Kai’Sa Champion Spotlight | Gameplay – League of Legends

this is Caixa daughter of the void to survive among creditors Caixa became one the daughter of the void hunt with a symbiotic second skin adapted from a living boy creature are you the hunter or the prey welcome the Caixa champion spotlight look closely and you'll pray we'll show you how to cure it Caixa has two passes the first is caustic wounds crisis basic attacks mark enemies with plasma healing increasing bonus damage per stack after enough stack for plasma ruptures for a burst of damage based on the targets missing health nearby allies can donate plasma by immobilizing enemies with crowd control but cannot rupture the plasma cases second passive is living weapon her symbiotic skin evolves her abilities based on permanent stats gained from items and champion levels will come back these evolutions with each ability chi says q is a kayvyun range which releases a swarm of missiles evenly distributed among nearby enemies additional hits on the same champion or monsters yield reduced damage low health minions take extra damage if you catch an enemy up close and alone they'll be pummeled with every shop for some unavoidable damage minions and other enemies will split the salvo so remember to isolate your prey before making it a KP and rain with enough bonus attack damage at KT and rain evolves to fire significantly more missiles feeling more damage crisis W void seeker fires up a beam of void energy that damages reveals and applies plasma to the first enemy hit with enough ability power void seeker evolves to deal more damage apply additional plasma and partially refund the cooldown on champion hit put enemies on blast with a nasty poke or play hide-and-seek ER with a fleeing enemy kai says e is supercharged first thai sitar jizz up briefly increasing your movements beat but losing the ability to attack after charging up with Caixa whips out the big guns to increase your attack speed for a few seconds every basic attack reduces superchargers cooldown additionally bonus attacked people reduced the charge up time and increase the movement speed gate with enough bonus attack speed supercharger evolves to grant invisibility during the charge up your enemy's hunting you will be in vain the first half of supercharger can be used to create distance from a threat and you can use a second half to turn and burn cases ultimate is killer instinct too late to run Caixa dashes at extremely high speed to a location near an enemy champion marked with plasma then briefly gains a shield while Caixa moves insanely fast during her ultimate it is technically a – eagle-eyed opponents can interrupt you unlike other champions from the void with high mobility Ultimates huh quesa can use her ultimate offal wandering enemy combo with the teammate to die of a carry hiding in the back line or reposition in the blink of an eye Killer Instinct is exceptionally versatile and has a long range but it is a huge commitment don't be rash with it once you're in deep you better be able to fight your way out pices abilities and evolutions give her multiple ways to approach a teamfight my skin is cool time times one method is to rely on supercharger taking their front line for constant cooldown refreshment and using killer instinct to dodge crowd control or kite divers just make sure you don't abandon your team to one be 5 that's 10 points and void spotting alternatively you can lurk on the outskirts waiting for a well a void seeker or some friendly crowd control to dive in and pop a squishy stay alert for opportunities to follow up on an allies engage and land that final stack of plasma for the kill after all K S stands for Tyson you talk too much thanks for watching the Keisler champion spotlight call your killer instinct to dive deep and learn more about the daughter of the void