit multipliers viper big damage finds a son look at that first follow my ward almost kills him flash of a cannot find out for a move so the Viper might lose the guardian angel and dies and he's alone 1 verse 3 there is not a way out he's gonna be mobile stun tries to run look for a bit of damage nearly takes down to Rio he makes it look close but it wasn't in the act Lane good damage no amazing Portland a lot of his barons sent or not going over it fights gonna go pretty cleanly over it's actually Banga picks it up amazing did spy and I do believe but now look at the re-engages afro presses are looks the knock-up finds a little bit there and nice by with deepest and torque a still but the object of affection will not die just yet can they still find Woody's no but they're running forward they find the slow they put up the gray how the answer for the stopwatch and that might be there for the kill they put in the damage they do get that one right as Viper responds that remain and they lie in wait no vision for fly quest in that pixel brush the sugar in the router they gotta finally engage towards Piper does find this shot away but he's gotta be careful this pub altar is an auto away from dead they're trying to find does it get the midlane inhibitor will be taken Baron will be the next goal on their jet will not be a smite steel so far the teams have sewn out the opposing jungler and it was initially a 20 minute barren rush now this time around Baron 3 goes off his hundred thief's as their teamfight is simply better they want to play around the kamil as best they can no isolated members hopefully so we not gonna land they find almost the engagement again force a flash away third time in a row and it's gonna be turret down the open inhibitor is certainly gonna be theirs the elder dragon buff is gone but Baron still on for quite a while and now it's to open lanes of minions flooding in 100 Steve's closing in on their third win in a row damaged Nepal belts are almost welcome back he might burn he barely stays the one if the reengage comes in not gonna find that kill Santori eaten up gonna stay alive one turn is gone hundred thieves foot of the play on a backlash stop watch beautiful Pfeiffer's gonna go down without anything to his name and now the Nexus is open they're gonna find these Kells they're gonna find their win three in a row 400 thieves they do expect impact to be taking the chase once again we have our second LCS Silas after the huge rounds of percent of his own max health expert damage right here is double it oh he's gonna get pounded as a massive damage but look at this shielding in the back they lay so Kody son not delayed that's very big the mountain drake which actually in this situation is actual really guys now your landing is good he's range that's gonna be a stun though this could be really big damage the finally gonna land what's gonna hit book but doesn't matter the shields are in but cody son will be stunned and he will be taken down double if now on the board armed guard done for who any friends up in a fight against impact what's the shield up actually really good damage here that runs back in a daze himself and puts on some shots actually oh my god look at that movie practice down the ocean drinking smith he goes for the steel over the top he has flash to get out of it gets really hairy for him so are they gonna go for the fight by looks like yes they find the stun who's gonna fight that's why then it goes to expend the core JJ's save someone but here comes Carter beautiful Christian no but it's still gonna be enough damage I will still take that trade Drake goes over for a moment this atrani is flanking clutch gaming big damage for the table do they have the burst it's going to be close since Ronnie over the wall this time Cody's son claims it the route Auto smithy flashing hands gonna find that stud one more on it's the kill and Cody's son he is in the wrong spot on this map finds the route find the son of his own face though anything's fifty you will slowly but surely bring forward on the top path of the math yeah extra damn we can you press the button gets that pasture to go off don't know of course doublelift will get plenty damage on the bot lane himself but it is still two turrets claimed clutch gaming cg aggressively now into the mid game and have a currently 1000 gold leaf SS doing his best to try and catch up on work here on the outer turret frocking machine as quickly as possible and will eventually even out that gold and now apply towards Jensen in the mid lane big damage under him he's rooted in place but still devoured and stays alive here in LA in dark Jayce oh let's get away from rocks and instead his own teammate so we're looped around now mid lane gone as well clutch gaming in less than it all right well top laner is gonna go down though Team Liquid as you mentioned the fact that clutch gaming head outer turret he'll bring the game within 700 once again though a flavours the mid lane is Jensen in a large besides himself he ran downwards and set up rosary right back able to get the mid lane kill that means they should be able to get this dragon 70 seconds left on cloud Drake and they're pushing in on bottom the Mantes on the run and there's a fast tahm Kench the money has a turret for safety but he is still second let me pre big old buy some space for the damage like to be there the tanks are tanky the damage is there Demonte is gonna fall many of our games Podrick does go down Bop and we have a thief he made them feel like they were okay this will not be checked in time since one is nearby but it shouldn't be close enough that will be claimed the two-man bear in Lyra this runs right away and now Jim's gonna be a bit careful – he's around jumps over the wall right next to your luck is real one toplin no steals the J sperm hidden comes six myth he finds some damage he's gonna find the southern hooting after they have the breast a macho certainly they do as the wrestle squad goes by as well unfair four to one and it's not even close T I'll pick that one up the turrets Ghana they can keep going for more what a rotation from Team Liquid they cut off the split pushers right there a couple of shots but it'll region all the way back up to full HP Demonte does answer is on tier two turret so something is picked up with the bear muffin Lutins that go and there's the split there is the right here Jensen still pushing the top and sexy at five feet four if they can bring the whole squad around Silas over the wall they're coming for it now they find the first route there on the front line big backline access to zero losses engage lyrica to the shield and here cut the kill still cut through team limping to the first kill Jensen claims the second under the turret a Zuni running away same for Demonte trying to stay alive they might just find the next kill they've almost got the damage but did they go too far team living at low health for finish 15 again the battle sejuani clinch kill number three three four zero team fight team liquid wood in the mid game and we are getting a look at that first damage and also the healing from Sona let sustain for Team Liquid in the mid game always the highlight in these Sona cops whether you've got carrots or not and Team Liquid will use that key play victory to surround Lyra he's gonna have a really hard hit from this one they are all around him Demonte cannot help for unanswered kills the inhibitor certain to fall a Drake when they wanted the Baron still 90 seconds away being hit is gone 30 seconds on Lyra to respawn look at a poke from Kalin not gonna mean enough though and out goes do you look at that break huge glutes are forced into a bad spot so they're forcing Baron they're forcing them to come and fight desperation they'd find the Sun they pull back since when I can't take he is and he's pulling back by Cory JJ where is the re-engaged when to the Sun land for this they say predict advises face checks to the back line finds couple of stunts big damage satellites to the shields over the top and Lyra bring a house a big set for Dublin there's the kills but it's two for two so far but will it be more Cody's son finds his third it'll take pretty good damage here Vulcan very low and manly like it's all done they find us low they find this son the big shield comes out look at the person or the goodest ship at Douglas Cooper next kill he's got the shut down the power cord so strong as Vulcan is running only by the single breath though and the next shot will get a double kill five two and six on the SONA look at it honey now as well can he find the slow he can that might just be enough such what he comes forward needs to Otto's they're gonna get the kills the cleanup comes through expect these on a rampage and they're in the mid lane now as well as for JJ's little deterrent TP comes in from the top lane as impact now joining in as well and he looked at could maybe close the game out it's four versus two right now waiting 15 seconds her response another one for the sejuani liras trying to run it will be shut down as well six kills for the battle sedge and the second turret will drop teamliquid will remain in control of first place as they will take down clutch gaming in 29 minutes six and two 4tl looking like it will be no more for that late-game trying to draft towards that teamfight you know utilize this is your opportunity to go to the bottom half the map they'll grab the cloud Drake and that is a nice early pick up there for them back into the meta as he's going up will see against jumpers and big oh hey good lord man oh hey is combo and all autos were weaved in by smoothy you know for the who's kind of sparked a new contract stepping a little bit too far for gonna be found out there a nice bull means smoothies gonna find the second kill of the game here for TSM yeah they were not expecting my beer now bjergsen for organs gonna be shuffled back right towards TSM now as well the egg will only delay the inevitable em TSM r30 TSM 1vs5 ready just waiting for death to come form goodnight sweet prince TSM finding number four yeah but in the meantime their two members pop get the first turret it's five Bob for TSM joinville is pushing mid so golden Guardians is actually getting a decent bit back with this they may come out ahead on the play despite losing the one man it's double teleporting no idea why definitely stuck around that long Akkadian waiting for the spell shield to go away making sure he gets the pole it's exactly how you play skarner against Sivir and Natalie no reason to go for that when chasing down a staredown 2000 gold answers not too afraid just yet though contracts gonna be moving up there with him there looking to start the fight on McCadden is a two versus three but it's a fight they're still not afraid to take reasons gonna fall that's the reset there for a really strong top laning they will be able to knock down this mid lane turret Gold is still very close this is a bottom side and you can see all these wards being placed down here as a result you know pink board here prompt lane Tier one turret what many consider to be the least important turret on the map knowing and they are gonna get a spot as a result this is one of the things that I always feel like separates the good and Nivea players from the great and here we go that's gonna be an initiation come out from this side we're golden in and Pearson just gets knocked down this will mean infernal goes the way of golden Guardians but the great indian is the show in bottom lane there is the potential I think you just start up the bear but right now it's CSM trying to make it collapse here this has turned into quite a juxtaposition as strong it is now going to find himself caught out mid laners out of position the name of the mid-game here as golden Guardians will lose their mid laner they will lose that waveclear definitely will do what he can but they will not hold on to the tier 1 mid lane turret and that's a big move for TSM yeah that is really big cuz they can actually turn their engages if either team has something big oh it's gonna start off here we're gonna see smoothly going to the stasis here immediately Sven also gonna be keeping himself alive just for a moment smoothie taken down also gonna be Oh later anyway TSM on the retreat the TSM back lines and creating so much of the action for them with these initiations from the anivia the anivia setting up the plays on surface build that number even higher pushing down the bottom lane for men strong here seeing if they can take this to the TSM base tier 3 is gonna be under siege TSM not enough bodies here in time assail and golden Guardians will put a lot of damage in this turf might even be able to take it down yeah I think they're just gonna get this one the froggen sitting at over 680 with 3 items and they're gonna go in ok he goes in he grabs the enemy support but he sacrifices himself for it this is all I was talking about early on a sail one frontliner if he messes up all the suddenly engage is gone the ability to start these things off is God contracts and froggen continuing to look for they're able to find smoothie and take him out but it will be a one-for-one there deftly hunter & froggin now gonna be pressuring onto the tier 3 to the mid lane as well froggen in some trouble critical positioning error will be happily punished then bjergsen takes a triple golden Guardians gonna get wiped off them he gets caught out yeah Murchison with the triple kill who is 70 gets caught away from the team but he's all I'm frog ins gonna be some crap pulled back towards TSM golden Guardians we're gonna turn the fight right back around Achates gonna be taken very low hunter takes him down and now he's gone to reset City he'll go into the resurrection contracts nearly killed himself definitely free firing into the TSM lines but he's gonna be taking low-impedance and his dominating to dead on the side of the golden Guardians we're in knocking down multiple members at the end of that fight bjergsen so strong at this point in the game it definitely really felt like he had the strength to clean up that fight he's on to three items but now they are getting pushed in they will lose at least one inhibitor contras is doing the dragon at this point so he will be able to trade the dragon back remember the Baron is spawning here pretty king now they're starting off bjergsen has to flash over the wall to keep him seeing alive only to make it happen you bring bjergsen down you're gonna win yourself the game but haunters now the one who's gonna be targeted he has to flash out but he's taken down TSM found a huge fight the golden Guardians fight off way more than they can chew and they'll be absolutely annihilated they get shredded but frogging trying to turn this around look at that damn it's were froggen oh but now it's nothing but a sunny-side up breakfast on the side brush of the red pit that's been going on another kill for himself contracts healing up in the brush not really a match for broken blade 1v1 there maybe he is broken blade try to put some damage back down on these tracks should be able to take him down here and I am found wrong in my analysis the trundle takes down that Chase and now skarner versus trundle 1v1 skarner building full tank not honest cars fight that skarner wins i'm just gonna go ahead and throw that out there trundle is the one who wins this fight but not unless he's alone the only way you can win this is if you're fighting skarner pair and TSM is not about a fair fight they look to hand this one over to Sven put more money in the hands to ad carry but contracts won't waste as money to give up this baron they are in the area here but broken blades the traps the traps mean the golden Guardians have no weight 'ln as well and it might be what this team needs to push them into gold party I think is is vent way to move towards these battle lines drawn by TSM em TSM will take told me about it you aren't laughing about how much gross stuff I voted to put in the smooth all right back to the smoothie on our screens of the rest of TSM breaking open the base here in the bottom Lane golden Guardians will have to find their fight here soon otherwise TSM will just run over these inhibitors but you've got to respect the power that elder drink yeah I think they might actually just try to be waiting it out right you try to wave her as much as you can barons almost gone broke evade forced a flash over the wall York's and now retreating almost able to take down that mid lane inhibitor yeah so no bare buff anymore so you can wave clear this out instantly golden Guardians want to actually avoid a fight there's a minute left on the on the elder vids are gonna be avoiding much of anything when they go fishing and land themselves a big one Akkadian taken out but now Olay is incredibly low in the HP Department gotta be concerned about that one Redemption coming in will be topped off a little bit from that one hauntzer wants to approach from the top however there's no way into the fight with GSM can so easily disengage acadians the one guy you can really sink your fangs he's the one melee member everybody else will maintain distance and continue to do the instead GSM just looking to out macro that's gonna be a four shot on the inhibitor turret they'll take down the inhibit self golden Guardians struggling to rotate around and answer this in any capacity frog ins on the side contracts all alone in the jungle he's gonna be found out pulled back by Akkadian taken down by his bed and that is very guaranteed to tss then already there as well they knocked on the inhibitor almost instantly in contracts you know his sting to this monster trying to go forward spin as the target haunts are still going to find a little bit more damage on him that's gonna be a big pick if Golding audience are able to fight it and secure the damaged monster we're gonna go even further we're gonna be the target but broken blade is in the base of the golden Guardians we're all gonna be the one trying to stop him needs to find the stun broken blades nearly able to take him down clean out play now smoothy's the only one from TSM even in the area there will be no contest for this aside from a laser golden Guardians very glad to see that one if the trap set up here's bjergsen sitting on his power and golden Guardians look like they want to get beer except legs gonna engage but it's only on to Akkadian that's the front line us the one guy you don't want to you have no ATK or your support in any way sipper was not there this is gonna be yet another baron going the way of TSM and they will have this Baron buff for when the second elder spawns again third builder of the game but actually looking like careful golden Guardians trying to go for something here froggen flashing away from Akkadian keeping himself from getting grabbed ponts are looking for some damage onto Bjork's in there in the backline golden Guardians still looking to maybe take the fight even further frog ins gonna be taken Lowe gets himself away golden Guardians disengaging now still 14 seconds before but here comes the Burger King around from behind the golden glory by himself surrounded frog is gonna be taken very low goes in the egg now they'll have to try to protect him golden Guardians grouped up trying to play protective president the VIP is down bjergsen will again find his mark broken blade kills contracts and the golden Guardian stands 3v5 to b5 1 b5 TSM chasing into the base definitely the last man standing and spin will keep him in the fountain TSM are on the victory march after 49 minutes the longest game of summer split TSM will take down the golden Guardians and what a performance 5 boxty mana for their champions do have those dashes it's gonna be two days to Vladimir's here for scarlet that is what he went on yesterday against TSM ins jungle three versus two he could take this over the wall he goes and yeah that one's gonna be secured by meteos and a lot of danger yep one more swap of the flail first blood drops your gaming though going after the cloud Drake some early game movement speed will help out with these rotations to see if maybe they come in and threaten this dives still probably gonna go off here top lane one minion left alive meteos able to make his way onto the enemy top laner before he can get out alive and the aatrox changes to world ender means no assists no kill no reset meteos gets himself over the wall Phoenix can't quite find the damage and now scarlet will continue over the cliff to take now the turret for so so long there's very little chance of actually being able to trade back and with meteos tanking that on such money go could just ignore the trick that last bullet point a little bit more difficult than it has to be though you me firing off the prowling projectile just to try to ward them away but considering they have the Dhokla has the matchup and has had that success in the early games dictated and what a change for this early having a rough time golden Guardians still around that level I'd say they have shown that they're capable of playing some pretty high-level League of Legends but optic one of the teams really stepping up as scarlet tries to make himself an outplay in the bottom Lane dope was shows off but he will not be to be able to make an adaptation to change the way the team communicates and plays to make that the reality to make this the reality optic gaming need one more shot to take down low but it won't quite rabbits meteos goes down and optic overcommit in the bottom lane yeah I've got to say you know maybe we can watch that one again we defended by the side of optic looking to make a play happen here Crowley projectile finding its way on to Panda meteos moving forward not gonna find the stun on to anyone Laura Lowe trying to get himself away he's in the world ender but he doesn't have a reset just yet he's gonna get one here in a moment scarlet is taken down floor low goes into the reset now oh boy did optic mess-up go Fox will fine for echo Fox you're battling back so it could be ever so heavily that they did those are not the kind of errors that should even be crossing your mind if a play can even hold that badly I don't think you should even be considering it and now I put yourselves in a comfortable spot to transition into the next Baron happen yeah and this one this Tier one turret should be able to take it down scarlet won't walk out far enough to actually contest that but it doesn't look like you have to just kind of calm down make sure you're in a good mental state and realize that your signo has no flash still and you had girlfriends back so I think that is a smart play there ultimate makes it really hard to compute chase into that if you could route it up you can start getting credit by the rest of but there's he began they want this fight hi Jaco tries to go in with a quickness but he's not able to find anyone there with the Recon Scarlett enters into the pool and now the counter-attack comes out off the gaming trying to make this one go the distance pandas gonna be taken very low as Apollo's taken down first panda follows him into the abyss and it's to zero for often these video salties to really connect and the team can follow it up and now they're the ones with the Baron they're the ones back crits left to take the tier 2 and tier 1 still standing I mean there's lots of ways to capitalize they'll find a kill on the panda looking to go even further Scarlett likely gonna be killed off here goes into the stasis looking to buy a little bit of time Dhokla makes his way into the fight but they've got to read that on to lure low he'll look for even more but it goes at the resurrection Phoenix going into the stasis but so is his opponent now it's gonna be loyal coming back to life Hawk won't having a retreat here yet again echo fox wants to disengage Apollo goes into that feather storm he's able to bait them back off to Candide when you go forward Apollo continue to kind meteos is down echo fox has won their fight they're gonna get the loop any little tofu and look at that negative Baron power plate now 2000 gold in the deficit from that power play they are gonna be losing this inhibitor tower here as well echo fox fighting back that was on par with the bottom lane the dive for optic mistakes that go in an echo Fox's favor fox is doing a 1000 gold lead most of which actually all of which is in the ad carry difference as Tom flank here wants to try to go baby taupe who's gonna be the target and that is a pick to start things off with scarlet having her treat now all he needs is resetting he's gonna find it Apollo's on a rampage thicker cut to pieces they'll find even more disaster hands echo Fox chases further scarlet goes into the pool and into the grave Apollo gets a triple one more will make it a Quadra and surely the Pinta with that cat after but they will not even need it yeah they're gonna push down mid here arrow desperately trying to clear out the waves they don't have minions just yet but the super is coming in from that mid lane they should be able to potentially end the game here they're gonna TP back in arrows gotta make something happen but what do we think he's going to do it I mean you just have to try to clear the minion wave and suicide for that big separates from his ad carry he tries to fire off some spooky ghost it will not succeed we'll find their second win of the split and a big one it is playoff team last time around barely missing on a semifinals last split and yeah I think easily the chance to make that up you're a game behind second right like this is I think completely fine for you guys you're gonna have the week off of course before week 5 starts and you said pauses mental attitude I actually heard you say that losing the game on your own mistake feels better than losing because they were better than you it's like easy to fix it next time yeah I mean you know obviously it sucks to lose there you have to just you know claw your way back into a higher seed but a person who stood above the competition with player of the week this time around 100 these mid laner ryu gets the honours on a 2-0 one this week front of thieves three game win streak looks good yeah this was an interesting one to me because 100 these did have you know that their first ever to Oh week in a long time and Rio did play well but I don't think it was like some sort of hard carry thing right yeah a lot of the players stepped up I think flat players had better performances and some of this player of the week is attributed to them changing players bringing Ryu in as kind of that unifying force right him coming in I feel like there's a lot of what led the around yeah and and so I think there is something to be said about the intangibles there I voted for bang yeah I was thinking you know on just