Kyle Lowry Loses It When the Raptors Trade DeMar | Game Of Zones S6E3

See, look here, DeMar Draymond’s on LeBron again… Yeah, it’s like a triple switch or something Exactly… What are you reading? We’re studying. House Warriors’ defensive tactics against King James It wasn’t their tactics. It was their talent. We have the talent. We just need smart strategy and for the gods to finally smile on us. Maybe they have DeMar! This is our chance! King James is gone from our path, but he is also gone from our excuses. If we fail to conquer the East this year… it could be the end for all of us. My lord, you have always believed in us We will reward your faith. I swear it I’m afraid faith is not enough Here we pay a Northern price for a blessing The gods demand a sacrifice Lord Ujiri, I pledge that I will do whatever it takes Yes. We’d give anything for The Six I know Forgive me Kyle! Wake up! Kyle! Kyle! Norman? What are you doing— It’s a trade. We’re making a trade. A trade? Why didn’t anyone tell me? Well…you know… you did trade for a horse once… and I think Lord Ujiri doesn’t include you Ugh! He’s so annoying! Excuse me. Excuse me! Get out of my way No…no…no… Kyle! Don’t let them do it I won’t This must be some sort of mistake— He was here for a long time, not a good time What? Where’s Lord Ujiri? It will all be over soon No! I demand to see Lord Ujiri! Where is Lord Ujiri??? My Lord…you can’t! You said you wouldn’t! Gods’ plan Drake, have you all gone mad? If we don’t make a trade, there will be no banners here. Oh, is that what they said at House Thunder when they traded away James Harden? Ah, man. That’s not the same! Silver Lord, bless this trade, for it is fair and for the good of the Realm! How could you do this to your most loyal knight? Not just him Also Jake—Jakob…Pole-tull… Po-ull-tull… Poyttle… Pelt-el… Him! Hello! All right, summon the Trade Raptor! Ah! Ah! Ahhh!! No! Noooo!!!! Bye, Jacob Poortle! It’s Jakob Poeltl Please. I’ll do whatever you ask. I’ll shoot more threes! Lord Ujiri! How could you do this? He’s my best friend! It’s OK. I’ll be your new best friend. Shush, Norman! Kyle…please Is there any other way? We tried. They didn’t want you. Please! Please! I’ll try on defense! I’ll shoot it from anywhere I’ll shoot it from behind half court No! No! No! No! Please! Please! Hi, DeMar! Oh, hi, Jakob Wait…WAIT. WAIT! I almost forgot We also owe them a first-round pick Ow. Oh, come on OK. We’re good. We should be good Trade Raptor, take these knights to their new house Wait. DeMar AND a pick? And Jake Puddle Argh, get off me! No! Please, come back! No! My friend… Well, whoever we’re getting back… he’d better be a bloody monster!