JUSTICE LEAGUE Comic Con 2017 Panel News & Highlights

so we thought maybe it’ll be interesting to start off at this part of the panel with a bit of a splash thank yous and gentlemen you’re Aquaman [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Brooklyn [Applause] the keys here [Applause] finally it makes sense to your uncle can make sense in your aqua because everyone is super wet right now [Applause] this man I want you to know this man came all the way from Australia last night to be I came all the way from Australia for you guys I’m gonna be tea man congratulations have been welcome to all this I mean what is it what can you say about art the Korean what have you enjoyed and what’s been exciting your buddy oh I’m not worthy for this I feel it’s been awesome yeah I had a great time in London Justice League I love them no I wasn’t stop making all my training yeah it’s just so stoked to show you what we have today eight 18 months away from Aquaman and there’s a lot of stuff we do want to show you unfortunately I wish I could take this and go and you guys can see what I’ve seen but unfortunately we can’t show too much can’t show too much yeah we’re a little ways away but we made something really really special yeah you’ve been working with James Wan absolutely he’s a little genius man I love him yeah we’re having a great time down there he wish he could be here everyone does amber Patrick everyone says hello yeah love my cast and we made a little special day yeah James made a special message for you let’s say gentlemen [Music] [Applause] whoop Wow you guys there are energies we’re revealing you Wow Jason that was freakin credible I cannot wait how are you guys doing today I mean I know you know I know it goes thing but it really means a lot to everyone here that you that you all showed up to unite for this here at comic-con but but obviously it’s I know it’s a lot of hard work Ben what did it feel like when you finally United as the Justice League this is an amazing cast the first time when everyone had their costumes on and we were on the set and it was everybody it was it was very much a high geek level moment it was just electrifying is incredible I just kept trying to touch everyone it looks so cool and real it is real then there’s been some stories in the past day or so and they just kind of want to know you know let me be very clear I am the luckiest guy in the world Batman is the coolest part in any universe DC Marvel it’s incredible and you know I I’m so thrilled to do it I know there’s misconception because I didn’t directed that maybe I wasn’t enthusiastic about it it’s amazing and and I still can’t believe it after two films and we’ll have this history with this great studio and you know Kevin tsujihara and sue Crowell and Toby I’m Ric has said to me we want you to be our Batman and you know I believe him and with Matt Reeves doing it it’s like I would be a ape on the ground for Matt Reeves never mind being Batman it’s incredible so I’m really blown away and excited and and it’s a great time in the DC Universe you’re gonna see some stuff from Justice League that we’re really really proud of and I think you’ll see why I’m so excited to be Batman excellent thank you believing the hype people don’t believe the hype gal I remember we were on this stage a few years ago and what has happened with one woman is an incredible it’s a beautiful movie you are so wonderful in it and so what what is it specifically about Wonder Woman that’s special to you and what why do you think that it has resonated so globally the way that the way that it has I think that No thank you so are you whoever you are I think that you know this character is just so incredible she stands for everything that is good for love and for compassion and for truth and justice and peace and and there’s nothing not to love about her and yeah and honestly I’m grateful that you guys have made her who she is and made this movie so so so successful and you know I can only celebrate this character and be super grateful for the opportunity there legitimately like three or four times a day since I saw the movie that I that I just out loud go beer near near near near near near near near near near like when I’m trying to run on a treadmill or something esra as a self-proclaimed fanboy and I think that it tracks so Ezra what what is it about this universe that you love so much and being being such an integral part of it well well well thought you’d never ask well as we know the DC Universe is the first comic universe that we are in is the first unless you count the the only one who came before us was the Justice Society of America which is of course us as well yeah and so I I mean I’m thrilled what more can I say it’s the greatest as far as I’m coming I there’s a couple startups that I’m Claire yeah those but no I mean pretty much you know the monopoly it’s unfair I know there’s Marmaduke I don’t know if there’s anything else yeah what about what about Ray cuz because these characters essentially get their powers as a result of an accident so how does that unite them how does that bond them well with cyborg and the flash you know they do get their powers as a result of accidents and I think that Bond’s them in a very specific way both through the traumas that they’ve had but also due to the fact that they’re the youngest members of the group you know you’re getting well I didn’t say the most beautiful but you’re so well paid what I think works is that you know you have all these characters that are dealing with their personal issues who come together for lack of a better term come together and and are able to use those circumstances to save the world which is beautiful I mean everybody here has gone through some sort of family or emotional situation and you know you find you find solace and people that are like you and so they see each other in how they interact you know they see each other in their purpose and you know it’s gonna be a hell of a good time excellent this is for Jason Aquaman seems a little less willing to play with the group what’s what’s going on let’s talk about it hello oh and now you’re on big trouble yeah I just think he’s you know Aquaman’s always he’s not really accepted on land or in sea so he kind of lives in the tides he’s just very I guess he’s hurt he’s sensitive and he covers it up there’s a lot of there’s a lot of you know he’s a big onion and we’re just slowly peeling it away yeah but inside don’t you see the bees a little teddy bear right over the bat-cave it says this is a safe space you don’t you don’t feel that when we’re together I do I do alright this is a personal conversation but it’s you know he comes through and he ends up joining the league and it’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to him you know and he’s loved and wanted and feels a part of the team well you I think it might be time for to serve up some justice so Ben what did what you bring today for yeah I gotta say I just want to take one second to two to just absorb this because it’s really really great it’s so exciting how many people in their life get to come to Hall H and say I’m Batman I mean it’s pretty it’s pretty amazing I’m Batman it was fun I wanna say – up there – we have something pretty I think it’s pretty great and you’ll see all these guys and how amazing they are and I didn’t I don’t think it doesn’t need much introduction let’s let’s show okay what are we doing what’s happening I don’t think I’m a part of this [Music] I thought I was going to be a projectile in like two seconds good leg catch me go do mania yeah Wrestlemania now let there be fine it’s a great way that mean the footage was fantastic footage of you guys look amazing the footage looks amazing we absolutely should open up the floor to some questions because I know people will have some now it’s not so fun to pick up the chairs when you throw them thank you okay [Applause] as a practice we got another chair chittering Jared this is the true Justice League over here when Aquaman breaks a chair they bring another one that’s no it works let’s take some questions from the audience oh I see Dianna has a question what is your probably for booze right it’s been hi my name is sherry congratulations Gallagher really miss you have WonderCon thank you Wonder Woman was an awesome the question I have for the whole cast when you first found out that you got the role as what were you doing at that moment actually what were you doing at the moment when you found out you got the role plane just landed and then I got the calling then I started screaming in the middle of the airplane they finally found one woman don’t freak out don’t freak out uh Jason I was in mr. Schneider’s office and he’s going I want you to play someone for me I’m like he goes Aquaman and I’m like pardon me [Laughter] that was the biggest shock one of the biggest shocks in my life that’s what do you have a small town in Costa Rica Goro Tomita and was eating some sort of delicious fish and I received a call and it was my agent and he was very panicked and he said I’ve sent her on the phone you might start going online and I said hold on this fish is quite delicious give me another one and then I said okay when I pluck the bone from between my teeth and I said I’m ready and Zack Snyder came on the phone listen I have this idea it’s crazy idea yes I’m from the South I had a full one of a fully realised connection right there and people and the Costa Rican people were alarmed this man’s crazy screaming and spitting fish bones everywhere meanwhile that was valid for them to think that hey what about you where was I I was in my apartment and I got a call I’m reading another script cuz I’m thinking man I probably found that Justice League audition in the memory of the role and I get a random call from Zacks assistant saying thanks but you know we’re going in a different direction he gets on the phone he’s like so looks like we’ll be making a movie and I go I said a bunch of words I can’t say cuz it’s a PG audience right now and I started rolling literally started rolling around on the floor but I think he called me just to hear that reaction is usually usually you know you send it through the agent or the manager and they’re the ones that break the news but he wanted to be the one to tell personally and you know it’s just a testament to the kind of guy that he is so you know he’s with us even though he’s not with us [Applause] then do you have a yeah I the same thing I was beating with Zach and he actually I just see all the concept art and all the stuff and basically he was like you know I want to pitch this idea but basically if you want to know what we’re doing we’re doing this he took out the this like sculpture from The Dark Knight for the Frank Miller book of Batman and Superman fighting I was like the extent of his pitch fantastic uh yes what is your question Clark hi I first like to say I’m super excited to be here this is my first comic-con welcome my name is Raphael and I want to say Holly H we all made it my question is also for the entire cast but before I say that I noticed Henry Cavill is not up there so if you need a Superman but I just want to know who’s you guys look like they have great team chemistry who’s the funniest and is there like a funny prank story or something that you guys can tell us I’m gonna talk about prank stories I know we’re allowed to tell those ones I think we’re all funny in our own ways I think that’s what makes it so cool is that we all have different sensibilities with humor who I think we got lucky it’s a great group everybody’s really really cool and great to get oh my pleasure to go to work every day and I was really pretty special if you know that the pranks are gonna have to become stories later you got to reel them in big you know I’m saying so yeah made up a flat-out agreement at the jump no no prank sharing these pranks stay between us I mean is it is it it’s when you’re coming in and there’s a sort of an established group already and you’re the new guy how are you how are you seeing how to complement what’s going on and how are you seeing about fitting in why am I the new guy okay no I know I’m just saying like it’s it’s it can be hard sure but you know hopefully you just love yourself okay oh that’s really sweet what a nice offer but learn to appreciate or tolerate you [Laughter] seriously why am i the new guy I don’t understand I don’t mean the Justice League like in the group well we’re we’re all kind of the new guys and Jaison myself thank you some research man how dare you dare you this is my house this is their house [Applause] well played well played well played what is your name sir welcome to our house hey what’s up what the reshoots are you guys secretly filming part two already thank you well if it’s a secret we can’t tell you that first off right no I think we’re just about finished with everything they’ve been briefed if anything but yeah I mean josh is a great guy and Zack picked a good person to come in and and clean up and finish up for him so I got some more time what’s your name a question hello first of all want to say you’re my boys but you’re my gal but I just want to know from each of you guys if you could go toe to toe with the Suicide Squad who would you like to share a scene with from that cast Jai Courtney boomerang I would do Margar Obi no Will Smith and I have been planning to have a fight for a long time and the fresh prints are gonna go at it no holds barred it’s gonna be bloodbath honesty I’d probably go Crocker enchantress maybe you know maybe some science versus magic on the Enchantress side of things see how it all works out excellent thank you so much hey man what’s your question my question is for the whole cast my question is where is super movie you are very very and it’s a fair question yeah it’s a really really good question son I’m not sure if your parents showed you the last movie but Superman’s dead oh wow that is the Wow you know hey guys that’s just a fax my kids are here too but they know he’s not around you know Aquaman just likes to drop truth he just likes to talk truth sometimes you’ll see the movie I drop all kinds of truth the soothsayer we don’t know I mean you guys probably know but you probably can’t say I don’t I don’t know much but you’re gonna be if you’re a big fan of Superman that I’m sure you’re gonna be very very happy to watch Isis see that that’s how you take the one you want son thank you so much hey what’s your name what was the most memorable scene in your movies that’s a really good question – how old are you Wow who wants to go first I really liked when we were all together as friends no honestly we had so many great movies that – but we have so many great moments shooting that move with this movie but for me the the most surreal moment was when we were all in our costumes and we were shooting a fight sequence and it was just unbeknown or just continue staring at the monitor watching the playbacks because it was so crazy to see all of us in these characters but that was the most memorable moment that I had that day anybody else when I got to see all the bat gadgets we got to see the Batmobile all the bat tech stuff that was super memorable that wasn’t necessarily the shooting side of things but just is like the fanboy in me it was really pleased that day and also I think there’s a moment in the trailer that we saw in the last one briefly where it’s going across the heroes and there’s an orange background that’s the the first time we’re all together standing together and like it it it was beautiful it was really really a special moment I think my fangirl moment was probably on the Batmobile surfing it with uh with my boy ba down there surf from the Batmobile my kids are watching me I’m like daddy’s got go to work then yeah I mean mines the same when everybody was was together and and you know also there’s there’s really something satisfying about getting to see it like I finally get to see what ray looks like in the movie he bores pajamas the whole time we were shooting I did have a lot of pajamas on I was the only one without an actual costume but it worked cause you know cyborg he feels a little self-conscious about the way he looks so that helped it helped a lot you have nothing to be self-conscious thanks so much we have one more question and I’m so glad it’s you Mike what is your what is your question my question is for Jason now I know you’re a one-man army but that battalion of ships that were in the water in the water was that yours or mantises or you can’t tell you know what I’m used to getting in trouble so you know what I’m gonna tell you cuz they sent me all the way to Austin from Australia so that’s ocean masters army blackmont ain’t got nothing like that that’s that’s that’s my brother I’m fighting my brother thank you Mike so what loves you we are the next five questions are for Jason to give us all the secrets now how does it end what’s the last shot I just want to make sure let you guys know that Justice League opens November 17th three years ago on this stage I took a picture with with gaalan Ben and and Henry a little selfie that I took and but now I I feel like since since everyone’s here would you please indulge me because this is an opportunity I don’t know if that’s gonna happen again can we just take a quick one one more time please [Music] [Applause] hey Jason [Applause] you you