hold on oh so you got two of those and then what did that why got me something no that's not how you shot DJ yeah they make me smile make me smile every day I'm always taking with my family they always show me love cause it's my family my family and squad here we go here we go in squad you go hard and scrap there we go can we go Harvard a family hi it's your boy doll residing there with a new challenge on the way our new blog however you want to put it I got this squad here and who should I start off pushing I start here right left right left I'm gonna start with the prettiest what up pretty lady what's your name alright and then we got these two people that always be fighting okay we got Yaya and we got we got bighead DJ right he's trying to drop her phone DJ you already messed her phone up so you can't do it again alright are you gonna be grounded the whole summer for real for real guys that's my family oh we got one person okay snowy so anyways you guys about to do this challenge the kids been asking us to do this chance for how long be like a little while now 5,000 here y'all bout to come with us we head in the wall my man we're gonna let the kids do our grocery shopping because we need some groceries right now and I'm hoping they could pick out some good stuff alright dude say you ain't gon coaster shopping I mean getting you no snacks right yes may you think I pick out some good stuff for us baby can't shop we got to let them shot that's how the channels work yeah they got a day the ones that get to pick out our groceries so whatever they pick out that's what we're gonna be eating for what the week or week now you're shopping for a week hey you over there looking stone bright that's how the challenge work where it's gonna we're gonna have a limit on to the candy y'all just not gonna buy you're not just going to fill up our cart with some candy just an ice cream all right guys see you guys at home me watch out a comment down below what type of things you I would get at the grocery store if it was up to you guys to the kitchen run hood which I would give him anyways missing out hit that subscribe button and PJ what's up what else do they hit [Applause] all our posts throughout the summer because we drop in lit when I say hey can you spell it awesome let's go via Wawa I panting gangs we bout to head to Walmart right now where we actually on our way there we got this beautiful lady driving the whip right now super accent for the T she pushing peppermint yah the vehicle name is peppermint we still haven't found a name for the Tesla yet we're very present what you doing about 40 42 35 babe oh you gangsta bro oh yeah you ready to go some do some grocery shopping you know what you're gonna get you got a long list DJ yeah you ready to do your grocery list you making it long and nice alright guys so we can see how that one white man baby's doing she bite now she's going about fitting in at 35 birth oh hush yesterday he was doing 70 over there yeah but I could do that though a timeout but anyways we see ya guys in Walmart my see but it's not ok right alright game so we just made it to Walmart by the head five kids gonna get the grocery list going there you ready but you look it real good alright so we brought the head inside alright so we in the fruit section now this is so this is a restart alright guys so us what shotgun gift for friends see them white Grey's where we gotta get graves if y'all doing the grocery shopping y'all need to push me in mommy yeah bet you go outside the car tim has pound so what was the first thing you got strawberries why you put it in the egg part in the bread part that's not where that goes bro you don't know how to grocery shop what about vegetables girly look at the apples carrots hey go characters girly which again she passing out of your fruits okay so yeah it loves these little things right there what's he got watermelon mangoes give me some pineapple I want to find out for bro not the big ones no give me a small one can you look at it the safest first like you know that's not a good one yeah you got to look through this stuff okay I don't know we could do this grocery shopping they don't even care where we going out what we're in our DJ where you going you want cupcakes no one no one DJ you trying to be a little fatty over to somebody say you already got one pick out of those two what you mean why you don't need to have you don't need to have 24 cupcakes from one week hold on oh so you got two of those and then one of that no that's not how you shot DJ someone thought I saw his name I see alright so no more grocery shopping for her so the next place right after the fruits and cupcakes we're in the ice cream spot yeah we never bought that before do it no I never bought that those the same sort of mana I saw Mommy today you don't really eat no ice cream so we're done with the ice cream section what's in the next aisle okay let us know what sound like what you mean know me how are you gonna survive are you guys crazy can we at least get some pizza or something know me then yeah acting like me faster now tombstone pepperoni you guys comment down below what chalky I get shy no y'all don't want to show no pieces Oh what about Bagel Bites so yeah is gonna offer those stuff for smoothies cuz she got strawberry right now what's that right there pineapples can we get some bread too mangoes should be over there okay so that got mangoes they look how to organize the car braces off is all a mess high expect to fit everything he had Carly can we get a bread bread is right here so get it why you gotta push the cart to get it yeah ad can you just get the bread yeah that one in your hand girly the bread do not go in here it goes in here with the eggs and stuff not with the star berry now with the cupcakes no you guys you guys have to organize the car a lot better than that so yeah I guess I got an extra permission to myself can you want for you guys is they just stole anything in the car no matter I think we need some honey – can we get some honey I think it's in the next aisle Sariah let him drive it and then go this way to take boy that was a close accident right there all right let's see what yo man so she don't get lost so yeah I got some honey do you need the honey for the for your smoothie and stuff all right hey guys yeah I still keep dropping thinking that wait till we get to to the back alley I'm not gonna have no room all right so we got some juice over here yeah I think we need some juice we're gonna need juice are you serious so yeah I got pineapple juice too yeah DJ on our way DJ but let her put the stuff in said I mean you don't have no stuff you're gonna be pressing that what DJ you just do that and oh wow so we got a new road BAE's gonna push the cart and they're just gonna get what they want because they keep fighting no you guys gotta come down here when a cereal do you eat cereal like three times a day DJ's obsessed it's cereal you guys do y'all want any of this no pop-tarts you don't see what's here are you guys getting what's here do you want baby yeah sometimes we're on the chips owl and they are getting no chips wood chips is I've never seen you I got these shows so fourth of July's coming out guys which I did I let it know what's poppin chemistry do you even eat those look at this one what are you trying to reach just accidentally what was she trying to give this pack I don't know now this one this yeah no you can't get that I don't okay well I guess I can't say no oh I also he can't get that because of his to you so we're in this aisle they do any paper towels will you guys even get Peppa time you should want pivots hats because all you do is make a mess that is T if my eggs she do once in a blue moon once in a blue moon yeah we knew balls she took your thing out me she took your thing out yes she did she didn't look for you to wipe your yes though you're nasty I thought you know we need a get off the floor oh yeah we do yeah I'm not even shopping y'all supposed to be grocery shopping now y'all just doing the most okay you guys these kids are people okay this is your first and last time going grocery shopping look at our cart we didn't even get milk eggs juice we didn't get vegetables fruits we didn't get foods remember we get no vegetables we didn't get no juice no milk no eggs butter water we didn't get food for snowy so y'all was just gonna let y'all dog stuff yeah good job because no hands-free is for cooking that poker oh my god everything is loaded uh okay how much do you think it's got come on – I don't even know how much that thing is open I mean yes how much 300 500 how much you save it I say 200 right now is $544 we do not have that much left so we got what I said 200 what you say then I say 200 I said 200 right now that 153 so DJ and no you did not say 200 yeah 500 about to find out so the moment of truth is here we got one more item how much she did the cheetah the water so how much to 41 to 41 91 yeah so so BAE one he said 200 I got 300 nope you change no thank you have a good day my pants again so we came home and we put up Auto groceries the kids with him but then again no meat no food no nothing so now infested so now we gonna eat but we got Jana back DJ so after day we did their makeup shopping their grocery shopping guess what they asked for can we go out to eat why not me we've onto the pool it's nighttime yeah you should have brought meat so you could cook so we gonna tell Cheesecake Factory yeah I noticed we switched up vehicle so we jumped in my car as you know switch with me yeah a so if she gonna try to cheat I come from now on a number tattooed touch got to worry about no gas on that so you you promise me we got the a/c off full blast and ever because you can do that we're gonna worry about caste and the g-wagen that gasps we have it full blast we don't need to get gas hi DJ you're cold or hot I just tend to dump it out the back what DJ wanted on no Easter on I just turned it now are you guys so we forget some girl me often come with us so leggo we got our seats and stuff got our drinks I got her train yeah I got her taxes let's talk about where should we go for our road trip but we're y'all thinking they don't want to travel that's the first is that you want to go anywhere comment down below where should we go we want to play somewhere in the States she keeps saying Las Vegas what is in Las Vegas girl Las Vegas mr. Kronos okay where would you want to go but we're just waiting on our food yeah so we'll see in a bit we'll talk about it y'all comment down below what pastry chef is ago matter food alright guys so we just made it home gonna end the night for us you guys the nightcap at least enjoyed y'all coming with us man bet you got anything to say very super tie right now we're big hey yeah yeah yeah I noticed every time we drive Yaya goes all the way to the back and DJ assists right here why I do that I know but I'm saying like why do you be laying down I'd be I'd be sitting in the same spot always come in the car and see right here on me white also they get kisses and daddy don't get anyways you guys out coming that will know how I mean the kids did on the grocery challenge yeah I think I got some good food for us they're not even listening dude yeah I think I did good in the challenge yes huh tomorrow you could cook now you can make breakfast you only got food for breakfast not for dinner aren't you guys what we signing out we love you guys some hook so much mission you guys no more questioning eyes like comment and subscribe we out please