Kevin Durant Impersonator Makes NBA Debut With Sixers In 2019 Summer League!

those guys with experience in his third year missing that time number people today like back in the day guys who played in so Jim Boston has not had a good look inside the restricted area shayok too began his career in the ACC finished it here come shake Marial shayok puts the ball on the floor he throws it up what the fits the play that is sorted in you yeah three there he goes up scoops it gets it to go [Applause] he's three or four from the field certainly his impact being felt here in the second quarter and then picks up an offensive foul there – that's probably one that we've robbery and he's done a great job with the just sixes team and he had a great summer Jim Elijah Bryan throws it up gets it to go off glass that's one of those things great defense and you have to tip your hat to the offensive players shock from three this is this is the biggest stage everybody's watching great opportunity guys fulfilling the dream obviously with his story was I hear that is getting the opportunity to kind of play basketball grab it here's Landale for three misses rebound share I'm shocked Abaza Coulson doesn't have a double-double yes tindy bounds I would have bet one thing that he would have had at least 2 3 bounce away he's the great so here's Shaq for three misses back iron the defendants gonna run off the line get T a big range which I know saying midranges is a forbidden word nowadays but but when things get bogged down and a nice place to go yeah well you drive it you can you do a drive and kick this is the closest the game has been since 10:00 to 6:00 in the first board shocked he gets it to go the checks in for Philly shayok at the top throws it up off the glass to the NIP steamer chair he's been impressive today via by 13 here in the fourth shayok at the top of the key he stops and pops from three he gets it to go he could do it at all levels of the game so she'll be going back down the tree Norville Powell's rejecting Gershon Yahoo selling that time and Bible looking to mega two for two missing out of the corner Bible trade both guys were on the floor right now is Robert Williams Tufts Robbie Williams has got so much potential [Applause] play hard exactly he scores it down that is brewing over and against Virginia and the performance he put on in those two games incredible ten threes in the Virginia game but the drive continued to let mystery shayok equip them with the right fundamentals that his natural touch will come through and make more shots but obviously time what's up for us you need to be he just signed a contract I'm sure he's had so many different obligations along the way in the last month but after the summer league it his goal now needs to be to get healthy and to get in condition Christopher George will you think of some of these prognostications for the West now that things are starting to clear up roster testy I'm waiting he was his opportunity to win and someone else's hit that Georgia was interesting I even reading that Kevin Durant according to reports was one of the guys that you know he was potentially recruiting to play in Los Angeles with the Clippers he loved being a Duke he loved part of the whole thing surrounding his experience in college basketball and his teammates he's a great teammate plays with great passion great energy plays hard this is just one part of that process Grant Williams has been very