Kira Kosarin Grants Wishes as Kiki the Genie 🧞‍♀️ | Knight Squad | #TBT

OK, this is bad,
if we don't get that bottle back… We'll be stuck forever
in Princess Sage's Carnival of Crazy! [fighting] Whoa! OK, next time you find a genie,
find one that's out of shape! [laughing] I really wish I could let you guys go
but gene rules and all– [screaming] Whoa! [groaning] Super sorry! [laughing] And I'm sorry about this! [meowing] No, no, no, no! [meowing] [laughing] – Hi, guys.
– Ahh! [laughing] – How d'you get down here so quickly?
– Hello, er, genie! Now where were we?
Oh, right! [fighting] [crashing] Way to kick their butts, Genie! What other cool stuff can you do? Oh, I can run in slow motion! [laughing] No way!
I can dance like a duck! [bells jingling] [laughing] Quack! Oh, it is so good to be princess! [laughing] Are you guys OK? Obviously not! Arc has sad eyes! Who hurt you, buddy? [laughing] It's a long story
but we have to stop that genie! – OK, I'll use my giant strength.
– But you'll get shocked? I know, but you're worth it. You're a loyal bestie in any universe! Aww, I don't know what that means
but thank you! [laughing] But what about me?
I'll do anything, you name it! We need you to use your magic to get that bottle back
from Princess Sage! – Oh, no can do.
– What? [laughing] Hey Genie, how about a giant hug? Oh, yay, I've always wanted to try a hug! Whoa, hugs are not what I expected! What are you doing to my genie? Can't summon genie magic! [laughing] Come on, bro, we need you! Hey, maybe Princess Sage will like you
because you're a… Rebel, bad-boy! [laughing] I'll do it! [laughing] Bottoless comesy handsy! Yes, we got the bottle! And I'm a bad-boy! How you like me now? [laughing] I like you less. [laughing] I made a terrible mistake! [laughing] Well, Genie stop them! You no longer have the bottle, so no. [laughing] Guards, seize that bottle! [music playing] Hurry up, make a wish! I wish everything was back to normal! ♪ Wiki, wiki, wish it up ♪ Just do it! [magic sparkling] Nothing excites me more
than your generous gift of… lamb chops! [laughing] I'm the princess… and you're the king! And Sage is just regular
Knight School Sage! [laughing] OK… [laughing] Hey, show some respect to the girl I love
but I'm too scared to talk to! [laughing] Woo! Look, Sage, I found a pretty bottle! No, you cannot have that! [laughing] Be– because the princess
probably wants it. I do, thank you,
random Knight School student. [laughing] Well, you know the rules,
since the king doesn't want anything, let's… go throw this in a ditch. Yes! And I know just the ditch. [laughing] [magic sparkling] Happy to be back
in your complicated life. Yes, everything is perfect! Thank you for teaching me
I can't wish my problems away! Hey, you still have one wish left. Oh, talking alpacas, please! [laughing] Actually,
I gift my last wish to you, Kiki! What? You're gonna give your last wish
to the bathroom genie? [laughing I'm so sorry, please don't kick me. [laughing] I don't need any more wishes. I wouldn't change a thing. [gasping] No way, no way, no way, no way, no way! I know exactly what I want! [magic sparkling] A slightly bigger bottle. [laughing] [magic sparkling] Haha, there's so much space in here! [music playing]